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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 320 - Clan of Darkness FTW

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Darlings!  Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedra, Kim Molly and our sweet El Jeppy... (I'm sooooo sorry our Jeppy isn't here today! Sending you lots and lots and lots and lots of hugs and loves Jeppy!!!)

So our little audio does not properly indicate all the awesome stuff we did last week (we recorded Friday night before CAW records, so this audio is actually from last week.. <=) - There were lots of awesome guildies on and we got to hang out with Matahorn, Pontis, Kittyfox, Big G, Leeta, Zikar, Tiber, Befreit, Restlys and Litehearted!!!  We did 25 man Onyxia (no mount dropped), 25 man Obsidian Sanctum (for Ashayo's sexy mount!), and we started 25 man Ulduar!!!  It was SO EPIC and such wonderful fun!  Mom was having very dodgy internet that night due to storms, so she sounds a little funny in the audio and we ended up losing her before the night was out and didn't get to record our regular caw... hope this is alright though!  

We love you guys and gals!
Great big hugs & kisses... *muah!*
Juuno & Pixiegirl of Korialstrasz and Earthen Ring


p.s. Is there anything we can do for Jeppy?

What We've Been Doing:


Green Fire tomb


Farming Emerald Whelping in Feralas coz Molly said so
Levelling Monk - went Horde. CoD FTW
Running all dungeons.
Gnomer seems very truncated ... dont' even go to area to get quests
Tip: Wait for queue to pop after doing daily, but hand in when it pops.

Rolled ALliance priest with molly
LFR - pet drop for molly. no upgrades
Ulduar with Clan of Darkness


Leveling my priest through pet battles.  I’ve gotten about a lvl so far.  It’s been a fun way to do it and to level my pets too.  

Started Alliance toons with Ashayo just because.  :) I’m a Human Monk and I love the Fists of Fury.  My petite little human punching like crazy.  

I got the pet drop from Throne of Thunder but it didn’t show in my bag :(


Leeta (audio)
Hellooooooo Sweeties,
Yes I did an audio!
Yes I prattle on abit! :p
Hope you all have a wonderful show!
Biggest huggles to all you super awesome wonderful people :D
Love Leeta xoxo
PS - I didn't edit coz time is running out so I hope it sounds ok haha
Byeeeee xoxo

Big G (audio)
First off I loved the aprillian rap I feel sorry for anyone who has not heard it and heres my audio

Ularend - Greetings from Eldre’Thalas

Hello C.A.W. crew

Relatively new listener to your guys' podcast here and I want to tell you its been a lot of fun to listen too,especially after a tough week at work. It's great to know there's a bunch of proud altaholics out there in WoW podcast land.

Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, I have a couple of questions for yall:

What is the one battle/companion pet that just doesn't want to be part of your collection? I just can't seem to get a hold of a Minfernal no matter what I do.


What do you guys do to relax besides WoW? Knitting? Plotting world domination? Punting kittens? There's gotta be something besides WoW right? Right?

Anyways. Thanks for your time!

Ularand lvl 90 Druid - Eldre'Thalas

Grand Nagus (audio)

Hello CAW,

here is my Audio for the week, not sure about the last part, but.. anyway, Aprillian if i can't , cut it out :)

Grand Nagus

Hello all!

I play a holy paladin and a disc priest on kael'thas Horde. Haven't been able to get into any normal raids to speak of this tier sooo... I have 8 90's and several more over 80 and decided to roll a 3rd paladin on alliance. I set her hearth to the vale so she could do the pet battle daily from Aki. Yesterday, when she reached 61, I decided to go for a random. Low and behold, chose your your rep option came up, I now have 680 rep towards Golden Lotus at lvl 61! I checked my blood elf monk and she didn't have the option till I marched her down the August celestial vender and over to the questing area for the golden lotus npcs and had her talk to them. Now when she goes into LFD the option is there to choose those reps. My next move is to fly them over to the tillers to talk to npcs and see if I can choose them to represent in LFD. Of this has already been discovered I hadn't heard it yet, but this is an excellent thing for alts. The grind to get reps up on alts to gear for lfr is daunting the 3rd or 4th time for sure. Let me know if anyone out there wants to add a disc priest to their raid team.:-)
Liora, Jasnah & LikeƤBoss
(I can't deny my alter egos!)

Found out something pretty exciting in game to day on an alt.

Sent from my iPhone 5

Necronomicon (audio)
Bigger badder minions,

Good day CaW Crew, Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Tedra (and hello to this weeks special guest host)

Its been a great week in wow for the Nekrobob's. Lots of farming and rep-grinding, pet battling and archeologyzing. Hellsangel has reached level 75 and has decided to level all the way to 90 using mostly occupations and pet battles. Its a lot of fun and helps break up all the daily quests that Nekronomicon does.

Hope all our wonderful guild pals have had a fantastic week both in and out of game. Big undead hugs and welcome to all our new members. Please find a little audio submission included for this weeks super show.
Many thanks for your wonderful podcast, we love and appreciate you all so very much.

and remember undead love is forever…

Gib'tok, Hellsangel's new level 75 minion

Kurly (audio)

Maggrathea (audio)
I thought this week I'd give you a little audio to introduce myself & let you know what I've been up to in-game this past week!
Hugs & Smooches,

Totemoneal - Great show
Hey y'all.  I just wanted to say what a great show you have.  You guys are all great together.  If I don't really have a main does that make me an altaholic?  WIll I have to go to some meetings to cure myself?  LOL.  Keep up the good work.

Totemoneal (for now)

For the Horde (In Ashayo's voice of course)

Shout Outs & Thank You

Jeppy Get better!!!

Clan of Darkness
Donnie (audio)
Here you go gang! Wow, as I was at work I logged on to the mobile app and saw a plethora of guildies doin the Pixie/Juuno run. Waaayyy cool.
You all are awesome!

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