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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 243 - CATA-stophic !

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

Hello darlings!  Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo? and....She Who Must Be Obey'ds El Jeppy!!!  And my fellow listeners...hello! I'm sorry, I don't have an audio for you this week, but I HAVE been playing a lot of Wow!  I'm in Maine visiting my Mom and brothers and we have been having a blast!  Maine is gorgeous...and freezing (right now!)  We're waiting for a snow storm that's rolling in...hehehe...I can't wait to see those snow flakes falling down! We're supposed to get a lot of it and I'm going to watch it all from the warmth of the house...hehe.   And in the meantime, we're holed up playing some serious WoW.  My death knight, Snowraith, is seven bars short of being 85!!  (Finally!)  I just got done with Uldum..and what a blast that many fun quests!  I loved that whole bit with Harrison Jones...hahaha...very fun stuff.  SO...this is a short email because I have to get back to it!  Almost 85...WOOT!!!!

Love you guys, and Aprillian!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Be safe out there =)
Big hugs & kisses!  *muah*
For the Alliance, the Horde, and Pilgrim's Bounty!
Juuno of Nevickhoof, Earthen Ring and Korialstrasz  =)

P.S.  Pixiegirl transferred over one of Speed Racer's toons to Earthen Ring, and I told him he can't join the guild until he sends you an email and you say it's alright...SO...this is from him:

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow,

I have something to ask you.  May I join your guild, Clan of Darkness on Earthen Ring?  I have a level 83 warlock named Demonbreath on Earthen Ring.  He is a goblin.  He used to be a human, but goblins are better.  I am a good behaving player who likes to kick other people's butts in pvp.  I like to do battlegrounds and dungeons alot.  I'm also friendly, though!  I also play a level 85 shaman on Korialstrasz, and five other high level characters, plus alot of lower level characters.  I've been playing WoW for two and a half years and I really love the game.  It's like blood and I'm a vampire...I must have!  I guess I won't kill any bunnies because my sister says I'm not allowed to on Earthen Ring.

Thank you...I hope you let me join!  It's late now, so I'm signing off.  Good night!

Speed Racer (aka: Demonbreath)

What We've Been Doing:


Alternating between flying Darshi and Nevahoof around to level up mining. They are finally ready for Outland herbs & ore.
Leveling the goblins out of starting area. Tiiaa sent money to Epril to pay for a head piece for Gruzilla. Only head piece I had was leather, she's a warlock. Then Epril traded honor for Justice points 
Aprillia with her WoW Tabard:

RAF did not anniversary gift
Tues, got out of the Goblin starting area. It was fun
Goblin Warlock with Felguard:

Aprillian & Vrishna

It's like Groundhog Day WITHOUT Bill Murray ! "I once stood in front of the Lich King, why couldn't I get THAT day, over and over and over !"


Explore Dragonblight and WoW's 7th Anniversary. Sharing is Caring and 5 exalted Reps. (Karinya only)

Clan of Darkness

Eye of Eternity, Sun Nov 27 put together by Dreams !


on Hiatus



CAW listener email

November 16, 2011 
From Reefberry

Dear CAW,

I manage a account for Grandson number one. Grandson number two, cousin to grandson number one, dropped in for a visit one recent afternoon. Before he and his mother had there coats off he was requesting time on the computer to play Warcraft. Yippeee! I was quite elated and surprised. His Dad takes him golfing. He plays Pop Warner Football and Lacrosse. His sister has been playing soccer for about twelve years and is now planning to play on the college team. It’s a very athletic oriented family. And I detect a slight, looking-down her nose on my daughters face at any mention of video gaming activities. I do try to explain I’m not a video-gamer but they seem to see that as some justification attempt and avoidance of their disapproval. Sometime’s this daughter will give me a good hard look and say “You do know you’re not really an elf don’t you?” I just smile, give a wink and reply, “Are you really sure?” So for Gramps this new warcraft player is a great influential victory.

      After they left that evening I remembered I hadn’t seen the older grandson online since August or early September. I called daughter number two. This family environment is almost the opposite of her sister. Plenty of sports but its: fishing, hunting (bows and guns), skiing, camping and All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs) for all four family members.  And video games galore.

      Here’s the phone conversation as I recall it. Again I’ll insert fabricated names.

