Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 49 - The Cycle of WoW

Glanthur and Aprillian discuss the cycle of playing WoW.
Glanthur decides to Dual box.
Contest Winner is announced.

Aprillian has gone back to her roots and has been triple boxing.
Rilfire got a new 2 handed axe. She'd never trained 2 handed Axe. Glanthur suggest going to every city and getting training as soon as possible.

We received a lot of good letters. We enjoy hearing how other altaholics play.

Another contest entrant:

Hello Auho (Aw-ho) here formally level 70 Human paladin of of Gnomeregan, Now level 67 Tauren Bear Tank on Deathwing PVP. First off I would like to say I love your show. It is in my top 5 WoW podcast and I listen to allot of podcasts. It is nice to hear people that are exploring the game still and having fun. With most podcasts you get players that have been 70 for months and the game is more of a thing they do than a thing they play. But on to the reason I wrote:
As I said my main is my level 67 Druid on Deathwing but I only play him with my girlfriend and her level 67 hunter. It has been so nice leveling with her because we don't have to worry about most group quest since we can do them on our own because with her pet we are basically a 3 man group. Grinding quest aren't a chore because I have someone to talk to and help, even though lots of times we have to collect double the mats it just doesn't seem like it takes as long. Also in about a week going to be nice because she just graduated from college and I still have a year and a half left, so WoW gives us something to do together during the week when we can't see each other. Now when she isn't on I either play my 22 warlock or my 24 priest. Since I come from a paladin/feral druid background it is a nice change to play a caster class. Also I love getting my professions up, you were right when you were talking about how exciting it is when your crafting skill levels up and you get to see the new things you get to make. Also I do them because of the great craft able epic sets you can make when you are high level in your profession. My druid has 350 leatherworking and 375 skinning and one of my goals after getting him to 70 is getting his leatherworking up the rest of the way. Both my warlock and priest have tailoring and if I play them enough I hope to get their skill up to 375. Also sense I have read allot about the game and mods like to watch the trade and general channels when I am in a capital city to see if I can answer anyone's questions. I have made quite a few new friends doing this since people that are new to the game don't really know where to look for help. Well that is all thank you for the great podcast and have a great day.
Auho 67 Tauren Druid
Auhjo 24 Undead Priest
Alima 22 Blood Elf Warlock
Auho 70 Human Paladin
(lol yeah my mains have the same name and I have an "A" theme going on)

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