Monday, November 22, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 190 - Piggy Pilgrim

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

From Juuno

What We've Been Doing:


Love defending TB & Og. It's scaled so if you're not fighting, you shouldn't be there.

Got good gear. Spent JP & honor on Epril & Auruk. A lot of resilence stuff. Looked into reforging and didn't know which one to sacrifice.

Pilgrim's Bounty is overwelming.

Had one hunter in Trisfal farming turkey


Aprillian & Vrishna
Did several Doomsday instances. Got some nice gear. Had one bad experience and several good ones. Got lost trying to get back to Mauradon and had my first angry chat with a tank. (I was healing) . Only one of the five got back quickly. I was following Aprillian because I had never been there, we got back last but just after the tank who immediately began huffing. So I whispered him that he took pretty long to get there himself,(upwards of 6-7 min.), so then he insults my healing, my gear, my parentage, wow. The list goes on. It's a game people. RELAX !
Can only buy food at level . What"s up with that ?

Running my raf toons thru instances with my level 43 hunter to get them to level with their actual intended partners. I am upset that ALL my gear has intellect. Although, even though these instances are below my level, every now and then I get gear that is better than what she has. However, the cloth gear for my raf mage and warlock has been SWEET ! Did Wailing caverns and am now onto Razorfen Kraul.

Why is it EVERY TIME I NEED TO SELL OR REPAIR Orgrimar is under attack !!!

Defended Thunder Bluff with Virinya. Definitely scaled. At first I was killing the elementals with little to no effort. But as the fight wore on and others began to arrive in Mulgore, I was getting my butt handed to me over and over and over. Whew !



Email #1 from Nabboo

How I Wow

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy hope you all are great and having fun in wow:D
Well this week has been a huge week for me in game, as i started dual boxing all thanks to you guys i got my first set of mages to 60 then a set of druids to 60 and made a level 60 shaman.
As i was leveling in dungeons though some people was very rude. One tank called me a cheater and said he would not tank for me :( and left group i then re queued and waited for 15 min for the same tank to pop up again i said "hi" he said "bye" but thanks to RaF i out leveled him and havent seen him since. Also i would like to give a shout out to damomage who boosted me through so many dungeons which i repaid him with a chopper. Ive listened to the show for over a year now and you are always my first podcast to search for. Thank you for doing a great show keep up the good work
Nabboo 80 lock
Tribalh 80 warrior
Neptune 71 priest
Deathmix 64 dk And aprillian lvl 40 mage :D
all alliance and human lol
Hellfire EU
P.S Aprillians voice is the hottest of all podcasts :D Love you guys BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Email #2 from Leralond

episode 188 computer advice and more (jeppy sized mail)

dear CAW,

on episode 188, listener janine asked for advice about mac or pc for WoW.

i would not advice a macbook air for WoW.
an imac or macbook pro would be good.
and Ashaeo is right with his comments about the graphics card, a graphic card is more important then processor speed.

btw, i have a 1st generation intel macbook pro (intel core duo, 4 years old) and WoW goes reasonable, not all the graphics are on high, but it goes reasonable.
i have a new imac and WoW plays well on that too. i had not had any problem with the patches for WoW or Starcraft, even though i heard stories of other macbook owners that did had problems (no imac stories).
i also have a game pc, running window 7, 64 bit.

believe it or not Aprillian, but i prefer to play on my pc.
keyboard and mouse bindings work on my pc better then on my mac.
i have a logitech m705 on my mac and the logitech G5 on the pc.
the G5 works and responds way better on the pc.
when it comes to the graphics... yeah, the mac owns the pc, but when it comes to the gameplay, pc still wins for me.

Janine is definitely better of with at least 4 GB RAM (6 GB preferred)
She can go for a End Of Life imac or macbook pro.

anyway, i still have to listen to episode 189, so maybe she already has some answers from other listeners.

now that im writing anyway, ( a jeppy sized email), Aprillian, ive seen some of your twitpics where you where multitasking.
running on the tredmill, watching true blood, and playing wow.....
wouldn't your multi-tasking brainpowers better be used to.. oh maybe find a cure for cancer or find the solution for world peace or some quantum physics computing??

anyway, the final things i have to say are:
Juuno is awesome.
I still remember the first time she send an audio submission.
i was playing on a lvl 14 orc in the barrens.
the moment she began to talk i let go off my mouse.
because i wanted to completely concentrate on her audio and not miss a thing.
so for the time she was talking on that first audio entry to your podcast, a lonely lvl 14 orc hunter was standing still in the barrens, doing nothing cause his controller (me) was bedazzled by Juuno.
Her audio entries where getting better and better.
WoW, she is awesome!
if it wasn't for the bunny killing i would be a complete fan!

there is only 1 person more awesome then Juuno.
and that person is Vrishna.
1: he doesn't kill bunnies
2: his look at life
3: he doesnt kill rabbits
4: his look at games
5: he doesnt kill bunnies
6: he laughs at making mistakes, his motto: "mistakes are the spice of life" is inspiring.

