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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 83 - Brewfest Hangover

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Full Show Notes at

What We Did


Sunday I totally reevaluated my RAF technique and realized my RAF accounts should be easy toons and the ones on my Referred account should be throw away leaving some low level to up level. I botched up in that I should have made all hunters on the referred account.

Then I became obsessed with getting a yeti

Ran Primall and Iwari around until Primal got to 41 and got to wear mail and Iwari got to 50. I'm not sure how many levels she has to grant, pretty sure it's been 2 since I transferred her. She was also able to level up Engineering and I wasted time on that.

Friday night I took Drame and Queaa into WC with Ardrion. We cleared and did the last escort quest. That was fun

Sat, back to reevaluation. First I made a Shaman on the master account thinking I would use the lower level (10-25) to get that one up. I realized it should be a character I wasn't good at. and decided to get the level 40 guys to 60. Went back to STV to finish those quests.


Dual-boxing herbalism - Hiide flying around Hellfire Peninsula, and Glaciuss riding (Yes, I bought him an epic mount) around Barrens and Stonetalon. Fast-paced farming!

Ashwhack, the warrior, reached level 30 ; so have my second Kodo. Having real trouble organising all the spells and abilities, and knowing when to use what during a fight (Suggestions welcome)
At 30, got Beserker stance to add to the confusion. Also got the quest for a nice 2H weapon. Very tough for a 30 - have to kill a 40 elite at the end, as well as elementals in Arathi Highland, and Trolls in STV.

Ashayo raiding Gruul & Mags. Actually won some nice gloves ; similar stats to existing gloves, but have 2 gem sockets as well.

Attunement to MC on 60 Mage with some guildies in prep for raid in a couple of weeks.

Planning on running Gnomeregan next week. Rushed Rogue from 20-25 in order to get Rig Wars quest for Triprunner Dungarees ; but wasn't being offered. Need to get that quest *before* you get Chief Engineer Scooty quest?!


Email 1

Email 1

Hey guys!

Blade here...
In response to my last email, and subsequent episodes of Ctrl Alt Wow... I'm continuing my thread on transformations...
First... Aprillian and her druid toon... now that he's past lv10 and has a free teleport to Moonglade, it should be easy to get training... simply cast the spell, run to the trainer and then hearth back to whatever place you were in before...
There IS a Druid trainer in Silvermoon City... look at the city map (press M)... see the little patch of green just about center on the map?
There's a female druid there (the only one) and she happens to be a trainer...
Oh... as a complete aside... I'm NOT in the Beta... just curious enough about the stuff I've been emailing about to make a point to learn some of the best ways to get or accomplish them...

Now... on to the topic of transformation...
Specifically... Ashayo mentioned he's like to know how to get the Polymorph: Pig spell for his mage...
Be ready... for it is a quest chain frought with peril the likes of which...
Ahh... who am I kidding... it's actually pretty easy...
At level 60, go to Archmage Xylem in Azshara, he'll have a quest called 'Warlord Krellian'... basically, the Archmage has sensed another source of magic (a Prismatic Shell) and wants YOU to go and get it (and of course kill the creature that has it)...
Warlord Krellian is at 41,52 in a temple... if I remember correctly, he has a single guard and is a lv55... so not terribly difficult to kill solo...
Take the shell back to the Archmage (the guy that was too lazy to go get the shell himself)... and he'll give you another quest... this time to TEST the shell's magic power...
Carry the shell with you and polymorph the Spitelash Nagas that you will find at the ruins below the Archmage's tower... after a few seconds, some clones will spawn... they move FAST, so as soon as you see them, drop them with a Frost Nova or Arcane Explosion... AOE the little sheeplets... the shell will collect their essences...
You can even use Arcane Explosion level1... the clones die THAT easily...
After 50 essences (and the completion of the quest), go back to the Archmage and he teaches you the Polymorph: Pig spell.
Yeah... it's THAT easy.

Oh... here's something to whet your appetite for the upcoming expansion... MORE Polymorph variations for Mages!
Specifically... Endora Moorehead (an NPC in Dalaran) will sell the Tome of Polymorph: Snake and Tome of Polymorph: Black Cat for the low, low bargain price of only 2500g each! Be wary, though... these are rep-dependent and will be of limited quantity... so hopefully they will be BoP items to stop people from simply buying them and dropping them onto the AH at a ridiculous markup...
Also... for those that will take Inscription as a profession... there will be a Glyph that will alter your Polymorph spell to produce a Penguin instead of a Sheep!

And now I'll leave you with an easter egg (as always), a future mysterious topic... and a little extra cookie!
First... the easter egg...
In fact... I'll put in two...
In Dire Maul North, when doing a tribute run, you are required to create an ogre suit to fool one of the guards. The quest requires you to get an Ogre Tannin out of a basket; once the tannin is removed, an ogre will run down the steps yelling "It puts the tannin in the basket, or else it gets the club again!"
This is a reference to the movie 'Silence of the Lambs' during a scene involving the killer and his captive. If you're not old enough to have seen this movie... ask someone about it. (See? Ol' Blade can be PC when he needs to be...)

Also... there's a ring that drops (I think it's in the Scarlet Monastery)... it's a blue... binds on equip... has some +stamina and some +attack power... but what's REALLY noteworthy is it's name... Mark of Kern.
Named after... the man... the legend... the World of Warcraft Team Lead... Mark Kern!

So... as promised... (not that the more astute among you can't do a little Armory-surfing and find out this information anyway...)
I've decided to reveal my server - so that you can all come and say 'hi'!
Come find me on Bladetusk (or do a /who of the guild I'm in and ask for me...)
The Server? Ghostlands
The Guild? Raiders of the Lost Orc

Next week? A Paladin ranged weapon!

