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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 159 - Healbot FTW

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 159 - Healbot FTW

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Having an awesome week. Got 50 Champion seals and got my Argent Tournament tabard. Comes in handy.
Tues maintenance, got a heroic & Chillmaw/Cit, and a couple of others. Was able to do them again after maintenance.

Moved Prilly, level 60 hunter, from ER to JB from my 1st RAF acct to another acct. Back down to 5 accts

Did the weekly raid daily. Finally figured that thing out, thanks Iceflow and Caoboi. Easy Frost & triumph badges. Feel silly I hadn't been doing it all along.

Bought Sash of Jordan gemmed it up and then got an upgrade The Strip of Remorse from Halls of Reflection.

So back down to 31 on the Champion seals. New goal, want to get mount for squire. Hmmm at say 10 seals a day, if I can do the jousting, it will take me around 2 weeks

Decided Virinya needs a healer. Got out my level 48 Druid. First thing I did was load up Healbot Amazing!

Aprillian & Vrishna

After attempting Utgarde Keep with Aprillian, Auruk & Elyte with Virinya and failing last week, Ashayo offered to join us. We finished after Ashayo pulled in Jekle as a healer. Then I thought maybe we should visit some Outland dungeons and see if we would still get xp. We headed to Coilfang Resorvoir. We had tried Slave Pens before but only got as far


As for Utgarde Keep, apparently all my paladin gifted armor (for my pally tank) is NOT for tanking ....thanks Aprillian. No, seriously , my first run with Ashayo was awesome even if I did need a level 80 healer to survive ! Did Coilfang Resevoir, the first two segments anyway. Dinged 70 at Warsong Hold and Borean Tundra.


10 Man Raiding

Crazy Train - Onyxia, VoA, Ignis for weekly, ICC - marrowgar to 17%, then down! (with a full 30 seconds to spare)

DwP - Blood Princes. Re-specced Ashayo to help reduce spell damage ; made a significant difference. Lost a tank and got them to 50% by 9-
manning it. Here's the build:
ICC on Asheal - 1st wing easy. Won dps offhand.
One shot Rotface - won gloves
Brought Ashayo back in for Princes fight. Getting to about 40%

Weekly raid on Ashayo - Anub'Rekhan in Naxx - got him down before he did his first insect swarm.

25 man Raiding

DwP - VoA. No priest love. ICC - 1-shot Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Frost Giant for weekly (lots of running back in), Gunship, Saurfang
Struggled to get numbers to fill our ICC raid on 2nd night.

Sarth 3D - Twilight Vanquisher Asheal - 1min 21. Won [Reins of the Twilight Drake]!
I just /rolled and numbers went scrolling by. Someone said "there's a 100 in there" and I thought "yeah, that'd be right. lucky bastard".
Someone called out "It's Asheal". Still didn't believe it. Some corny joke coz I always roll under 10. But no, it was me. 100!
I felt bad for Qylen our tank, as he rolled 99

- Ran UK with Vrishni & Aprillian


- Working through Dragonblight with Anomander(DK) / Ashield(holy pally)
- Ashariss hits 79 doing Oracle dailies. Becomes Champion of Thunderbluff.
- Ashariss Dinged 80
Gear you can buy
- i226 waist and feet with runed orbs. (but waiting for next patch)
- i245 chest and wrist with crusader orbs.
Head and shoulder enchants because of BoA.
- Got i200 legs and boots made.
- Had i200 BoE items that dropped during heroics - shoulder, wrist, hands.
- Made i200 neck and ring with JC
- Thought about buying a battered hilt, but there's a fine line between buying your gear, and earning it by running dungeons.


I played a ton of WoW over the past couple of weeks - sadly it was mainly during fevered dreams.

I did do a wee bit on the EU servers where I am making good use of their current come back for 7 days free offer.

I have a rogue upto 72 and a druid at 73 and my guilty little secret BELF pally at 74.


Email #A from Kurly

Hey always a pleasure to hear your fantastical podcast...and I hope you have all had a great week!! once Undead Warlock, turned Gnome Warlock ding'd 80 early one morning last week. This makes four 80's. I have to thank all my guild buddes in Rabid Kittens (Jeff, Jess, John, Jeremy, Mel, and Peanut) for all of their help!! But sadly the last 10% before 80 was done at like 8:00am in Culling of Strathholme after a night of much grinding!! I always have a great time when ever I run anything with my guild buds.....from Heroic Occulos to Deadmines at level 15..we always have a great time! I have had each of my 80's doing one job (Questing for gold, PVP, argent tournament, gathering mats) while doing the random trying to everything everyday on all four (even on my days off) was just too much., um (cough), my next 80 is going to be my Holy Paladin, Anamia (and no...her name doesnt mean anything)
Also, I rolled a DK on J'ubai Thos (Maybellah) to fund my Priestling (level 19), Sizza (Shortened for your ease) as her having no gold was starting to make me cranky, and no one likes a cranky Troll Priest. I was going to respec her holy, but have decided to stick with Discipline. Also....I am skilling her up in Tailoring and Enchanting, and those two seem to go very well when you level in you almost always get a cart load of cloth and there are many goodies to disenchant and who doesnt need +2 to your health at level 19!!
I have not had the chance to run much of my toons on Ysondre (in the guild Living Dead Gurls [ a me me and only me guild ]) but are thinking about up loading Omen, as I have been tanking on two of my toons there.
So, enough of my all have a great day!!

