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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 80 - Warlock Quest Lotta Running Around

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Full Show Notes at

What We've Been Doing


Suyna did both Warlock Quests dragging Primall around and dinging 3 levels in the process.

Tuesday ran down to Shimmering Flats with primal and suyna

And I made a druid, Drame the Druid a male Tauren. I brought in yet another bank alt, Mi a level 3 Belf Warlock male who was sitting in Undercity. Summoned him to Mulgore and got him to 6 and Drame to 5 and went to Silvermoon. A Tauren in Silvermoon is funny.

Wed Ran Drame and Mi around Eversong woods while on break and lunch at work and got them to 10.

Back there Thurs morn. Oh collected eggs while there, levelled up skinning on Mi. Since they were outmatched on these hawks, I had them use their "melee" weapon, sword on Mi and Staff on Drame. But then I realized Drame needed training he couldn't get from the Belf area, so he hearthed home, and trained and then I summoned him to TB using someone on the Master account. He did all the quests and got his Druid Bear form. It's so cute. Then I had to log off and go to work.

Friday morning decided I wanted some pairs on a pvp server, rolled two on Onyxia and realized there was no way I could do the RAF broke. Ask Ashayo about funds on a pvp server and rolled Aprillian, Dranei warrior and Dreem nelf druid on dunemaul. Summoned Dreem to the Dranei starting area. Dreem couldn't do the healing

Note: Some quest can't be shared if there is an item that has to be used.

Spent some time in Eversong Woods with Warlock and druid, brought them to RFC and then I sent Drame back to Moonglade with Quea to do some Druid quest. Man I thought Warlock quests were complicated.

Sunday night I took Suyna


Jekle - Heroic Sethekk Halls for Druid's epic flight form quest
Asheal - Gruul's Lair
(gratz to BiP on downing Magtheridon for the 1st time!)
Levelling Warrior (now 24) and Shaman in The Barrens, & Wailing Cavern
Ashayo - Gruul's Lair (Banana Hammock!) and Mags (wipefest!)
Ashield - Karazahn (actually live through the Prince fight!)
Levelling Rogue lockpicking in Durnholde Keep & poisons
Shaman in RFK
Mage in Sunken Temple (wiped without dying....?)

Ye olde price of twink blues!

Email 1


Well to start off I figured might as well point out that a fel hunter IS the same thing as a fel hound. Now on to my topic and sorry if this letter turns into a very long TLDR post (that’s To Long Didn’t Read btw). So I can’t believe how much I’ve fallen for Aprillian. Considering when I first heard her it sounded like she always was eating a piece of candy while doing the show (which maybe that is the case) but at any rate I’ve come to enjoy hearing her lovely/weird accent. What really sealed the deal for me was the evil laugh on episode 78. It was soooooo cute and endearing it made me wish she wasn’t married.

On a quick side note: If y’all or anyone for that matter is wanting to get the most out of RAF and have multiple toons to 60 in the shortest time possible, then boosting in instances using a 70 that isn’t linked to any of the RAF accounts would be the fastest way to 60. I must stress the fact that none of the accounts can be linked to the 70 or it will not receive the xp bonus. I was able to get all 4 of my locks to 60 in a about 1 day 10 hours of /played time using my 70 rogue and most of that time was actually me setting up macros. Most multi-boxers from have done it in less than a day of /played time.

The basic gist of this method is simply to use a AoE style class such as a mage or pallie to pull the entire instance or must of it in 1-3 pulls (in which case it takes on avg 10-15 minutes to run the instance). A warrior can also pull this method off using whirlwind and cleave to burn the mobs. Of course any 70 can do this as my 70 rogue was able to run every old world zone without any problems. As you get high in zone it might become a bit more difficult to pull such a huge portion of the zone depending on your gear level if you don’t have a class that can kill multiple mobs at the same time (not sure if it’s a good point of ref. but my rogue has most of his T6 set minus 3 items). I won’t list the best order to do the instance to max the xp gain but I will give a hint. Once you are able to enter strat, scholo, etc skip over strat and use the first 3 rooms of scholo for the boosting. Don’t go any farther into the zone. So just kill the baddies on the bridge, the following 3 rooms then reset. Rinse and repeat.

Anyway I had more I was going to say but decided since I’m at work and all I might should try to get something productive done.

Team Dip n Dots

4 warlocks – level 62 (Twisting Nether – RPPVP)






Nsidious – 70 undead rogue

Email 2

Hello Aprillian & Ashayo,

I have been playing WOW since April (no pun intended) and I love it. I have just discovered podcasts about WOW and I truly enjoy your show. It is obvious from listening that you both find the same entertainment that I do from World of Warcraft.

I have 3 alliance characters in the Norgannon PvE realm (sorry about the alliance thing, I didn't know any better). My main (Ultyr) is a human, level 45 warrior. I also have a level 27, night elf hunter, and a human, level 30 paladin. All are in the Holy Crusaders guild.

I have recently made more of an effort to try battlegrounds in the hopes of accumulating enough honor for the high level blue & purple gear from champions hall. My concern is that the honor points come so slowly. My question is this, is the champions hall gear so vastly superior to gear from questing and instances that it is worth the time investment?

I would greatly appreciate any incite you can provide.


Someone pulled the battleground "AFK" trick on me too, but they did it during the battle so I knew it was bogus.

Game Well,


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