Monday, November 3, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 87 - Zombies: Good or Bad?

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

What We've Been Doing


Aprillian was still stuck in limbo. I would log on to her and get kicked off the server immediately. I solved the problem by logging on on a different client running on the same computer, some file must have been corrupted. Then I logged back on

Tiiaa, the mage that accidentally dinged 30, went to Silvermoon to get her chicken, there are Skeletal soliders and Spectral Undead there.

Don't go AFK, you'll come back and be a zombie

Deicded to do some questing with Primal and Suyna, well at first it was to get shards for Iwari so we went out into Badlands, but the mobs were too low for Iwari. But Primall got the Sigal of the Earth quest, which is one of my favorites. I decided to ride them out to the Elite Whelplings figuring Iwari would find something she could suck. We got out to the first small whelplings

Saturday night queue for ER

Someone pst me about using my alts to get feed for the Chicken Quest. So I headed to Westfall when I got there, there were a bunch of guildies

Dreamed about Zombies all night long.

Auntrillia got the zombie brain.

Losing track of who needs what and really silly trying to get all the candy on all 30 something alts. Still getting the minor glyphs for Vapril, although she ran out of the parchment while she was in outland. Had one of the mages port to Thunder Bluff then get summoned back to Outlands.

60 toothpicks on one toon.

Been getting levels left and right, kind of nice because it's across board. Got excited about Weea getting to close to 30 because she would be my first undead. She did all of the candy quests and was a third to 30, so I had everyone send her their wool and silk cloth and with a couple of turn ins, she was able to get to 30.

I realized Iwari needs to get to 55 or else I will only have 3 DK's.

Any use in Bobbing for Apples?

Figured out that the pumpkin thing is once a day.

Spent over 100g on the AH getting herbs for Vapril to level up Inscription, correction 200g. Crazy. Later I would regret this time spent.

Woke up Sat and realized the Hallow's end ends today at 4am

Keep bags full, have two toons with herbalism, one with bag full collects gets points then second one gets herb

Panicking Saturday. Everything is over at 4am. Running Iwari around to get all the candy with Primall, realizing she needs to be 55 and this a fast way to get her there.

I kept getting disconnected at work. It was almost surreal.

Saturday night I had planned to be up until 4am, but ended up conking out before 1am. I did get the candies of Azeroth finished on a lot of characters including Iwari and Treshel. Treshel dinged 58. Of course she's not getting much attention because she's not on the RAF accounts.

Invited Blade into the guild.

I created aliases of my game applications and gave them names.

Sunday, back to normal. Felt weird not logging in to each character to TOT.

Tay, Ally AH Whore, got an email from GM with pets enclosed. They thought I had accidentally deleted pets and they restored it. I took a screen shot of the actual error and emailed it to them. Then I got a whisper from a GM. Turns out the problem was old pets, so I spent almost an hour putting pets up and then moving the ones that had problems. Then I got fresh ones from my horde side, at the same time I found out how to use the new Auctioneer.

I enjoyed the zombie invasion ; a refreshing change to the predictability of world events. Hiide got infected and took the portal to IronForge, which resulted in a disconnect. Was told that holding down W while logging in won't get you disconnected. Being in a completely over-run Orgrimmar and trying to avoid dozens of zombies was fun!

Ashayo bought all the trinkets from the AD qtrmaster - Argent Knight bubble-hearthing is hilarious.
Also ran Kara on Ashayo to get the batling pet.

Jekle - ran with Bippers doing Mount Hyjal, and we got the 1st boss down - Rage Winterchill.
Also did my first full clear of ZA

Ran HH over and over and over ; never once saw the mount drop. ( Got a screen shot of 12 dead HH littering the GY)
Got a broom in the last hour, so I'm happy!