Ashaeo, your knowledge and stories about the dungeons have been invaluable and lifesaving. thank you

El Jeppy: why don't you use your multitasking skills and brainpower for the good of mankind?
you are awesome to. plus, your a fellow european :)

Oh and one last shout out to Nevik.
great designs for the T-shirts and other CAW stuff.
im a proud owner now of 2 CAW shirts and a CAW bottle and a CAW hoodie.

ive made a character on the BoE server.
hope to see you there.

greetings from Boskoop, the Netherlands
Evil Wabbits
Azjul Nerub EU

Email #3 from Sapphire

Hello People of the Ctrl-Alt-Wow Crew..First thing You guys are amazing! I love how you guys speak out what you do over your weeks of wow! But anyway, what i wanted to type this email about is my Cata and pre-cata experience! So when I found out I had got beta! {sorry aprillian :( } I was soo excited! My wow account was not subscribed at the time..soo i decided to play beta anyway! To find out that the streaming client was waiting their downloading..and taking forever :( When the download was done, i started the client and found the amazing Backround DEATHWING moving Sorry, i couldn't tell you the technical thing..but the thing you see when you open up wow and see the dragon flying..ANYWAY!! I logged on and made a WORGEN DRUID FTW~! (For the Alliance) So when i finally got into game..I was disappointed to find that I (SPOILER ALERT) was human! Ugh a Human i said to myself :(..So after that devastating exposition..I leveled! I found out that the worgen area is soo FUN! its like Blood elf starting area but 10x better! (come on you gotta love the Belf area!) My worgen on the beta is level 13 and i'm so happy..but to find that if your internet speed is not fast enough..most the game you cant access till it has been downloaded..So i'm kinda bummed about that..But I resub to wow for a month to see all the wonderful changes they made to wow! I truly cannot believe why people hate the patch soo much? I like it..It gives wow a fresh new make the noobs (which i am) a new kind of feel to the they are learning at the same time as the old players! So after typing this email I am currently doing the phases, And I like them alot..Other than the trolls spamming trade chat and so on.. I am Very happy what wow has become! Well Back to Questing with me!

Email #4 from Curme

Part 1 Levelling


I'm leveling character number 6 through Azeroth, a subtlety rogue. I've mixed in battlegrounds and dungeons to give some variety to the leveling process, and I've even consciously tried to check out different zones I haven't done in the past, or only parts of. However, I find that I'm tending back to some of the same places simply because I know I can bang out the quests quickly and move on, and admittedly, I'm a bit bored with it. I'm totally dreading heading to Outland and doing the same Hellfire quests again. At least in northrend you have two sides to choose from. So, when you're working through alts, do you have a regular path? Do you have a handful of quests that you always hit? Do you try and do different paths on successive toons?

I've also been doing the world events on a couple toons. On the rogue, mid 50's, each phase seems to be worth a big chunk of a level. However, on my mid 20's shammy, each phase is worth over a level. Crazy. I'm really looking forward to Pilgrims bounty for the exp and leveling up cooking.

Thanks for the podcast!

Part 2 Warrior Tank Tips

I broke this up from the other email so that it would be more manageable in size, and as a stand alone.

For warrior tanking, I like thinking of the tanking skills as different groups, which have shifting priorities based on what's going on.

Group control/Positioning:
shield bash (silencing + threat)
concussive blow (stun)
shockwave (group stun + threat)
heroic throw (ranged silence)


On Cooldown
shield slam
heroic strike/cleave - based on number of mobs


Specific use:
thunderclap - use at initial charge, use on cooldown most of the time, but save to fights with adds
Commanding shout - start of fight; weave in later too
demoralizing shout - use on big pulls

shield block
shield wall
last stand
enraged regeneration
trinket #1
trinket #2

So here's a typical, complicated pull
Commanding shout; Heroic throw at one caster; charge other caster and shield bash, thunderclap, devestate/shield slam/revenge while walking backwards to position mobs for shockwave. At this point you should have massive aggro, and you can start spamming some moves, Intercept/charge to casters that get away and shield bash to silence. weave in rend to help out your friendly rogue and throw some devastates around as well. You can use thunderclap on cooldown for now, but save for add fights and be careful with it come Cata.

