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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 84 - Another World in World of Warcraft

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 84 - Another World in World of Warcraft

36 Boxer:

What We've Been Doing


After all I thought about doing, leveling my 40's to 60, I decided to get my 24's to 30, and then decided to level my alliance toons. Sacrilege I know but think about it. How else would I endure the alliance?

Levelled my 8 lock to 14 and my Pally to 16 and 18 Tues. Wed, we are back in the Dranei area and a level 70 ne shows up and hits a kill, I chastised him for lowering the xp.

Thursday night, again on Kapril Dranei Pally and Aloq Human Warlock, got them to 24 and 22.

Did some PTR. Transfered Aprillian over and got hair cut, found out that once she learns the nether welpling, she can mail it to another alt, even though I transfered her to that account from the actual Collector's edition.

Friday Morning, Aloq has the succubus quest and she has to go to the Barrens, Camp T. How crazy. There was a gnome warlock in the training area (which was very hard to find) in SW, who said to go to Darkshore then Ashenvale and run to the Barrens. I thought I would go to Menethil harbor and swim to ratchet. But when I got to menethel, there were a bunch of quest, so I picked them all up and started questing. It was weird because they were all quests I had never done. We went out and did the murloc quest and some of the crocilisk. It was a different experience going through at levels 22 and 24 as oppposed to 1 to 5.

Friday morning I decided to get the fp at SW. Kapril had been there, I think she did the swim originally to get to Ratchet. Aloq had her hearth set to SW. So she hearthed there and summoned Kapril. When they went at SW, they discovered they had the fp at BB

Realized I need to save pet income for mounts



Hey Aprillian and Ashayo!

As promised... the paladin ranged weapon... AND a bunch of easter eggs!
Yeah... I know what you're thinking... 'but Pallys can't USE ranged weapons...'
Ahh... but there's a way around that little snag... let's call it a 'convenient oversight'...
First... your character will have to be at least level 47 to start the quest chain... and no, you don't have to be a paladin specifically... I just mentioned it as a 'paladin ranged weapon' as most paladin players that push their way through this quest are more than happy with the end-result.
Head to Un'Goro Crater... and snoop around (62,68)... or for those who don't have coordinates, it's an area in the southeast... little mini-lakes and lots of raptors...
You're looking for a Wrecked Raft... it's the quest giver (of sorts)...
The quest is called "It's a Secret to Everybody".
Accept the quest and then turn around and look in the body of water right next to you and the boat... you'll find a small pack.
Open the contents of the pack, then go talk to a gnome named Linken (44,8) at Marshal's Refuge.
Linken will be all confused and send you to talk to Donova Snowden (31,45) in Winterspring... she will give you the Videre Elixir quest.
Next go to Ferelas, talk to Gregan Brewspewer (45,26) who wants you to go north and get some Evoroot... but there's a catch! It's guarded by a gnoll and it seems impossible to get past him... you can do one of two things... either a: buy some bait from Gregan or b: sneak up around the back way jumping up and over the wall... yes, it's possible, I just did it the other day...
Here's a link for you...
Yes, it's technically an exploit... but it seems to be legitimately possible... in either case... you can buy the bait from Gregan... so both ways will work.
Back to Gregan with you... and get the Videre Elixir from him.
So... with your Elixir, go all the way back to Winterspring and talk to Donova again...
Now go all the way south to Tanaris... to the graveyard outside Gadgetzan... and drink the elixir...

You die!

Mwah hah hah hah haa haa haa!

