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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 279 - Please I like to victory

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 279 - 
Please I like to victory

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Hello Darlings!

Here's our little submission and a really cool screenshot from Pixie...I hope everyone is doing tres, tres fabulous this week!  

/great big hugs!!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

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What We've Been Doing:


150 fragments later and I got a jar. Ooh hoo, I can make scarabs show up at my feet.

Wish she had faster flying

Epril has such low level gear I decided to try to get some honor points. Her ilevel is 331, best 332

Please I like to victory

Don’t like Clockwork Gnome, doesn’t fly and I have to put it out everytime I land

You can solve while mounted



Oh Fractured Front!!!

More of the same - grab a lowbie fly out to trogg town kill said troggs at speed reap rewards and XP - rinse and repeat.

Have pulled several toons back into active service ‘Just when they thought they were out Wight dragged them back in’ many were quite angry to be disturbed and will be even more so when i inform them that they are to be turned into pandas come MoP

A new Jeppy Treasure Chest Record - 37 in 1 hour!! I would like to thank all the troggs who died to make this possible.



The X-53 Touring Rocket.

Hail and well-met, Ctrl-Alt-WoW adventurers!

As always, it’s been some time since I’ve forwarded the podcast a missive.  I suspect much of that is because most of my time has been spent with an AIE Raid Group, 17 Jellybeans.  We’re working on Heroic Dragon Soul at the moment.  We have several key encounters down, but working most of the Heroic content is like it was when we were doing Normal content: An hour of wipes before we get through it.

Well, onto the meat of why I’m writing.  I got one of those emails recently from Blizzard about having an un-deployed RAF Mount. Imagine my surprise to get the email saying, “Hey, this mount is going away. Hurry up and claim it!”  Now, unlike many, I don’t usually RAF myself, I actually RAF friends who want to start playing.  I’ve had the chance to RAF twice.  One unsuccessfully, and once successfully; however, I wasn’t aware that the successful one really had happened.  The friend I had RAF’d was a friend from college, and I knew our schedules wouldn’t mesh up, so we never really got to work together on leveling, so I presumed he’d finally given up.  I was, however, wrong.

So, having gotten the message from Blizzard, I hopped right in, all excited that I got this mount I wasn’t expecting, and thought would be really keen to have one.  And then, of course, some time later, I got another email from Blizzard.  Since it looked similar to the first, I skimmed down and saw that it had the same link as before. I thought perhaps it was a second rocket to deploy.  However, I was confused when it wasn’t.  It was still the first unsuccessful RAF, and then the second successful one that had been deployed.  Since I was confused, I just went on with things.  Then last week on the podcast, I heard about the uproar about the email about the X-53 rockets.  I went back and reviewed my emails, and realized what was going on.

As a result, I submitted a ticket to Blizzard, hoping that I could get the X-53 pulled back and the new RAF mount instead, since I realized that the newer one was actually available, and was even more interesting and keen than the X-53.  Today I got my response, and it was basically that they were trading them back, but it was for a limited window, and I did not submit my ticket in that window, so I’m out of luck.

Don’t get me wrong, I never really thought I’d get to have an X-53 Rocket, and it’s a nifty ride.  However, had I realized I could have waited for the new RAF Mount, I definitely would have.  The sad thing is, it’s left a bad taste in my mouth over the whole thing.  I just hope that I don’t get that crummy feeling when I get the Rocket out to ride it around and then decide not to use it.

Ashayo – Did your guildmate manage to get a Blizzard to trade out his Rocket?

“Be well…”
Eranth / Wolfbrother / Lionchild

Title: Fortetwo's Side of Things edited a little to add friday / Sat / sun

Hi All

Well Mel has outdone herself with such a lovely letter to you last week and I just had to respond

First I was not by dragged into WOW  by a " shiney " Staff of Jordan  but I was dragged in kicking and screaming with the pressure from  3 people I really care about  - the kids were wonderful salesmen.

