Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 48 - Outland is for Everyone

Glanthur gets his flying mount but longs for more speed. But now he needs a good guild as support.

Aprillian plays with her alts

Contest Submissions

First Letter:

I'm Sagala, and I'm an alt-aholic. Lol. I've been playing since WoW first went live, and I have a total of 20 alts. 10 on two servers. I think I'm a combination of both you and Glanthur in my play style, though. I love to explore new areas and experience everything I can in the game, but when I get focused I can get so much stuff done in the game. On one of my servers, I have a level 70 warrior, 64 priest, 64 hunter, 64 warlock, 62 rogue, 61 paladin, and a 44 mage. As you can see, I played there quite a bit. That was the server I started from the beginning on, and after the first level 60 character, I just decided that focusing on one single character was kind of boring to me, and I wanted to experience more in the game, so I started an alt, and while that one was being leveled, I paid more attention to the order of the quests, where to get them, the best places to grind, etc so I could go back with my third, forth, first, etc.. and level them up as quickly as possible. I think it was an excellent thing for me to do because I got a better understanding of how each class works, and what their roles are in instances and groups. Like with my priest, I know how to heal a warrior better because I've been main tank before. And vice verca…I know how to play my warrior to make life a little easier on healers. So anyway, I'm rambling…Fast forward to last march…I got a new job and found a bunch of co-workers that play together on the same server, so I asked them what they needed most, and they said they needed a tank, so I leveled another warrior to 70 just to play with them…lol. That's kind of sad, isn't it? J So anyway, I'm doing the same thing on this server as I did with my old one.. in fact, I only leveled 2 alts past 40, but I have the others already made so I can start them whenever I want. I've never tried dual boxing, though and I think it sounds really interesting and a new twist to gameplay that I haven't been able to experience yet. That's why I hope you select me for the winner J If I enjoy it, I'll start up another account J Thanks so much for reading, and I love the podcast.. I listen all the time at work.


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