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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 191 - We're Shattered And We Need A Mage

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

From Juuno

Hello darlings! I hope Aprillian and Vrishna had a GREAT Thanksgiving! (I don't think Jeppy and Ashayo celebrate it... lol!) I have been BURIED in WoW!!! Totally lost track of time! XD I hope you're loving it as much as I am!! =.D

*big hugs*


Patch 4.03

Heading towards our 4 year anniversary

What We've Been Doing:

OMG, love the new log in screen.

Left Epril at the base of a "needle" in 1k needles, ended up on top. Freewind post taken over by grimtotem invaders


Started a troll, love the troll starting area.

Life is a little bit harder without portals in dal, RAF to the rescue!
FP in Dolanar & Brill

Ran a toon from the Nelf starting area to Darn to summon Aprillia only to find it was on the wrong account. Then thought, I should run an alt on both toons to darn, when I encountered the "you have too many toons on this account"

Went to buy extra codes for wow, bc & wraith and they were sold out.

Flying carpets in old world = cool

Hard to get back and forth without Dal & portals

Killing other people's turkeys is evil! I don't know why anyone would do that.

Aprillian & Vrishna
nada, niente, zip, butkus, squat, zero, zilch, etc., etc. This portion of the show was sacrificed to our individual RAF's needs.
OMG, hate the new log in screen.


Went to the new troll area. Flight paths in Razor Hill and Senjiin Villiage.

Too many toons stuck in Dalaran.

Dying in an instance.

It's not Cataclysm it's Cata- CHASM ! What the heck happened to the Barrens. Don't they know I just wanna get from Crossroads to Razorfen Kraul ! (Which has been anti nerfed by the way)

Got my mounts on my raf mage and lock.


- ICC. Annoying bug where trash resets when you switch from normal to hard mode
- Tried heroic Blood Princes - can't move.
- Tried heroic Blood Queen
- Dreamwalker with no hunter to kite zombies
- One shot Sindragosa
- Back working on the LK for Sharp, Chol and Wingy

- Mimiron - Firefighter
- Vezax - I love the smell of saronite in the morning
- Tried Yogg-Saron with just Thorim up. Ended up leaving guardians up - [The Secrets of Ulduar], [The Decent into Madness]
- Reset for 4.0.3a :(
- Disarmed on Kologarn
- Still got some more ach - Con-speed-atory - killed Fraya within 20 mins of first mob in Conservatory of Life

- fly in dalaran
- porting ppl to org on lowbie mage
- withers pet from Darkshore (buy for horde, quest for alliance)
- sunflower pet from doing PvZ quest in Hilllsbrad - "Lawn of the dead"
- Faction rep tabards, working in lower dungeons too. (Already people with Trikes for exalted with Goblins - gratz Tranith and Wingy)
- Gnome starting area: expected to spend more time underground.
- Troll starting area as a druid. Hate quest givers that walk away from you while you are reading
- Deadmines has changed
- Quest in Badlands to punch Deathwing (haven't seen it)
- Raving over the Azshara rocket way
- Pleasure Palace in Azshara seems popular, but nothing there.
- LOTS more flightpaths

Pilgrims Bounty
- Working on ach for Ashariss. Pilgrims peril for Horde is HARD
- Getting cooking up for all level 80's - had got to 350 on another 5 toons.
- Start at Bulwark for Turkinator



Email #1 from Wtfson

Hail once again from Wtfson

like always great show .... even though Ashayo was not there. anyway great job on saying my name or should i say not saying my name you guys had me rolling and then Jeppy just blurted out WT......with him proclaiming that he didn't say it all that was great. To be honest I never thought that my name could be a prob but then again with a CLEAN tag you just can't blurt stuff out like that (lol) so I think for now on just for the Ctrl-alt-WoW crew you can call me Dimented. I think that will be fine. Really that toon was supposed to be a throw away Dk that i was lvl'ing threw the starting zone just for gold and after many many toons later and this one being my last I said that's enough I joined BoE and started lvl'ing. One last thing Junno with her own show EPIC ! I can't wait to hear it. well I guess that enough rambling from me now bye-bye

The lvl 80 Dk (with the name that must not be said)
and Seng from the Pants on Head Guild