I thought I would tell you about some of newby stuff ups I had when I first played

My first toon is Ericke and I still remember being mesmerised as I looked  at the setup screen . Horde was out as they are the  bad  guys ( you can tell just by looking that they are mean and ornery). I did not want to be human as they were boring and the Dwarf looked like a wise old character ( so unlike me!) and so a dwarf was chosen

Next I picked to be a priest .  I ended up being a holy priest called Ericke after the Monty Python  song “Eric the half  a bee”.

I was told I had to be on same realm as Mel and off I went to explore

I could attack with a staff and one spell. Smite . I don't think I healed myself much then but I  always died doing yellow and red quests and if I had aggro from more than one monster I died.  Now looking back I think I did the iron  man challenge  4 years ago

Now to my first dungeon  and I must have been about level 40 . The conversation went as follows

Tank: Everyone ready
Everyone: Yes
Battle starts
Me :Silence  (looking at the other people , bad guys and wonderful background)

Tank: Heal me!!!

Ericke: silence -  (Still looking at Night elves legs and misses blue or pink writing)

Tank: HEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ericke: Who is suppose to heal you ?

Tank: YOU, @$$!

Ericke: How?


Well I soon learn that grouping is scary but at level 60 I did have one or two friends in game and we bit the bullet, opened  a second account and transferred Ericke over to the new account. Now I could play the game with Mel. Me at 60 and her at 70, which was the cap then .

Life got easy as she was a wonderful teacher and could kill red monsters for me. I soon maxed out at 70 and we have been playing together ever since. Then we started Alts..... well we have over 80 now but we are looking  to purge quite a few... Sorry April .... but they are low level, and do not have any clothes gold or heirlooms anymore.

Only regret .... I wish I could have levelled  in the Clan of Darkness as everyone is so supportive.

So as an aside how did you guys go on your first toons?

On Friday we did LFR with many people from COD and had a wonderful time . Over  4 hours I think but we did it which is the main thing. Then Mel and I  were so excited we did the Deathwing side  on Saturday. we died  on the last boss 7 times and by then there were some  very very bitter comments in party chat . So we dropped. Came back on Sunday and  ready to do it again and fortunately we  went straight in to the last boss and one shot him .  Woot so we " KILLED DEATHWING " at level appropriate .   
I have rambled on way too much and i am sure you don't want this to be a 4 hour show.


Ericke, Aunt Pol , Fortetwo,  Ephedra, Haxon and.... well you get my point

P.S. Would please give a shout out to Mel and wish her happy birthday for Friday  and I just wanted to say to her thank you for a wonderful 25 years and giving us 21 ( 1/2 of 42) and Shandreya our two wonderful kids . Yes She was born in July and Married in July .
P.P.S. Thank you for a wonderful Podcast

"Kithore for President" Submission. :-)

Hola CAW crew,

We're sending you an update on what Kithore's been doing out on the road with his new career. We hope to see you come November! I'll let the interview speak for itself.

This is Dreams and Kithore for Dragonblight, Earthen Ring, CoD, and kissing babies.


*NOTE: Today is Kithores Birthday*

Bangobingo Update

Hey CAW/COD Crew,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or winter for the aussie types)! I have been busy enduring the summer heat and eking out some WoW time during breaks at work and on the weekends at home.

I haven’t been spending too much time on the Horde side of Earthen Ring as I have decided to level a Worgan Priest while I wait for MoP to hit. Iam proud to say that I have successfully leveled Turdfergison to level 58 and am preparing to head to Outland in the coming weeks. I was trying to level though the dungeon finder as a discipline priest as I have not really ever tried healing  past level 16. This time, at least, I made it to around level 40 before I switched over to shadow and began DPSing my way through the dungeon finder groups.