Realised I should be doing the Scourge events on my other 70's to help gear them up.
Got the pants of the rare mobs for most toons (including 62 mage) Bought the gloves and shoulders of the Qtrmaster.
Getting the chest peice is a little more challenging.
Farming the rares with hunter/mage to DE - 24+ void crystals
Cleared several full-health necrotic shards and the elites with Muerten - pally+warlock AOE ftw (even pulled two at once just coz we could)

Cowwoman got dark whelping in Dustwallow marsh while questing with warrior/shaman

Achievements - Exploration ; just missing one or two areas in most zones, collecting herbs as I go - on my broom of course.

Other Stuff to talk about

Contest for WotLK CE - Stories

Recording from the store the night of the release


Email 2

For the Alliance!

Hail, my friends. Just wanted to give you some thoughts on 3.0.2. First, it's all about the little things. The fact that boats now have crews makes the game that much more believable. I mean, who was driving the boats all this time? LOL. Also, I LOVE the new Paladin judgment/seal system. It's so much easier than before, and it's making my AOE grinding paladin, Arlaerus, so much more fun to play. Plus, with marksman hunters, the Rapid Recuperation talent, combined with the Rapid Killing talent, I've not had to use my Aspect of the Viper yet while grinding. Combined with Go For the Throat, my pet is always full of focus and I'm full on mana. Naga beware!

Also, I love the new Achievements system. I went to Glanthur to see how close to "World Explorer" he was, and I was surprised to see that after three years of playing WoW, there were still parts of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor that I had never ventured. Now though he's all set for Northrend.

Currently Arlaerus is level 65 in Zangarmarsh and I'm hoping to go into Terrokar Forest soon. Nagrand is my favorite zone in all of Outland, but I won't be ready for that till I'm 66/67 I think.

Oh, and poor Arlaerus got the urging for brains! I was one of those players that felt the plague was cool until I got infected. By the time in the event I finally did catch the plague, the countdown was down to 59 seconds. You try getting to an Argent Dawn healer from the Lower City in less than a minute while fighting off zombies. LOL.

I also had a great time running SFK with Aprillian on Palanor. He now has some great blues, and once I get Arlaerus to 70, I'm going to focus on getting Palanor to 30 to get his chicken mount.

Anyway, I also wanted to comment that the podcast now sounds so professional. I hope that once real-life calms down a bit, I can start to become a regular contributor again since it was such an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Ctrl Alt WoW podcast.

Oh, and one other thing, a few episodes back you talked about how annoying it was to get to the Warlock trainers in Stormwind. A little bit of lore for Alliance NPC culture, warlocks are not looked upon to kindly by the Alliance. Stormwind has the largest cathedral in Azeroth, and is dedicated to preserving the Light and all it stands for. You can imagine that in the NPC culture, Warlocks don't fit in well with either Ironforge or Stormwind culture. Just wanted to share that cool little tidbit. All right, take care, keep up the good work, and let me end the way I began...FOR THE ALLIANCE!


Email 3

Hello again,
even though it is Friday today and the greatest holiday of them all, yes Halloween,
however I have sad news.
11 days, that is the sad news.
i have 11 days until my refer a friend wonderful xp bonus runs out and than i will have to go back to the past and just play one character and just gain measly normal xp.

i am doubly sad because i dont know what to do.
i have created so many alts that i have scrambled my brain so please shed some light, should i just concentrate on getting the close characters that are around lvl 30's to lvl 40 or i dont know,
please let me know and maybe i can get some production out of the days left.

thank you as always and happy trick or treating.


Feed Issues

I know you guys switched podcast feeds, but I only see the podcast being posted in Mp4 that how its going to stay?


Good morning Aprillian and Ashayo

You guys must have changed over to a new set up. Unfortunately I can not longer listen to your pod cast here at work because of the change. I listen through Google reader and I noticed that you can subscribe through Google reader which I did, but once I tried to play back the episode, nothing happens.

Just a FYI for you


Sorry you are having problems Patrick, we did change our feed. Our new feed is:

And the new website hosting the feed is:

Hopefully that will help. The old company shut down. I tried to do everything possible to make the transition as smooth as possible. Thanks for letting us know.

Aprillian and Ashayo.

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