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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 439 - I’m An Iron, She's An Iron! Wouldn’t You Like To Be An Iron Too!

Aprillian, Leeta and Rogueslayer discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners.
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Juuno’s delightful adventures

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow darlings!

Another quick hello from me, but I did manage to get a little playing in this week...woohoo!!! I took an evening off because I was just darn tired of sewing & working, lol. So I finally got to flyyyyy!!!!! And it was glorious, of course! Man it felt so good to just be able to hop on my corrupted dreadwing and fly over when one of the rares would pop!! It was really a giant pain in the you-know-what to NOT be able to do that. In fact, I don't know why the heck they had to make us wait SO long for flying.  But anywho, so I flew from daily to rare to daily to rare & in between that I did the 1st 3 raid wings. I need to research the last two & didn't have time, so still haven't seen those ones.../cry.

The next morning I had a little bit of time so I logged onto my bloody toon (Bloodiemess) and finished getting her to ten so I could register her on the site. This is my 2nd bloody toon because when I registered the first one, she was red flagged for too many quests! I was pissed because I KNEW I hadn't done that many quests with her (I had been keeping a log to be sure! And this was before I saw Stone's warning that the system sometimes does this & that you should just keep leveling until they go back to green flag, lol) so I just flipped the table, screamed unintelligible curses at my confused cat and deleted that level 10 & started over.  So dumb, but oh well. So yeah, the new one made it to 10 & registered without any issues (yay!) I think I got her to level 13 before I had to log out for the week, hehe. Hopefully I'll get some more time this weekend to see those last two raids & level some more!! And I hope you're all doing great in & out of game this week!

/great big hugs & kisses! *muah!*
For the Horde, for the Alliance & for seeing warnings before traumatizing cats,
This is Juuno of Earthen Ring & Korialstrasz

p.s. Thank you SO much for the bloody gold (Darkmoon Faire bags) tip, Rogueslayer!!!!!! Woohoo!

What We've Been Doing:


1/ Bloodleeta - Alliance Druid - Lvl19-Lvl21
Killing mostly Knolls in Redridge where I dinged 20!
Then headed back over to Darkshore and killing bears, elementals and crabs.

Damn Crabs!! Lvl21!

2/ Ironleetah - Horde Monk - Lvl10-Lvl12
Left her in Mulgore from DMF so ran around and did quests.
Then headed to Northern Barrens.

Ding Lvl12!

3/ Iron Leitah - Alliance Warlock - Lvl22-Lvl25
Found questing at Lvl22 to be abit of a pain - easy to get yellow quests, harder to find green!
Took her over to Darkshore, then back across to Loch Modan. Decided xp was a little low so headed into Wetlands.

Ding Lvl25!

4/ Iron Leitta - Horde Hunter - Lvl38-Lvl42
Exalted with guild.
Questing in Hinterlands and Western Plaguelands.

Ding Lvl42!

5/ Baby Druids - Lvl12-Lvl21
Got all professions up to skill 75 so I could take her to DMF!
Kept questing until we hit Lvl15 then dungeons.
Currently running Feral spec.
Did Deadmines and Wailing Caverns.

Druid Twins!

Ding Lvl21!

6/ Timeless Isle
Killing Jakur at every chance I get - so far no luck!


Screenshot 2015-09-17 10.28.58.jpg
Screenshot 2015-09-17 16.32.45.jpg
Screenshot 2015-09-17 10.26.22.jpg
Screenshot 2015-09-17 17.04.21.jpg


Fal COW ning Square
A little dyslexia ? It's been YEARS !

Hillsbrad Questgiver quest.


Apsara Death SAT 9/12 3:20pm
Level 22 Iron Vrishna 24.0 Hillsbrad Foothills Wi-Fi hotspot doom and gloom
But the garlic pork is delicious!


