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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 240 - Where Has All The Candy Gone

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Wish the achievement and flight map stayed open at the same time.

Sun, running Aprillian, Tiiaa, Deepril and Prncess around to get Candy baskets. Gorgol Farm, used comments from wowhead.

I got crazy, and decided to build a Mechanog. Tiiaa still needs to level her engineering. I figured I would make one plus and still get XP for it. The hardest thing was finding titansteel bars. I had to buy it from the alliance auction house.

Took Tiiaa & AstarĂ¥ to AT, xp is good.

Aprillian & Vrishna


Invited to try Arenas with some guildies. We had a perfect score ! We went in at 0, and left at 0 !

I LOVE the Halloween Kitty !  On Karinya and Narinya I got Tricks & Treats's for Kalimdor,Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. Actually, Virinya hadn't done Northrend either. I got several explorerer achievements on the twins including Grizzly Hills and Howling Fjord. When the heck are we gonna be able to fly in Silvermoon et al. Any plans along those lines ?


Is on Hiatus!



submission 240

Kadak :)

Refer a friend, clarification.

Originally I wrote you a nice long email.  Explaining the grant a level to 81.  But when I read it back to myself it seemed way to many words, to get across a simple point. But I guess I was wrong.  So here it goes.

I was running a refer a friend link with a guildy.  When we hit 80 I got tired of waiting for him to be on, my new shadow priest was just too much fun.   So I started racing ahead.  When he got on next he was 80 & I was 83.   We were running quests together & of course I was waiting for him a bit, so in my extra time I was fooling around & tried to grant a level.  I didn't expect it to work, but it did.  We went to 81.  I tried 82 also but of course that didn't work.

This made me happy, but also very sad.  I had a self refer that was just about to end, I had leveled one toon to 85 on the account over the 90 days.  And used my levels to grant 4 level 70's to level 80.  I was just so tired of northrend i couldnt do It 4 more times  Then I tossed the rest of the available levels on a level 40 warlock.

I could have gone to 81!!!! AND I ended up deleting the warlock to make room on the account.   So they were WASTED!!!   It almost made my head explode.

Aegon of Dawnbringer

Sent from my iPhone

Answer about who Bill W is

I’m behind in listening to your podcast and I just listened to episode 237 and I just heard the reference of Bill W.  You didn’t seem to know what was meant and while I can’t be 100% sure but usually when someone references “a friend of Bill W”, they are referring to Bill Wilson, who was one of the founders of AA.  My father has been clean and sober for over 20 years and frequently speaks to groups and that is something that he sometimes starts out with.  That is, asking if there are any friends of Bill W. in the audience.

I just thought I would share that little bit of knowledge with you. 
Brian from WI

25 Feels Good

Hello CAW crew,
 I wanted to give you guys an update. I have been very busy as of late. I really pushed Ardonious in the COD guild to get him exalted, so when we hit 25 I could get my Scorpion mount. I am pleased to say I did both. I hit Exalted about a week before we hit 25. I also got the Hallowed achievement on him, but sadley no mount. I think the drop rate was clearly reduced, as I have 10 85s and ran that every day, which equated to around 100 runs, but no mount, sad..Which leads me to my next point, I also got the Hallowed achievement on all 10 of my 85s, which happily increased my net worth by some 7k gold ;). I know what your thinking one of us, one of us, well yes thats true and proud to be one, LOL. Oh yeah, I was flying on a taxi on my Mage, and flew through Deathwings fire, and it gave me the achievement for that, go figure.
Well thats all for now, but I wanted to let you guys know, and Aprillian, I am so thankful for all the guildies in COD. They are honestly the best group of folks I have been around since I have been playing this game. A special shout out to Dreams who is always there for anyone who needs a hand, and always with a smile, and to Varishna, who always listens and tries his best to accomidate everyones request with a kind word and sincere approach.
Well till next time:
For the Horde, Alliance, and Especially COD

Funny story about the Creepy Crate

Greetings CAW

I was doing the quest in Mt. Hyjal quest where you have to rescue the 3 injured dear. I got the 3 and stated back when I noticed that they were gone. I went back and got them again and noticed that the Creepy Crate was eating them. That was a pretty funny moment. 

Also... What about if the creepy Crate eats a ... bunny... o no!!!


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Hello all...tiz yer old buddy Kurly here...still unemployed (7 months as of 11/4) but still plugging away at the job search and trying to keep a positive attitude.  Volunteering at the hospital near by didn't yield the results I was hoping for, but, I am still at that and hoping that will change!! Anyway...on to WOW.

As we have done in the past some two guildees and I have rolled 'lowbies" with the plan to go into BG's.  We are a Prot Warrior, Subtlety Rogue and a Disc Priest.  We have all the heirlooms (minus the helms) and each of us have done research to find consumables and enchantments to make our toons some tough buggers!!  We have been having so much fun especially since one of us never wanted to do PVP....he plays the rogue and we have TOTALLY converted him.  He is having a great time "Sticking" the enemy and the other two of us get a genuine charge out of how much he is enjoying himself. 

