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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 281 - Not Going to Do This Again On Any Toon

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings!  I hope everyone's doing great!  Only six weeks till Mists...woohoo!!!

/great big hugs

Juuno & Pixiegirl

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What We've Been Doing:


Mi dinged 50 at DMF
Quad boxing HOL, Brought in a level 80 on WS. Mass Summoning works across servers.
Decided to take all my toon to DMF. Got caught up with Deepril, she dinged 53 doing her first couple of digs! She’s levelling fast just doing Arch.

Couldn’t remember how to get to the Outland.





A wonderful surprize!

Hey gang!

Ashayo, didn’t mention your name in the heading last week as I was responding to an e-mail from Aprillian so with that explanation, hopefully I can at least become neutral with you again. And yeah, I’ve had to put up with the Donnie Osmond jokes all my life. Didn’t get any cred till Jonny Depp played Donnie Brasco.

Anyway, thought I’d share with you all, I was in game Sunday morning and had to leave to take my nephew to Stockton’s first annual comic-con. Aprillian was jealous so I told her I’d send her pics. So we go and the place is rockin! Not bad for the first one but as I ventured around the arena it was becoming very clear that there was no WoW ‘stuff’ to be found. One artist told me she knew of a guy way across the venue that had a real nice piece of work so I ventured that way to check it out. As I came by a table, I noticed an older, but very attractive women seated there. There are a few comics on the table and come to find out she does a voice for a character named Firestarter in some show. Then I gaze around and notice other stuff on the table, and I look at the woman, and I notice something else, then I look at the woman, then I notice something more, and I start to put 2 and 2 together and I just fill with emotion. Now I may or may not be the oldest guy in CoD, but I know a few of you are around my age. This woman’s name is Kathy Garver and she played “Cissy” on the old television show “Family Affair”. Do any of you remember that show? OMG I had such a crush on her when I was a lad! She had lots of pics from the show and a cookbook she wrote with “Mr. French’s” recipes. So we have a wonderful chat, and I ask if I can take a picture with her and she says “Sure if you buy something”. So I proceeded to buy one of everything on her table! So I’m sending you the pic. I could feel my boyhood crush getting the better of me and I had to suppress putting a Big G move on her! Pretty much walked around in a total daze after that and never found the artist with the WoW drawing but found one dealer with ONE WoW figurine in the whole show! Not something I desired, some river paw dude, but I pretty much had to buy it on principle. Any way I wanted to say good luck to Wren and Morgaine with their play. I try to hit all of the local theater here and am amazed at the talent at this level. Last week’s CAW show was awesome as usual and have a great show this week and hope to see everyone in game! Donnie.


Hi CAW crew - my name is Kimmi and I like lamp.

I love your show and you guys are smexy.



Hey CaW crew sorry for no audio tonight but its been a busy time in real life for the Nekrobob's so not much to report. The most exciting thing in WoW this week is the addition of two new Troll Druids to the Nekro family. Their names are Shockamon and Bazzinga (yes Apprillian, just like sheldon says on Big Bang. Mrs. Nekro loves that show). These are our first attempts at the Druid class and thus far its been a lot of fun.   
For ease of leveling we're both using the ferrel spec as we're only level 27. But for later higher levels we really don't know what to do. Should we chose the bear, the chicken or the tree? Any advise from our kind and knowledgeable fellow CoD members would be greatly appreciated.

Big birthday shout out and hugs to Juno, happy birthday !!!!  

A very big birthday shout out to the lovely and wonderful Mrs. Nekobob who's birthday will be on Friday the seventeenth of August. She's the love of my life and my undead love for her is of course forever….

