Monday, September 22, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 81 - Brewfest Time, Drink Up

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Episode 81 - Brewfest Time, Drink Up

Game Stop showed up on my iPhone caller ID and even before I saw this thread I answered "Oh WotLK Collector's Edition is ready for preorder! I was at work and with a customer and needed to get on and off the phone really quick. The Game Stop guy was like how did you know. I just said, I'll be there in an hour. I work across the street from the mall. I didn't bother to say, why else would Game Stop be calling me, to see how I'm doing? Check on my kids?

Brewfest tickets can be converted into Brewfest coins, but you probably already know this.

What We've Been Doing


Trying to do as much of the class specific quests without asking where stuff is. Abandoning quests with wild abandon. Questhelper is great but if you have old quest, it gets distracting.

Finally got that one half of the necklast at Sludge Fen, had to bring in an upper level alt. Then for fun and relaxation played with Suyna and Primall and got them to 38 in STV.

Wed morning went to UC with Mages to do Investigate the Alchemist Shop. I've decided I want to get all my current pairs to 30 so they can ride before I go back to my 38's. So I took my Belf 20 and Undead 15 to SFK and stopped to do their robe quest with the Dalaran mages. Got to the end of SFK and realzed Ardrion had two SFK quest, shared them with the mages and they were able to get the book. I figured I might run them through again. I also decided to make them both enchanters for the time being to de the greens they bop and then discard

Thurs morning ran SFK again with the mages in Ardrion and got to then end and forgot to share the head quest with Weeaa who was now eligible. Friday decided to go to Blackfathom Deep. Found my cheat way to get to the back. I took severa diferent pairs, my mages and my druid 17 and warlock 18. I ran them with Treshel at first but then decided Ardrion would be okay.

Sat morning I was all set to run BFD a few times and Blizzard thwarted me. Traded in my brewfest tickets from last year for tokens this year.

Cute thing about WIM, it's persistent through alts log in and log out. WIM with Primall and Ashayo is in white but in same window as WIM with Ashayo and Aprillian, neat.


Jekle tried to PuG in Kara. Fail!
Decided to run SFK on my warrior, but server reset. Fail!
Gratz to BiP (Buffed and in Position) raid group for downing Mags two weeks running. Ventured into SSC afterward with them to practise killing the trash.
Spent most of the week getting my mage to 58. Did most of the Un'goro quests in one evening (I remember spending days there!), then ventured to Felwood. To head to Outlands at 58 or not...
Question: What decent quests / quest chains are there in Blasted Lands and Burning Steppes for Horde?

Killed Coren Direbrew 8 times so far, and haven't seen mount drop
Jekle got a nice healing trinket, and Ashield got a nice stamina trinket (and it summons a brewmaiden that throws beer at enemies!)
Ashayo can still buy the ram mounts from Driz Tumblequick!


Email 1

hey guys love the show, my names Groundbeaf level 60 tauren hunter in the great guild AIE, i've been double boxing for around a year now and just tried triple boxing instances when recruit a friend started. most of the time i stick to doubleboxing and have used the RAF feature to level alts on the horde side of things. before coming to AIE i had alliance toons of each class from the 60-70 range but fell in love with the horde and had to build my alt stable on earthen ring. since the RAF started i've doubleboxed a priest/warlock combo, & a druid/pally combo to 60 and working on a shammy/rogue which are 20 right now. when granting levels to my mage & hunter i noticed something some people might not have noticed. you want to make sure the alt you are granting levels on have a xp bar which is almost full and ready to level themselves, since granting levels does not effect this when you grant the level to this toon and make it 60 the toon will actually be a
couple bars to 61 which is like getting a free level considering the XP jump once you hit 60.

anyway hope this is something that might help some people, keep up the good work and hope to see you online sometime


PM on Extralife Forums:

Hi Asprillian,

I just watched your pod cast on Crtl Alt Wow Podcast - Dual boxing. I loved it, however the game sound kinda drowned out lots of your info.
I am really interested in dual boxing on my Macs but up till now have not been able to find enough sensible info on doing so. Your podcast seem to show me that your the best Person i have seen on the web to perhaps help me in my quest for dual-boxing.
I have 3 Macs:
1) iMac 2.66 Ghz Intel Core Duo (4g Ram)
2) iMac 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 duo (4g Ram)
3) 2x3 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon (4g Ram) Its a Tower.
I currently use these machines to play 3 accounts in wow. However, using 3 keyboard 3 mice and 3 Nostromo n52te keypads, it gets a bit hectic and although I do a decent job i think what you are doing would be much more efficient for me than the method I am currently using. If you have the time I would love you to give me the knowledge you so obviously have ; ) , to enable me to do as you do, dual-boxing using multiple Macs in WoW. I heard you mention KVM in your podcast. I'm guessing this is hardware for controlling 2+ Macs.

Thanks in advance for any help given ; )

Sent at: Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:16 pm

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