Monday, March 29, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 160 - Aprillian hangs her head in shame

Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Ran Has now completed [Herald Volazj kills (Heroic Ahn'kahet)] 8 And the only option for Frozen orbs was greed. Also, when one of the DPS left the group and we regrouped with another one, he appears right beside us.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Coilfang Resevoir. To tank or not to tank, that is the question. Just heal. It"s easier in the long run. And the Mage avoids the wipe again !


Coldarra Nexus

Bor'Gorok Outpost, Steeljaw's Caravan, Amber Ledge


3.3.3 - Many problems with loading screen. Not fixed with 3.3.3a patch later in the week.
Can get disconnected and not know it. Flying around Wintergrasp for an hour not seeing any herbs

10-man Raiding
Crazy Train
- Ony, VoA, ICC rep. One shot Marrowgar. Got the [Boned] achievement.
- Won a tanking ring off trash at Lady Deathwhisper - [Harbinger's Bone Band]
- ToC cleared in under 90 mins (Faction champs 2-shot after a bad first pull)

- Blood Princes down to about 10%, then got them down! Achievement [The Orb Whisperer].
- Now working on Blood Queen

- XT-002 on Ashayo, Asheal
- Patchwerk on Pudendal, Ashariss (PUG) - got speed acheivement.

25-man Raiding
- Up to festergut. Got to about 10%, which was quite good considering 5 or people were subs
- Did Sartharion 3D again.

T10 head peice for Asheal
T10 head peice for Ashayo
Got Zooe to make [Belt of arctic life] and [Boots of Wintry Endurance] for Ashariss. (Runed Orbs with Frozen Orbs)
Ashariss already built up 75 emblems of triumph - i245 head piece to replace i187 [Mask of Abundant Growth]

- Ashariss gearing up fast. Ran normal FoS and PoS for i219 gloves and cloak (run through by Zooe and Vyv - dragged me, Temp's warlock Teaze, and Chol's Warrior through). Already done heroic UP, VH, Oculus, UK, HoL (didn't finish - 15 min shutdown), ToC (Pants upgrade), CoS (gave [Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement], AN, HoS
- Healed Old Kingdom on Ashield. Got to the last insanity boss, and realised I had NO attack skills on my bars - not even a weapon!


More fun with my Canadian girlfriend - EU WoW

Another fine week of consolidation. Trying to operate across no more than 4 servers.

Discovered non Wrath accounts on the EU can currently get 17 days free play.

As I reactivate old accounts I keep finding little stacks of gold and stuff. It is like Christmas part 2.

I did some (oh dear) purging - mainly to free up good toon names.

Focused on some Horde toons - Hunter hit 70 and to celebrate....

Audio Submission

Hi, Guys! Thank you for the card. I made a recording of me redeeming
it on my phone. I've never done this before so hope it works. I didn't
do it for the Plushie since I am already a lucky and very happy
winner. Just thought the recording would be fun. Enjoy! I'll send a
screen shot of me and Burningsean with my prize this weekend. Thanks
for the laughs and great show every week.

For the Alliance!
XOXO, Jeannine


Email #1 from Acaldra

Hail and well met Ctrl Alt WoW crew,

First of all, I would like to thank you for playing my submission and I sure hope that Ashayo's (un)lucky dice rear there ugly or in my case, pretty head when it comes down to role time.
Well, on with the email. First of all I have been trying to level another Death Knight is this past week. I made a DK on Earthen Ring called "Patentpendin" but I really can't find the energy to level a 3rd DK to 80 (I already have 2 on other servers). So what I have decided to do is to experiment with, wait for it, Multiboxing! This is the main reason for writing this email is I have a few questions on the procces, I have done RAF once before but only used to briefly. My questions are as follows,
1. Should I do profs. while leveling from 1-60? Of course I will pick em up at 60 but would you recommend doing them while controlling 2 toons?
2. I would appreciate your input on good class combos, of course I could just do Shammy/Shammy or Priest/Priest but what about Shammy/Warrior or Priest/Paladin?
I am looking to get a Shammy, priest and druid all to 60. Currently I will be looking to granted 60 levels to the druid because I have had trouble leveling them in the past. Thoughts? Comments and/or concerns?
3. Lastly, how would you recommend leveling? I have looked at a plugin of sorts to the Tourguide mod that takes 3x's XP into account while questing but I have heard of people being able to do 1-60 in 8 hours /played just by dungeons... I might look to do a mix of the two, when I can find a kind soul willing to run be in exchange for a grateful teenager then sure I will do dungeons but when said person/people are unavailable, I will probably just quest.

Well any advice is welcome, keep up the great show and for the HORDE!

Acaldra of The Nightfall of Alea Iacta Est

P.S. Aprillian you still owe me a raid, maybe OS or Saph/KT in Naxx 10?
P.P.S. Sorry for any spelling errors in this thrown together ramble.

