Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 85 - The Candy Shop

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

By the time we are recording, we should all be knee deep in 3.02

What We've Been Doing


Spent Sun afternoon getting Kapril, Drainei pally to 30. Went to Menethil Harbor with Aloq and finished the cursed crew quest. Ran into a Nelf Hunter and buffed her with underwater breathing. Afterwards she saved me when I was fighting the Captain, and Kapril Dinged 30 in the help opening the footlocker. She hearthed to Exador and summoned Aloq and went to the Pally trainer and got her pally mount and riding skill and bought an Elek, I love it. So now I am going to get Aloq to 30 and then leave my alliance alone. Sunday night I got Aloq to 30 and hearthed to SW and then Summoned Kapril and then ubby called me for dinner. After I logged on, got the Warlock training and then the mount. Then we rode across the map and bought a horsey
Monday night spent most of the time trying to level my 27 mage Tiiaa and 27 druid Drame. Spent silly time getting their skinning up thinking they could skin in South Barrens. After getting them to 36 and 18 respectively, realized after killing my first Thunder Lizard it needed 100 skinning. We did the Gann's quest, had fun sheeping mobs with the mage, she also had the cooking quest, killing rats in Bael.
After finishing them, I realized Tiiaa was going to ding 28, when she turned in the nitro Glycerin wood pulp quest, but more importantly Drame might too, so I sent him down to blow up that flying machine and come back ding and give Tiiaa a level. He came close, so I brought in Treshel and had her help Drame finish the Weapons of Choice and the skulls quest and ding and then he gave Tiiaa a level.
So now Tiiaa is level 29. I am thinking of signing up for a BG and then having her get some levels from Suyna get her mount and rush to the mage trainer and then have her come into bg with many higher levels and a mount.
But then it was time for bed. I waved goodbye to WoW BC and knew the next time I sat down at my desk, I would be playing the brand new beautiful Echoes of Doom, WoW 3.02
I had patched on one computer with the idea of copying to all the others. But the patch wasn't available before I left for work. At work I pulled out my MBA around 11am and the patch was available for dl. I almost didn't take it because I knew I could get it at home but for some reason I couldn't connect to my desktops at home. Spent most of the day downloading. Did the first 1.2 gigs and then the 400mb. All the time watching the Apple event.

I tried to get in and do stuff Tues night but the server kept going down. A couple of things I discovered, for some reason I can't put pets on the AH

Got caught up with leveling herbalism and inscription. Starte some toons on herbalism and two on inscription. Then had to run through low areas to level herbalism.

Spent Wed night trying to stay on and couldn't, got frustrated and just logged off. Thursday morning, got Vapril caught up in inscriptions and had her and Weaa dual boxing herbalism in different zones. Then Vapril got inscription up to a point where she made these things that could only be used by Enchanters (1). SCROLLS, OH MY GOODNESS, SCROLLS! So now I"m obsessed with


Ashayo didn't take notes.

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