The best place to practice is Heroic HoR, and actually the Bran fight can be tricky with a Warrior tank if your group isn't too over-geared.

For a boss fight its way easier:
shout -> pull with heroic throw -> devastate -> revenge -> shield slam; after that keep up thunderclap and demo shout for damage reduction; and spam with devastate while keeping your abilities on cooldown. Remember to use all of those mitigation cooldowns. If you have 2 on use trinkets you can almost always have some type of additional mitigation rolling.

Remember, the great strength of the warrior is the lack of rotation. We have a wonderful mix of spam attacks and cooldowns, but there is no rotation. We also have way more mobility than other tanks and can really control the battlefield, use it to your advantage.

Hope this helps

Curme - 80 prot warrior, the brotherhood
and many other alts, including the other 3 tanks.....

Email #A from Tranith

Dear gang,

Jeppy wanted everyone to speak their emails so here goes:

Not sure if you heard that but it was both amusing and insightful.

Love the show.

(don't enter me in weekly draw, although I'm not sure this email should qualify anyway)


Sent from my iPhone

Email #5 from Wtfson

Hail to the fine makers of CtrlaltWow

First I would like to say What a fine Show. My first thing is to Jeppy with itunes i to seem to have problems with it downloading shows to my ipod well one really that's right it's BoE some times it will take 3 days after they post it for my Itunes will note that it is new and will then sink to my ipod.

Second I to had the same problem as Nighthaunt when I was lvling my priest but there are 2 that I want to share the first was in Boring Tundra I had an alli ganking me over and over so finaly i got on my mighty Mage Dimented made a quick macro so that when i hit him with an arcane blast I would then lol at him. This went on for a while, I am taking it that the person got mad because he sudrenly had a lvl 80 escort feeling good with my self I got back on my priest and continued leveling. A day or so later I was lvl in Grizzly Hills (having about 5 mobs on me) a lock decided to stick his nose in my battle and tried to kill me so I quickly feared them all off, targeted the lock, put a few dots on him feared again and I hit him with drain life and he was no more. I finisjed killing my mobs and went about my day. I never really got ganked much I guess being in the U.S. I am playing on Jub Jub's off time. well That's it from me untill next time keep the shows rolling.

Wtfson Pants on head
Dimented Pants on Head
Seng Pants on head
and all my other

P.S loving the event stuff.

Email #6 from Gary

Hi Caw crew and Juno if she is on please read this before playing my audio piece for anyone with sensitive hearing please skip my work because it will cause bleeding from the eyes and ears at the same time. If mat diox thought he had a annoying voice trust me I make him sound like angels. If you love Juno’s voice work then you will learn to fear mine. If you thought every aussie looked like Hugh Jackman and sounded like the BOE crew or Ashayo you were wrong in my case dead wrong. It may be the lack of a decent mic set up and or recording area or any skill in audio (make do funky stuff sorry my grammar like my voice could use work) so I say again please if you value your hearing and sanity skip my section if not please press play and Juno I warned you but had to coax me out of my cave.

Email #B from Matt

Here you go.

- Matt.

Email #C from our Favorite WOW Couple

Hey CAW crew,

Iceflow and Caoboi here once again to let you know what we've been up to in (and a little bit out) of game this week. Remember that Herald of the Titans title and achievement? Well it didn't happen for Not in The Face this week and might not happen at all depending on what Blizzard is doing this coming Tuesday. If The Shattering patch (4.0.3a) happens on Tuesday then this achievement is gone for good. If it isn't, we'll have one more crack at it. But even if we don't get it down, we'll have lots of 226 gear to remember it by.

Our mains did a little bit of Lich King Raiding that we had never gotten around to. Our raid group went into Heroic ToC 10 man and got the tribute achievement and the achievement for completing heroic ToC. It was a lot of fun had by all even if there was no loot that anybody needed.

We've been alting it up in true CAW style. Caoboi's warrior, Warcao, has long since caught up with my shaman, Icedrop. He is now 76 and I am now 75 and we have just completed the Wrathgate event which I recommended that anybody finish up before the Shattering as this event will likely no longer be there. We'll probably push onto 80 before the expansion and this will make Caoboi's 8th 80 and my 5th.

Before I started concentrating on my shaman again, my warlock got all the way to level 24 and it's a ton of fun. It's dot, dot, dot, go to the next mob, repeat. I always thought warlocks were a squishy class that did meaningless dot damage while I was doing more superior melee burst damage. I have since discovered I was wrong as I continually top the charts in randoms as long as there are more than a few mobs to kill. ;) And Ashayo, I apologize for not acknowledging your warlock prowess. It's just when you look in the dictionary under warlock, you see Aprillian's picture.