Additionally, I decided I needed to get the new RAF mount and quickly started a pair of paladins on Kargath in an attempt to level up and join the iToons guild hosted by the Convert to Raid podcast hosts and join them on some at level raiding. While I don’t know if I will ever catch up with them it did give me the motivation to again give multiboxing a try. I am struggling to figure out exactly how to use Jamba but have been watching some videos on youtube that seem to help.

Well, aside from WoW I have completed the first month and a half of the Insanity workout program. If anyone is interested in trying it out I highly recommend it. The workouts during the first month are slightly insane but great exercise (a form of bodily movement that does not involve a mouse or keyboard for the hosts who are wondering ;)) and the second month definitely gives credence to the program’s title.

Well, that’s all for now. Take care everyone and I look forward to seeing you all in game soon!



Update for 279

Wow just 21 till the triple century I may even be back in Esperance by then or at least doing audio again first up Yensidz you do me to much credit mentioning me in the same breath as the others who in my humble opinion are much greater than I secondly Hellooooo Rogue Slayer Nurse. Now on to the important stuff still away from my computer so both my love of prawn and gamming is suffering mother dosen't want etheir on her computer and i really should do as she says. Still as of yet to pick my subscription to wow back up brought Mech warrior online the other day so any day now i sure to here of it's rapid death also ordered MOP CE I do loves me a new mount and pet. A local Matt has decided to invite me into a raiding guild he is even willing to pay for charter transfers so yay me. Got told the other day I have to go have a camera shoved up my pooper again the lack of food is anoying but the drugs are awesome the big C is really a annoying thing to worry about so camera up the pooper and a couple of days without food to make sure nothing is up then back to Esperance and the Dome with me.

For the Horde

For the Alliance

For the SandGrophers

P.S Got in a facebook chat with England Matt today and we both decided that we are really screwed up in head when it comes to asking girls that we fancy out so we have decided to date each other as this will keep out self doubt and loathing to a minimum.

P.P.S Had to hold my uncle up as he has been suffering mini strokes so had to help him to the bathroom and and bed the other night always good to hold a guy as he trys not to wee on himself.

P.P.P.S Seen alot of police outside the servo today thought about running when one came in but he hadn't herd of leeta or any of the other fine ladies of CAW or recived any calls from the states

P.P.P.P.S Nothing else to add just be trolling seeya     

Big G

What me paranoid? WHO WANTS TO KNOW?!?

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy,

Long time listener, first time email.  Love the show, have been a fan since way back when the show first started, and even before that listening to Aprillian on the AIE podcast.  I have been a member of AIE for a very long time now, and have alts on 3 servers.  I just recently found out my nephew and his wife play WoW (have for the last 4 years) and so I just made a new alt on his server.  Of course, they would play Alliance, so I started a Gnome Mage and have gotten him up to level 22 in two days.  He's been coming along nicely.  My main, which I am thinking that some of you should know, is Tayja (Level 85 Ret Paladin) from AIE.  Haven't been playing her much of late, trying to get my Blood Elf hunter up to 85 before MoP.  She is at 82 right now, but moving along nicely also.  I really want to get a few of my characters up to 85 soon, but just haven't had the time with so much real life things getting in the way.  I am hoping to get a few of my characters into Clan of Darkness soon and hopefully will get to run dungeons or raids with some of you in the future.  Hope this email gets to you in good order.

For the Horde!!
Tayja of Eathern Ring

For the Horde!!!!

