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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 106 - Working Day and Night

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Contest Ongoing send an email to and being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or an authenticator.

I was interviewed by

What We've Been Doing:


Training Engineering with Ally DK. Bought stuff from the ally ah, only expensive thing was copper ore. Got her to 200 using a guide off the internet. I made the other one a miner.

Tues morning got up at 6 to see that maintenance was starting 8, so decided to get some play time in before going back to bed.

Cooking Daily was Mustard dogs, easy as pie, got all four mustards up by the Landing. My ally alt was completely out of pets except for a couple of dragonhawks and some cockroaches.

Got my Nelf DK to 238 mining, just by smelting ore. Got my Gnome DK to 281 Engineering. Finally had to send the Nelf out into the real world to mine.

Did Dailies on Epril, Auruk and Aprillian. Friday it was the wine glass one for cooking and the Valkri necklace for Jewel Crafting. I've got the to get Aprillian to make cloths cooldowns. Aprillian went to Dragonblight

Friday night I had both Koe and Epril in Silthius mining Thorium. Oh and Shadowmeld is OP.


- In-game virus email ; links to a "guild video" that installs keylogger.

- Oracles - 1 x tickbird

- 3.1 background downloader ; slow - seeding

- Guppers 25-man Naxx. Nice progress through Plague, Arachnid and Military quarters. Yet to do the safety dance without a death (which is an achievement)

- 25-man VoA : Both priest gloves and chest dropped -only one priest (should've brought Asheal!) Johnni from DwP Naxx group got both. Gratz!

- 10-man Naxx : Arachnid quarter - Loatheb (the "no healz" boss) - died with boss having 5000 health, tank was last one standing, took him down! - Instructor Razuvious ; with one Understudy dead! (much easier than I remember 40-man naxx being)

- Weekly achievements: [Bread Winner] - 10,000g from quest rewards [The Empire of Zul'Drak] - 100 Quests in Zul'Drak [Dehydration] - Ichoron's Ichor Globules not merging in Violet Hold [Higher Learning] - Necromancy book spawned shortly after Naxx run finished. (Hint: /join bookclub) Receive item [The schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery] Allows you to teleport to the spire atop Violet Citadel Where you find Archmage Vargoth, and he gives you [Kirin Tor Familiar] - a NCP like a void walker.

- Attempts at Caverns of Time proto-drake 2 minutes short ; but first time for Tarqq to run it, let alone tank it.

- Joined BoE's guild last week. You'll need to listen to their podcast to find the guild and server. Completely gathering - mining and herbalism. Levelled to 450 Titansteel cooldown at 60! Interesting trying to run around Outlands Northrend at level 60 to level professions. Was killing level 64 mobs ok, but harder to kill level 65.

- Westley, Blackangel and Deadlyvyv all hit 80 this week (after playing for only a few months) Trying UK Heroic. Failed Tried Utgarde Pinnacle the next night, and had much more success. Though it did highlight undergeared for heroics. For example, hit rating is needed to ensure hunter traps are more reliable.


Talked to Jovam in-game, and asked what he'd like us to talk about more. PvP it is.

Finally got Arlaerus to 430 in Jewelcrafting. Am now doing the dailies in Dalaran. I can make Glanthur a Titanium Impact Band to get his Superior achievement without shelling out 6000 gold for Kirin Tor ring. That's always good.
Killed rare T-Rex rare mob.
Glanthur is done with heroics for a while.

Bladed Edge

Hey all, Blade here...

Things have been interesting this past week... and I'm a little uncertain as to where to go from here... See... I tried a few things this week... did a little pvp... only enough to remind myself how much I detest it... Also tried a little 10-man raiding... people have assured me that 'Once you find a good group of people you know and like, it will be very different'... but ya see... here's the Catch-22... how do you *find* these people if they're all already in raid groups of their own? Kinda like 'How do you get experience tanking a raid if all the raids only want raid-experienced tanks?' So all in all... I haven't done a lot on Skull for that reason. I'm already geared enough for Heroics and 10-Raids... I realize I'll have to juggle gear around to push my hit-cap and expertise higher for 25-raids, but if I never get enough 10-raid drops, I won't get to see the 25-raid stuff. I've been playing Wolf this week a little more... went to Howling Fjord and picked up that quest that has you don a worg disguise in order to talk to another questgiver for another two or three quests... but I kept the disguise... it fits with my 'character' so when I'm in the Fjord on Wolf, I pull out his Worg pet (Goremaw - the elite from Grizzly Hills) and the two of them run the hills of Howling Fjord as wolves across the snow-covered plains. Also... I got back on my Mage (Greymalkyn) and dps'd Utgarde Keep! Wow! You dps-types have it EASY! All you have to do is point and click!

