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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 157 - Where Have All The Dalaran Elders Gone

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Plus new contest, send audio file telling us how you play wow with your alts and be placed in a drawing for the Wind Rider Cub:

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What We've Been Doing:


Did Culling of Stralthome on Tue and Nexus on Wed

Didn't know you could get Champion seals in the money bag. Aprillian is feeling empty after spending those Frost emblems. Got a suggestion via twitter from "a friend". Told Aprillian to remove hit gems and put in runed cardinal rubies regardless of color bonus.

Then I realized I had two sets of pants

Shout out to Shootr of AIE for helping me with Chill/Cit even when he didn't have the quest. For some reason there wasn't any response in aielfg for those quest.

Finally figured out the rest of the tournament dailies. Felt silly that I couldn't find the hippogryph, finally found them right outside the Argent ten, the rectangle one. Trying to get up to squire mount

Rode around Storm Peaks herbing. Stopped in at the Hordir vendor and looked lovingly at [Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth]. That's perfect for a multiboxer, but I've got to get 8k first.

Went to VH on my lunch hour with Tarragon, felt like a noob when he volunteered me to do the crystals

Sometimes making time to do Heroics every day is like work, but it's worth it.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Finally got to play together on Sat. Took Virinya, Primall, Elyte and Tiiaa into Hellfire Ramparts. I was triple boxing but basically Dual because Tiiaa was doing her nails. She did ding 59 though. Wanted to bring Prilly but...


Been spoiling the plans of the Nagas in Zangamarsh. Did Hellfire Ramparts and just dinged 66 in The Blood Furnace. Happy to be getting 1000 plus xp when gaming on my own since that's what I get when sharing xp in group with Aprillian.

Thanks to Ashayo ...

Equipment Manager. Setting the rule within Ark Inventory to separate clothing sets is BRILLIANT !!!

Questions for Ashayo ...

1. Dark Portal (two-way ?)
2. Redemption (concerning pets)
3. Wanna show me how to play WOW?
4. Why can you sometimes enter a dungeon not in group but still not get kicked?


10 man Raiding

Crazy Train. Early in the week we one-shot Aub in ToC, Onyxia, and cleared the trash in ICC for rep. After the reset, for reasons not really understood, we struggled on the ToC bosses, and couldn't get the faction champs down again. Frustrating night!

DwP finally got down Rotface. Much rejoicing! Had a couple of goes at Professor Putricide. Asheal gets the Ashen Verdict revered ring. After the reset, we had the new 5% buff in ICC. Oneshot all the first wing, got down Festergut easily and downed Rotface again on our 3rd attempt. Ashayo gets the revered Ashen Verdict ring.

Weekly Raid - Malygos (did it on all of Ashayo, Asheal and Jekle) and Noth for Pud

25 man Raiding

Malygos is weekly, so went to Naxx to get EoE key off 25 man Sapphiron. Took Jekle and got new mace, boots, waist and trinket
In ICC, currently working on Festergut 25 man. Got down to 33%

DwP 25 - VoA - went on priest - druid healer and warlock gear dropped

PuG VoA 25 on Ashayo thinking I'd be the only warlock. There was six of us. And two warlock tier pieces dropped. Needless to say, I rolled low.


Starting running higher level dungeons on Ashariss - hit 75. Gundrak, Violet Hold, Drak'tharon Keep, Halls of Stone.

Dualboxing DK (Anomander) and Holy Pally (Ashield) through DragonBlight. Bought Tome of Cold Weather flying for both. Now 71 and 73 respectively.

Earned enough frost emblems to buy waist [Verdigris Chain Belt] for my tank.

Ashayo's gear was dropping behind, so bought some crusader orbs and made the 245 Merlin's Robe chestpeice. Not far from getting another peice with frost emblems.

Decided that's what I'll use all the triumph emblems for on Pudendal - buy Crusader Orb's and get some gear made for Ashariss.



Email #1 from Daladenn

Hey guys this is Daladenn on the Azshara server from the guild Brutality,
i was thinking the other day while listening to a few podcasts. What if blizzard gave us an instance where you can go in to a five man all the way up to a twenty five man instance or raid to practice your skills without
taking gear damage. and your teammates were just NPC's this way you could build up your skills and rotation while just not sitting on your ass in org dalaran or stormwind.
anyways love your show and thanks for reading

Email #A from Gabe

Hello Crew of CtrlAltWow,

After a long while of listening to the podcast I figure its time I should
write in to say thanks. I am a full time student at a local community
college, work full time at as a veterinary assistant, and run my own kitty
(and sometimes dog) rescue and adoption program. On top of that I love to
play world of warcraft. Life can be pretty hectic and downright depressing
sometimes. On days when I just want to put down the textbook/litter
scoop/iv catheter and walk away from the madness, I can at least listen to
CtrlAltWow and other non-elitist - non-turdfaced - non-asshat podcasts like
it (Bind on equip, The Instance, Outlandish, etc.) and get through the day.
CtrlAltWow may not have saved my life, but it definitely makes it better.

And now a bit on how I wow (I do miss that show), since you ask for it on
your website:

Alliance all the way! (well mostly...) Night Elf Hunter (That toon is
mandatory isn't it?) and Night Elf Druid(tank & heals) Mains. The rest of
my alts are low level Night elves or draenei that I can't seem to focus on
long enough to level up, lol. I do get to play with my brother which is
pretty awesome. We run dungeons, do dailies and level alts (of course!).