Hey gang!
Thanks for letting me join Clan of Darkness. I’ve got to say, I’ve had such a great time since joining your group. First, playing Horde for the first time has been a real challenge and it feels like it did when I first started playing years ago. It’s strange starting a toon and not having the ability to send it gold or gear or even things like potions etc. It’s been real fun gathering and selling to vendors and Auction House to eek out silver and copper to try and get that 1st gold piece. I also activated my second account, so I’m looking forward to hearing some tips on dual-boxing. I’ve had both accounts open at the same time but just to mail stuff between the two. Tawho is on one account and Dizinee on the other. They are named after my favorite real world places, Lake Tahoe and Disneyland. Cant wait to venture out into Azeroth together. Oh hey Jeppy, I’ve found a great way to make gold….since people are reluctant to leave guilds because of the perks, players are desperate to get people to sign their guild charters! I started seeing posts for 100 to 200 gold so I went ahead and started an alt on my new account and made 100 gold and then sent 50 each to Tawho and Dizinee! Yeah man now I can buy stuff!!!! So if any of you notice a pretty boy Blood Elf named Zorroz standing on a street corner in Orgrimar, that’s me! Ha!
Also, BG’s have been a challenge. Once in Arathi I jogged on up to the Lumbermill and noticed there was no-one at the red flag there so I walked on up and tried clicking on it, and clicking on it….oh yeah MY flags are red now. And I noticed we had a 3 to 1 base lead so I just decided to stay and defend. Then we got to 4 to 1 and Im thinking we got this….whoops I’m Horde now. Im not supposed to cheer when the Alliance capture a base.
Anyway, everyones been so nice and its great to log on and actually have other guildies playing. My Alliance guild is in a lull right now sow this has been a real treat! Have fun gang and see you in Azeroth!!!! Donnie aka Yensidz, aka Tawho and Dizinee.

Oh Aprilian,
After listening to last weeks show and the fact that Tiedra hasn’t been relaying what she has been doing in game, I thought maybe she’s not playing because she is not working. So I’m including 2 30 day playtime codes that you can give to her. Or, if I’m totally off base on my assumptions, unless I’m reading between the lines wrong, it seems  Big G may be having a stretch so you can pass them on to him if Teidra doesn’t want them. Or….just use them however you see fit as it could also be a donation to all that you all do to keep me entertained. You don’t have to tell anyone where the time came from ok and I do not care how you decide to use them, as long as you do use them ok. Take care. Donnie.

(2) World of Warcraft® Game Time - $14.99
Game-Time Code(30 Day): xxxx
Game-Time Code(30 Day): xxxx

Release Date, vanity names, MY OLD GUILDEES!!!

Well hello CAW crew, and all the other faithful listeners!!  Yes, its here, its been announced....the expansion forthcommeth and such....WOOTNANNYHAHAHA!!  So much sooner than I expected and for the first time ever I am taking me a WOWcation!!  Yes, as I am pretty much broke and am unable to plan a luxurious vacation in some resort beach town, I decided to take my week during the expansion.  

As you may or may not remember in previous emails I have said that I am not a fan of vanity names, but I have got to tell you that urge to make pandas with something akin thereto: Tsunami, Maitai, Tsushi, Maiday, Tsusandai, and Tsuyoublind are somewhat irresistible.  But no...I will be researching Asian names for goddesses and women of power in those cultures as the names of my toons are very important to me, dont ask me why.

*Mel is now a master fisherman* and another guest just entered the chat room

Also, my oldest WOW chums and guildees have been slowly making their way back....I am so excited I could POP!!!

I hope this isn't bad form, and if it is you can not read it, but if anyone is looking for an Alliance guild (not that anyone is ever) We are trying to level Rabid Kittens (on Norgannon) up to 25, and are about a 1/4 way into 15.  I will do what ever I can to accommodate anyone willing to help....no comments Jeppy!!  

I love you all...bestest kisses and hugs!!

Tinokk's Jeppy sized submission.

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Tedrah,
I’ve been archeologising and retro raiding.
Also Leeta is awesome and she knows why.
For the “not making a long submission cause I know I don’t have too long to listen tonight but I want to stay till the end of the show and if I write a long email then that’ll make the show go on longer so that’s why I’m keeping this shortand as soon as the show is finished I need to get back to my wife cause she is at her parents place with her sick sisters”.

