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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 201 - And the Sparkle Pony Winner Is...

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Happy 200th
To the whole crew at CTRL ALT WoW,

Just wanted to say congrats on your 200th episode, and thanks for all the entertainment you've given us. It's always fun hearing about all of your ups and downs and getting different perspectives of our favorite game from each host. Looking forward to hearing April Ding 85 live on ep400! Just kidding... I know your shooting for 2012.
Thanks again!

The Addicted.
Cypher and Hypknotoad

Sparkly Pony Contest

Hail and Well-Met, Guildmates!

I understand you’re taking audio submissions for a Sparkle Pony Contest, is that right? Well, attached is mine. I considered trying to be more creative, but this is what I came up with in what time I had.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

“Be well…”


Sparkle Pony Contest.mp3 Sparkle Pony Contest.mp3


Contest entry.

I love having many alts. I have eight 80+ toons on Jubei'thos, and with my wife and son now playing, may soon have an 80 of each class.

Voice mail is attached in iPhone format.


What We've Been Doing:

Finally got Epril to 475. Guards don't really know where JC trainer is in Ogrimmar

Treadmill -

Aprillian dinged 83

Arch counts towards rested xp/

Aprillian & Vrishna
Utgarde Keep with Vrishna & Astara.

Mt. Hyjal and new greens that best the old purples. Just feels wrong.
Narrowing down on 85 with Virinya ! Champion of Thunder Bluff. Expert & Artisan in archaeology in the same day !

Vrishna dinged 70 in Utgarde.

Started a spreadsheet to catalog locations of herbs and ore. Got into it a ways before realizing that this info was probably readily available online. And THEN Aprillian tells me there is an addon that does it all and more.. Oh well, nothing wrong with a little leg work !
Jekle - H ToT except last boss - heroics take too long!
- Revered with Hyjal - head enchant and gloves
- Downed Argaloth - tier pants - i337
- Trying to heal HSFK; surprisingly, I succeeded - boot upgrade and Healer staff - now i339
- Revered with Dragonmaw Clan - cloak upgrade
- JP belt - i340
- Maxed out JC - last point was a fire prism

Tol Barad
- Doing LOTS of dailies
- Portal is to peninsula
- Tol Barad is adjoining island - do get queued if on that island
- Quest mobs and quest givers disappear at 15 min mark before battle, and get locked in

- H Vortex Pinnacle - Oneshot cyclone boss (woot!)
- Lost City
Got Zooe to make me the inscriptionist relic
Levelled BS to make belt and shoulders
i342 - Ach Cataclysmically Superior

Given up on transmuting truegold - no profit and constant price drop of bars, without drop in mats. Taken to Living Elements - fire or air



Email #A

Greeting CAW Crew,
I wriiting to thank you all for such a great show, I have been a listener sinceepisode 90 or so.
What I love best about listening is that you all have such love for the game, There are too many times that all that is talked about is what is wrong or that you are not playing the right way.
All that I have to do is listen and hear and be reminded that this game can be played ANY way you want to, from crafting to questing to just talking to you friends, I have done some raiding but not to the extent of ever finishing content before the new expansion. Heck one of the best memories I have had was first coming into Darnassus with my wife, she on her Druid I with my warrior and spending Half of my money on a pet Owl for her, whoa 50 silver, I was broke but she was very happy to have that. sadly she has not played in 6 months and I have gone on to have taken 8 of my nine toons to 80 and two of those are now 85.
I love helping out my kids with there toons by offering suggestions on how to set up there action bars and rotaions, plus gold when needed.
I did have to let one of my accounts go inactive, but I did move most of my toons to the kids accounts, Sadly i Lost an 80 warlock and alevel 12 mage in doing so.
Recently I started Worgen Hunter on the Dawbringer server to be with Guildies that had moved off of the Proudmore realm, due to all the caracter transfers I was unable to move any high level toons there, I am haveing a blast, KonaJack is a dual gather mining and Herbing plus im doing Archyoligy too. Im finding that with now rested and no heirlooms I am still out leveling the zones too quickly. Im at level 36 right now with less than a days play time on him. looking to catch up to my freinds soon. As for my Proudmoore toons they will get play from time to time, but The way the Guid system is set up I really do not want to invest time that will be wasted in guild rep by leaving to another realm, so im kinda stuck there right now.
Well im off, thanks again for reminding all of of that this is a game to have fun with.