Email #2 from Juuno

Hello Ctrl-Alt-Wow friends! Yes, even though you don’t know me, I consider you my friends…you can come over for dinner anytime! ;) I listen to you every week and find myself very impatient in between podcasts (even though you are tres fabulous to us all by having them out so regularly…thank you, thank you, thank you!!) Just thought I’d send you all some love and blather on a little about my game…

I started playing WoW one day in 2007… I was home sick from work (really, I WAS sick! Lol) and was surfing the net when I ran across the 10 day free trial. Once I got it all up and running, I was HOOKED, and there was no going back. I am a true altaholic though…I’ve been playing all this time and yet my highest toon is only level 73 right now. *sigh* Someday my Draenie elemental shaman, whom I love and adore the best, will hit 80 and it will be party time for sure…hehe…I can hardly wait. I get side-tracked all the time though as I’ve made one of every race/class combination possible, I believe. They range in level from about 23 to my 73, with most of them being in the 50’s right now, and they’re spread across about six servers because I wanted to try PVE, PVP and even the RP ones. It’s terrible…there’s just so much to see and do! I’ve deleted a few here and there, but still have a full house and cannot wait to make a few worgen and goblin toons!

I got my Mom and two of my brothers (ages 14 and 22) into it also, and we have a nice little family-type guild on a PVE server (shhh…don’t tell my Mom about all my alts! She’d be jealous because she thinks I only play with her, but I solo A LOT on the others…teehee ;) My mom also already has three 80’s, which is totally not fair. We also have a local WoW group of players I found on and we all get together a couple times a month for beers in real-life, and a couple times a month on a PVP server called Vashj with our little guild of mostly gnomes and dwarves called “Death From Below”. Yes, Apprilian, I know those are all Alliance toons, but don’t worry, I go both ways (haha) and have many Horde toons also.

On a final note, I just adore all four of you… you’re all fabulous to listen to! Varishna’s laugh KILLS me (literally? Nah, j/k V… hahahaa!), Apprilian’s sharp wit and humor is sometimes shocking and ALWAYS funny, and Ashayo is just so cool and so wise!! I have to admit, however, I have a small fan-girl (rrr…fan-woman? ..I’m 37..haha) crush on Mr. Jeppy!! His voice is just SOOO dreamy…ooo la la…and I could just listen to him talk ALL day. You should let him talk MORE! Three-hour podcasts, anyone?? Just kidding….(about the three hours, not how HOT El Jeppy’s voice is) Hehehe! ;) Anywho, thank you all SO very much for all your hard work and dedication!


(For the Alliance AND the Horde!!)

Juuno from Korialstrasz

p.s. Teldrasil is a GORGEOUS “tree”, Apprilian!! And all my Night Elves are offended… HAHAHAA!! ;)

Email #3 from Lamongelo

Hey, everyone. Love the podcast. It's great to hear that others are addicted to alts also. I've been playing for a while ... can't remember how long ... the drunken haze of alts has distorted time, but I think I started shortly after BC came out. My son had been trying to get me to play for months and I finally gave in ... what a trip it's been. I have 5 level 80s on the Terokkar realm, but after hearing your podcast every week, I decided to try Earthen Ring. So, I started a toon there , an undead priest, and as I was leveling, I got the bright idea that I would do every quest in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms before going to Outlands. What was I THINKING? After three days, I'm up to level 16 now and finishing my last starting area, Razor Hill. This is not the fastest leveling I've done, but reaching my goal will be very satisfying. It's mind-boggling how immense Azeroth is. Well, hope to cross paths with ya'll someday in my travels.

For the Horde,
Lvl 16, Undead Priest

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope you are all well.

It has been an unfortunate week for some guildies with some personal (family) things to take care of and family members to take care of.
I do not have much to say about my wow play but I do have to say how inhumane some people are in games such as wow at times. It should not matter how old or young anyone is or why someone needs to take time off from a GAME! To take care of their family or health.
The reason I mention this, some people in our guild were mad that people were away from the game (for personal reasons).
It is truly amazing how some people forget what is truly important. I just need to get on my mo box and say once again, come on people of wow and other gaming worlds, there is a life outside of the game. Many of use do use the game for many reasons but when anyone gets mad or is just malicious in their comments, it is uncalled for!!

Hope all of you and all your families are doing well.

On other note, many of our guildies were able to return to game for us to patch up an icc run friday night, and mid week we did complete our weekly raid which was toc (for me annoying encounters to heal).

To answer some of your questions from last week, for St. Patrick's day I had a picture of the Chicago river as my twitter pic which they amazingly turn green for that one day out of the year (rest of the year the river is disgustingly dirty looking).
And the baseball pic I had was the 1919 Chicago White Sox names "Black Sox" as they allegedly gave the World Series away to the Cincinnati Reds.
If you would like to watch a great sports movie, Eight Men Out is about those names White Sox, with John Cusak among others.

That is all I have for now, Thank you as always and thank you for some new followers on Twitter that I recognizer as some of your wonderful listeners/emailers.
Always looking forward to talk more about wow or anything else.

Also on the iphone if any of your has one please try We Rule, as I am addicted and need help :)

Ok Mo out!!!

PS this email was not edited, proof-read or spell checked

Thank you

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