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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 178 - Two degrees from Ghostcrawler

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

With Special Guest Host Wemb from Bind On Equip which can be found on iTunes and at

What We've Been Doing:

Ran a TOC, died twice, finally figured out the right door to fly in. Did Hall of Stones, with Spanish speaking members.

Solo el ultimo boss
Only the last boss

Somos de ragnaros quel y drakkari todos castellano
Quel Ragnaros We all Castilian Drakkari

me pueden dar panecitos porfa
I can make muffins porfa

Por dios son de servers espaƱoles y hablan en ingles entre uds
By God they are of servers Spanish and they speak in English among uds

eathen ring y drakari no son de espaƱol
eather ring and non-Spanish drakari

cambie de disc a holy y no se por q gasto tanto mana
change from disc to holy and not by spending so much mana q

y si soy un !@#$%^ en servidor latino cual es el peo?
and if I am a Latino server !@#$%^ which is the problem?

toma que lo voy a empesar
I'll take that get started

Aprillian & Vrishna
RAF is over !!!! YEAH !!! OH, I mean sniff, sniff. Sob, sob. Woe is me ! I LOVE the xp but being shackled to only playing certain toons is, well, what I mean is that having to IGNORE certain toons can be painful. Don’t even know if I can go BACK to playing my 80 (Virinya 80 Pally)

Still levelling my Pallies on Bloodmyst but almost done. Worked very hard to even my xp, as I explained last week. THEN I find out one of my toons had completed AND turned in a quest on her own. THIS was what caused that 2000 xp disparity that I thought was caused by one dying and the other fighting on.

New mouse! Razor Imperator

Crazy Train
- A night of wiping on Putricide

Trying for Blood Quickening weekly quest
- One shot Blood Princes
- Missed one shotting Blood Queen coz mod was off, a 1% wipe, then killed her. Won dps neck.
- Oneshot Dreamwalker

- RS - ISP woes, late planes = no raiding
- VoA
- Tried heroic Marrowgar, got to about 40%. Killed in normal mode for weekly , won healing trinket

- Mechanar & Botanica to get honored with Sha'tar to do heroics and get key for Arcatraz. Repeated in heroic and did Arcatraz
- Auchenai Crypts, Manatombs, Shadow Labs, Black Morass - Outland Dungeon Hero
- Mage hit 40. Now questing in Dustwallow marsh. Doing all the Mage class quests - been a long time.

Dranei starting zone
- Had done crash site
- Had done Azure Watch. (Totem chain is cool, with different movement abilities)
- Had done Odesyus' Landing (Alliance Naval)
- Don't recall Bloodmyst Isle - had definitely never flown into Exodar before
- Tough around 13 - not many quests
- The caster bloodelves at the Cryo-Core , that also run around and pinch quest items is damn annoying - especially for melee. Made even harder by the rare mob Fernissa the Assassin
- Chol would hate the spider quests - they are some of the creepiest I have seen.



Email #1 OMG!!!! from Tempeste

Hello Ctrl Alt WoW,

I was listening to episode 177 and thought I would add these tips to Ashayo's regarding the Dreamweaver encounter in ICC

You need to interrupt the Mage's frost bolts as much as possible, these do a lot of raid damage AND slow down your dps. We also changed the priority to take down the mages before the suppressors unless there are A LOT of those still out!

Hope that helps your listener.

I hope Jeppy is feeling much much better this week.

Love to you all,


Email #A from OAK
Hi Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I have to say that your antics make my days fly! I love listening to
all your stories throughout the World of Warcraft. Please don't enter
me in any drawings, as I only want to express my appreciation.

I haven't really been playing WoW long (about a year now). I have, of
course, created several characters across several servers. I am
currently enjoying leveling my Ret Pally "Oakspawn" of PoH on
Jubei'Thos (lvl 71 as of this writing). I have a goal to find a
battered hilt before the end of Wrath. This is just a goal, but may
not be realized since it is in the hands of the RNG gods. Still, I
will endevor to find one until Cat releases. Maybe then, as Ashayo
mentioned may happen, I will just be able to buy one. I'm sure all
those runs will at least get me geared up :)

Anyway, thanks for all the entertainment. Know that you are truly appreciated.

Hey, I thought of a new game mechanic that Blizzard could create:
"Guild Hearthstones". What if guilds could set a "home town", and
only so many guilds could set them at a particular inn? Let's also
say that guild groups could "port" to instances or major cities from
their home towns. This would then encourage characters to be spread
across Azeroth.

