Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 797 - At Home in Zenith

 AprilPvd is Virtual Reality

I will eventually record Live on our page Send an email to telling us how you play Virtual Reality as an altoholic.

My Path to VR

What I’ve Been Doing:


Worked on my apartment. Got some really good ideas. One particular one was making each room a different color, which was hard when they share a common wall, so I doubled common walls. 

AprilPvd Wed Zenith


Mining and farming, so much fun

AprilPvd Twitch Stream Thu 052523 Zenith The Last City

Thursday the Essence Mage worked on her mining and she does the Drilling/Mining Event with someone and then alone. I suck as an EM!


Friday my altaholic nature kicked in and I was inspired to bring out and play my Cyber Ninja. I got caught up in getting her Outlaw Grove Ready. Then Mertio came on and he ran me through Outlaw Grove and opened my eyes to the multiple arrows which was a treat. Add to TrayC cluing me in on using double bows, and I really grew as a CN!

AprilPvd Twitch 052623 Falling in Love with My Cyber Ninja


I got caught up in Leveling Roulettes, I had fun running with different people in the Vault, Seething Depths, The Reliquary and Outlaw Grove. I ended up in Seething Depths alone when the only other person left. I decided to try it alone and I made it!

AprilPvd Twitch 052723 Soloing Seething Depths


I misread the Agent Rank rewards from Weekly Challenge for cooking. I thought it said 21000 Zen, but it was 21000 XP and 2000 Zen. Regular 2 star Dungeouns were earning 6500 

Levelling Roulettes give an 8500 Zen bonus


AprilPvd Twitch 052823 Things I Learned in Zenith This Week

I seemed to have a glitch where every time I log in, my body is squashed so I have to go to comfort settings and hit recentered. I also had an Out Of Body experience in Zenith. Tracking quests and turning in quests in Skyland was confusing me. Here are my tips for solving all of these.


AprilPvd Twitch 053023 Buying My Final Room in My Zenith Apt

After seeing a friend's home in FFXIV, I couldn't wait to get my own apartment. I have been having the most relaxing time designing my apartment and figuring things out, but the one thing that was holding back my full enjoyment was not having the 2 million zen to buy the last room. After pushing myself through leveling roulettes and questing, I finally had the full amount and bought my last room!!! So exciting.

Took my CN out to work on Agent Guide Quest and 


Make a Smoothie

Craft an Orange Creamsicle Smoothie and talk to Brimm.

Well done, AprilPvd)!! This is a delicious smoothie.

Here are two that I made in return, as well as some advice - you can increase the duration of the benefits gained from your smoothie by drinking more than one, up to one whole hour!

Also remember that your food and your drink buffs are separate, so you can stack them to get even stronger!





Skills to Pay the Bills

Well now that you can whip up a Brimm Approved Orange Creamsicle Smoothie, could you please make a couple and take them to a fellow radio nerd?

His name is Marcon, and you can find him near a tower, just past the village the Sylphids have taken over. Go up the little hill, cross the bridge and you should be able to see him from there!


seemed like a horde of corrupted sylphids to even get to the mountain base!

We need your help fixing our communications devices and bringing up The Servers. How can we play our games.. I mean communicate with our Army if the Servers are down? Please report to the Computer Guru near the city center for a new mission. You look like a strong agent, and I’ll bet you will succeed where I failed.

Zenith: The Last City


Are the Servers Up Yet?

Agent AprilPvd)! From one techie to another, we could really use your help establishing the rest of the army. I have an old two-way radio and a computer here that we were going to use for data transmission, but we seem to have completely lost connection to the secure Network.

We think that the Sylphids are destroying our antennas and power sources, so I need to send you out to replace them.

Using some of our advanced technology and a fair bit of ingenuity, i've managed to fix up a couple antennas. I will mark your map with the locations to

See The World

Step 2 of 8

Climb the Dragontooth Mountain located in the middle of the Fractured Plains.

Other VR This Week:

AprilPvd Loves Holofit

AprilPvd Loves Holofit

I've tried several VR Workout apps and I have to honestly say Holofit is my favorite. I explain the reasons in this video. For more information check out:

Spatial, try it and let me know what you think.


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