Two is better than One
Created 2 Iron Vrishnas.
Winterhoof & Earthen Ring
Re numbered labels for COD to 1.25 & CAW to 2.1
Under the Wire
Darkmoon Faire ending. Fell asleep but woke at 1245. April said end was 2am. But calendar said 1 ! Winterhoof on Pacific time !!! 3 hours to go. Finished Test Your Strength (grizzly trophies) on both toons with 9 min to spare !! (whew !!)

Whispers in the hoof
Polite inquiry into my gear, I think. Pic to   show notes.

Strange device in the middle of the road !

Collection quests
Mono vs multi- boxing sand pears

Après Faire
Screenshot , leather and gold.

POI Death MON 9/14 8:40 pm
Level 18 Iron Vrishna 1.25 doing Spirits of the Drowned - Battling apparitions underwater. Reese trying to find Harold who's been kidnapped by Root.

Loki's contribution

I have a question or two ...
I love turning in a bunch of quests at a time ! Worth at least a level or two ! It was two ! 6 hrs after drowning, up to level 14. After those turn ins and  finishing the last two or three Eversong Quests.
Screenshot just before turn ins.

Iron Vrishna 1.26 Death WED 9/16 2:30 am
No screenshot. Too depressing. Level 17 in the scar. Late nite gaming with a sprinkle of overconfidence. Damn spinal dust !

New Iron Vrishna 1.27. A pally !
Created WED 9/16 3:35 am.

Undressed for Success
Wandering Belf inspired lewdness !

Guildless & Friendless
Editing freak out !!! I accidentally cut all the screenshots and all but 4 paragraphs. Thank the cloud !
Cleaning house. Mica & Pica, my only 2 horde on Winterhoof. Mica is now gone and Pica will be when I reactivate her acct.

I HATE Elekks !
But I love to ride ! Iron Vrishna 2.1 level 20 !

Almost bought the farm to feed my cat. Walked away whilst standing like a dumb shit in the middle of the Dead Scar !

Another one bites the dust !
THUR 9/17 5:44 pm. Pally folly ! Deactivating the Spire at Duskwither Grounds. On first level of spire, I attacked a mob and its hit sent me falling off and down onto the cliffs below.  Level 11. Sceenshot.
New Iron Vrishna 1.28
Getting back to basics, or at least the overly familiar. Belf hunter at level 9 1/2 at about 2 am Fri.

Unusual Treasure Chest
Screenshot of a chest where I had never seen one before !

Wolfbrother Advice
He suggested Steel if I was having trouble !


Infidelia, BE paladin
  • Spirit Lodge, then level 2 for Spirit Lodge, level 3 for Herb Garden and Mine

Everthorn, pandaren monk
  • 94 -
  • Quested a bit, opened fishing shack
  • Draenor Fishing
  • Didn’t have my Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide on me!
  • Putting the Gore in Gorgrond achievement
  • - 95, but then 96 during Vrishna’s segment! About halfway through now

Lilbitironic, gnome priest iron
  • 13 -
  • Thelsamar flight path, but then Goldshire for green (ok, lower yellows)
  • Netherweave bag’d up
  • 15 - Westfall then Darkshore
  • - 16

Ironpalaver, BE paladin iron
  • 19 -
  • Ghostlands
  • 20 - paladin = autoriding, yay!
  • Ghostlands yellow, finished Silverpine Forest, off to Northern Barrens for greens
  • - 21

Ironclobber, dwarf hunter blood thirsty
  • 27 -
  • Greenwarden’s Grove area
  • 3 people at once on Winterhoof (me, Aprillian, Vrishna…)
  • 28 - Dun Modr

Ironcrazed, NE hunter iron
  • 41 -
  • Dustwallow Marsh
  • - 42


Another time poor week
No audio again this week as I think I have a whole hour of wow time this week spent running around on postmortem and I also dipped my toe into herthstone and heroes both did not go well for me so here's hoping I can get some more game time this week

For the horde

For the alliance

For the Sandgrophers

And for not procrastinating so Damm much

See y'all Big G

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Ironvrishna (CAW)

Ironvrishna (CAW)








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Shout Outs & Thank You

Mariana & Jeppy - get well

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