P.S 1-355 to love Pilgrim's Bounty

Email #A from Saphire

Hello Ctrl-Alt-Wow crew again! Just for you to know I am going to spice up this email..Just because Aprillian said that it was kinda dull in the middle xD.. Ok so heard I won the contest..YAY I scream in my head! So anyway.Yes I am a dude a (guy) lol..I just type like a girl for some reason..its fairly funny when you talk to people that help you..and then you ask them to voice chat..and you talk..and their like ???..Ah just cracks me up! But I'm straining away from the email..THE SHATTERING HAS COME UPON US!! Please Caw crew..Do your best to Spam blizzard and tell them it's a bad idea..for them to do this!! PLEASE~! I am not prepared..I have a million of things to do..not to mention all my characters are in different zones..questing :( Just 19 minutes ago I logged into wow..hoping that the servers weren't online..And Yay they weren't..So I still have time to get thing together..The time now is 10 EST..and the servers don't go online till 1 EST..So I am happy about that..But anyway I did not really play anything on the beta..sorry people who didn't get beta..Truly I think beta is a waste..well if you like to experience thing when other people do..But more about me..I am Sàpphïre A Death knight (yes with weird characters, Girl names FTW Vrishna) on the Shattered Halls..pvp server..I hate it xD..But I have found some nice people..Just recently I created a Social Leveling/Raiding Guild.The guild is called SectumSempra (Give you 10 points if you know what it is(It's from harry potter) lol).Many people tell me that it's a great thing to start up..they say it brings back memories..I remember back in my day when we joined a guild and all it was were people leveling and helping :P But yes..I am siked (stupid gmail doesn't recognize the word xD, i even had to google the word to see if it was really a word!) to find out that Guild Leveling is almost here! I think it will be so awesome trying to raise your guild level and get those extra guild buffs..or ticks..whatever they are called lol.. So I hope this email isn't too long..I wanted to make a voice over email..but was kinda busy..Hopefully next Week! So Until next time (Hopefully my character will still be alive) PS: DO NOT PRESS ESCAPE WHEN YOU LOG INTO WOW! EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF THE PRETTY CINEMATIC! For The Alliance! Oh and just want to put some info out there..mostly all my characters consist of Female Draenei xD..Oh and about the contest..I guess I will take a free month of wow Ty! all! Buh Bye :) wow..I just long this email is..Oh and now I'm making it longer :( Sorry for the one that is reading this xD!

Email #B from Thymr

Love the show I'm an avid listener and extreme Altaholic (9 lvl 80 alts )

Shows been going good but I think you guys need to move a mic or set it to "push to talk" or when you start talking it comes on. Jeppy was talking it up and all I heard was click click clack clack of someone hammer their keyboard.

Love the show, keep'm up and running.

lvl 80 Resto/Ele Shaman
Runetotem US

Email #2 from BrewDawg

Greetings Lady and Gentlemen. I'm known as BrewDawg on the internets and the rugby pitch. I've been playing wow for almost a year and a half. For the first six months I wandered aimlessly and accumulated many toons across several servers. Most of these are in their teens and twenties. I tried different classes, races, and factions as well as PVP vs. PVE servers.

In October of last year I rolled a toon on Earthen Ring, joined AIE and found a home. My raider is a troll hunter named Treaul(troll), but I consider my druid BrewDawg my main.

For a long time I bounced from toon to toon with a new favorite every week. However without any 80's I felt like I was missing out on a lot of end-game and world event content. My New Year's Resolution was to only play my hunter until he hit 80. Treaul was in his 30's at the beginning of the year and hit 80 on April 5th. Treaul finally got the Kingslayer title a few weeks ago.

Not bad progress considering my in-game time is limited; job, Rugby ref, a wonderful but non-gamer wife and a three year old daughter.

After spending so much time min-maxing my hunter I may no longer be an Altoholic. With all I've learned about hunters, I realize how little I know about other classes. Ashayo I don't know how your able to switch from toon to toon and run end-game content. My hats off to you and Gratz on multiple Kingslayers.

I recently picked-up my Druid and namesake BrewDawg tanking randoms and BG's. He ding'ed 80 last month in time to get the Brewmaster title,
Brewmaster BrewDawg the only title he'll ever use.

Now I have to decide which toon to level to 85 first. It will depend on the needs of my raid team.

I enjoy the show, it's very entertaining and I pick up a tip or two along the way.

Brew Dawg

Email #3 from Naboo

Hi again Ashayo, Virshna, Jeppy and the mmmmmm Aprillian, nabboo here again hope you are all ok and having fun

This email is in 3 parts hope you enjoy.

Part 1

Aprillian got my name right the second time it was meant to be spelled naboo its on a english tv show called the mighty boosh, btw i have never seen any star wars films ever i get asked if i named my toon that alot in wow and then i have to correct them. Secondly Tribalh, the way i pronounce it is Tribal (H) alphabetically i picked this name as I am a tattooist from England and the day i picked up the game i had been doing tribal tattoos all day lots of blood and pain, exactly what my warrior brings to any hordie he spots and is flagged pvp.