Email Submission

Hello CAW-ca-doodle-do's

This is Binky the Goplin from Earthen Ring and alea iacta est. Leeta said I have to write in or she will be mean to me, like Tinokk. I always seem to be doing something or other, but do not really get a whole lot done in Azeroth. I went to Black Temple earlier in the week with some of the Aussie group and we got to kill Illidan. Listening to him and killing him never gets old. He is a big meanie, like Leeta. We all kept hoping Aprillian would show up :(

I had to turn in a ticket or two regarding a blue post by Blizzard stating that the RAF mounts will not be Account Wide. I started a 3rd account for the new mount thinking I would get it on all of my toons. Blizzard previously stated that all mounts with the exception of PvP and Class mounts would be account wide. This was the determining factor in me purchasing a 3rd account. Fifty dollars is not so bad if I get a bunch of those flying panther cats to ride around and have them bite Alliance. $50 for one mount is excessive.

Speaking of Alliance, the ones on Earthen Ring are meanies, like She-who-must-not-be-named *coughleetacough*. They attack our gates on a daily basis and only a few of us will fight them. Clan Binky gets the tar beaten out of them on a daily basis. Shankorgank, of aie, is one tuff Goplin. We are like Energizer Bunnies of Goplins, we keep coming back for more. We are the Timex watches of little green peoples, we take a lickin and keep on tickin. Sunday was even better than usual, they did not only log over to their Horde toons once, but twice, to nerd rage and cry. It was great. It is too bad there is not some mega guild on Earthen Ring that would go out there and stomp them into the ground every time they....wait...nevermind ;) C'mon aie, we do not need to wait for COOP to show them who is large and in charge. Leeta laughed at me when I told her I died over 20 times and said she would not help me because she was digging holes all over Kalimdor for treasure. Her claw pet is more important to her. Actually, it is the last pet she can get with the exception of Collector's Edition or the Trading Card Game pets. I hope she gets it soon. I kid a lot, but she really is awesome to have on Earthen Ring. That being said, she is a meanie !

When I woke up at the crack of 4pm on Sunday afternoon, Bigbully of Goons for Hire asked me to go into LFR with him and a few of his guild mates. The Goons were all very well behaved, but the others who were put into the group with us were out of control. (I just laughed out loud as I typed that.) My repair bill was 100 gold, not a big deal, but just letting you know how many times we wiped. They started the fight with Deathwing Duck while I was out repairing, so I did not get to help our  4th try on him. It was funny. People are so mean to other people.  I told Big Bully, "You really need to run with my guild." :)

Binkers, who is still banished to Spider Cave in Deepholme, was able to get the Tiny Shale Spider for a couple of people this week. I banished him there for scaring people. He puts on his Pirate Hat he got from Burgy, turns into a Ganome Ghost Pirate and frightens people the laughs at them. He is one evil little Goplin if you ask me. One of my workers even found a home for Loq'nahak this week as well. I hate it when he goes to waste and someone kills him for the silly Frostbitten Achievement. Poor kitteh.

I hope I did not ramble on too much, but I wanted to get something in on time and pretty much wrote what came to mind. My next submission will be better, I swear.  Thank you very much for the podcast, I have listened for years and really enjoy it a bunch. No elitism, just people who play the game how they enjoy playing it rather than how other people think they should play it :)

For the Horde !

Binky the Goplin
Alea Iacta Est
Earthen Ring

Clan Binky
Binky 85 Goplin Mage
Binzy 85 Goplin Hunter
Binxee 85 Goplin Rogue
Binxey 85 Goplin Hunter
Zazooey 85 Goplin Death Knight
Tobosco 85 Tauren Druid
Bosco 85 Tauren Paladin
Tobasco 20 Tauren Hunter
Binkers 31 Goplin Hunter
Binksi 20 Goplin Hunter

The spy squad
Pikee 70 Dorf Hunter

ps binky likes to call people meanies.
pss I am not sure if Aprillian remembers me from when she was an Officer, but I was Zazoo and Tobasco.