Take care from
KonaJoe 81 resto druid
KonaJobe 85 Blood/frost DK
Konajim 81 Blood/unholy DK
Konadark 85 Arms/prot Warrior
Konadark 80 Holy Priest
Robusta 80 Marks Hunter
KonaJohn 74 Resto/Balance druid
all on proudmoore
And KonaJack Surv Hunter on the Dawnbringer server

Email #B

Hail and well-met Guildmates!

Just listening to episode 200, and the question came up about Guild Rep Heirloom Rewards. I posted this question on a board and the answer I got back was that once you buy it, like any other Heirloom, you’re free to pass it around to any other character on your account, regardless of whether they are in the same Guild or not. You simply need to have the correct level of Rep to buy the item. After that, it’s like any other Heirloom that has previously been in the game.

I haven’t actually tested this, as I’m still working up my rep from Neutral. It’s a long road when you’re grinding a new character. At low levels, you’re getting 1 rep point per quest turned in. There are only 3 ways to gain Guild Rep:

* Turning in a quest
* Guild group boss kills
* Guild group pvp activity

The Guild Group gives you 50% rep when you have 3 characters from the same guild, 100% with 4, and 125% with all 5 in the group.

However, still at lower levels, you’re only getting one point a pop for quest turn ins. That makes it a very slow grind. When you get up to level 80, you should see 14 or so points a quest turn in, which doesn’t feel nearly as bad, especially if you can do up to 25 daily quests a day. (14 x 25 = 350 rep for dailies.) I hope that Blizzard will adjust this up sooner than later.

Now that you’ve had some added content, I hope this is useful! (Plus, I hope I got it right!)

“Be well…”

Eranth / Wolfbrother

AIE Guilds - Earthen Ring Server

Email Audio

Greetings JAVA!

I figured in lieu of writing in an email, it'd be far more entertaining for me to submit an audio clip for "what I've been up to." Thankfully I discovered the noise removal tool-effect so there shouldn't be anything horrifyingly embarrassing in this submission. Hope you enjoy it!

For the Amoxicillin!


Email #

Gday CAW crew,

Thought I'd drop you a line about Tol Barad as 90% of my game time is now
spent in there.

There are two zones comprising TB: The penisula (where you port in from
Org) and TB itself (south of the peninsula over a bridge).

The pensisula has a single quest hub with 6 dailies. No pvp needed.

TB itself has a total possible of 12 dailies, 6 of which are available at
any one time and can only be done when your faction is in control of TB.
There are 2 quest givers in the keep in the central portion of the zone.
One quest giver has 3 quests that randomly rotate between 3 microdungeons
availiabe in TB.

Every 2ish hours there is the battle for TB which takes place in TB and
does not affect the peninsula (ie you will be ported out of TB to the
peninsula if you are not in the battle). The battle heavily favours the
defending team (intentional design) so at present only changes hands
occasionally (there is a change in patch 4.06 that will affect this).

Aside from dailies TB is THE place to farm. I've made approx 60k gold
farming herbs in TB since cata started. There are a gazillion crocs to
skin as one of the dailies is to kill crocs so there are lots lying on the
ground. I assume mining is similar but not 100% sure. I usually farm in
TB itself (the south zone where the battle takes place) in between
battles. There is no alliance and the only competition is with mobs and
other farmers.

Rep rewards are awesome. At exalted there is a 359 trinket for pretty
much every class and it doenst take long to get exalted doing the dailies.

Well thats enough from me. Happy Tol Barad-ing


Email #

Just wanted to say thank you for my favorite wow show.
Grats on 200

I just wanted to share my OCD,

I am currently leveling a Mage, I'm level 71 as of writing and when get him over 80 the only classes I won't have at 80 or above is: rogue he's 38, dk at 67 and warlock at 60.