Nah... I know each role requires its own degree of skill specific to the situation... and we *did* have a 80 bear druid tanking it... so the entire run was super super easy... but still... dps sure beats the heck out of tanking in terms of worrying about threat and mob positioning and marking and healer aggro and... and... and... This week I'll find a level-fair group of 70s and see about doing it again... that way I don't get lazy.


From the Dirty Little Tricks Department... In defense of the Frost Mage... yeah yeah... I know what you're thinking... 'But Blade... Arcane iz pewpew now... do not need Frost kk thx'. Ah... but how soon you all forget. I'd bet even money that 75% or more of you leveled to where you are now as Frost... some of the more pvp-minded went the way of the Fire Mage... but the majority of you were Frost. Some of us *stayed* Frost. Back in the day... only Frost Mages had their really cool 'damage mitigation' tricks like Ice Block... then someone inevitably QQ'd and said 'No fair why can't fire mages turn into blocks of ice?' (Let's ignore the obvious lack of logic in that statement, shall we?) The end result was... all Mages can now turn into blocks of ice. Instead of a talent, it's now a spell... The good thing is... this [Emergency Ice Block] macro still works...

#showtooltip Ice Block /stopcasting /cancelaura Ice Block /cast Ice Block

Basically... it stops whatever you were casting before... great as a 'O-Crap!' button... and freezes you solid... tap it again and it dismisses the ice Block... so this one isn't one you'll want to spam. Ah... but back to the cold-as-ice Frost Mages... our Water Elemental pet is one of the nicer talents... that and the super-huge crit potential we have against frozen targets... Try this [Water Elemental / Frost Nova Macro]:

#showtooltip Summon Water Elemental /cast [nopet] Summon Water Elemental /click PetActionButton5 /cast Frost Nova

What's it do? Summons your Water Elemental if it's down, casts your Water Elemental's Frost Nova and if THAT is down, drops yours... Now add this [Point-and-Shoot Ice Lance] macro as well:

#showtooltip Ice Lance /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Ice Lance; Ice Lance

Now you're in business... I'd put this macro on a button on your mouse... like Right-Click with the Ctrl key down or something... cause you'll be using it a lot... and it will also free up a key on your hotbar that way.


From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket... I assume you've all been to Vengeance Landing at some point... if you didn't stay very long, head on back and stop in at the inn... there's a picture hanging on the wall that's an obvious /nod to the painter Grant Wood and *his* rather-famous painting of 1930 entitled "American Gothic"... And... this ones for you comic-book fans... from Ol' Blade to you in a sort-of 'honor to the superhero-genre' of movies that have come out of late... and are coming soon! Specifically, the Paladin spell Avenger's Shield - the 41-point talent in the Protection tree. The TCG card has the flavor text "Those who oppose the shield must yield.". Interesting, no? This is a /nod to the Marvel superhero known as Captain America. From the action of the spell (one of Captain America's trademark tricks was to hurl his shield at his enemies and have it ricochet off them before returning to him...), to the name of the spell itself (Cap was a member of fthe superhero team known as the Avengers...), to the card's caption... Waaay back in the 1960s there was a short-lived (and rather poorly animated - even for the '60s) animated Captain America show with the following verse as a theme: "When Captain America throws his mighty shield All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield If he's led to a fight and a duel is due Then the red and the white and the blue'll come through When Captain America throws his mighty shield!"

As always, an awesome podcast guys!

Loremaster Blade


Email #1 from Stephen

Hi Aprillian, Glanthur, and Ashayo -

First I want to thank you for your podcast it's always a great listen and one of the few WoW-related that I regularly listen to.

In large part because of you guys I've just taken the plunge into something I've always been intrigued by but never knew enough about to try - multi-boxing (well, I can run two instances of the game on my old Sony VAIO Centrino Duo laptop with no problems). I basically spent yesterday afternoon figuring things out and had a lot of fun!

