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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 107 - Why Won't He Talk To Me (is it my breath)

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Contest Ongoing send an email to and being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or an authenticator.

Contest - Still no Authenticators. Iphone and other mobile phone app coming soon.

What We've Been Doing:


After last weeks podcast, I got to think about the wisdom of having an alliance engineer. And as easy as it was to get my Alliance toon to 281, I could do the same with a Horde one, of course it would have to be a DK. Which means I would have to delete a DK.

Decided to train my mage to be an engineer. She was at 40. She still had some Mage quests left to do, so she went with Epril, the DK miner to Arathi to do the witherbark totem quest and then into Scarlet Monastery to do the [40] [Rituals of Power](Part 3 of 3), she got the [Loksey's Training Stick] off of the Houndmaster. It was a nice upgrade from [Odo's Ley Staff].

A whisper on Auruk: [10:30:08] [Achiistra] whispers: don't wear spellpower gear
[10:32:15] To [Achiistra]: even if it looks good on me?
[10:32:25] [Achiistra] whispers: unless it's for RPing
[10:32:35] To [Achiistra]: which one is psell power and thanks by the way
[10:32:45] [Achiistra] whispers: [Clefthoof Wristguards] [Oversized Ogre Hauberk] [Helm of Affinity]
[10:32:53] [Achiistra] whispers: [Verdant Handwraps] [Unyielding Waistband of the Invoker] [Arcane Ringed Greaves]
[10:33:20] [Achiistra] whispers: wear more things like [Windroc Boots]
[10:34:06] To [Achiistra]: okay, I'm really just a alt skinner but I will try

Got up Thur morning and did Dailies, wine and Cheese for Auruk, Revenant for Epril, and mana cells and Sunfury plans for Aprillian. Then back to Power leveling my mage. Took her to Dustwallow marsh to complete some mage quests. Then to ZF. Had a blast in ZF.

Did Dailies Friday morning. Ran Elyte and Epril to Wyrmrest and then down to the Moa'ki and over to Venomspite to get the fp all the way to Howling Ford. Back to ZF with Epril and Tiaa. I am finding my "Death Knight" Footing.

Signed up for account

Went to Uldaman with Epril and Tiiaa, an alliance character laughed at me.


Oracle - White Tickbird Hatchling (Yes there are two tickbirds ; this is my first white one)
Warning: Don't put the egg in the bank - Blackangel's timer didn't decrement, and when he took it out, it was back at 7 days!
Gratz to Wych for getting the Green Proto-Drake this week! (bastard)

Exalted with Sons with Hodir on Ashayo and Asheal. Nice shoulder enchant and the Glacial Bag pattern for Asheal.
Violet Hold - Ichoron - cheated with crystals again - got Exalted with Ebon Blade, 15 Exalted Reputations
Only Argent Crusade to go with WotLK factions (quite a difference to BC factions!)

Drak'tharon Keep - Blackangel tank as his 1st heroic, and Ion on his resto druid was new too. Wiped a bit on King Dread, but got done

DwP 10-man Naxx
- Started running VoA and Obsidian Sanctum before heading to Naxx. 2nd try for most people seeing the boss. Only a dps warrior left standing!
- Gothik the Harvester for the first time. There are waves of mobs before actually fighting the boss. I died on the last wave, so didn't do any DPS at all. Boss down - one shot. Achievement [Military Quarter]!

Guppers 25-man Naxx
- Obsidian Sanctum - Sartharion with 1 drake up [Heroic: Twilight Assist]
- Naxx - Construct Quarter - new records on all bosses
- Thadiuss dropped two tier pieces for legs - rolled a 10 :(

Working through quests in Icecrown. Will only have Howling Fjord left after that. Will probably dual-box it with Hiide, to help him level. Only going for achievement on Ashayo.

Asheal - Kel'Thuzad down in Nightlife raid!

CoS - 3 times. Only rolling against 1 or 2 people. Lost every one.

Spent 40 emble of heroism on a trinket, but still have over 100 and nothing to spend them on that is an upgrade. Will 3.1 bring more items to buy?


Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Jovam

Try to beat me on Tap Tap Revenge

Hey its jovam, first off let me say thanks to glanthur for the PVP talk. Now, i have somethin for blade. I think i may have found another star wars refrence. In the shimmering flats, have you ever taken a close look at the goblin racer going around the track? It seems to look an awful lot like anikens racer in the phantom menace. Well anyways great show and. For the horde!!!

Email #2 from Faghleis

Hi guys,
My guild has a huge problem
We have in a guild of alomost 50 players only got about 3 maxed out healers.
We were starting naxx 10 VOA and OS 10, we had plenty of tanks and dps but we would have to keep pulling in the guild leaders real life partner to help lead the healing.
So I have started along a very dangerous path... dodging and weaving around wife and baby boy agro... I have started my first RAF account and dual boxing. I dont think I could ever level another alt the old fashioned way again. I have to say dual boxing my little pally and druid is soo much fun and every time I announce a double ding in guild chat i get a heap of laughs and cheers. The guild cant wait to have the ranks of 80's swellled by another couple of healers.
In the short term we will still be pulling in pugs for healing but hopefully it wont be too long.
So thanks for motivating me to take the plunge. Also a huge thanks to Keelhaul for the awsome guide he posted about multiboxing. it really got me started in the right direction.