Cheers and thanks for your wonderful podcast and Mrs. Nekro's new Panda pet

Much love from the Nekrobobs

We promise to have an audio for next weeks show because we love you all so very much :)

drawing winner

Hi Aprillian, or which ever member of the CAW staff handles contests,
This is Tiebur from the chatroom, also Tiber from Clan of Darkness (because U-Stream wouldn't let me have the Tiber name).  I'm writing in because you read my name as a winner of one of the Game-time cards that Donnie so generously donated.  Thanks so much, I've never won an online contest before.  This could jump start my next RAF account.  I promise, I'll write you-all detailed report of my WOW adventures soon.  It's just hard because these are busy times for altahaulics.  Darkmoone faire is ticking away as I speak, and I have many alts that haven't been there yet this month!

For the Alts!

Hi All

Just a quick one

Thank you all for the run on Friday, 21 was driving and had a ball. The new Mount is now my pride and joy  . Only problem was Mel missed out due to connection problems and we hope we can do it again soon for her .

For the horde


Emails from the future

G'day CAW Crew,

I thought I'd throw in the"g'day" to emphasise that this email comes to you from the land 'girt by sea', of Vegemite sandwiches, and 90% of the world's most dangerous creatures and critters.

I wasn't able to compose a missive last week, as the room I'd planned to jot down my thoughts in had been taken over by School Teachers working late. This week, I've opted to pre-empt any such disaster by writing during my lunch break at work.

Had I written in last week, I may have mentioned how I attended the AIE Remembrance march, via remote desktop from my iPad here at work. Or how I'd intended to gear up my 85 Blood Elf Mage but gave up after one horrible, horrible experience running Heroic Deadmines. I figure she'll get new gear in MoP.

And so to this week's shenanigans...

I've been leveling a Warlock as a side project, ever since I first stepped into the MoP beta. Those Warlock pet's just looked so cool that I stopped playing the beta. She'd been collecting dust at level 36 for a long time, but I was able to get her to 70 pretty quickly. But that's where the malaise took hold. I've leveled a number of toons through Northrend, and I just couldn't face questing through that content again. The last two toons I took through there, I took through as healers, and just ran instances from 70 to 80. That's not as easy for a character who can only DPS. I don't think bandages will make the grade, despite Aprillian constantly offering to heal raids with her bandaging skills. I needed another method of leveling, and listening to this podcast provided the inspiration. I was going to dig up Azeroth in the name of Archeology all the way to level 80! So far it's been great. I've been flying around Azeroth, seeing areas that I hadn't previously seen since the cataclysm, digging holes and queuing for the occasional instance. It's all been rested experience, and each site has netted me around 14,000 experience points. Soulsista is now level 76, and out of rested XP. Archeology is not so attractive anymore, as I'm getting half the XP out of rested, so I've bitten the bullet and started questing again. Picking up a quest that had me running around inside a cave in North-Western Dragonblight, she was dotting and AoEing like a boss. It reminded me of what it was like when my Boomkin used to be fun to play. I completed the quest and handed it in, and then went to sell the trash I'd collected en-route. That's when I spotted a staff in my bags! "Ooh! What's this?" I thought. "How does it stack up to the weapon I'm using?" And that's when I found I'd just been questing with my fishing rod equipped... And I still kicked butt! Add Warlocks alongside Hunters in that list of "Classes that are O.P".

Tarngarth, my boomkin druid, has been in desperate search of some leather caster shoulders, so he can then transmogrify them with these awesome melee dps shoulders he's been carrying around in his bags for the last few weeks. They have the head of a wolf on each shoulder, which is pretty bad-ass. Did I mention that they also breath fire? With nothing dropping in Dragon Soul, I went and broke Jeppy's 1 commandment "Though shall not spend gold", and bought some leather PvP shoulders on the AH for 450G.

Friday night saw a group of us enter Ulduar 25 man, for some retro raiding. No doubt this will already have been covered so I wont go into any detail, except to say I got to show off my new fire-breathing wolves, before transforming into a crit-chicken and looking like every other crit-chicken in the game... Sigh...  Whoever is reading this is probably going hoarse and needs a drink around now. Just to say thanks to everyone that made it an awesome evening.
I got so, so many achievements on Friday, and my first ever proto-drake, it was amazing. And to top it off, we then went on to do Obsidian Sanctum with three drakes up. Again, this was a first time event for me too, having only previously done the raid 'at level', and with no drakes up.  Ashayo, grats on getting the mount mate.

