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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 397 - Overwhelmed Squared!

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow darlings!

Here is my audio...I hope it sounds alright!  And I attached a photo...wondering if any of you ran into this... I was running through Frostfire Ridge and went into Mor'dul Tower.  There are some Bloodspire ogre's in there that I wanted to kill...hehe.  It's at coordinates 30.56, 50.90 - and the weirdest thing happened!  Everything looked weird.. and the ogre's weren't moving...I couldn't hit them, but I could click on them and when I did...I pick pocketed them!  I'm not a rogue, so that was strange and I couldn't figure out what was going on at first, then noticed I had a little clock thingy in the upper right hand corner of my screen and it said, "Timewalking - Walking through a time-warp."  I was like...WHAT?!  It was so cool!  So I ran around inside this tower for a few minutes and noticed there were two or three ogres "falling" down from the roof...they were just kind of stuck in the air butI could run out on the wooden beams and pick-pocket them too, hehehe, it was so neat!  I even got an "ogre toe-ring" off of one, lol!  It was just junk, but what fun.  And the one on the roof is the one I took a screenshot looks like he had just thrown a fire ball at someone, but the fire ball was just as still as he was...I could run through it and around it and took no damage.  It was just a fun little thing in the game!  One of many.. hehe... anyway, hope you're all doing GREAT!

/great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno of Korialstrasz & Earthen Ring  :-)


What We've Been Doing:


Dual Boxing and Garrisons

Love the mining carts


1/ Boosted Toon - Decided to boost my Mage
  • Found out by just walking into RFC I got all my spells and abilities!
2/ Fishing in Draenor
When I need some chill out time you might find me in my Garrison…
If you are not sure about how it works then check out El’s Extreme Anglin
3/ Pilgrim’s Bounty
New stuff!!! Super exciting! :D
4/ Dungeon Run - Skyreach (N)
Was a good run - to help me get Legendary Ring quests started!
Thanks Ashayo and Wingy for coming with me :)
5/ Nagrand!
STILL my favourite place in game!
The story lines. The questing! Nagrand hits you right in the heart the whole time!
Finished the zone questing and all I will say is this… WOW!!! **No Spoilers**

Communing with the Spirits!
6/ Proving Yourself: Silver Damage Achieved!
This allows me to now be able to do Heroic Dungeons!
7/ Warlocks at 100!
I had orginally chosen Cataclysm but after playing with it for the past week realised I was not using it as my rotation keeps me constantly reapplying Immolate so I have changed it over to Demonic Servitude.
And that allows me to have…
Leeta and Abyssal.png
Fear My Abyssal - Torchslag!
8/ Garrisons!
Best addon EVER!!
9/ The one that got away - Poundfist!
All faction can tag.
Drops mount!
2 hours of camping, DDOS attacks, Battlenet login issues
Just a small gathering…


During Leeta’s segment - Pepe on my head!
Pepe on my head.jpeg

Decided to get some more toons to their basic garrison so they can start accumulating resources
  • Anassakata (90) - iLvl 494 - 506)

Rogueslayer (up to 93)
  • iLvl 522 - 535
  • Following Up (follower to 100)
  • Found all my profession boosts
  • PIcked up a Doom Bloom companion somewhere in Gorgrond:
  • More Plots (lvl 2 garrison) - ooh, pretty!
  • Trading Post, Storehouse. Holding out for Salvage Yard
  • mini (nonfunctional) Pilgrim’s Bounty tables in garrison
  • Trading Post - trade crafting stuff for garrison resources :)

  • iLvl 616, but many pieces jump to 675 in PVP!
  • Turned in the human heart. Next - kill 500 human players! 250 garrison resources reward
  • Armor Scrap turn in:
  • Fresh Scraps.png
  • Gladiator’s Sanctum work order -
  • Echoing Betrayal.pngGlitter Bomb.png
  • Proving Grounds: Bronze Damage
  • Raising the Bar (10 followers to 100)
  • My Item Level is Higher than Yours (follower iLevel to 625)
  • The Long Ride (mines), Gold Strongbox - new choker, hp for new sword
  • Patrolling Draenor (50 patrol missions)
  • Wintergrasp - Lt on first kill
  • Tol Barad - 90’s in with 100’s, and Hearthstone!
  • Hearthstone Tol Barad.jpeg
  • Steady Hands (disarm two bombs Strand), Wild Hammering (5 dwarves Twin Peaks)
  • Used my Goblin Glider near Khadgar’s Tower
  • Goblin Glider.jpeg
  • Draenic Stone Collector!
  • Changed Alchemy lab to Storehouse
  • Savagely Superior (superior 608+)
  • When attacking WG, get Lt on first kill, usual process for defending
  • Just For Me - activate a class specific book Epic Item from Ashran
  • Saturday morning, ready for garrison upgrade - 3 resources shy!
  • Even More Plots - General!
  • Finally did those archy quests needed lvl 3
  • Need more resources for upgrades, buildings - found Magnaron Heart in bag = 100 resources - Trading Post
  • Pet Menagerie -> Keepin’ Busy (presets)
  • Did you know you have a portal to Ashran in lvl 3 garrison?
  • What to do with Primal Spirit? Have to research best seller…
  • Hearthstone Vendor.png
  • Mine under construction:


Hi CAW! Here's my overly long audio. I'm sure there was things I meant to say and forgot, but tis the season of busybusybusy, am I right?


From Rain
Sent from my iPhone

I am in a glass case of emotion
So I am either facing blizzard burn out just in time for a expansion or I have slipped into a pit of depression so deep I can't face the light of my fallow guildies. In other news I also have not been sleeping well and are in constant pain for some reason so in all its been a great 2 weeks. Hope to get some game time this week and will be moving hopefully by the end of December to a bigger place than I am currently infesting. I hope everyone is having a great time in and out of WoW know i miss you all and wish to join you all again soon well that and chat to people in mumble again or are we all not using that now.

P.S Sorry for the depressing email

P.P.S I will do another audio soon

P.P.P.S It's no bodies fault that I am in this rut   

For the Horde

For the Alliance

For the sandgrophers

And for the new pet and hopefully new expansion to hearthstone this week
Big G

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Clan of Darkness Guild Updates

11/23 - 11/29
  • CoD - Better Leveling Through Chemistry (3000 cata flasks) - yay!




Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:
  • Dirtymartini
  • Badgugu
  • Moheal

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