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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 290 - Killed Da Wabbit, Killed Da Wabbit

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno Corner
Hello Darlings!

This week's submission is a little low-key...sorry about that.  Hope everyone is doing great though...great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno & Pixiegirlw

What We've Been Doing:


Write, scan, photograph your MoP keys.

Found a toon Shamaya’s Worgen could catch up to

Prillian dinged 33 and 31, realized it was because Prillian was decked out in Heirlooms

Wouldn’t let me take cooking quest when I was maxed out and needed training

Had a free day, decided I needed to get some pandas out of the SA. Wanted one on ER, one on Jub and one on Nevkhoof. Had to get the NH one up to the others.
One level 5 buged on the tearwood quest, no rods showed after getting 7 of 8. Had to drop and retake it. I had 3 sets on one computer that got a bit ahead. But the 2 on the laptop (loaned it out) found the Professions trainer in the Singing Pools. Was tempted to hearth back and try to get some profession


Trying to finish off Kun-Lai Summit and didn't have "The Yak Wash" part of "Slum it in the Summit", though I'd done that quest.
Looked it up and found I had to kill some Burilgi to get a quest drop. Headed to that area and in Muskpaw Ranch, got an auto-quest for Yakity Yak. Finished 48% in to 89
Adventuring Supplies vendor gear level actually goes up. NPC in Serpent's spine selling 408 gear (requires level 88)
Killing more "rares" than ever. Grouped up with an AIE hunter and the Aqua Strider dropped
Dinged 90! Hearthed and got flying.
Handed in my quest to get boots from world boss - Sha of Anger
Cooking dailies - cheat sheet by Nessa. woot!
Some questing in Vale of Eternal Blossom to open dailies for Golden Lotus faction.
Quests are a hard slog in quest greens - slow to kill level 90 mobs
Tried finding dailies for Shado-Pan and August Celestials , but they don't open until you are revered with Golden Lotus
Getting rep for The Klaxxi in Dread Wastes instead.
DMF - making the most of the 5 points
Fished up the Sea Pony
Plus had enough tokens to buy the Darkmoon Tonk
Maxed LW, lots of prismatic scales
Alts get FP to Halfill ? Sometimes?
Order of the Cloud Serpent quests. Need  first aid and archeology!


1. Master of All!!!

2. In the game at last!



Hi CAW crew from the Valentines

Hi guys,

My slackerness has kept me from writing even though I want to every week.

Pandas! Pandas! Pandas!!!

Caoboi and I are enjoying Mists soooo much! I was playing a few weeks before mists to log on and do my Argent Tournament dailies and Tol Barad dailies (I know, I know, I'm late) but all that stopped when Mists came out.

Caoboi decided to change his main (gasp!) to a Pandaren Mistweaver Monk named Caochayi. I always mispell it. To help him out, I rolled a Pandren Brewmaster Monk named Icebrew. With one of us healing and the other tanking, we get groups immediately so we've only been doing dungeons. Early on doing dungeons, a guy got so mad at Caoboi for DPSing when he was supposed to be healing. Apparently  he didn't know that monks heal by DPSing. Oh well, I'm sure he'll find out eventually. As of today (Tuesday) we are now level 67! We'll be 85 before you know it!

When we aren't leveling and Caoboi is doing something else, I am doing pet battles, pet battles and more pet battles. This fuels my completism (I made that up)  fully. Here's how I do my pet battles: I go to each zone that has level 1 pets and get all three types every single pet in the zone. And then, and only then, can I move on to the higher level pets. It takes a long time. But I've finished Durotar, Mulgore, and Teldrassil. I'm doing Azuremyst Isle and it's frustrating since I can't fly. But I will get done.

That's what the Valentines are up to! Hope you all are having a great time!

