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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 484 - I’m A Demon Hunter, She's A Demon Hunter, Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Demon Hunter, Too?

Recorded Saturday August 13th, 2016 @ 4pm

Aprillian, Constrax, Vrishna, Rain and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners.
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Juuno’s delightful adventures

Cats, cats

What We've Been Doing:

El Jeppy


Screenshot 2016-08-07 12.19.25.jpg
Screenshot 2016-08-07 18.48.16.jpg
Used rapid potion on Tiiaa
Screenshot 2016-08-09 17.17.11.jpg
Screenshot 2016-08-13 14.48.12.jpg


After a very very long time away from the garrison, Constraxx Eleven gets a dirty look from the NPC when he comes to collect a full stash of Resources.

After several hours of trying to do it normal way, the Lawn Dart Method was chosen after looting only 5 pamphlets...

During a trip to ICC heroic 25, precious dropped a shirt, a pretty ribbon, 2 achieves from it :

Level up to 98 with constraxx eleven on Earthen Ring US Horde, mostly questing in Frostfire ridge & pet battles.  A few dungeons where i tanked with sub optimal gear :


Been battling in the Real Life instance most of the last two weeks, and I’m wiping waaaay too much.  Maybe I need to up my DPS.

I did start a belf Demon Hunter, Deema.  It goes quickly getting them to level 100.  And, double jump….with glide...TOO much fun.
Took her to Orgrimmar and had to get my favorite achievement:
I’m liking the way that Blizz is doing some things in this - The boss talk being on it’s own screen instead of buried in chat or on the chat window you don’t have open being one.  It draws you into the lore of what’s going on more than it might have before.
It took me quite a bit to figure out exactly HOW to do the Demon Invasions.  Pro tip: read the quest text. Got the “Stand Against the Legion” Achievement once I finally figured it out.
Went to check what that is for and suddenly I have this from today:
How did I get the Collector’s Edition: Panda?  I never got Panda collector’s edition!  But hey, if they want to give it to me, I’ll take it.  PETS!!!!!
I spent an hour before the podcast working on my goblin warlock and I’m proud to say...GoblinBabe is now level 100!  She’s still the squishiest clothie I’ve ever used.  

I did decide to do another Demon Hunter on the Alliance side.  Did you know not only do you have to have a level 70 character on the server, but you also can only have ONE DH?  
Anyway, made a nelf DH on my second account. I would love her more if she were a SpaceGoat.

Got the final piece for Cobblesmythe’s Fel-enfused set. I like the set, but I don’t think I’m going to keep her in it cause it’s just not her!  She has to be in her archaeologist set!!!

If I could recommend anything to someone who hasn’t done the Legion Invasion event, do the Alliance one first.  There is more to the Horde one, so get the Alliance stuffs, then do the Horde.   And...there are SO MANY people

Final note:  something that made my jaw drop:  I now have 11 total Level 100 toons!  (yes, I’m cheating and counting my two Demon Hunters.)


Hello CAW crew,

Enclosed are my audio submissions.  The blast from the past is another clip from episode 271, and as a reminder Aprillian, Jeppy, Ren, and Teedra were the hosts.  Enjoy!

Bed is warm
Sorry for the poor quality this week but bed and I have become one and
my footsis are cold. Forgot to say I have become a DM for a group of
friends and had our first section the other night. Turns out you need
to read stuff before attempting to Rp as you can make your players
into Demi gods that melt faces.
Big G

Hello all!  Just thought I would drop a quick email this week to let you all know how my week in game has been going.  I got a Alliance side Warlock to 100 this week.  Don't know how much I will be playing it, but at least it's another alt to top level.  My Horde Monk is now at 79, really was hoping to make her to 80 before this week show, but didn't quite get there.  As I was leveling her this week, I was in Zul'Drak and was killing Banshees there, turned around to find a Unborn Val'kyr floating right behind me, so I finally got mine!  I also got the Fabulous title the day the pre-patch came out, I love that title.  Well that's about everything exciting that has happened to me this week.  Loving the show, keep up the great work!! Until next week..For the Horde, For the Alliance and for collecting more battle pets I need this week!


Greetings CAW Crew,

I thought I would send an update as I have not written in several weeks.  Life has been busy.  My sister and I just moved into our new house.  We have been in two weeks now, and are still getting organized. I still have stacks of boxes left to unpack, and a delay in materials meant that the shower in my bathroom just got completed this week. Now I don't have an excuse to finish unpacking.

In game, I have so much bank room now!  I have cleaned out so many pieces of soul bound armor.  As soon as the patch hit and I logged in, the achievements started trickling in.  It took a few minutes for the computer to troll through all the bags and banks, but in a few minutes, I had all but the tabad and shirt achievents.  The second toon I logged into got the tabard achievement.  Then less than an hour of assembling materials, and my tailor gave me the shirt achievement, and with it Fashonista.

I want to repeat what others have already offered.  If you would like crafted items, please let me know.  I have max levels in all skills, and would be happy to help out. If you have the materials, it is just a matter of seconds to create an item for someone.

For the Horde, and lots of bank space


Legion Bound
Here is a audio with no spoilers and not much to say mostly rambling for im tired but for a change not in bed this week
Big GIMG_0299.PNG

Good day Ctrl Alt WoW crew, hope you are all well? Kep here!

So… Before Demon Hunters were released I decided I wasn’t even going to try one as I do not really like Night Elves or Blood Elves… Well that lasted about 3 seconds!!!! I’ve now have one of each and REALLY like their play style - love their mobility! I really like how you can round up lots of mobs, let them run behind you, jump, turn, Fel Rush – dead! Demon Hunters are crazy good! Only ONE problem though... They should have allowed GNOMES!

Also been busy with the demon invasions, gearing alts and playing the AH.

Out of game my wife and I had our 6-month wedding anniversary, which was nice. [thought I’d attach a couple of pictures]  
Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying the pre-patch as much as I am?!
Take care all
I’ll miss you!

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Guild Updates: X/XX - X/XX

Hi everyone - Here are the latest guild updates, highlighting all the leveling, grinding, sucking up, playing and generally fun-having done by all of our darling guildies this week! Enjoy!
Hi everyone - Here are the latest guild updates, highlighting all the leveling, grinding, sucking up, playing and generally fun-having done by all of our darling guildies this week! Enjoy!













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