I'm loving the Mage, topping dps unless I'm running with damn survival hunters. I really don't know why I never played a Mage before, it seems to fit my personality.

I have a question- Which spec do you think is the best leveling spec for mages?My respec bills are getting high as I really want to experience them all. I love all the specs, maybe I should just /roll and that will be the spec I choose.

Thanks for your opinion, much appreciated

Vanhellsig -worgen resto/balance Druid
Formerly known as Ghitta (night elf) from kilrogg server

Sent from my iPhone

Email #


I am writing to congratulate you on your 200th podcast! I had only recently found you guys while looking for podcasts to listen to during my morning work commutes; I am totally hooked on CTRL ALT WOW.

Last week I heard you guys talking about the Ashara quest chain... which is good. But if you haven't done so yet, I highly encourage you to do the Horde quest chain that starts at the gates of Hillsbrad where you begin as a quest giver. The follow on quests through the zone are quite funny (and a bit twisted). As you progress through the Hillsbrad quests you will come across the NPCs you gave quests to and have to save them... The NPCs in question are an Undead guy named Dumass, a Belf named Johnny Awesome... and a orc named Orkus... HILARIOUS! Though Ashara was good, I put Hillsbrad at a notch above. Check it out.

I have been playing since soon after release and am sorry it has taken me this long to find you guys. I find your attitude toward the game light and refreshing, to often our fellow players get way to serious and intollerant of us more casual players (if you can call being online 20 hours a week casual). I too have an alt problem, but I'm weird in the sense that I don't like my log in screen to have more than 5 toons displayed... I have deleted or transferred many an alt just to keep things neat... weird huh? Maybe it is because I consider all my characters my main and want to give them equal attention. If I see an alt sitting there unplayed, it bugs me :)

On another note, I am moving from overseas where I raided on Oceanic servers back to the US and am considering moving my 5 main toons to a US server... I prefer PVE over PVP servers and wonder if the CTRL ALT WOW crew have a horde guild or two I might be able to apply to once I move.

Again, grats on your 200th and keep em coming!

Best regards,

Quickjack (a.k.a. QJ)
Goblin rogue on Caelestrasz

Email #

Congrats on your achievement of attaining lvl 200! A round of ale to all! Are the age spots showing yet? Please keep the shows coming.. you're the only folks I have to talk about wow with; as well as listen to others stories of their adventures. Hey I can't for the life of me get my wife to play... so I'm doing this solo.

On my front well I've now got 2 lvl 85's Praevus and Thymr. Whew it is fun. I initially stopped leveling on Thymr at 81 to start Praevus because Vaj'shir was a pain. Well went back onto Thymr and finished out Vaj'shir and that is really a fun zone. Once you get past the starting area in there it gets much less crazy. It was the whole mobs on all angles. That just drove me nuck'n futs. (I kept it clean)

Even though I still have 80's to get to max level I've gone back on my lvl 12 Worgen Mage (Gruen) and have now got him to 25 in roughly a couple days play time. I love heirlooms =]

Well CONGRATS Apprillian, Asheyo, El Jeppster and last but not least Vrishna for the 200 shows.

Time for me to get back to leveling..

Take care all...

-Xenfoo "player of many alts, master of none"

Email #

Hi Everybody!

Happy belated 200th anniversary! Caoboi and I are so proud of all the content you have released over the years. You all have made all of the people in the community's lives better. I think each of you all should get an item named after you all in game.

Aprillian: - "Tiara of Decision Making" - An epic head piece with the caption (of course) "It was funnier in my head."
Jeppy: "The English Destroyer" - An epic two handed sword with the caption "Destroys all that do not speaketh liketh thiseth."
Virshna: "The Lightseeker" - An epic shield with the caption "Always does the right because it's always in the right."
Ashayo: "The Content" - An epic Wand with the caption "All the content you need."

But seriously, thanks for all that you do and you all are definitely pillars of the WoW community.