As always, an awesome podcast guys!

Blade / Michael

Email #2

Hey guys!

Auho here, I have to tell you guys it has finally happened after listening to CtrlAltWow since episode 11 I have finally started a second account. I have officially stared multi-boxing as off a week ago. So far most of the time i have been doing the refer a friend with my fiancée so we can get a few more characters up into the 60's before Wrath. As soon as we calm down on that though and school eases up some (second semester of my junior year in college) I planning on creating a paladin and a shaman. I really miss my level 70 alliance paladin ever since I left him to come play horde side and a shaman because that class has always fascinated me. If it wasn't for you guys I don't think i would of had the courage to try it.
Also I listened to Aprillian's interview on on How I Wow, I thought that was a very entertaining show. I thought it was very interesting how she used to play the sims online because I remember seeing it in stores but never picking it up. Also a few weeks ago Aprillian mentioned she did two podcasts ever since I have been wondering what the other one was. I know that everyone that writes in says how great you guys are and I am going to say it also. I have 30ish podcast that i download every week and there are five that i listen to for sure and then i listen to the others if i have time. And at the top of that list is CtrlAltWow!! You guys are great and I look forward to hearing you every week!!!!

Your fan Auho level 70 druid Deathwing PVP US

Is Glanthur going to come back, and if so are you guys going to do a three person show. That would be awesome!!!

Email 3

Hi Guys,
Love the show, been listening since the glanthor days, although i've never duel-boxed (untill recently, more of that later). So i've a few comments, suggestions and tips. I'll just list them and you can use them if you want.
I'm glad that both of use are using this mod, i've used it, tried others, and come back to it. I was catching up on an old episode in which Ashayo mentioned that he missed the organisation of his individual bags. You might have figured this out by now but there is an edit feature in the top right hand corner. When you click on this some numbers will appear, the number one will show all of your bag contents, numbers 2-5 will have nothing. Click on the number two and about half way down the options you will be able to set the parameters for that slot. For example you can set section 2 to food, drink and consumables. now you can exit the bags, when you reopen the bag it should be slit in to two sections, one with food, drink and consumables and the other with the rest of your goods. I normally have lots of sections, there is an option to add more slots so you can have 8 or 9 sections. I split them up as follows
1. Quest Items - nice if you need to find a quest item to click, or handy to clear out once in a while, i'm used to carring items for 12 or 20 items which have no use to me!
2. Soulbound items - keeps track of your gear, very helpful if you have two sets (healing/dps) and also nice when you complete a bunch of quests with soul bound rewards.
3. Non-soul bound things - when you hit the AH you can pop them up there without looking through your bags.
4. Food and Drink - anything that runs out, pots etc. mana gems for my mage.
5. Grey items - i dont use a auto sell mod so when i hit a vendor i can see what i have. Also nice if your bags are full and you need to pick up a green.
6. Crafting mats - depending on your professions.
You can customise this the way you like.
I've been listening to what people have been saying about their approach to the WOTLK, i guess i have a different opinion. I dont have time to do the dailies and get lots of money, i'd rather spend the time leveling alts or doing other things. I'm really not sure that you will need a lot of money. I didnt start playing WOW untill after BC came out. But was it not true that at level 60 (before BC) it was pretty hard to get the 500g required for the epic land mount. and when BC came out the hike in money from drops and quests made it a lot easier to get this gold. I guess what i'm saying is that if someone spends hours and hours doing dailies and grinding for money, are they not wasting their time, because what if the new 'standard' amount of gold from a quest reward is 25g and the dailies are bringing in 50/60g a quest? Maybe i'm just hoping this will be the case, because i'm so poor. /cry.
With the refer a friend i've had to plunge in and try a little duel boxing, and for anyone who thinks they cant do this with out a high end computer you are wrong. I play on a low end lap top, granting sometimes i get lag and all the settings are low i still get by. Another thing that i've not heard mentioned is that you can try duel-boxing, refer-a-friend style, as a 7 day trial.
I find it interesting listening about the different styles of duel boxing. Here is how i'm running my two toons. Warlock/priest combo, i chose these two because they have the pet and similar spells, dots and direct damage. I have been using key clone with some success. the first thing i did was use the setting on key clone to only clone the number keys, i set up a macro on the priest (the follower) which basically was a /follow farg (name of the warlock) and another as /assist farg. i bound this macro to 0 on the hot bar, and them i set up the spells so that similar spells were on the same numbers for each toons, ie instant dot on 4, direct damage with 1.5 second cast on 3, wand on 2. As i run into combat with the main toon i'll target something, hit 0 (which does nothing on the warlock but gets the priest to target the same mob. then i can cast my spells. if things go wrong i can always alt tab and get the heals going. once i'm done i hit 0 again and the 2nd toon follows.
I thing that should do it for this e-mail.
Sealla (AIE), Farg, Bulli, Koichen, Hango, and many more!

Email 4

Greetings Ashayo and /wink Aprillian,

Just finished the brewfest episodes and it always amazes me how into the game y’all are. The point of view each of you takes is very refreshing and reminds me of how I felt when I first started playing the game.

After a long day of grinding new teams (this time through questing and not boosting in instances) I decided I’d fix myself a sandwich. But what’s this there was only an enough lunch meat left for one. How can this be, whatever shall I do? After spending about 3 minutes thinking about what else I was going to eat I realized that there is only one of me, and thus no need to feed myself 4 times. This thought shocked the hell out of me. Have I really been playing WoW and multi-boxing too much? Which I guess brings me to the main point of this email, when was the first moment y’all realized WoW had taken over your lives?



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  1. Hey Guys Auho here. I was listening to episode 83 and at an hour and three minutes in something happened to the file and it sounds all messed up. I d/led it a few times so i don,t think it is on my side.