Email #B from Keelhaul

Hi guys. It's been some time since I last wrote so I figured I would drop you a line. I've been pretty busy the last few weeks with work but I try to get in a random heroic as time permits. Ashayo mentioned the weekly raid quest and how you get 5 frost and 5 triumph for about 20 minutes of work. I rarely have time for a 10 man so this works well for me, also its a great way to get familar with a particular instance if you ever decide to run it fully later.
The random dungeon feature is awesome and perfect for my limited play time. I hear that in the next patch they will be adding a similar feature for battlegounds. Do you think Blizzard will ever add in a random 10 man queue system? Keep up the great work.
lvl Bear drooid
Clan of the Bear

Email #C sjfo FEOJF

Hey CtrlAltWow!

I'm not that jake guy because I'm a girl. Haha
Just wanted to clarify...

Email #1 from Tedrah

Hey Guys,
Tedrah from Unbroken on SoE again. Wanted to say thanks to Ashayo for mentioning Usually when trying to find a new spec I just copy the spec of someone in the guild who plays the class well. I found myself at an impasse this weekend for my new Marksman hunter because no one in the guild uses Marksman spec. So I went to after listening to the recent podcast and found a spec to use. So again, thanks Ashayo.
For fun here's my week in WoW:
Wednesday, my main Tedrah tried for the Undying achievement in Naxx with Unbroken and almost had it. We got all the way to KT and had a death to an unfortunate iceblock on one of our healers. We hope to get it next time. Plan to start with KT next time so we don't waste time on the rest if we have another iceblock incident.
Thursday we did our weekly Old World Raid night. This week we did Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair & Zul'Aman. Loads of fun and Moondance (thegatorwife on twitter and a huge fan of your show) got Mojo the frog. I'm so jealous. We will have to go back to farm as I must have a Mojo of my own.
This weekend was mostly lowbies. Joslynn, my mage is within three bars of 73 and working hard on her professions, tailoring and enchanting. My baby alliance hunter, Asheah, went from level 16 to 21 and just got her ram (and a marksman spec).
So that was my week in WoW. Keep up the good work and I'll see you next week.
This is Tedrah
For the Horde!

Email #2 Moondance

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo and Vrishna, Moondance here, just got through listening to the show and once again you guys filled my morning with laughter. I look forward to your podcast every week, along with Bind on Equip, The Addicted, Rawrcast and The Pugcast.

I started playing WOW on 8/9/07 when my good friend, coworker and now guild mate Tedrah gave me a 14 day free trial. I rolled an Alliance toon first as the Horde races didn't appeal to me. I had the trial version so a Belf was not available. My friend Tedrah was a Belf Hunter and on a different server. I picked a RP server as this was my very first MMORPG and wasn't sure I would like PVP game play. I made a Nelf Warrior and leveled her to 19 and decided that the warrior class wasn't for me.

So begins my alt obsession. I rolled a Nelf hunter named Teriana and I loved it. What's not to love, you get to shoot at people from a distance and you get a cool pet. After playing for a few weeks I knew this would be a game that I would continue to play so I went ahead and got the BC expansion. I immediately rolled a Belf hunter named Moondance on Tedrah's server so we could play together. I alternated between the two servers but found that I didn't care for the PVP server at all. Getting ganked while fishing or strolling along discovering the world, by a higher level toon was very annoying, and what's even more annoying was to have someone camp your body waiting for you to rez. So I decided to just play my Nelf HunterTeriana. I soloed her to 80 as grouping up with other players always seemed to turn out bad. I don't know why but I always ended up with people that were rude and acted like you were suppose to be born knowing everything about the game. I got tired of being called a Huntard or noob so I just soloed her up to 80 by doing quest. I went back and did the dungeons when I could solo them so I didn't get gear I could use, but I made good money from selling it and all the trash drops. Plus I got to take my time and see everything.

When I wanted to do something different I would just roll another toon and try a different starter area. I wanted to play Moondance again so I dusted her off and transfered her over to Sisters of Elune and remembered how much I had enjoyed playing her and she has became my main. Tedrah transfered over later as well and the good times just got better,as now I had someone to play with. She joined a guild and told them about me and they invited me as well. I leveled Moon to 80 and now I no longer just solo. I've got the Northrend Heroic Dungeon achievement and she has gotten some decent gear.

