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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 795 - I Found My Home in Zenith

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 795 - I Found My Home in Zenith

AprilPvd is Virtual Reality

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Show Notes for Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 795 - I Found My Home in Zenith:


My Path to VR

October 12, 2020 Population: One Beta

Playing Solo in Population One

January 26, 2021

A Dub On a Train [Population One]

What I’ve Been Doing:

Wednesday 5/10/22:

I was so excited. I was hopping in between the beta and the live version of genius because after trying out the housing invader, I knew I would need more money. I was trying to do quest that would give me more money, but at the same time I was turning in quest that I had turned in. I went to emerald city and turned in the essence seed quests. I had loads of seeds and what I hadn’t realized was by turning in even those quests that weren’t giving me a lot of Zen, they were still leveling up my God stones. I ended up having to switch between roles on my blade master, because I wanted to keep it, balanced on which guide stones were being leveled up.

At the same time, I was making loads of orange rabbit smoothies for the community challenge. I don’t know why I became so obsessed with it because my Blademaster would still be wearing her pandowl hat. But I do enjoy the challenge and it was wonderful and we finally completed it.


I had gone back into baited to look at the housing and gotten a few more ideas. My biggest one was that even though I wouldn’t have the $2 million to buy the back part of the house I would be able to wall that section off. And then the anticipation of the patch dropping. We got a notice around 1130 that it would be a three hour maintenance window, and all the shards would be down. I got kind of excited because my headset was patching, but it turned out that it was just patching from the beta back to the live version. at 1500. We got the announcement that it would be another 30 minutes. This was agony for me because I do a perry Mason podcast and my cohost wanted to do it at 1600. A part of me wanted to put it off to another day, but then I thought no I don’t want to go right in with everybody else, oh wait and do the podcast and put out a TCOT podcast a Perry Mason podcast. I hope I did my best during the recording of that podcast because my mind was completely on zenith. Once we finish recording, I normally jump right into edit because like dishes I don’t like to have stuff sitting around in the back of my mind but I couldn’t wait. I set up my headset to update and I went right in after walking. My dogs are.

For the next few hours I am played on my headset without streaming because it was a little buggy, and I didn’t want to show off the bugging list. But I had a blast. I spent my first hour working on my apartment. At one point I couldn’t buy it the next to the last part because it was 500,000 I had decided on going in with different tunes to buy different furniture but my Blade master AprilPvd* was the richest one. So that’s when I went to the store by Brimm and I picked up my chefs hat, you’re welcome. And I sold all of my pets in my inventory. It turns out you can sell them and it doesn’t affect the pet you can summon it doesn’t affect your records it just gives you a lot of money. And it also gives you another reason to continue catching pets because you can get zen from them. 

When I finally went to Skyland, I said I’ll just do a couple of quests and then I’ll get off and I couldn’t stop. Everything about it is awesome.


I logged into my Steam tunes because I wanted to do a tutorial on starting the house from scratch and I made a big mistake because I clicked on what I thought was my house and it was the house from my oculus account and it was really confusing for a second but I figured it out and felt really stupid. But while I was on my Steam account, I ran by Mika and not sis And she had a quest for a level 38. I have been avoiding her because.


I learned so much today. And it was so much fun! A lot of the stuff in Skyland is collecting things to be used to build things. My main motivation for the day was to make the dumplings so I could make the furniture piece to put in my apartment. the day started off kind of weird because some kid popped into my apartment while I was building. I was working on my bedroom and I had come up with a conundrum. Each floor space is a certain size. And you can color that size but you can’t color individual squares, so I had made my bedroom the size of a floor piece. I had put a doorway in it, thinking I could open and close the door, but I couldn’t figure out how to make the door open and close without having to go in and out of builder mode so I decided to make an archway instead because one of the issues I encountered was that in order to make the wall work with a doorway? I had to overlap some wall pieces, and that was causing the pieces to show through. And then a kid popped it. In the past I’ve enjoyed when people show up while I’m working because it’s a good way of giving people ideas and socializing. But this kid and when I say kid, I don’t know if he was 12 or nine but he was a normal kid singing to himself, sometimes repeating things like he grabbed the crystal out of this that was hanging in the Roman he goes I’m gonna grab the crystal, and he kept repeating that. Then he jumped on my bed. And then he said he wanted a room in my apartment, and I tried to explain to him that he had to get his old. To be honest, he was being very annoying. But I try to be patient because I feel sorry for kids because I know somewhere there’s a parent who said go ahead and play and stay out of my hair so to speak. So I just kept working away. Now I’m streaming as well and one of the people on my stream was cracking up laughing and posting emoji’s. And then all of a sudden there was a voice that said, are you talking to someone and they said why are you in that room and of course I was working on my bedroom so this person probably look at the screen finally, and saw their kid in an apartment with a bed. I was very glad that I was dreaming, because if anything comes out of it, I can point to the stream video.

One thing that happened was that my friend had to join me in game and she was having problems with using the multitool. Speaking of which I ran into someone that didn’t know that you could take the multitool out of your back instead of having to keep it in one of your weapons slot. But Skyland is really not conducive to playing with people. Some of the stuff she was doing was phased, and it was hard to explain. But I learned so much today and I had so much fun and I got to make my dumpling health unit for my apartment. So it was a very good day.


Found out that even if you uncheck all of the boxes in your apartment for access, people can still get in. They just can’t go past the first room.


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