Caoboi and I have been having fun in WoW this week. We played our mage and shaman heavily and made it through Mt. Hyjal and started into Deepholme. We're now level 83 and we are having a blast. Even though Caoboi does have to stop and wait for me to farm mats. There's something satisfying about picking herbs. I'm not sure what it is. Plus it does help that I'm getting XP and skill points as well. Playing an enhancement shaman is all about fun. If you've never tried one, you have to level one up. This is definitely one of my favorite classes to play. And having Caoboi there firing off firebolts left and right is hilarious. He destroys most things before I even get to the mob!

We aren't doing the dailies with as much gusto as we used to. I think we might have gotten a little burnt out but I know we'll get back to it. Tol Barad is the one that we really need to focus on. Too many alts, not enough time. And just a little more info about Tol Barad, you can do five quests on the main peninsula of Tol Barad. If you are the controlling faction of Tol Barad, you can do six more quests that give more money and rep in the PvP area of Tol Barad which you can reach by running across the bridge. They are making changes to the Tol Barad fight however. They are making it so you cannot do any quests while the fight is going on so enjoy it while you can Ashayo. Also there is a small cheat (not that I've used it or anything, *wink*) where you can stand on the bridge into the fighting part of Tol Barad and get credit for the kill even though you are not really in the fight. They are fixing this as well I believe.

Our mains have been having fun raiding. But our raid group did something that we should feel a little guilty about. On Sunday, we went into Blackwing Descent and we killed....the disabled dragon, Atramedes. Disabled how you ask? Blind as Stevie Wonder. (Too bad he can't play the piano like him.)

You have to avoid his sonic discs that he expels as well as fire that he spews out everywhere. You have a sound indicator on your UI and if it fills up, he one-shots you in 2 seconds. And then you have gongs throughout the room that you have to ring to disorient him and he melts the gong after you use it. It's a super fun fight. It took a few hours but we got him down.

My guild mates said we shouldn't feel guilty because he is a dragon that would eat our face if we didn't kill him. Plus he has epics. Yea, I guess he does need to die.

Caoboi and I love to hear everything you all have been up to and we are wishing Jeppy well and we hope that he's feeling better.

Matdiox's voice actually makes me laugh. But then accents always makes me smile. He has a lot of energy that's for sure.

Oh! And there's some huge changes to the trash that you create in archeology. Before, the trash really didn't sell for much to the vendor, a couple of silver here and there. Now the cheapest trash you can create sells for a minimum of one gold and it can go all the way up to 500 gold. I think this will have me digging more to make some extra cash.

Ok, enough rambling. Have fun in your WoW week!,

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #

Hi CAW Crew,
Sorry a bit late with the email but a BIG congratulations for hitting the 200th episode (now 201 or 202...)

Well, did you all think you'd still be talking for this amount time about one game... well I am sure the answer is yes!

I am still very much enjoying the conversations and the insertions you have from all your friends... really entertaining, funny and honest. here's looking forward to the next 199 episodes. Anyway I suppose this now post event and maybe a bit pointless :)

I thought it would nice to give something back and donate a couple of pets to use at some point in the future for comps/giveaways, but I am not sure if you would prefer US or EU or do the codes work universally (I am on the EU) please let me know and I will sort out asap so you can have a give away for EP201.

I have been keeping busy in game since I last emailed in 2010 - I have my main to 85 now and have been running randoms to get some gear and justices point to buy more good gear. Not been in an heroic yet but have enough ilevel to make it in. What has put me off is the waiting time for Heroic Randoms and when I only have a couple of hours in an evening I would rather do other stuff in game first - dailies and rep.

I have started a Goblin mage - "pickingbooga" - I was listening to Biz markie and that set the name for me, I had to laugh to myslef on that name. And also started a worgen but that I have found a little slow. I have also been focusing on my DK, Belthallusi, which is at 67 and want to get into NR to start farming stuff, mainly frostweave as this seems scarce and I need it for my bags on the AH.

All for now and will email in soon.

Howard (not Jones)

Bloodrock, Warlock 85, Nordrassil, EU. Plus a few more alts now...

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