Caoboi and Iceflow

Hi CAW crew , well it finally dropped for me , I can't express how excited I was . I went through all the emotions .... Incredulity ,denial, manic laughter & finally 'shoulder shuddering tears' . I had just killed my 'five hundredth thousand' penguin on the cliffs above the Argent tournament grounds when the angels sang and the orange ringed text box shone with brilliant light as I looted the rarest mount in the game. I'm pretty sure this is a world first . My excitement was only tempered with a little sadness that Aprillian wasn't the one to get the drop first . I know this is the reason she spends all her time at the tourney grounds hunting for this sweet ride, even years after everyone has left . If there was any way we could share this , I wouldn't hesitate .     Well I have enclosed a screen shot which I hope the crew will post on the website . The admiring glances I get when I'm hovering at the mailbox outside the AH in org fill me with pride ..... "suck it, ashes of al'ar !!!! "  cheers,   Aginostic .

Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  

Another week, another level.  Or not, as the case may be.  I've been a tiny bit taken by pet battles - they rock!  Voltandra has gotten slightly testy, though.  You know how it is when she doesn't get to go out to slash, burn and level.  As usual, she has recorded her thoughts for the group.  Better get out your tissues, she's feeling melancholy.

Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing!!

-Voltandra's player

Rigarmorty update

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and the amazing Tedra!

Attached us my update for this week. Apologies for a lack of edit and
sound quality! I'm  that wprn out from work today I'm  not sure I'd be
up in time to edit it. The  file is in. wav fornat which should be ok
but I understand if it's not.



Dust off the mike!

Hey gang! Awesome show last week.  So I'm gonna have to come out of retirement and send in an audio for the contest! A collectors edition???!! Holy Canoli!!! And thanks for giving us 2 weeks. But Ashayo, it's not because I'm 2 weeks behind in CAW podcasts. Oh no no no. In fact you all are the first in my rotation without fail! Thanks again Aprillian for getting them loaded as soon as you do. No, Ashayo, I need 2 weeks to trim my 7 minute rant down to 90 seconds!!! Ha!!! And hey Bud congratulations on getting your name in the game!!! I couldn't agree more! I think you ARE the cleverest podcaster/player that I listen to by far.  And Aprillian, you are such a good sport with your faux naïveté. Just like the "one job" bit, that never gets old and always makes me laugh. And hey, you mentioned pixie girl and her enthusiasm...well I've gotta tell you there is sheer radiance coming from your voice when you share with us yours and Shamaya's adventures! Too cool!! And "Stupid Jep"???? Man Jeppy you crack me up to the point where I fall down on my Gluteus Maximus!! And no that's not an ancient Warrior from the Roman Empire. (wink, wink,omgnap, side joke). Anyway have fun gang! Can't wait till the next show!!! Donnie.

Update for my week

Once again it’s lite on the wow and heavy on the work and other games
Big G

For the show

Hello CAW crew-
It has been a while since I've written in, and although I have not yet made an audio submission like all of the cool kids, I will soon. I have been back in WoW for a few months now, and I have been spending more time on Earthen Ring with the Clan of Darkness. I just wanted to say I have had a lot of fun since coming back, and I have enjoyed seeing everyone again in game and talking to new guildies.
I never stopped listening to the show while I was away, and the podcast continues to be a bright spot in my week. Thank you all for continuing this labor of love for us. The listeners really appreciate all that you do. And we all appreciate the guildies that devote part of their playing time to keeping both guilds running smoothly.
I also wanted to share a recent picture from my home server of Venture Co. I finally found one (and I stress ONE) positive about the cross-realm zones. Several alliance guilds from different PvP servers have teamed up to storm Orgrimmar from time to time- and sometimes the target has been on my server. This had led to some incredible battles. I did a fly-by after one and grabbed a screen-shot. It probably won't be impressive to some on larger servers, but for our little server it was the biggest PvP battle I've seen yet. I counted 90 Alliance players from at least four servers that day, which resulted in a battle that lasted over an hour. The screen shot just shows the front gate, but there just as many skeletons in the tunnel and inside the city walls.
Overall, I'm still not a fan of the CRZ- I can hardly complete a single quest now without having to wait on a player to finish. I think Blizzard underestimated how many people would actually group up with strangers in game. I think the culture has changed quite a bit since the early days of MMOs- people don't need help as much as before, so they just prefer to go it alone. In my case, I just seem to arrive too late to even ask- they are usually just leaving as I arrive and so I'm constantly waiting on mobs to respawn.
In happier news, I created a bunch of new alts on Earthen Ring and Winterhoof to join our two guilds. I'm now up to 44 characters on 4 realms. My altaholism is still running rampant, but that is OK, right? :)

Dailies Dailies Everywhere!!!