Congratulations also to Kimolly on getting the legendary bow that dropped during the night, and to Leeta to finally, finally, getting The Claw this week. I tweeted afterwards that I think The Claw should play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, and I still hold hope that one day it will. What makes my mind boggle, is that Leeta can still be found to be digging dirt around Azeroth. I think perhaps that she's forgotten what the game is all about and all she knows now is digging. Poor thing.

In other news, I was excited to see that the pre-patch for Mists dropped this week. Hopefully this will mean that we'll see 5.0 sometime soon. I'm hoping to have Soulsista sitting at level 80 at least, before Mists drops.

Finally, I'd like to thank Donnie and the CTRL ALT WOW podcast for the 30 day WoW time that I won last week. That was a most excellent surprise! Epic lewts!!!

See you all in-game.


Audio Submission for Ep 281

Hello Sweeties,

Hope this finds you all well and having a great week both in and out of game!

Please find attached my audio for this week plus some pictures for you.

No 1 - Leeta with her new pet :)

No 2 - Leeta & Ashayo playing Rock Paper Scissors

No 3 - Glory of the Ulduar Raider Achievement

No 4 - Everyone looking sexy on their new mounts :)

Have a great show tonight!

Huggles Leeta

PS - Here is the macro I use that calculates the artifacts that you solve :-

/run print("Total artifacts"); for x=1,9 do local c=GetNumArtifactsByRace(x); local a =0; for y=1,c do local t = select(9, GetArtifactInfoByRace(x, y)); a=a+t;end local rn = GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(x); if( c > 1 ) then print(rn .. ": " .. a); end end

If anyone needs help with it, contact me in-game on Leetar or send me email to:- leetawow@gmail.com or on Twitter @leetawow


Big group huggles xoxo

The email with no name

Lets see what have I been up to this week had a lengthy tweet chat about the princess bride, Watched as a truck hit the servo I was working in then laughed and took photo's, stayed awake for 24 hours straight and worked for 16 of them yes I am that hardcore. Also bleaced my hair well my lil sister did the bleaching I just sat their and told my nephew he was next and watched kids shows with him. Shifted all our cows because the local ranger was going to fine us for animal cruelty the only thing we are guilty of with the cows is over feeding them I think plus moving cows great way of getting pooed on peed on and other beaten up by something with really sad eyes. With the hair I been getting two reactions one postive the other shocked and asked what i was freaking thinking. On Wednesday i go to Perth for my camera section I am ready for my close up mister denero plus I also like to send a shout out to Juuno for I hope she is having a really happy birthday.

For the Horde

For the Alliance

For New Zealand which doesn't count as it is Australia's version of Canada  

For thoose that missed it

Sent from my iPhone

Ding..and the fight continues

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, ElJeppy and Tedrah,

It's your friendly neighborhood paladin here, with a quick rundown on my week in wow.  Didn't get much done with Tayja this week, mostly ran TB dailies and Molten Front dailies with her.  This coming up week I plan on getting her into dungeons and do some raid finder to try to finally get her some gear that she desperately needs.

My hunter Dannara is now 84 and working her way through the Twilight Highlands.  Her leveling seems to be going rather fast so I am hoping I can be at 85 by Tuesday, and get her a fresh start on working to get JP and VP.  I am really enjoying playing her, and she just may become my main come MoP.

I would like to send out a shout out to someone very special to me, who has brought so much joy and happiness into my life recently.  She is a very special, loving, caring person, and she has stolen my heart completely. She is the one, and I know sometime in the future I will ask for her hand in marriage, and I hope she accepts.  I love you baby (you know who you are).

Well rambled on long enough, hope this gets to you, and you all have a great and happy week in Azeroth and in real life too.

The Amazing Paladin,
Tayja of Eathern Ring

Shout Outs

iTunes Reviews (Yeah!)

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