I have started using the LFG system on my own and have only had one bad experience with it. I've raided a few times but didn't care that much for it. Way to much drama for me. Tedrah has put together a Old World raid night that I really enjoy though. We have a lot of fun just seeing the content and hanging out. I am currently working on my Belf Warlock Rowan and I'm having lots of fun with her. She just dinged 29 and she will be my next 80. Well that's my life in WOW and I am very lucky to have a husband that doesn't care how many hours I play or when I play. He watches me play sometimes and finds it somewhat amusing as I tend to get really engrossed in my character and what she's doing.

My son who is in the Air Force calls me a WOW nerd and finds it highly amusing that on Sunday's I enter a fishing tournament on a cartoon. His son just thinks that his Nana is very cool. My daughter hasn't expressed and opinion one way or the other. But her son who is 7 loves to watch his Nana play the game when he comes to visit. Thanks for letting me share my WOW saga with you and keep the wonderful Podcasts coming. I would be lost every week without them.
Moondance 80 Belf Hunter(aka thegatorwife on twitter)
Teriana 80 Belf Hunter
Brylee 60 Belf Death Knight
Xunia 30 Dranei Hunter
Rowan 29 Belf Warlock
Calalilly 21 Tauren Druid
Saphron 21 Human Mage
Deldinn 19 Nelf Warrior
Laraye 17 Belf Paladin
Marie Laveau 12 Troll Shaman

Email #3 from WINGFOOT

Hello my Favourite alt a holics,

I have been playing for over 4 years and have many alts. 'one of us, one of us'. I have 4 x 80's and I am now working on my 5th.
I would like to say to Virishna (the last podcast) that okay you may feel like you are not contributing to content during the cast, as Ashayo and Aprillian have alot of knowledge at this time, that in fact the content you bring is for those people that have forgotten what it is like to play afresh or even for the 1st time. thank you for your input. I have been inspired with those things you bring to the table. thank you.

I love the dog noises and the other non podcast things that somehow make it into the podcast.. epescially the cookie eating.. haha

the question id like to bring is this:
I have a 70 alliance, dare i say gnome lock, haha kick a gnome, and i am not sure whether to tranfer to the horde side. Its not that i dont like the Horde side its more that GARONA was my orginal server and he is the last of the good toons there. What are your opinions on this? some how something you may say may in fact help me, in coming to a decision.

All the best with all that you do in and out of game

WINGFOOT - Pants on Head Jub Jub.

Email #4 from Ellipsis

Dear Vrishna, Ashayo, Jeppy and the ever-lovely Aprillian,

Just a quick note to thank you all for the podcast which I listen to every week without fail.

I bought the new plushies, but had to give the toy and code for my griffon hatchling to my 9 year-old and the toy windrider cub to my 4 year-old! My wife said it was someting to do with me being a grown-up and not needing toys....who's she trying to fool?

As a result I'm waiting for the chance to win a replacement griffon code, so you might get an entry for that competition when you run it hehe.

Anyway, I'm loving flying around with my windrider cub swooping about following me - money well spent I reckon.

Keep up the good work,


Ellipsis of Pants On Head, Jubei'Thos (can't mention the other toons names on a clean podcast!)

Email #D Jeannine

Hi, Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy, and Vrishna (and the ghost of Glanthar)!

I just heard your latest podcast and realized why I haven't received the loot card that I won in the draw on episode 151. I never wrote you back! Doh! I'm such a noob! L2P me! (What does L2P mean?) I'm excited to get it, and I will write you back right away and let you know what was inside.

Just so you know, when I found out I won, I was having a really crappy, frustrating day at work until I listened to your podcast at lunch. Then my whole day turned around, and I was happy and nothing could bring me down. Thanks for that!

My latest shenanigans in game involve trying to get the Salty title. I've got a LONG way to go, and I'm jealous of my hubby, Burningsean. I struggle and toil, but never get any of the fishing goodies to drop. Despite doing the fishing dailies daily, I still don't have a special fishing pole, pet, or anything good. Burningsean only fishes every once in a while, and he gets a drop just about every time. He's got 2 special poles, pets, mounts, you name it. Also, I have been fishing in Ironforge for weeks every chance I get to catch Ironjaw. No luck. Burningsean caught him in just a few casts, on every toon he has tried! I do have to thank my hubby for helping me with my fishing. When I try for the Stranglethorn contest, he scouts out pools for me and also harasses nasty horde opponents by fishing in their pools. (Hee hee, couldn't resist getting a horde dig in.)

