Monday, November 10, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 88 - Are you Prepared again!

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Lots of complaints about the file. This episode is only being released in Mp3 format.. Will see how much room I'll have towards the end of the month and what the listeners think of it before determining if this will be the only format.

Plans for Wed night:
Aprillian will be in line at the local Gamestop handing out cards and candy and having a raffle to win a free Authenticator.

What We've Done:


Did random stuff Monday night, all pretty stupid. Thought it would be good if Aprillian used her cloth cooldowns, but she didn't have any neitherweave cloth so I sent her to grind out by Falcon Watch

Tues night, don't know which pair to work on. Then I decide I want a Devilsaur. Auntrillia ventured into the Crater alone. It didn't go well.

I took my level 35 Druid, Drame and a level 30 something mage, we died

Wed morning took Auntrillia, Rilfire and Aprillian into the Crater and got the Devilsaur. It's amazing.

I'm hopelessly lost with the RAF. Two days left.

Decided to focus on my Mage. I gave her some levels and now she's 38. Took her to the Flats, Then she had to go to Dustwallow marsh for some Warlock quests. Did some triple boxing with some higher toons. She got to 39.

Got up Fri morning to play and the realms were down. Notice said rolling restarts but ER didn't come up for some time. I got on my Dunemaul Alliance toon. I had a level 2 on the main account running around with a level 9 in the Dranei starting area. I knew I had some levels to give but got him to 6 before I got to give him 3 levels. I changed to my Earthern ring account and my RAF was over. I felt all alone.

So I thought I guess I should focus on getting to 70



Still trying to get the epic undead chest piece for Hiide, which means Glaciuss has been collecting more void crystals.
Alot of fun to AOE the undead - am now revered with Argent Dawn on both Pally and Warlock. Cleared a couple with Mata, who got his Rogue geared. Cleared a few with Tarqq, Deirdrea, Sigurn and Johnni

3.0.3 patch - 3 sec broom cast time :(
Updated Ark Inventory - search function

Working on achievements with Ashayo
- Snuck into Zul'Gurub to get the fishing achievement
- Working on Heroics
- Completed daily cooking achievement
- Completed Nagrand achievement - only needed 1 quest, and had real problems finding one
- Stratholme ; quested too to get trinket that increases vs undead damage

Jekle got ZA achievement ; wondering if I should've made my healer the achievement toon.

Guild MC run - 9 red core hounds, including one for Hiide!

Black Temple run - Downed High Lord Naj'entus and Supremus in our first night there.
Sunwell Plateau Suicide run - Wiped over and over on trash ; even after finding Eye of Kilrogg 'exploit'

ZF with Shaman


Email 1

Hey guys...
In response to your request - as you know ol' Blade will deliver when asked - I'll tell you all about how my family reacts to my Warcraft play...
Now... ol' Blade works hard at his job and at school... and I don't think it'd have been possible for me to have gotten Bladetusk or any of my alts to lv70 without someone as understanding as Mrs. Blade.
Before you ask... no she doesn't play, yes she does listen to me rant about the few things that might irritate me in the game (mainly how I think there should be a curfew for Alliance toons)... and she does so with one-part patience and two parts skepticism... yeah she'll listen - and even offer advice now and then... but By The Fist of My Old Uncle Throgg is her tongue sharp!
So I get support... she reads and does her own projects while Ol' Blade is mercilessly cutting down beasts and Alliance in Azeroth... but I'd better have the dishes done before I do...
That leads me to our two 'kids'... kittens we named 'Goblin' and 'Sprite'... ironically, the names had nothing to do with the World of Warcraft... Goblin is a jet-black kitty, and Sprite his little sister... When they want attention, they will stop at nothing to get it... clutching at cables, crawling on keyboards... and crawling up Papa Blade's back... the list is endless...
We chose their names because of the fact that we have a fey-like garden in our backyard with ponds and flowers and trees... 'mystical' the elves would call it, I guess...
Though I have to say... Ol' Blade cuts down the grass just as mercilessly as he mows down the Scourge...

A few things from me... and Ol' Blade's a man of his word... a shout out to Jusdoit and Soxie of the Ghostlands server... for helping me clear some bagspace by taking some non-combat pets off my hands (on Wolftusk) and for cluing me in to an interesting achievement that I think Aprillian might like to get started on:
50 mounts = an Albino Netherdrake!

Now... some Easter Eggs to whet your appetite...
In Nagrand, at the Nesingwary Safari site, there's a crashed plane nearby... if I recall correctly, it should have an engineering vendor right next to it named 'Pilot Marsha'. I wonder what those snakes are doing crawling all over the plane... is this a reference to anything...?

Now... back to Thunder Bluff with you... head to the Pool of Visions and talk to Clarice Foster (if I recall, she gives you a quest to take a necklace to her husband's grave in Silverpine Forest... but notice her name? Now harken back a few years (to 1991) and the movie Silence of the Lambs... and Jodie FOSTER's character... CLARICE Starling...
Oh... look closely at the NPC... her lips are sewn shut - perhaps an homage to the movie poster?

I know I said I'd go into details about the hunter pet trees this week, but I think this email is long enough... so I'll leave you with a few hints on how to more-easily tame your various and sundry pets that you can now get as a result of the new Beast Mastery talent tree...
The first one... something obvious for those level 20 and above... Freezing Trap... if it doesn't resist, your future pet will be immobilized and 3/4 or more through the Taminig bar before it even has a chance to attack you... very very easy way to do it...
And for those of you not quite at level 20 (the level at which you learn Freezing Trap) have faith!
There's a quest in Sen'jin Village at level 5 (the lowbie Troll area in Durotar) wherein you have to go and gather 'Intact Makrura Eyes' and 'Crawler Mucus' for Master Vornal. The REWARD for this quest is something called 'Really Sticky Glue'. Toss this at your future pet and then hit the Tame button right away... the critter will be held fast to the ground where you hit it with the glue... voila! A new pet!
(I hear this stuff is really awesome to use in PVP as well! Woot!)
Of course... there are other ways of snagging or 'rooting' a future pet... Netherweave Nets... Gnomish Net-Guns... the list goes on... but these two methods can be used - specifically by lowbies - to catch pets with little-to-no risk of harm.
Happy hunting!

That's it for now... as always an awesome podcast guys!


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  1. Not sure if you heard or not but they are not having a midnight release at the providence place mall game stop. It was change to an 8am thursday release because the mall would not let them stay open.