Faghleis (Faeg-hlies) Holy Knights, Khaz'garoth

Email #3 from Keelhaul

Hey All,

Thank you for the suggestion on working on Alliance Vanguard rep so I can get the schematic to make the motorcycle, just in time for summer too! :D I priced out some of the mats that are needed to make the chopper and well lets just say its going to take me awhile. :) However all of the gold im getting from questing will help. Alliance Vanguard looks like a combination of a few other factions, so I guess I have a reading assignment this weekend.

Hearing how Ctrl Alt WoW got its start was interesting. Aprilian said she started it then met you guys, but what inspired her to do the podcast in the first place? I am also of the opinion that its better when all three of you can be on at once but its still an awesome show and the first one I look for in itunes every week.

I have been playing since launch in 2004 and I consider myself an "older" gamer at 37. The guy who got me into WoW, who is also my next door neighbor, is in his 60's. I recently joined a casual guild and one of the members is in his late 50's, see it’s not just a kidz game. Who is the oldest player you guys have met in WoW?

Thanks again for the great show.


Email #4 Valathilia

Hello Guys :)
Valathilia here again
Thank you for the tips, but I think I am going to choose my guild raids and just level my 71 lock to 80 and make him Vala's sugar daddy :) lol I actually have some funny pvp experiences, I was at the summonig stone for BRD and was gonna run a guildie through, soon enough a Ally DK shows up I guess he expected to kill me since I am holy, oh how he was wrong all I had to do was mind control and make him jump into the pit of lava, talk about burn baby burn LOL, I repeated this twice till he gave up :) talk about pwnage from a holy priest :)
Another story was just recently I was on my warlock and a guildie was making fun of my class and how we are not Op anymore! My motto is ur class is only op if u make it op. So he came down to org and dueled me, I am lv71 and she was lv80 spriest, I owned her she didn't get me down to 1/2hp, I never was made fun again :)

Well ty guys for a great podcast

For the light!

Email #5 from Ivii

If you want the Superior Achievement & already have one ring that qualifies just swap spots on your character. Same works for trinkets -)

The Ivii (formerly Tzolekk)
80 DK if Alea Iact Est on ER

Sent from my iPhone

Email #6 from Tracey

Hey there, just a quick hello.

I finally dinged 80 on my Death Knight - DKHumpdy! Yea! But now that I'm there - now what?

I started some raids and a heroic but I want to learn to tank without wiping my guild friends and the other issue is gear - what to get what enchants etc.

She is totally blood spec and I have only played with that spec too.

Well any suggestions would really help!

I listen to the show alot and really enjoy it!

For the Alliance! Yea for Hand of Destiny on the Malygos server.

Tracey aka Dkhumpdy, Warhumpdy

Email #7 from Ghitta (g-ee-ta)

Altaholic - I can stop whenever i want, i just dont want to

Hey Aprillian, Glanthar and Ashao

I finally got off my butt and sent you guys an email.

your show is my favorite wow podcast and I look forward to it every week. you could reduce the download size a bit, it is filling up my macbook pro and I may have to start deleting old episodes.

I'm emailing to answer your question:
what do you do with all your alts.

Several months ago I got a second account with refer-a-friend and started 2 boxing. (sadly it was over far too quickly, but I kept the second account)

I started with a Pally - hunter combo

the pally has since become one of my favorite alts and is up to level 72 and is currently running around northrend Ret, but respecs all the time back and forth between protection and retribution spec. The huntard is 64 and is currently survival spec after the great BM nerf of patch 3.0

I then started up a warrior shaman duo, both of which are about 56, the Shammy is coming out of retirement since he is my scribe.

I used my refer-a-friend free levels to get a priest up - my little slice of masochism is leveling holy and is level 62. I actually have been doing more dps since I switched over from shadow, but that is a whole 'nother email, lol

My pride and joy is my 8o resto druid, I'm decked out in full epics, mostly from naxx 25 and badges ( score 2204) and currently casually raiding 2 nights a week.

I also have several other alts, a couple warlocks, mages, a 37 rogue, and a few DKs

These days I when multibox the priest and hunter are my main choice because it is easy mode with a pocket healer, the hunter DPSing and my Gorrilladin tanking up a storm.

When I'm soloing, its usually the paladin, but the Resto druid needs to get some play to, so she can get prepared for Raid night.

I'll stop the wall of text here, i could go on....

PS if I win...(please please please) I really need an authenticator as alot of my friends have been hacked lately

Thanks muchly

character - Ghitta (g-ee-ta), Kilrogg US
guild - Ancient

Sent from my iPhone

Thanks And stuff

Thanksk No. 1 From Gothicplate

Hello all,

Can't tell you how flabbergasted i was when i heard you reading my email during the podcast. I didn't think you would read a hint but i appreciate it and the awesome roll. I would like the free month just let me know what you need from me…and it better not be my user name and password ;o)

Keep up the good work and fun times I love listening while I’m playing it’s a nice break from Rap, Rock, and Techno.

For the Horde!

Gothicplate (Sent)

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