Out of game, we have been celebrating the one year anniversary of our marriage and we've been marking the occasion by playing lots of WoW and watching Deadwood. It's appropriate that we play WoW since that is how we met. Thank you for the hug Aprillian. It was much appreciated.

Hope everybody has had a wonderful week and I look forward to telling you how we have been next week.

Everybody have a safe and happy Holiday (if you celebrate that kind of thing) and play WoW for us since we will be out of town so no gaming for us.

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #D from Nevik

Gobble Gobble CAW CAW!

Er, that intro makes me sound like a big 'ol cro-key.


What I meant to say was ... Heeelllloooo JAVA!

By the time you're reading this, Pilgrim's Bounty will be upon us all (actually it's already been live for quite some time for those of us living in the future). It may seem like an odd time to be celebrating what we're all thankful for with all of the chaos circling around us, but we can't live in fear and let the cultists win!

Nay, let us not tremble in fear (well, I guess some trembling is allowed with all of the earthquakes). Instead let us raise our turducken legs or side of roast helboar and be thankful that we have each other.

I'm thankful to have been apart of the CAW-community and found so many wonderful friends over the past year. I'm also thankful for all of the friends we'll all continue to make over the next as we persevere through these crazy times.

So as your sipping on your spiked cactus-apple cider, think about what you're thankful for.

Thank you Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna!

For the Stuffing!


PS. I hate to sour the happy demeanor of this letter, but I have something important to share. Never, ever ever ever click on ANY link in an email even if it looks legit. I received no less than 3 wow-related phishing emails today that made it past my spam-filter. 1 was obviously a scam since it was ridden with grammatical errors, but the other 2 looked 100% legit.

These "legit-looking" emails came from (cloned email address) advising me that my account information had been changed and to click on the link to verify the changes. They also included a legit link to email Blizzard's billing department and their 1-800 #.

If ever in doubt to the legitimacy of an email, always manually enter in and verify the security of your account or call Blizzard directly.

Just a friendly reminder to always protect your WoW account!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.
It has been a rough week for me as for the first time in my wow history (5+years) I have had my first computer issue with wow.
Just sad. On the positive side the issue was only on my laptop. On Tuesday (I believe it was 4.03 patch day) I was watching some quality television and was going to update my laptop with the latest patch.
I click on the wow launcher as usual however the game did not load as usual. I received the message: Launcher failed to get patch info (or something, just a sad news thats all!) and it said to check my internet settings. Of course I was stubborn and was mad at why this was happening.
I try several solutions which did not help at all. I looked on google, forums, and nothing. As of when you read this email I am sure I will be looking for a solution. I even copied the wow folder off of my desktop because I am not having any issues on my desktop...wait...that is not entirely true. On my desktop, after I downloaded the patch tuesday, I have notices many ui changes. For example, my bartender has shrunk it seems like. I have no idea why. I really did not mind, it did allow for more game viewing.

Minus my technical difficulties and stubbornness, as usual I chat with some of the fine people out there that play wow and are on twitter, as in ElJeppy, Bidcar, Aprillian, Ashayo, just to name a few. I am @mohalen if you want to follow and watch my sports twitter spam :)
so, in tweeting with Bidcar, I think it will be fun along with what we did in our wow week we can say what our best and worse moments of the week were (in game or out of game, whichever floats your boat).
I know you will guess what was my worse thing of the week! yes the laptop wow failure, but I have to also give 2nd place worse moment to the next phase, the portals and elementals were, disappointing as Bidcar has mentioned. We may be in the minority but I was having more fun doing the usual leveling thing.
My best moment of the week was when I read that they will be increasing the leveling from 71-80 by 20%!
My Druid-mage pair are now 75 and having fun as usual. I thought I would start questing in Sholazar but I was wrong, you have to 76 it appears. I have to quest some more in Grizzly hills and I realized I have not done the wrath event. I think I have to do that before the expansion right? I am not sure but I thing that is going away.
Well something I noticed in my travels to Sholazar, I had my mage following behind my druid leaving Dalaran and they both kept of phasing in and out. I have not started any quests in either zones there.
I have no idea why this was happening and why?! Needless to say it was a bit annoying and they would keep losing each other. I have this addon: keep follow (or something like that) it basically doesnt break follow unless you give the command to do so. It works well dual boxing.

That is all I have this week. Oh our Icc raid may try the Lich King again, we shall see. We are still missing a few raid members and after a failed attempt last week with some pugs, many of us would rather wait until we can run it with at least 8 guild members.

Have fun everyone and for the WOW!


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