Now my week,

This week i've been dual boxing a lot, Aprillian and the other mage have just hit 50, I made 20k gold on the ah selling gems and stuff, all was going great until me and my girlfriend had a huge argument over WoW, :( (dual boxing A LOT doesn't help when she HATES the game) so to prove she means more to me than WoW, I went into the next room and clicked uninstall ( don't panic just yet) as she walked into the room she saw on the PC World of warcraft was successfully uninstalled, she then said to re download it and she was sorry for been awkward, i said it would take ages and I would do it tomorrow, long story short i knew how this would play out so instead of uninstalling WoW i uninstalled the cata beta :D (I know im not the first to say it but sorry Aprillian)If she ever found out i did this she would kill me. She also said she would try the game and is now levelling her level 12 warlock (human) called hollier. If she ever found out i did this she would kill me.

Part 2
(this is where i introduce my partner and ask for a shout out to hollier) this is the only part of the podcast i will show her as if she hears the previous part im dead)

Hi ctrl alt WoW crew hope you are all ok nabboo again here huge week again for me as my girlfriend started playing could i ask for a shout out to hollier ty guys have fun in wow

Part 3

Now back to me again ty for doing that if you do read it on the podcast again. Last week i was laughing my head off was awesome, so again thank you for the great shows keep up the good work and love ya LONG LIVE CAW
Nabboo, Tribal(H)
Insomnia guild
Hellfire EU

P.S sorry for the long email I just wanna hear Aprillians voice more ;D

Email #4

Subject: Check out my acronym

Heya JAVA (Jeppy, Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashao):

Yeah it's me again with the Icky Report because 4.0.03a nerfed my favorite hunter soloing pet: the WORMS.

Since the patch, worms no longer hold threat when they use their AOE Burrow Attack. Any mobs damaged by it will come running straight for your hunter, even if you haven't fired a single shot. Yeah I tested it. Now there's a work-around, but this involves standing your hunter right next to your worm, so all the mobs stay in the AOE zone, which means letting all the mobs beat on you. And if you want any experience or loot from the mobs you'll have to damage them yourself, such as by dropping a trap. And you can expect your hunter to take some heavy damage, too. Maybe 50-75% damage, depending on what mobs you're fighting. Assuming you live.

And, yeah, Blue Post to the forums: if your pet kills a mob without any help from you ain't nobody getting no loot or exp. That's how the devs want it.

So does this mean we all go back to turtles for extreme hunter soloing? Of course not! Because turtles are lame! And BEETLES have the same special ability that turtles have: that of reducing all damage taken by 50% for 12 seconds, on a 1 minute cooldown.

Visit Petopia. Check it out.

Now if you're still a low level hunter you've got no choice but to tame a turtle, but if you can tame level 40 you could get a Silithid Defender from Thousand needles and OMG a big brown bug is so much more cool than some goofy turtle, if only because it makes people go, "EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!"

And by the way: Newb Alert!!! If you decide to try dual speccing (and you should because it's only a 100 gold now) you need to check all your pets' talents, because if YOU dual spec then all your pets do too. Which means choosing two talent builds for every one of your pets.

And make sure you include Blood of the Rhino in your tanking-pet talent-build. For two points it increases all healing effects on your pet by 40%!!

Happy Hunting,

Agruvona of Terokkar

Oh and p.s.: HA!!! You all laughed about my six year old Dell, but it's running the latest patch just fine, (and, YES, in COLOR!!) and did I mention I just got the coolest mount in the game? The CENARION WAR HIPPOGRYPH!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Email #5

Hey CAW crew, it's Skral again. I haven't written in a while, but I am still listening. My wife and I have made some progress on our Venture Co characters and are now starting to see some PvP from time to time. Thousand Needles, Ashenvale, and the Stonetalon Mountains have provided a few funny encounters for us.

My first taste of PvP was in Stonetalon. After running some quests, we are hoofing it back to the Barrens. We are still learning the layout of the area, and we get turned around a few times. It was the perfect opportunity to get ganked, and we were. That scummy dwarf rogue was in his upper 40s and my level 22 mage and my wife's level 24 hunter just couldn't kill him. I managed to get him down to about 1/3rd health before dying.

I admit I was felling a little bit of noob PVP rage, so I decided not to hit the release button right away. I decided to take a minute to catch my breath and think about if I was just going to get ganked again if I ran back. The graveyard was really close by, I probably could have made it back to my body in 30 seconds or so.