Now... would ol' Blade be so cruel as to send you all over the map just to kill you off?
Well... yes... but I DID promise you a paladin ranged weapon... so don't rez right away, but instead take your ghost-self and run north to (53,23) and find a fellow spirit named Gaeriyan... then back to your body, resurrect yourself and right-click on the tombstone in the graveyard... mouse over them if you don't see it right away.
Now... head back to Linken in Un'Goro Crater again, then up and into the cave to talk to J.D. Collie (41,2)
She sends you to Felwood to talk to Eridan Bluewind (50,82)... who sets you the task of collecting Silvery Claws from the local predators (bears and wolves)... they're around lv47-50ish... I found what I needed around the area slightly north of the road to Bloodvenom Post...
Now head up to the Irontree Woods and kill Irontree Stompers for the heart you will need... the trees are slightly higher level then the wolves and bears... once you have it, head back to Eridan Bluewind
Now... this part's a little involved... head to Tanaris (70,49) - the area just past the pirates - and open the backpack that Eridan gave you... stand in the circle of rocks and use the Book of Aquor
Aquementas will appear... he's lv54 if memory serves me correctly... but you don't have to kill him... you receive the Silver Totem of Aquementas as soon as you engage him... you can run if you're not high enough level to take him down (or if you didn't bring a few high-powered friends to clean his clock...)
Return to J.D. Collie with the Silver Totem and then to Linken.
Now comes the tough part... the mob you have to take down is named Blazerunner and he's at the top of the volcanic mountain in the center of the zone... it might be a wise idea to equip the totem in your offhand and drag it to an open slot on your toolbar or a hotkey... you'll most likely be needing to use it more than once...
Ya see... Blazerunner has a blue aura around him... when that aura is up, he takes NO damage.
None. Nada. Nil. Zip. Zero.
The totem, however, dispels the aura... so as soon as you start the fight, use the totem on him!
Oh... be wary of his knockback ability... he can easily punt you right off the mountain to your death if you position yourself wrong... some say to fight him inside the cave... but so long as you have your back to the wall or to the cave opening (as opposed to having your tail wagging in the breeze and facing him while HE is in the cave) you should do alright...
Hmm... at this point... I feel it's only right to mention that not only is he completely invulnerable with his blue aura... even when you disenchant his buff and make him susceptible to damage... he's STILL a 56 named elite... and hits like a truck... so bring a few friends... and be careful of the adds up here... lv55ish fire elementals... plus the lava will burn you if you decide to take a swim...
When he finally dies, head to the back of his cave and loot the chest that appeared to obtain the Golden Flame... and return to Linken.
You've done it! Now for the part you were all waiting for...
You have the choice between a 33.3 dps mainhand sword or an offhand that increases healing and spell damage by 20...
Not bad items, overall... but you'll probably be getting much better very soon once you hit Outland in a very few levels...
However... the item we've just criss-crossed the continent a dozen times to get?
Linken's Boomerang!
It's a trinket! When you use it (3 minute cooldown), it flings a magical boomerang toward the target causing 113-187 damage... and it even has a chance to stun or disarm them!
Yeah... ok... it's not a ranged 'weapon' per se... but it's quite the addition to a paladin's arsenal... considering they only get one ranged spell (and that's a talent)...

And this week's easter egg? I should think it'd be obvious... but for those that have never played it, the ENTIRE quest chain is an homage to Nintendo's Zelda and Link characters...
Linken is Link
The Golden Flame looks suspiciously like a triforce...
The act of baiting the gnoll is actually something you do to get past a guard in the very first Legend of Zelda game...
Even the quest names share the theme... "It's a Secret to Everybody"... "It's Dangerous to Go Alone"...
Oh... and with each part in the quest chain granting around 5000xp... we're talking in excess of 60,000xp JUST for completing the chain... that's NOT including any xp from killing mobs or discovering any areas in zones you haven't been to yet...

So that's it from me for this week... let me know if you or any listeners have any other things you'd like to know about... and ol' Blade will do his level-best to find the sneakiest, most-underhanded nefarious way to go about it!

As always, an awesome podcast, guys!