I started two pairings... an odd couple Paladin/Rogue combo figuring they'd probably hate each other but be a well-matched pair (and on top of that made the Rogue an enchanter since I don't have one in my stable of alts), and a warlock/mage combo. I haven't gone very far probably around level 14 for all four of those toons, but I already notice with the refer-a-friend bonus that I've outleveled the content I have quests for (some are greying out, most are green).

Here are some basic questions I have: is there an add-on that will turn in quests for all party members or does that need to be done manually? I'm still really new to this and don't use many macros (even on my main) but would you suggest I educate myself and look into a multiplexor? I don't think I want a split screen showing both accounts simultaneously but I have had to stop when I noticed that the following toon was stuck running against something... what are your thoughts on this? Should I drop my grey quests immediately to move up to level-appropriate zones or should I take it slow to help develop their professions? Should I even be questing? My goal isn't really to race through (I have until June for the refer-a-friend) I'm just trying to level some classes I haven't tried before but I don't want to be wasting my time either if I can be more efficient.

Thanks for the info, Stephen Email #2 from Sevononine

Hey Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

I have been a long time listener and wanted to tell you that your work is much appreciated! I listen to a few wow podcasts and yours is definitely number one or two. Your insight on the game has helped me avoid those "noob" moments and your multi-boxing discussions have been very interesting.

I wanted to tell you how I play my alts. I just dinged 55 on my Paladin, she was my first level 55 so I parked her in undercity and she is resting happily while I take my first Death Knight out for a trial run. My Undead death knight is now level 60 and took his first trip to Shattrath and I have to say the ports are do convenient I had no idea what I was missing :)

Again thanks for the great show and For The Horde!!

Sevononine(55 Plaladin) and Tajj( 60 Death Knight)

Email #3 from Sjostrom

Well its sjostrom again and i got somethin ta ask. Now im sorry if this has been asked before and i missed it im sorry but i would really like to hear each of yalls favorite class! Thanks, Sjostrom

Sent from my iPod

Email #4 from Elsinne Starsong

I cannot hold my tongue while Aprillian and Glanthur trash the great city of Darnassus. I am praying to Elune that I can hold my composure as I type this.

Ironforge is designed in a simple, uncomplicated way because it was designed by dwarves. It couldn't be any other way. I would expect no more from them. Don't get me started on Orgrimmar. Aprillian, Orgrimmar is nothing but a burned out crater. I suspect that it was designed to weed out the weak. If you can't handle the physical feats it requires to get around, then you don't belong there. That must be the orcish line of thought. I expect this from a race who values brute strength over intelligence. I am insulted that you would compare that poorly built matchstick city of Thunder Bluff to Darnassus. But I won't go into that further because it would just give me a headache.

Glanthur complains that Darnassus isn't laid out well and there are no guards. Train wreck? Has it occurred to him that we don't have spare people standing around with nothing better to do than give directions? We'd rather not have a bunch of visitors anyway. Most of you others are disruptive. Dwarves like sticking their noses where they don't belong. You won't find anything related to the Titans in our city. Please go look someplace else. Humans? Always in a hurry. Always. "Darnassus isn't laid out well. It's too time consuming to get around." Where are you in a rush to get to? And Draenei? Can't you just go back where you came from? And gnomes can't complain. They're too irresponsible to handle a city of their own. That's been proven. Furthermore, they break everything they touch. Let them continue to tear up Ironforge.

Darnassus is the most beautiful city in creation. That's not an opinion; it's a fact. We take pride in it's grace, serenity, and seclusion.

Hopefully the sindorei Ashayo has more respect for our marvelous city.

Your podcast is fantastic and I love you guys. The three of you are wonderful. Elune be praised! Elsinne Starsong Email #5 from Gothicplate

Hello all,
I was listining to your pod cast and I think Glanthus was talking about searching the AH for cooking recipies you didn't know and you mentiond you had to mouse over them to tell. If you click the "Use" box it will only show you the recipies you need not the ones you already know.
Hope this helps,
Horde 77 Troll Death Knight
Guild Blitzkrieg

Email #6 from Valathilia

Hello guys :) Valathilia again This time I actually have a question, I am currently trying to get vala her epic flyer and most of my profession mats go to my guild and are raids. However farming mats and not gaining any gold toward my flyer Is a bit annoying, I do my dailys as often as I can, but is there a easier way to make gold? And is blizzard going to put another daily zone like isle of quel'danas? And glanthur it's totally cool that you couldn't pronounce my name, I am not ever sure if I pronounce it correctly LOL well that's what I get for pressing random Thanks guys for the awesome podcast For the alliance (now leveling a dranei shaman and it's great)

Email #7 from Ginsue

Hey Kids!

