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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 204 - Live in Providence

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 204 - Live in Providence

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Running Tiiaa & AstarĂ¥ through Nexus, AstarĂ¥ dies, Tiiaa successfully used gnomish Army Knife to revive her.
Alch Healer FTW
Staying alive makes all the diff
Triple boxing - having a healer
Disenchant unneeded blues are awesome
Primal might hard to find, should I go back to do that quest.
Monkeys in STV
Aprillian & Vrishna
Still doing heroics. GREAT xp. Aprillian is addicted to the Nexus. Tried the Occulus. Couldn't get through the gate. I think that was probably a good thing.

Lost my sugar daddy. Aprillian wants all the greens for DE-ing. WAHHH !
So the flashbacks turned to flash forwards and didn't notice till the end of season 4. Actually on Vrishna. Got achievements for The Nexus and Grizzled Veteran. Doing the dailies in Grizzly Hills. Shredder and the Captain. At least I can keep all my gold ! Archaeology. REALLY miss the fast flying. 4500 gold. Ouch that hurts.




Email #1

Greetings CAW!
It’s been a while since I’ve written. A bit has happened since then. The week after I last wrote, while I was questing with my wife, I glanced at the guild chat and noticed a lot of commotion then saw one of the top ranked officers get booted. This was quickly followed by a /gquit by his wife. Then almost all the other officers left. I won’t go into what all the drama was about. Suffice it to say, the guild I’ve been in for almost two years and in which I had served as an officer for around a year had a sudden split as the officers and the gm had a falling out. It was stunning to say the least. After getting on vent to find out what was going on, I decided to log for the night. The next day I just did my transmute and got off again. I didn’t have much of a heart to play. I also couldn’t decide whether to stay with the guild (which was as high a rank as it could be at that point), or to jump ship with the rest of the officers. After giving it some thought for a couple days, I finally decided to switch guilds with the rest because, for me, the biggest guild perk is not the extra xp, guild items, etc.—it’s the people you play with. These were the folks I spent the most in game time with over the last couple years. I wasn’t ready to give that up.
Well, again I’m running late on sending this out, so I guess I’ll have to put off the stories of leveling the rogues with my two sons or the worgens with my wife and her friend.
Oh, yeah, if it’s not too late to claim a prize from way back when, and if you will allow it, I’d like an authenticator for my wife. Otherwise I’ll go with the free month of WoW to help justify buying BC for my son’s account.
Oh yeah, since I missed last week’s show, Happy 201! Or, maybe, happy 202! Or 203! (It all depends on when I get this in to you.)
For the Alliance! For the friendships!

Email #

Hello Caw crew from Jonick, dinged level 80 hunter, of the Midnight Special guild on the cenarion circle U.S. server,..... a confirmed Appy,

I have played wow for many yrs and now that my daughters are getting older...they are 11 and 10 and learning to play. I actualy took them to the midnight release of Cataclysm..much to my wifes was a school night.....My 10 yr old, Cecilia, gave me such a proud dad moment the other day...she is a worgen lover ...and I came home from work and she was at the computer, I noticed that she was on youtube, so I asked her what she was looking at,...being the ever cautious, doting dad...she looked at me with seriousness and said ..I am watching Worgen lore videos............ohh i was vaaaclempt... we sat for the next hour together watching worgen videos..

Wow at it's heart is a social game ...and who better to be social with than your family...So wether you just let someone watch you play, or you create an account for your ten yr old because she is filling all you alt spots with worgens....share the game....and the love..

And ofcourse remember a good father does not let a child go astray, to play the horde!.... For the Alliance... and hunters everywhere, This has been Jonick with fatherly advice..

p.s. Have you noticed that the worgens first druid form is talk about internal conflict.....I'm just saying...

Email #A
Hello All, My main toon is Resalecheap a NE Hunter on Warsong . I have left you a ITune review and thought it would be a good time to send a letter. I enjoy listening to your podcast and all of the content wow related or not . Just a little history I grew up on Nantucket . spent some time back in the mid 70's in and around RI at Newport & Bristol when I was in the US Coast Guard .also drove through Providence a lot when I was assigned to New London CT at the Coast Guard Academy in the late 80's , Now back to the rest of this e-mail I am thinking of trying dual boxing ? But is a little unsure on how to proceed I am running wow on a Imac 24' intel processor w/3 gigs of ram and the stock video card w/128 vram . I know way to geekie for CAW I tried ti look for CRTL ALT GEEK but it stopped but enough of that . just looking for some input ! I also found a desk that might help in quad boxing here is the attachment .Well I am hoping to be playing soon since this is Tuesday and maintenance day at blizzard catch you all later and have a great day!!!!!
Resalecheap and of course his many many toons/alts
& for the horde


Email #

26 February 2011
[Insert 13 Feb email here]
I want to say a special “Welcome back El Jeppy!” At least, I’m hoping that the tweets I saw today indicate that you will be back. Remember, it’s okay to visit a rift, as long as you don’t fall headlong into it. ;)
You ask what’s so wrong with trolls? For one, don’t you think it’s telling that the annoying people in trade chat are called trolls? Two, I know that those stinkin’ trolls would like nothing better than to roast my little gnome body and have it for supper! Or, was that the undead that were wanting to do that? Either way, I’m pretty sure I heard that troll hunter in the bg saying something to that effect as his killed me repeatedly. It came out more like “Kek. Friz fraz blugerdy boo,” but I know that’s what he meant!
My wife and kid’s RAF is about at an end without any of them making it to 60. My sons (particularly the eldest) had a hard time grasping the (in my estimation) importance of questing together to make the most of the triple xp. Part of the difficulty is that my eldest just wants to play his one or two alts. My second born, however, appears to be a true altoholic. Thus, my eldest kept outleveling his brother (meaning that there weren’t too many levels to pass along either). On the other hand, we were able to pass along several of those levels to my wife’s alts.
Yesterday was a momentous occasion in that my wife made her first journey to Northrend. We didn’t actually get to get in any questing, but she is finally there! Actually, she just asked me why she can’t fly there. Hey! Wait a minute! That means she is questing without me! I guess I better go try to catch up before she gets too far ahead. After all, this is on my heirloom deprived server. With all my alts and no heirloom gear, it’s hard to catch up.
For the Alliance!
Liteharted, level 85 GNOME mage, and his many alts (which have been multiplying as my 5-year-old has been having fun making new toons. Don’t worry, unless you are a gold-farmer, since he can’t spell he’s not taking any names you would want. They are all something like Fslser and Grssxrey.)

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