They could even use the new guild achievement system to decide what
guilds might get the chance to make their guild homes in major cities.
This would further encourage participation in the guild achievement
system. Anyway, just an idea, and thought you might like just another
thing to discuss :)

Happy leveling, and may all your quest ends be near you!


Email #2 from ZooE

Greeting Control Alt Wow Crew, Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy, and Varischna esta boosta boosta

It was a very cold day.... Ok it might be cold in Australia but it was pretty darn hot in the USA, I mean it is summer after all. It was also not really day but very early morning.
The Crazy Train had just started its sojourn into Ice Crown Citadel. This boisterous crew swaggered in having previously down several of the bosses within the citadel. As we approached the area that we had not cleared, our raid leader Storme (aka the very sexy Tempeste) began giving out instructions. She instructed or Shaman Burot to slip into his healling gear and activate his healing ability. Our off tank announced he needed to go afk for a few. We all paused to await... well all of us except that is for our tank Pud (aka Ashayo). Pud charged in, pulling not just the next group of mobs but the ones behind them as well. These mobs seemed very grumpy and proceeded to wipe the group.
As our spirits were running back to or brutally beaten bodies, Storme inquired why our wayward tank had pulled. He said he had not heard the command to halt and thought we were ready to go. Then he starts telling us about how he is doing a quest that involves riding a sea horse in the beta. It turns out that our tank PUD aka Ashayo was multiboxing during the raid. Ashayo it turns out was very busy indeed as he was questing in the beta, gathering herbs on earthen ring, twittering, playing depict on his iphone, taking a shower, cooking diner, taking a nap, grocery shopping at the locally market, recording your podcast, helping his little one with her homework, driving his car, cleaning the house and who know what else. Apparently he also multi-boxes in real life too. Because of this apparently his ability to listen to vent was very much reduced as he managed to wipe the raid not once but twice. Oh the horror!!! This is multiboxing gone wrong. We the members of Crazy Train beg you Aprillian hold an intervention and stop the menace that you have created in Ashayo. Like Dr. Frankenstein's you have created a monster. Help us April-one, your our only hope. Bring Ashayo back from the darkside.
(I may have exaggerated just a little bit.)

You Guys and Gal Rock
Thanks for putting out a proper length podcast.

ps. should this submission be worthy of a roll I would dearly love a panderan monk pet.

Email # B from Evilpurger

Good morning!
Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get back to you. After winning this week on the podcast and getting excited about it, I completely forgot to write back in. I was so inspired by winning that I went out yesterday to buy a Powerball ticket and guess what... I won! No I didn't but it's fun to pretend.

Anyway, I forget what my choices are. Is it Authenticator, month of WoW, or vanity pet? I already have an authenticator, and have lil' K.T. so I would choose the game time or the Pandaren Monk if the game time isn't there. Let me know if this is correct please.

Thanks again April!



PS: what do you need to send me the prize? An address or I'm assuming it's all digital now so just this email address?

Email #C from Liztailor

hello aprillian, ashayo, jeppy and vrishna!
I just had to write you guys a quick note letting you know what a great day in WOW I had this week.
It was my birthday. I woke up and checked my email and there was my fantastic windrider cub in my mailbox from Nevik!
Its adorable. My girlfriend Melchezadeck(sorry Aprillian-i didnt know if your the one reading this-you can just say Mel) logged on also and we met in Stormwind.
She first gave me an in-game chocolate cake! which we ate-and then i looked again in my mailbox... there was a glyph that turns you into a cool!
I opened another gift and it was the celestial steed! I dont care what anyone says-its great-I love it..But then..OMG..there was the motorcycle!!!
Mel had been staying up until 3 in the morning farming, scanning the AH, and basically working her butt off gathering all the gold and mats it takes to make it.
I knew just how much SHE wanted that bike and it was touching to say the least that she made it for me instead. /sigh.
Financial times might be tough in RL, but thankfully its still possible to make real Fake gold in WoW. Liztailor is my pet alt as you know, so she got the glyph, but Mattadora
is my mount alt, so she got the choppah. We spent the day riding around Azeroth together and i couldnt stop laughing everytime the sidecar popped out. It was really fun in Wintergrasp!
Only fellow WoW addicts would understand how great all this was-how could i explain it to Non-geeks? It was the supreme Nerd birthday! lol.
Usually my birthday is kinda hard-this year i turned...gulp..46..but thankfully Im incredibly immature.
Thank you again Nevik for choosing me as one of the winners of the pet story and thank you guys for being who you are.
LizTailor/Suramar/Radikal Faeries guild


i said earllier that I got a glyph that turns you into a wolf-its an off-hand item called "ritual of the new moon"...:)
thanks! Liztailor

Email #D from Brad
Hi guys,

Thanks so much to everyone for the Gryphon hatchling. I took him straight
away to the cockroach vendor in UC and bought a roach for him to play with.
The two little fellas seem to be getting along just fine together although
im a little worried the Gryphon just wants the roach for lunch....
Ive attached a screenshot of everyone saying hello :-)

Thanks again and seeya


Email # E from Mattdiox

Hey CAW Crew. It's Mattdiox again with more potato nonsense.