I say kids because all adult gamers are just kids trapped in adult bodies. :-)

I was wondering with geography being against you three, how you got together on this podcast.

I have met many, many people over the years of gaming. I started out playing first person shooters and have now dragged some of my old shoot um up friends to Azeroth.

If you can fit in the story of how CnrtlAltWow became what it is today in the next episode I would love to hear it. I have been listening now for about 15 or so episodes some I'm semi new.

I understand splitting the show due to time zone issues but I must say I liked it better when all three of you could comment on what had been going on in each others week in Wow. Its not bad this way it was just a bit better before. Maybe we can move Ashayo over here though I hear women outnumber the men down under so he prolly won't want to leave. :-)

Thanks for the entertainment!!!!


P.S. Any luck finding more authentacators?

And one more thing


You mentioned that you fear being hollered at for not wanting to dual spec healer/tank.

My main is a rogue and I just got one of my many alts to 80. He is a paladin and I plan to spec ret PVE and ret PVP. No healing build and no tanking build.

So if anyone yells and makes you feel bad you can always sit back and think Inacan (Ginsue's alt pali) really must be getting ripped on daily.

I have tanked and healed end game content in ZG and MC on my druid. I feel I have paid my dues.

Don't let the man get you down and play the way that makes you happy.

Happy Hunting,


Email #8 from MO

Hello, sorry I was not able to email last week; as you know life does get in the way of wow at times.

I am still enjoying my RAF as i have one month left.

My Alliance pair on Borean Tundra are up to 45 almost and it is getting a little easier to get through the mobs and also make more gold now.

I have not started the ctrl alt guild yet and we will see if we do or not.

I do have to say I am in the minority in that all the dual spec talks, I dont see how it will benefit me. With my alt playing style or even other people that just pve, I dont know if this is a huge deal, especially since it may be 1000gold. But we shall see, I may change my mind. I am glad to see the Priest changes as I dont think they are getting nerfed. On my 75 priest, I do have to manager my mana better but that goes for most mana classes doesnt it.

As always thank you for your show and I hope to write you again as one pair of alt hit 50 and other pair work on 30's. For the Ctlr Alt Wow Thank you


Email #9 Keelhaul

Woot! I just dinged level 80 on my dorf hunter. Next project, getting my epic flying skill. I decided to go back to Dragonblight and complete the rest of the quests I missed there. I also got to finish the Wrathgate story line and all I can say is awesome! Questing for gold instead of xp is paying off and I have gone from 700 gold to almost 2,000 gold in a fairly short amount of time.

I am currently working on Oracle rep in Sholzar (sp) basin and really enjoying the dailies there. I can’t wait to get my egg! I do have a question; I guess you can get rep by wearing tabards from the various factions. I went to wowhead and looked at some of the stuff you can buy with rep, but nothing jumped off the page at me. What would you recommend a Dorf hunter that is an engineer/miner to work on first, rep wise? Thanks again for the great show guys! -Keelhaul

Thank you's & Stuff

Thank you #1 from Lesaun Hello its Lesaun, Last week i didn't know that it had to be a actual email :O, So ill tell you something i've done, about a month ago i wanted a level a few alts and i wanted to do refer-a-friend but i didn't want to spend to much money on keeping the account active, upgrade to bc, or transfer the other characters off the other account so i decided i would get my alts then just cancel the second account. i had thought i would have to spend 20 for the game + a month of wow which would have been 35$ but i later found out that when you buy the box you get 40days free play time also when you buy a month your main account gets a month so there's no point after the free 40days to buy 1 month so i was able to spend 20$ and get 70days to get as many 60s on my main account as i wanted. its been 30 days and i already have one 60 mage and a 30 pally on my main account + another 45levels i can grant and another 40days till my second account expires. I thought this info would be nice to some one who wants to level with refer a friend but only had 20$ to spend. Also yea glanther my rolls are always hot :).

--I would like the mounth free What info do you need for this? Thank you! -- (Sent)

Thank you #2 from Jeff Aprillian,

WoW, that is very nice of you to offer to include a mini for Solareia as well, thank you!
Solareia picks the Blood Elf mini if you still have one.
Thank you again!

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