      “Hey, what’s Durdles been up to lately?”

      “Nothing special, he’s outside playing right now. Why, what’s going on?”

      “I haven’t seen him online for awhile. I’m concerned he’s losing interest in Warcraft.”

      “Well their in school now. The rule is do homework first and an early bedtime on school nights. Why?  Is Ma worried about him?”

      “No not your mother. Me! He seems to be losing interest in Warcraft. He’s too young to have that much homework and what about weekends. I don’t even see him online on weekends.”

      “Well it’s a new neighborhood with lots of kids. Durdles and his sister spend lots of time outside playing with the new neighborhood kids. They love it. They were always cooped up in a confined small yard at the old place. They’re fine. What are you worried about?”

      I say in a slow, gruff and deliberate voice, “For the third time, because he’s losing interest in Warcraft.”

      I pause, and then add “And you girls say I don’t get it. Now who doesn’t get it?”

Thank You All

Mel and Liz

Hi All,

Here is our audio submission, hopefully it is not too late. Been busy doing nothing.


Melchezadeck and Liztailor

Great show

Hey there ctrlaltwow gang its Necronomicon, from Velen sever U.S. My new wife and I (we just got married this Halloween) play level 85 undead Warlocks (named Necronomicon and Necromantic) as well as a bunch of alts spanning our four WoW accounts. We've been all over Azeroth together and done many of the lower level 5 man dungeons but we have never done any of the dungeon content "at level" and none of the high level dungeons. I've been listening to your podcast for several months now and have really enjoyed it. Hearing you guys talk about your guild and all the crazy fun you have makes us want to roll some new toons and join your merry band of misfits :) If you think you might have some room for a couple of crazy Goblins or Undead-heads (our two favorite races) please let us know and we'll be happy to fill out any necessary online forms or what ever needs doing (we really don't know as this will be our first guild ever)
Many thanks for your wonderful podcast and please keep talking about your WoW time, we really enjoy it :)


Necronomicon and Necromantic (undead love is forever)

We are a couple of Canadian and British expats who live and work in China so we play at odd hours.

CAW server please?

Hi guys!

Loved hearing the podcast today! Pixiegirl's letter inspired me to want to create a toon on your server. Perhaps  I can show her around the Horde quests?  Please tell me what sever? I forget and I didn't see it on your fan site? And how can I join the guild?  We are neighbors, kinda. I live In Rehoboth MA.

Hope to hear from your soon!
Kara/Abrra ~the toon yet to be created

the Great Big Horrible Disaster!! or was it??


I keep hearing about how terrible it is that WoW lost all these millions of subscribers, but for some reason I don't hear much about a biggie at Blizzard saying most of the loses happened in Asian, where players don't actually "subscribe" because the only model available is a "pay per play" model, and what they pay is about 6% of what US-UK-Aussie-Euro players pay.

And while all this was happening, US subs are said to have gone up.

So, I don't know, but it sounds to me like maybe there's a lot of people in the gaming media who are just so eager to be the first person to announce the death of WoW that they just can't be bothered worrying about facts and numbers.

Well, maybe they're looking for a gig on Fox.

Oh, did I say that?  Sorry, it slipped out.  :')

Happy Gaming!

Ramenah, L22 Tauren hunter, Earthen Ring


Hello Control Alt Wow. I’ve been a listener for over a year now and like to listen to the podcast in the afternoons at work.  I play Nite an alliance shaman on the perenolde server. I’ve been meaning to e-mail since blizcon, but hadn’t had the chance to until now.  While watching the blizcon panel about Panderia, they talked about the new races that inhabit Panderia. One of them called the Verming, is a race of evil bunny people with a vegitable worship fetish. I couldn’t help but think about Vrishna when they talked about them and how he’d probably have a stroke when killing them.  Link incase you missed them I have wondered at the absence of Ashayo for the last several weeks, though I assume I somehow missed it being mentioned the reason for his absence. Keep up the great podcast, someday I’d like to join COD when I get around to rolling a goblin alt to see their starting experience.

RAF questions

short and to the point how do you do a RAF?

I did a RAF with my buddy,  Activated a brand new account with a copy of wow purchased at the store.  signed up for my subscription.  WoW GMS say i have only paid for one month.  Meaning the store purchased copy does not count towards a paid month???

