Monday, December 19, 2016

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 501 - Vrishna

Recorded Sunday, December 11, 2016 1100

Saying Goodbye to the Bunny Protector



Hello CAW Sweeties,

Firstly I want to say *group huggles* to you all!

Losing Vrishna a few days ago, I can only say - the world has lost a wonderful person!
Aprillian I am so sorry for your loss! Vrishna will be greatly missed!

Much love to you all!

For the bunnies!

Huggles Leeta xoxo

Aprillian sorry for your lose I to feel the lose of a arch nemines that did not fall by my hand indeed I howled at the heavens for robbing me of such a worthy opponent but I rest a lil easier knowing he is at least now with Loki. For my week well it started rough and basically went down hill limited game time freakish hot weather and my niece deciding to cripple herself Monday. Before you fret to much she got better but she was unable to walk for 4 days and now is slowly regaining the use of her legs. One of my co workers has started sharing her meals with me as I'm basicly clueless when it comes to anything relationship wise. I'm a simple man who has no idea on subtle or how people flirt all I know is the other guys in the kitchen keep making woo woo noises when she dose. Any help on this issue would be a god send this is not the one I been flirting with as she still denies she has any desire to date me or anyone at this time. Again only taking this at face value because I don't understand dating at all I'm 36 years old never had a G/F yes I'm the stereo type gamer well I don't still live at home I moved out 5 years ago. Sorry for the long ramberling stream of consciousness it's just the lose and stress of this last week has me floundering but in all the ways I can be I'm here for you Aprillian in what ever lil way a guy on the other side of the world can be.

For the horde

For the alliance

For the sandgropers

And for Grand Nagus if you had to read this again this week I'm so sorry mate if not so sorry for who ever did you dodged a bullet if you missed this one this week Nagus
Big G

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