Email 2
as always thank you for a great podcast,

my first character was a warrior so it has always been my favorite class, even though hunters are so fun and easy to level.

regarding your warrior bar issue,
if you are not using bartender 3, which allows you to have 3 separate bars for each individual stance,

if you use the default wow action bar, when you go from one stance to another, that also uses its own bar, on the bottom left connected to your numbers, so all you need to do, as you stated, place the different skills in the spot that will allow you for quick clicking.

i prefer berserker stance always, so for me its easy, but i know others like to switch stances.

and so you 2 know, you have converted me to the dark side and i started playing 2 characters at the same time, still dont know why its called dual boxing, just another weird wow acronym to me,
but i am hooked, and i to dont know what i will do once my refer a friend runs out as it is so much fun to quest and get triple xp.

have fun and hope to experience your fun server one of these days, and your guild as well; i do have a hunter of course on your server

thank you

Mohammad Ouranos

hello again,
i forgot to mention, i also joined the iphone fun and i love it,
if you have not already try the app armory spy lite, its free and as it is called you can see the armory, pretty cool

also, wowtalent is another app and you can play around with the different talent trees.

please let me know what apps you like and also if the listeners have any app suggestions.

i am an appaholoic as i have over 70 apps!

yes we all have issues.

thank you

Mohammad Ouranos

Email 3
Hello again,
Glad you liked the previous email. Hopefully I have some more for you.
Geist (pronounce as you feel fit)
This is my all time favorite mod, and probably one of the most basic. Basically you bind a key to the mod and when you hold down the key 25 buttons appear where your mouse is. You can change the size of these buttons and you can put spells and abilities onto them, simply by dragging them, just like the bars at the bottom of the screen. When you release the button the buttons disappear. It really helps to clean up your UI. Ashayo, you mentioned problems with amount of different totems, on my Shamen i put all the totems on this mod. So when i'm in combat, or getting ready for a fight i hold down R (the key i binded geist too), click the totems i want then release R. On my mage i have all my ports, teleports, counjer food water gem spells, armors and so on. Just imagine how much cleaner your UI will look 25 free slots!
Dual-Boxing in WOTLK
I think my trial account for refer a friend is up (it was 10 days no 7 as per my last e-mail), now here is the problem. If i sign up i will get 90 days of the advanced leveling, however WOTLK comes out in around 30. I wont be standing in line at midnight but i will get it and want to play it. So do i wait and maybe do the refer a friend/dual boxing after i play a bunch of the next expansion of should i go head and sign up for a second account. Once thing i could do if sign up for a second account and transfer my 64 druid over too it, then when Wrath comes out dual box him and a mage. My main fear with this is that dual boxing is its own little game, do you ever feel that your concentrating too much on running two toons that your missing out on some of the intended gameplay? What are you plans for when Wrath comes out? Aprillian i'm sure you'll have two level 70s but the time wrath hits the stores!
There is another Polymorph available right now, it drops from one the the bosses in ZG. You'll have to read up about it because i think you have to fish him up or something and the drop rate isnt very high, but if your bored and can get a group, go nuts!
One other thing, Ashayo, is your mage frost or fire, i know you have one of each. If your frost you'll be getting the spell Ice lance soon, its not that great but it will do triple damage to frozen targets, there is also a talent that will increase your critical strike rateing against frozen targets. So if you have your target frozen, don't fire off the Ice lance, first cast an ice bolt and as its about to fire off spam your ice lance button. I'm not sure if this is a bug but as you cast the ice lance the ice bolt has not landed yet so you'll get the crit/damage bonus for both spells, nice when coupled with your frost elemental.
Thats it!

Email 4

Pithius writes...

I'm listening to the Brewfest Hangover episode of Ctrl Alt WoW and heard your lament on the complexity of warriors. Add me to your friend's list if you want and I'd be happy to run around with your warrior in game and chat in vent about just when and how to use your skills. PM me here as well, though running around in game would be the most effective.

Oh.. you're also to your lvl 30 quest.. my advice get somebody at least lvl 40+ to help you with the quest. I'd be happy to blow through that one with you as well. You get a very nice blue axe for a lvl 30, not quite so good for lvl 40. That's been a complaint of mine, if you wait to do the warrior quests till you can solo them, the rewards you get will be outdated. Head out to stranglethorn and get your tusks and I'll assist you with the elementals and the last guy.

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