Just hoping ya'll can explain the process to me.

RAF--->upgrade to Wrath---->pay for 2 subscribed months = Rocket.

please and thank you,

Moderob, CoD, Earthen Ring
Mattief, PoH, Jubei'Thos
Crilherin, Roll for Blame, Arygos

special thanks to GM Droovasz for putting up with my rant about how the store purchased copy does not count as one of your two RaF paid months.

Catching up..

Hail and well-met!

I thought it was about time to take time to send in another missive, my friends.

Of late I’ve been busy with Wolfbrother, having joined the Jellybeans Raid Team as a stand-by melee-DPSer, I frequently get to join in and play through the Firelands content.  I believe they may have defeated Rags once, however I wasn’t there.  Everything else in the raid seems to go relatively well, we’re mostly focusing on dealing with Rags.

In other news, I finally started a Worgen for the first time.  I have to say I really liked the starting area and quests for the Worgen.  I enjoyed the atmosphere and Victorian-style of their homelands.  However, as I got to the end of their starting and was deposited on the docks…I started to feel myself let down, thinking, “Now I have to go through all the ‘normal’ stuff and build levels, don’t I? /sigh Ugh.”  As a result, I’ve logged in briefly with my Worgen and do the cooking dailies.  Wow..those are so easy for the Alliance.  I hardly have to go anywhere.  Walk a few feet, buy some ingredients, step over to the stove, make bread, step back, turn it in…wow, easy.

In a related note…do we have any Guild getting together on the Alliance side on Earthen Ring?

Multi-boxing question: Has anyone tried to load WoW into your Dropbox, or Dropbox-like client, letting it sync your application and add-ons across multiple machines?  If so, has it worked successfully?

I think it’s time for me to get back to the grind, or a Raid, or something.

“Be well…”

Eranth / Wolfbrother / Lionchild

Greetings from South Australia

G’day Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy,

I’ve been a listener to Ctrl Alt WoW for some time now, long before episode 148 “ It Sounded Funnier in My Head!”, and I thought it was time to write you again. I have five level 85s, 3 on one account and 2 on a second.
My main has already achieved “What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been” which rewards the Violet Proto-Drake which I believe has a flight speed of 310%. I have made a goal to obtain this drake on my other four level 85s which I started working on during Brewfest. They all have the Brewfest and Hallow’s End requirements marked off so far. During Hallow’s End the most difficult achievement was to “Put Out The Fires” but I found it was possible to solo this in Falconwing Square with some persistence.

I have dabbled in dual boxing but only with two shamans. I’d like to try it with a team of 3 (I actually have a third account which I’ve temporarily frozen), perhaps a druid tank, a shaman healer and one ranged dps. Although my 2 pcs are not that old, my main pc kind of struggles if I attempt to run more than one instance of WoW on it. When you multibox do you run many addons? I usually have to reduce the number of addons to a bare minimum otherwise my gaming experience is too laggy.

I have a small guild on the Thaurissan realm and I’ve been keeping track of a few of the guild achievements. One of which is Critter Killer. I’d like to report that critter kills made by the Creepy Crate obtained during Hallow’s End does indeed count towards the achievement. I have verified this by letting it kill critters when I am the only guild member currently online.

I’ll leave it there for now and look forward to hearing your cheerful voices on the next episode which will no doubt help me through my work day.

Kind Regards

Clogalis and his many alts
G'day again,

This is a late p.s. which I forgot to include in my recent email to you regarding the lower drop rate of The Horseman's Reins from the Hallow's End boss event. My theory is that the drop rate may be quite similar to what it was before but perhaps it seems lower because we only have one chance per day of getting it, whereas prior to the LFG dungeon finder we had 5 chances to get it as each party member could start the event and the mount was a boss drop (not a bag loot which you can only obtain once per day).

Hope this reaches you in time to add it to my previous email.

Kind regards


Sent from my iPhone

submission 243

:) Happy Thanksgiving or if you don't celebrate that day : Happy Thursday

Rigarmorty Audio For CAW 243

Greetings Aprillian, Vrishna & Eljeppy!

Attached is this weeks scary ramble.



Work overload

Sorry due to work and injury my WoW time has been cut to the bone hence nothing to report this week.
Big G


I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!!
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Shout Outs & Thank You


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