My attacker must have had too much Mountain Dew because he was going crazy with the anticipation of killing us again. He tried random emotes for a little bit. Then he started jumping around. Finally, he starting getting on each and every mount he owned and running laps around our dead bodies, a few laps at a time and then switching. I began cracking up watching this, so I just let the timer keep going. He finally got tired of waiting and logged off just before the timer expired. I thought the ones that were ganked were supposed to be the ones to logoff in a huff?

The same weekend we went to Booty Bay to try to fish. Now I knew there were goblin bruisers there to keep order between the factions. Someone forgot to tell this level 11 human mage we ran into. We saw in chat that he was fighting and dying several times- we thought he would get the idea. But no. While I'm fishing, he spots us and jumps in the water. He swims to us and jumps behind me. I turn around and we just stare at each other for ten seconds. I was thinking that maybe the light bulb was going off above his head finally since he paused. I casually turned around to resume fishing. He plunged a dagger in my back, and the guards killed him in three seconds. I'm not sure which is more funny- the fact that he still didn't learn his lesson or, as a mage, he thought the best way to start a PvP battle was with his dagger.

Since you have had a few listeners ask about if they should play on PvP servers or not, I thought I would share these so they can see what they are missing. We play on RPPvP servers, so we get the fun of killing the Alliance, and I get to laugh at my wife when she gets creeped out by the roleplayers in the taverns. It's full of win. Just remember to get even with anyone that ganks you. It's a moral imperative.


P.S. It is time to step up your game. I want to hear everyone try the Pandaren monk saying "Jub Jub."

P.P.S To Vrishna- "Your mother puts license plates in your underwear? How do you sit?"

Email # C from Nevik

Greetings JAVA!

What was the first thing you did after the Shattering? Did you log in to find that your troll rogue, whom you had parked south of the Dalaran crater, had been tossed THROUGH a mountain straight into the Alliance AV tunnel and promptly killed by the guards?

No? That was just me eh? Oh well.

After the initial shock of logging in dead, I fruitlessly tried to find the entrance to the tunnel and was forced to spirit rez in the end. I then promptly mounted up and headed over to Brazie's farmstead for some sweet sweet Peacebloom vs Ghouls action. Nothing was going to come between me and my singing sunflower. Not even Deathwing himself could stop me.

A few PvG quests later and my troll rogue rejoiced as he obtained the sunflower pet.

I still haven't checked back on the farmstead to see if the endless mode is enabled, but I have every intention of getting the Bloom and Doom achievement (survive 100 waves). PvG is just so much fun, but I digress ...

what did all of you do? I bet Aprillian logged in, looked around, shed a tear or two over how beautiful everything is and then went back to baking bread.

Anyhoo, back to my tauren paladin on jub jub.

For the Peacebloom!


Email #D Audio

Hey CAW crew Juno once again has drawn me from my cave dwelling so I humbly offer up this next audio submission. I like to also if I could take my self out of the weekly draw because I feel the prizes need to go to people who can use them and I have both a iPod with battle net authenticator on it and all the pets but I would like to donate the new mookin hatchling and the other new pet to the show as prizes if I could when they finally do come out. Warning my voice has not gotten any better.

Email #E

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well and you had a great Thanksgiving feast, if you have that if not, hope you had a feast anyways.
Just a quick email from me this week as I will be going to Vegas after our Thanksgiving coma. I did want to say how awesome Blizzard is as they never cease to amaze me. The last patch was a new game! We have cataclysm and the killer is we dont even have the expansion yet so that means we have more goodness to come.

I have only had a chance to view Org. so far and wow is it amazing! I spent hours just riding around town checking every new corner. Than I spent more hours looking at our new maps. If you noticed all the previous zones that were not clickable or blank, they are not anymore. They are all new zones and than some! Simply amazing, I really am speechless at how awesome it is. I also notice 2 little islands below the middle of the map, where you click to see the goblin starting zones. I am sure those will be some future raids or something.

I did jump in some randoms for a guildy to heal for him and so far holy priests are still awesome! I know 5-dungeons vs raids is not a good comparison but still, healing was not an issue (as I think it will be once they bring us down to earth and mana management will be an issue again).

I hope everyone is enjoying the game as I do not have any complaints :)

Have great time in game and I cannot wait to get back to it next week!

Oh yes, I did get my set of wow 1, 2, 3 for only $26!!! of course for my upcoming RAF :) I just dont know when to start it.
I was thinking of starting it after the 7th but I dont know.

Cant wait for the goblins, worgens and my HOLY Cow!!!! Tauren Priest!


Xandarr strikes again

Check out yours truly podcasting again, this time about music... No World of Warcraft mentioned except in intro.

You can find it here:

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