Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 82 - Brewfest Part 2 AA?

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Full Show Notes at

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 82 - Brewfest Part 2 AA?

What We've Been Doing?


I wanted a Shaman on my RAF accounts, so I deleted my newest ally bank alt, what a waste of RAF and started a troll Shaman. I almost started a Tauren, but I hate the Tauren starting zone and well moo. You can hear the brewfest noise all the way down in the starting area.

I leveled my Shaman to 5 and then brought my level 14 Warrior orc Cii over to help run her around in Durator, lots of fun. Doing quests I have skipped, Frizzle Claw and Need for a cure, Lost but not forgotten, Encroachment.

Logged on to Treshel, who has the Brewfest Ram and she got the vendor icon and was able to buy a level 60 Brewfest Ram for 100, even though she is level 56. And no ticket needed. So then I remembered I had gotten the Brewfest mount for Rilfire because I was tired of the Kodos, but then when she hit 60, she had to go get a kodos for the speed, well guess what, she went back and for 100g, she got a level 60 Brewfest mount, so cool!

By the end of Thu morning/afternoon, Trez, my new Orc Shaman was level 8. She and Cii are finally doing quests that both get exp and therefore RAF. Thursday I spent some silly time trying to do some quests in Durator. I got my Shaman to 10, but did some other stuff including brewfest in between.

Friday morning I did some more quest with the shaman but then it wasn't

Running the Brewfest dailies on all 5 70's. Have bought every item there is, including two beer of the month subscriptions. Awesome!

Killed Coren Direbrew, over and over again. Saw the mount drop twice in about 50 kills.
Even dual-boxed him a few times. Easier to dual box tank/dps than two dps or dps/heals

Ran ZA and killed the Lynx boss for the first time. Thanks DwP!

AIE's Guppers raid this week one shot Gruul, one shot Mags, and we did it so quick there was time to venture into SSC and have a try at Lurker.

Levelling Warrior/Shaman with friends ; ran RFK and thought we'd try SM ; decided Level 28 is a bit low :/

Glaciuss dings 60 in Winterspring! Headed to outlands, despite not having set foot in WPL, EPL or Silithus. Run Ramparts and got healing pants. I wonder what they'll be after 3.0.
Made 3g on portal within 1 minute of starting to quest in HFP!

Craft Faire - got enchanting up to 320.

Stumbled on RP in Winterspring cave?


Email 1

Subject: Love that Sexy Voice of your Aprillian!

I am a long time listener and an avid fan of the Ctrl Alt Wow podcast and I wanted to say Thanks! I love to listen to the exploits of Aprillian on all 200 of her alts. And I really enjoy listening and playing with Ash. It's amazing how good he is on all the classes that he plays. I also have to say that Ctrl Alt Wow is the #1 premiere Multi-Boxing Podcast in the entire Podcasting world. And trust me, I've looked all over the place. So as a small token to you Aprillian, I would like to extend an offer from myself and the DwP crew and BiPpers, to help powerlevel your highest toon to 70 so that you can experience the wonderful content that you can see when you hit 70! I understand that you are going to take full advantage of the Refer a Friend, but after that time expires... You will be our project to get you to 70!!! We'll take you through instances, get you attuned to Kara, even though you don't have to, and then bring you into Kara. The final and most glorious part will be to have you join BiPpers and walk into Black Temple with your Greens a-glowing and join our wipe fest in 6 weeks.

Keep up the great work!


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