I am an obsessive casual if that makes sense. I play when I can during the
semester, either leveling an alt or running heroic dungeon with the big guys
but not as much as I want. BuT! During the summer/winter break all bets are
off. If I'm not working I'm in game doing something (even if it's running
around in circles in dalaran, half asleep). I don't raid, don't have the
patience for it and don't think I could handle dkp systems or whatever. I
did get into naxx once and almost imploded.

Alright last bit so I don't drown you in text!

Dirty little secret time:
Last week I made a horde alt. Inspired by Bind on Equips replay of their
"rocks the horde" segments, I randomly rolled my toon:Race, Class, Gender
and Name. Guess what I got? Female. Troll. Mage. Name: Vikdordort. I
almost quit the game. My brother got a female blood elf warlock. Lucky
turd. Vikdordort lived for ten levels... that's when I couldn't handle it
any longer. D-E-L-E-T-E. New toon: Blood elf paladin dude. I felt guilty
about not giving the troll a good chance, so I kept her name for the pally.
We're still running around silver moon, decked out in as many heirlooms as
possible of course.

Well, it's 1am and I have to be up at 5 for work so that means I gotta go.
Once again, Thank you Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo, Jeppy and of course and
MIA buddy Glanthur.

If you ever find yourself on the Skywall server (I'm too frightened to leave
my server lol) know you'll have a friend. I'll even help you abuse the
refer a friend system more (Jeppy).

BigBlueDragon on Twitter, Cereus 80 NE Druid, Paxx 80 NE Druid, And of
course: Vikdordort Lvl 11 BE Paladin, Skywall US

P.S. No contest for me guys, the pod cast is more than enough :D

Email #2 from Tedrah

Hey guys,

Tedrah here, from Sisters of Elune. Level 80 Belf hunter in the guild Unbroken. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcasts.

I've been playing WoW since Oct. 2005 but have only recently started listening to podcasts and I find yours to be particularly charming.

You all seem to really enjoy each others company and the game. And as a woman of 45, I really like that you don't make me feel stupid about playing or not always knowing everything there is to know about MMORPG's as some of the other podcasts do.

I've been using the refer a friend system trying level up at least one of each class. Been doing the triple box thing using Tedrah to run my referred lowbies. Was wondering do you always quest on your RAF toons or do you dungeon crawl on any of them?

And again, love the work you're doing on the podcast.

From Sisters of Elune, this is:
Tedrah, level 80, hunter
Pettrah, level 75, DK
Joslynn, level 72, Mage
Teona, level 63, Shaman
And other friends....
For the Horde!

Shout Outs & Thank You

MoMoMoments from

I am sorry I missed emailing last week, "believe me now, listen to me later" ,that I enjoy it as much or even more to write to you all and hear my email read on your podcast.
So on this email i will tell you about my last 2 weeks, so buckle up, ready.... GO!!!!

The previous week, as I was stuck in traffic on my way home, I was witness to several mini-small crashes of people rear ending each other as they are in such a hurry to get home. All it takes is taking a few seconds and taking time to be conscious of your surroundings (this goes for me too as at times I race to get passed a red light). No does this sound familiar to any of you gamers, wow players? Now please do not be offended by my comparison, as I mentioned these real life bumps on the road were with 0 injuries, as I was stuck with front row witness to them. Why am I comparing this to a gaming life, well for me it is a good analogy. In game we all just need to take a few seconds to be conscious of our surroundings which include other players; I am not just talking about the lovely pug'ed LFG. For example we pug'ed a few spots on our raid a few times, ICC and the weekly raid one as well; some of the players just had ants in their pants. They would keep attacking before the tank would! There will be cases that some of us will need to compensate for some others, but its such as life.
What do you think of this analogy, bad good, is Mo crazy?
Well hope it provokes some thoughts.

As usual I have been doing my best to do daily random Heroic on my 80s, I usually am able to get in one for my priest and poor origianal mo character Motauren is left out :( (he is not happy). For our Friday ICC10 run I was able to get my Hunter Mochi in right after I was able to get a gear with my frosties and upgrade some gems to get to the necessary, what is that called....oh yes gear score! Well GS is the new thing in wow now a days. And for our Sunday run of ICC my priest was able to get revered in rep and the upgrade ring is unbelievable, item level 271 I think! And I was able to pass on a waist item to my friend can pick it up on her mage. It was an upgrade for me but her gear needed more of an upgrade. It is nice to do that, yes as guildies or friends it may be expected but still nice to help out other wowers to get shines!!!!

On Friday's Icc run with my hunter, well I just do not know why I suck at rotface so bad :(
But we will keep trying.

I was able to have an old guildy from my old server join us on feathermoon and he will raid with us on sundays :)

And wow, as I was about to finish we downed ROTFACE!!!!! :)
now that is a good feeling!!!

Ok I will leave on a good note,
hope you all have had a good time in and out of game and please have fun!!!

For the fun!!!

From Saturday Night Live Transcripts:

Franz: Ya. Ya, girly-man. Hear me now and believe me later - but don't think about it ever, because, if you try to think, you might cause a flabulance!

Hans: Ya!

Franz: Poor little girly-man, alone in his girly-house!

Hans: Sorry, Mr. Girly-Man, but here's a treat for your girlfriend!

3/5/10 8:12
@Aprillian Hi Aprillian, big fan of your show. I listen every week and it makes my day. Never stop. lol

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3/5/10 14:03
@CtrlAltWoW Unbroken on SoE downed 25 man Saurfang last week. We are hoping to get into the second wing tonight. Wish us luck.

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