Helloooo Sweeties,
Hope this finds you all well and having a wonderful week - /group huggles time :D /squeeee
Well it's been a crazy busy week for me since I hit Level 90!
So what (I hear you ask) have I been doing?
Well... Dailies! And more Dailies! And even more Dailies!!! And just when I thought I had all the Dailies I could handle along came some more!!!
Mists is the Dailies Expansion!!! lol
Thankfully there has been a few of us doing them together which makes it a little easier however there are sooooo many around it's a little overwhelming!
Admittedly I'm not sure which set of Dailies are my favourites however I think The Tillers might just come out on top.
Love my little farm and growing different things however am looking forward to when I can properly store the cooking ingredients as I have no room in my bank!!!
I also have been finishing off the zones and today got the "One Steppe Forward, Two Steppes Back" Achievement by completing the storylines in Townlong Steppes.
Am currently working on completing storylines in Dread Waste which will then give me "Loremaster of Pandaria".
I also have been doing a little bit of "Dig Dig Digging" :)
Well somethings just will not change :D I haven't maxed Archy yet however I got myself a very nice Rare from the Pandaren Fragments - Umbrella of Chi-Ji.
Link for you to have a look at -
I have done barely any Pet Battles this week as, well Dailies kind of consumed most of my time lol
Hopefully will be able to recify this tonite or tomorrow as I have an itch!! An itch to battle!!
Yeah I know it doesn't work as well as Dig Dig Digging but I'm still working on it! Hehe
One thing I don't think I mentioned last week was - I got my name back :D so am officially Leeta again! Huge shout out to Blizzard for releasing the name and I was able to get it!
I had sent in a ticket (again) asking and they came through - am so very happy!!
Well I'd better wrap this up before it becomes too long (that's what... oh nevermind :P) haha
From the bottom of my heart I want to say -
Thank you for providing such a wonderful sense of community, for me as a WoW player! Your show has provided me with so much joy. In getting to know you all and the other amazing people I've met along the way (so many of those I class as my friends) is something that truly is wonderful! I cannot say it enough except - Thank You Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Tedrah.
Have a wonderful week and as always thank you all for the great podcast you provide each and every week!
Big huggles
xoxo Leeta

Hello wonderful CaW crew- Apprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and (hopefully feeling better) Tedra.

 Its been a tremendously busy week in wow for the Nekro's. After we reached level 90 on our main toons we figured that things would (to quote a panda) "slow down"
We could not have been more wrong. It seems like there are suddenly hundreds of dailies to do and every time we finish a new story line we get even more dailies.
Its awesome.
The new dailies are enough to qualify as an entire expansion on their own. And best of all they're all so very different. We never feel like we're doing the same quest over and over. (I know, give it few weeks and it may begin to feel a wee bit tedious but that remains to be seen)
 We're fishing, farming, dragon tending, bug sitting, lore gathering and goodness only knows what else lies in store as we continue with the normal quest chains.

 Sorry for the short update this week but I must dash off to my prop lab to start building all the crazy stuff for the upcoming christmas shows.

Below find a few screen shots of Skylla with her Luckydoo and a picture of Nekronomicon onstage with his favorite band at the Darkmoon Faire

Many thanks for your ding-a-lishious podcast

Much love,

The Nekrobobs

and remember undead love is forever...

Finding a Luckydoo

Rokin out with the band at the Darkmoon Faire

Shout Outs & Thank You

MoP CE Test

MoP CE Contest Entry

Hello all,

This is my little submission for the collectors's edition contest. Love the show.

May U live 2 C the dawn,


CE comp

Can I enter and if I win can I give my prize to Donnie
Big G

Audio Submission for contest entry.

G'day CAW crew,

Here is my audio submission for the 13th of Oct.

I did record this while driving. So you'll hear small amounts of background noise. I promise I didn't have the orchestra in the back seat for the music.

Seriously... I didn't.



PS. My apologies, for some reason the mp3 itself wouldn't attach, so I had to put it in a .rar. Hope this is ok.

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