Submission for July 30th 2012

Hello CAW Crew

Quick e-mail this week from Wren and Morgaine.

Morgaine really didnt get any time to play this week, except for transmogging her main into a mix of wrath items, shes got this "saucy cleavage showing pirate" type look going on right now with her night elf rogue.

My week was pretty uneventful. I caught my DK up to 68 so that I can start running instances with her priest soon. I did however start attending raids with "BigBearButt" one of the premiere bear tank bloggers, and its pretty cool. We are doing alliance side heroic ICC to get the mount achievement. More then a bit trickier then the Ulduaar runs, but I am still madly in love with dragon mounts, so I'll gladly put in the work to get it.

I have a request, can anyone who wants to get the Red proto drake mount send me a message on twitter so I can organize some instance runs. I'm only three achievements shy on my druid, and its a fun one to get.


Anyways, I know its been awhile but here is a parody song, its not the one we were originally planning on doing next, but Morgaine had an urge to rock out. We werent planning on doing it a Capella, but had issues finding the music to go with it correctly.

For the Alliance, For the Horde, For the Rocking out submitters.

Wren and Morgaine

oh right… "winter" squid
Hello fabulas CaW crew,
 its Mr. and Mrs. Nekrobob with another audio submission. We were actually able to navigate around the garage band this week without too much trouble, I only lost my loops twice and had to rerecord just a few bits. Below are some screen shots to compliment the audio. So between the construction in the apartment above us and the barking dogs next door here is the latest episode of the Nekrocast.

Love you all,

the Nekrobobs

Spending 10,000 gold to charge the decoder ring (ouch)

Meeting the dark prince

Getting the quest

Finally found him...

The deed is done

Look ma, I'm a ghost pirate ….!!!!!a

Fear and Vengeance


Hi there CaW crew,

Although I'm a serial altaholic, I have been negligent in my honour bound duties as a self-confessed player of alts, in that I've only recently subscribed to the CaW podcast. Minus 50DKP to me for that!

So that being said, this is my first email into the podcast too.

What a difference finding Australian based members of the CaW community on Earthen Ring makes to my World of Warcraft experience.

I've not been a serious raider per-se, ever. Although there was a brief period of time back when Kara was a 'thing', that I was part of a 10 man team on another server. Since then I've not completed any raids whilst they've been current content. The raid weeklies were great for me back in Wrath, as this allowed me to get in and get a taste of what the raids were like, without having to set aside hours per night at a time.

In the last three weeks, I have gone from one previously bad LFR Dragon Soul experience, where I was kicked from the raid for DPSing the wrong things whilst riding Deathwing. Yes, I was THAT noob. To completing the first part of the Dragon Soul raid three times, and killing Deathwing once. Along the way, I've collected a four set tier bonus for my Moonkin, and picked up an achievement for completing the Mount Hyjal raid.

But those aren't the best part of my discovery of the CaW community. The best part, is the friendships that I'm developing on the server. It's great to log in and to be greeted warmly, and to chat and joke with really nice people.

A big shout-out to Leeta, Tinnok, Aprillian, Mollyshot, Ashayo, Wing and Dreams.
Also a big thank-you to Jeppy for kindly mailing me the Alliance non-combat pets, which on receipt of the in-game mail I realised that I already had them all and returned them.

See you all in-game,


Rigarmorty Audio Update EP279

HI Caw Crew!

Attached is my audio update for this week!

For the Alliance, For Playing a Pally and for looking like an Orc!



Audio for Ep 279

Hello Sweeties,

Big hugs all round - hope you are all well and having a great week!

Here's my audio for this week - sorry I'm a little under the weather with bad hayfever at the moment so I hope it sounds OK!

Have a great show and I can't wait to hear all the fun tonite :)

Huggles Leeta

Shout Outs & Thank You

Happy Birthday Mr. Kithore

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