Other than that I have been doing the daily bg on my 85's to get conquest points....a slog and a half I might say....and anxiously awaiting 4.3!

I hope you all are well and hopefully I am in the chat room!!


new listner

Greetings CAW crew, and Virshna.

D.D. The Happy Hunter here.

I was told about your Podcast by a friend and after listening i really enjoyed it, and your stance on not killing bunnies.  Having been a protector of the bunnies for a long time i would love to join your guild and help fight the good fight.  How would i go about doing this?

thanks again

p.s.  I am in no way related to that Disgusting Warlock character that keeps writing in.

Updates and thoughts

Well good day to all the hosts of Ctrl Alt Wow, Virishna, Jeppy, Ahayo, and of course Aprillian
Kona here with some thoughts and ramblings,but first a little updating.
     Well after countless Runnings of the Headless horseman and some 52 Sinaster squashlings and 15 unusable hallowed helms Hallows end is over.
Konajoe did get the Horseman's reins Konajace got the Helm and sword and Robusta got the sword plus whatever rings were appropriate. Near the end I made sure that any toons that were close to the tokens needed for the Feline Familiar got what was needed to buy it. My new Druid bank alt Konabank made his way to 33 and visited many many inns to get the tokens needed. I also used the XP gains from the candy buckets to supplement Kuahi to 84 and he was able to run the Horseman just once, but he did get the Dps caster ring that one time. As a side note neither of my kids were lucky enough to get the Horseman's reigns or the Horseman's Helm.
     In-between all of the Hallows end stuff I have been running heroic with Konajoe, this was mainly done to get 3 chaos orbs so he could craft the epic mail belt for Robusta.
i have been feeling that Robusta has been quite neglected so to show some love for him new gear was of the highest order, He to has been running many an instance and a few Battlegrounds, those have been quite tough he is still very PvE squishy and under geared. i have my eye on either the PvP gun or the Crafted Extreme Impact hole puncher, Gold or time is what it will take. Druids have also been a focus of my time, Konajohn with leveling his Inscription, now 525, and his enchanting, not so high at the moment 350 right now. Konabank has been doing quite more than just banking, speced as Resto and healing in randoms and battlegrounds also. On the Cairne Realm I have a Druid there that Ian created almost four years ago an I have taken Iczlionn up to level 19 without dying, I am going to see how far I can go before he gets killed, he has no heirlooms so it will be slow going.
     So today i encountered an old school "Back in my day" WoW player. It was quite eye opening to hear how someone wants the game to be hard and to have to Grind for everything, Or to better put it, the game is to easy now and that Blizzard is just milking its player base for every dollar they can and not giving enough in return. He thinks that Realm transfers should be free along with faction changes, because "we already pay them enough"  You all should have seen his eyes roll back when I mentioned about the Non combat pet changes that will be coming, I think they did a complete360 degrees. Personally I'm not sure if that will be a part of the game for me, but the BEST Parts of this game are not the same for everyone who plays, and that is why the game as a whole IS THE BEST. Play how you want to, I right now Do a few Instances run a lot of BGs and dabble in the AH along with leveling my crafting skills. With that I'm having fun, and as my Playtimes show quite some time involved in this game. If people feel they are not having fun, then stop and find something that is fun, wether it be another game or whatever, To much time is spent nitpicking and griping, life is to short and in the big scheme of things we all need to do things that make us happy. Now stepping off of soap box.
    For the love of the game Wishing you all Good questing
Kona and his many alts

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Another Week, Another Thing

Aren't there always just more and more things!

I am starting to feel better - three medications later. Kithore is planning another trip (his last for a while) for next week. Things are finally slowing down here, and will soon be back to "normal", as normal as normal gets in this house, at least. :-)

Kithore was able to get online this week, and run a heroic with some guildies. I was home while he was doing it, though I was very zombie-ish and eventually went to bed while he was still running. He got some lovely greetings when he got online, I believe he even mentioned that Tinock shouted his name, ala Vrishna style.

I haven't been on much, but I am recovering, and should soon be on much more. :-) I have been going to bed earlier, which cuts way down on my WoW time, and now I also have to prepare for some singing next week, which will also cut into my time a bit, though not nearly as much.

We still love you guys tons and lots, and we will be seeing you soon. (And hopefully even sending in an audio!) No, Jeppy, I can't just do one by myself... it wouldn't be the same without Kithore! He IS the one who started it all, after all. Without Kithore, I never would have met any of you.

Emoted hugs and kisses,

The Kithores

Rigarmorty Audio for EP 240

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!
Attached is my audio for this week! I rambled on for about 7 minutes this time, I seem to have a lot to say today or just rambling as usual.
There's a particular bit I go into about gaming where I do stumble my words but what I'm saying I think eventually comes out right. My first MMO was Conquer Online which was horrible and I fallowed a friend I grew up with to Wow about 6 months after she did and she was the GM of The Relentless Guild I mention.
Anyway, I'm rambling here too... On with the audio!

Valentine Submission #8

Hi guys,

Just a follow up submission to the questions asked and comments made after submission 7 :) Enjoy!

Iceflow and Caoboi

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Meeting, goals, help.

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