Sorry for the lack of an email last week.
There are two reasons for that.
The first off is the most forgiveable one I think from a nerdy perspective. I have been playing my butt off in Stracraft 2. I absolutely love it and love to play online. I am getting much better and my Win-Lose ratio isn't too bad. I think it is 2 looses for every 1 win now? It might be 3-1 I forget.

The second reason which I have a feeling will have me shunned from the geeky community. Which I love being a part of.
The second reason is I -yes me- the strange young lad who sings strange songs, plays video games a lot and reads strange light novels from Japan. Got himself a new "Squeeze" as some say in the states. On the weekend I planned to record Ghoul store and get a song done for you guys I met a young girl by the name of Claire. Anyway I won't go into details, but I was walking around the town with her a lot. So I apologize, please don't stone me!

So obviously I haven't played much WoW, my priest is shamefully still at 72 but I plan to get her to 80 . . . eventually. You know how it is when you have all these potatoes to take care of.
Also on a happier note, I am going to be starting up 2 whole new podcasts. One is a podcast about a specific anime so I won't go all blah blah on you guys about it. But the other is an anime in general podcast. That way because in WAG I can't talk about it much I can now blab about what I love with another co-host.
Also -to make this podcast talk relevant to you- WAG is going through a make over after the next episode. Episode 20. (20 episodes in almost 2 years, that's just sad...) And to celebrate our re-invigoration of the show. I would like at the very least two of you guys to join us on the show for a big talk about cataclysm. If you're willing I'll be in touch and we'll work out a date and time for the recording.

As for working with Juno to make something for you guys. Sure, I'm up for that. Juno is a creative Gal and I'm sure we could create something totally and fantastically creepy for you guys. So Juno, contact me and we'll have a chat about making something maybe a little longer than the ghoul store.

And to finish off my great wall of text. I did another Ghoul Store. I hope you guys like it because I have polished it just a little bit more and used a new effect on the Ghoul's voice rather than changing the pitch all the time.

Lots of love, war drums, dragons and potatoes.

P.S I would love to have one of you guys voice acted for Ghoul Store. Maybe Appy And Big V pretend to be a Deathknight couple? Aw so cute.
P.S.S I started writing another novel, but this time I know I can stick with it. It's all about Dragons, yay.
P.S.S.S The potatoes are crying now! Take them! They need your love! Or your money . . . yeah . . . they need the money.


Email # F Bidkar
Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar, controller of combustion and chill times eighty here.

This week my hunter Yancy finally got his skinning and leatherworking up to 300. He can now go to Outland fully prepared. I picked up some armor from the auction house since what he was wearing was woefully inadequate. I had used the RAF levels to level him up so he was not very well geared for 60.

My ally paladin and mage are now level 72. I am letting them rest a bit now. I found the ally vehicle quests to be very buggy and I just can't take anymore of that nonsense right now. The corker was the vehicle quest in Wintergarde. I went out to get the villagers who were feared. I would pick one up. I know they were riding with me because they chatted it up on the way back. I land to drop them off, they weren't there. That happened about every other time. I finally got that done and moved on to some other quests in the mine there which I enjoyed very much. Then I got another vehicle quest which didn't work right either. Enough was enough. I whined about it on twitter and haven't been back since.

I'm glad other people enjoy those quests, I do not. I probably will go back eventually, but I think I will work on my Borean Tundra toons for the time being and let Winterhoof rest.

Ashayo, will I still be able to dance on the top of the Orgrimmar bank when Cataclysm comes out? That actually is very important to me. I understand perfectly when Alachia talks about just being in the game and riding around on her bike. I like to just hang out on occasion also.

I hope Jeppy is feeling better and everybody else is doing well.

For the Horde and Glanthur!

Bidkar and a few of his alts

My toon is so fat the goblins try to fly her to Orgrimmar.
My toon is so fat the ogres use him for shade.

Shout Outs & Thank You
Zazoo of AIE

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