Saturday, January 19, 2008

Aprillian Goes to MacWorld

Show 48 is still being worked on. Aprillian went to MacWorld which meant that she and Glanthur not only wouldn’t be recording in the same room, this time they wouldn’t even be in the same Time Zone. This caused a slight problem because while Aprillian was up and ready to record Episode 48 from her hotel room in San Francisco a little after 8pm, it was after 11pm for Glanthur and he had just completed a hard day of work.

We got about 20 mins into the podcast when my connection collapsed, all those people coming to MacWorld sucking up the bandwidth. By the time I got back, Glanthur was beat. We will finish it by Monday, I hope.

I just want to welcome any listeners who joined us from MacWorld. It was a great time for me.

What Aprillian has been doing:

Mostly watching the AH, keeping the alliance AH stocked with overpriced Horde pets. Someone asked my level 1 alt how she got all of her pets. I laughed and said, what would you do with the information? Well we know the answer to that, become my competition. I need that 20 to 50 gold a week to buy supplies for my Horde characters. Arcane Crystals that go for 15 to 20 gold on the Horde side can be bought for less than 5 or 6 gold on the alliance. But I did mention this podcast and tell her that if she listens to it, I tell her how to get it. So I’ll repeat it for anyone who is new to Ctrl Alt WoW. You need either two accounts or a friend you can trust. You buy the pets on the Horde side for 50s, 45s if you’re honored by that cities faction, then you sell them to yourself on a 2nd account or a friend, using the neutral AH in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan or Everlook. I have three accounts so I can do it by myself (boy that doesn’t sound right). I set the price at 1s so my other account doesn’t waste money. Remember, every time you sell something on the AH, Blizz takes 15%. But with the price so low, you have to do the transaction really fast and even then someone just doing a search can snatch it from you. I usually put the item name in search field and hit return and then put the item up on the other account and set up the auction. Then I instantly switch over and hit search on the buyer AH screen and buy as fast as I can. I also do one other thing to prevent my neutral AH character from flying back and forth. I have a level 1 alt in a major city and mail the pets to them; items mailed to toons on the same account go instantly. There’s the secret.

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