For the Alliance!!!
XOXOXOX, Jeannine

Email #E from Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna, El Jeppy and Jasper,

Bidkar, undead 80 mage here. I haven't done much, but here it is. Bidkar picked up the exploration of Outland and Northrend. Not a big accomplishment, but it was a lot of flying around. I got a nice tabard in the mail for doing Northrend, so that was a nice bonus. The hard part was finding a rare mob in Outland to kill, but I found a rare orc in Hellfire, so that worked out ok. I finished up about half of the Eastern Kingdoms and a third of Kalimdor so I am well on my way to the Explorer title.

Allerea the 80 warlock just did the jewelcrafting dailies. I should be doing the Argent Tournament on her, but I just can't bring myself to go back there. It's just so boring after doing it on two other toons. I'll save it for later.

Joash the druid sits in Dalaran doing his transmutes. I'm planning on taking him out next week. He's at 75 and needs to go to 80.

Sagrado the shadow priest is the toon I have been playing the most recently. I leveled him from level 30 to level 66. The priest is so awesome to play. I thought he would be a weak toon, but wow was I wrong. He kills everything so easily. I can solo everything with Sagrado. I never knew that priests were so powerful. I haven't dual specced him yet. I probably will since I like to play different specs. I'm leaning towards discipline, but still giving it a bit of a ponder.

It's amazing to me how many new players are out there leveling. Everybody I have met recently is a brand new player. It's fun to quest with people who haven't been through an area before. Kind of makes it new for me also. That reminds me of one of my favorite things to do. The best experience I have had in game is when Bidkar takes new players to Shattrath or Dalaran. I usually will take them around to the Horde inn and show them where stuff is. I love to hear them oooh and ahhh over everything. One of the perks of being a mage!

I know I'm rambling, but I wanted to mention one of the most epic moments in the game for me. It's rather ordinary and people do it every day, but every time I do it, it feels so epic. The first time I went through the front gates of Orgrimmar, I was amazed at how large and bustling it was. Now whenever I go through the gates, I still relive that moment. Sounds odd, but it just seems so grand every time I see it.

My hunter Yancy, just went from 37 to 42. I just play him for fun. I really enjoy having a pet and shooting the gun. I still like to use proper rotation etc. but he's just a hunter out having a good time.

I played my ally warlock, Ashcroft, from 16 to 24. I have a funny story related to her. I named her Ashcroft because I thought it was Sherlock Holmes brother's name. I thought it would make an unusual female name, so I went with it. Then someone in trade chat corrected me and told me the name was Mycroft, not Ashcroft. I got a good laugh at myself. I haven't read those books in 30 years so I guess my memory of them was a little shaky. I still prefer Ashcroft to Mycroft. I think it's a cool name.

Jehi the paladin and Altheah the death knight did absolutely nothing. Not enough hours in the day. I plan on taking the death knight to 80 after I study up a bit. I think I would have fun if I played her correctly.

I'm getting the gear together to take my auction house alt out for a bit of leveling. He's a level 24 blood elf mage I stopped playing after Blizzard made some change to mana regen. I kept running out of mana all the time and that's not much fun. I think the heirlooms will make a difference. I want to level a mage again and see if I learned anything from doing it before.

That's it for now. Thank for the great podcast! I look forward to it every week. I hope Jeppy is feeling better and I am waiting in great anticipation to hearing from Glanthur. Maybe a bit of lore?

I am looking for Jasper to roll Worgen by the way. He's halfway there already.

For the Horde and for El Jeppy and Glanthur,

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

MOMomoments - Worst week ever!!

Hello fine people,
hope you are all doing well.
The title of this email has to do with the real life happenings and not in game experiences; more specifically work!
I seriously had the worst week ever at work this past week. Everything you can imaging going wrong with work, well went wrong.
Thankfully we have the weekends to try to relax.
In game I have done the usual randoms and today (Sunday) will be in ICC 10 with my priest. I missed our Friday run with my hunter as we had a gathering at our casa del mo with some friends and coworkers. Always nice to start St Patrick's day or week I like to call it early. Everyone is a little bit Irish.

For my low level characters, I am still working on my druid, he is 66 now and a few weeks ago I reactivated my 2nd account and have been dual boxing again. I have been doing random dungeons with my druid, usually and resto, along with my 65 mage. I cannot wait until my mage is 70 so I can make a table full of food! I like free food in game and out of game.

I am also working on finding, hiring, doing something so my emails are proof read before they go out to you and any other podcasts. But as I mentioned to you Ashayo, my jokes are also funnier in my head.

For out of game, I hope some of the listeners do no mind when I follow them on Twitter after Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna, and El Jeppy (keep feeling better Mr Jeppy) read the listener's emails on the cast. And so you know I am @mohalen on Twitter.

Thank you as always for your podcast, we greatly enjoy listening in and writing in.

Have a great time in and out of game.

For The Life!!!


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