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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 180 - Darts Anyone

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 180 - Darts Anyone

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator. Or Tshirt! Yes, Ctrl Alt Wow official T Shirts courtesy of our very own Nevik :

Let's start with Juuno!!!

What We've Been Doing:

Did TOC with a good group. Tank apologized for being silent and not taunting a mob off of me.

Shout out to The Addicted

How to do Nagrand for Alliance
Aprillian & Vrishna

there is no s-a-n-c-t-u-a-r-y-y-y-y You DON'T HAVE to die at 30. YOU CAN LIVE!

Auberdine awaits. Never quested in this area so everything is new.


Lore Courtesy of Zebestes!!!

Email #A from Eranth

Aprillian & Crew,

I wanted to get back to you after I finished the last 20 minutes of the most recent show. Monday was pretty full, with dinner being ready to eat around 8:30p. So, I didn’t get through until this morning while making trips to get the car out of hock, I mean back from being serviced for more things that I like to think about.

All that said, and having considered long and hard about options for being the magical number three last time, ..first I considered asking for a Sparkle-pony, or perhaps Lil’ KT, but I guess I should be practical and go with WoW game time. Please. And thank you.

Hopefully things will get better by the time this bit of game play runs out.

Thank you again, gang.

“Be well…”


AIE Hunter on the Earthen Ring server.

Email #1 from Deathskeeper
I can't Quit you Wow

Hey Hey Guys & Aprillian,

Deathskeeper here I quit WOW for almost 2 months stop cause I stop having fun no Pants on Head was great fun more like I felt like I needed a change so I downloaded and played 30 different free to play games I got the OnLive service but still nothing could fill the hole that leaving WOW made. So finally my wife said your going to play the new one when it comes out I'll pay for it just play what makes you happy. So I'm back this time no DK's or Locks I have master them I'm going hunter and paladin. Now that I'm back I want to play with PoH again I need to listen to the BOE's I missed to pass the quiz and it sounds like you guys have joined the other side on WinterHoof if you have a guild I would like to play with you guys. Man I go away for a little and Aprillian is a "cute" Dwarf but guess my Worgen Druid will need a home. Thanks for always doing a great show Death or I guess now my main will be Bubblelove.

Email #B from Skral

I'm glad you all chuckled a bit at my last email, I was worried that it was much funnier in my head.

My wife and I continue to work on the Venure Co alts, and had another noob moment trying to figure out how to get out of Moonglade after teleporting there.

But I did roll a Alliance character on Winterhoof. A gnome named Skral. But he's an evil gnome. Well at least as evil as I could make him. My big problem is I feel compelled to /dance to taunt every mob before I kill them.

I was out taunting and killing rabbits and actually had a player whisper me to tell me that I don't get experience for killing those. I looked around and apparently had taken all of the rabbits out in the starting zone.

I respectfully typed "thank you, but the voices in my head tell me to kill the rabbits."

And then I /danced for her.

At this point, I have to give props to this little female gnome who figured out I was joking around. She invited me to group!

I said I was waiting for my wife to come online so we could go play our Horde characters. She said "I am your wife, stupid! Who else would put up your gnome's behavior?"

She had a point.

I just wanted to add that you don't need to add my emails to the contest pool.

And anyone on Winterhoof who wants to group up sometime, just whisper. I even promise not to /dance.

Sent from my iPhone

Email #C from Mattdiox

Hello CAW crew.
Mattdiox here today with a big'ole'bag of potato nonsense.

I laughed when you read out my email last show. I don't know how early in a relationship the folks in America get busy but over in the UK some -I will say some- of us like to have a little class about it. Besides I'm a nerd and like all nerds just touching the hand of another of the opposite sex induces PAROXYSMS OF ECSTASY!
Also, thank you to big V for defending me. Or at least I think that is what you were doing . . .

I did play some WoW this week and had fun doing it. My strength/omg lasers priest has moved onto Grizzy Hills. I've found leveling a whole bundle easier because I re-spected to shadow. The reason for that was mainly because of the dungeon incident I told you about a few weeks back. It's not that I have given up hope but I would like to just focus on leveling and getting quests done without running the risk of being called a rubbish healer by a moronic Tank and his 2 goons.

I also have a query for you guys. Oh my god Matt is doing 2 paragraphs about WoW? The sky is falling.
Anyway, I have a friend -and I do mean friend, it's not like I am going to the doctors saying: I have this friend who smokes. No- and she is dissatisfied with our realm. Her guild is falling apart and the only person she really talks to a lot on the server is me. Don't worry she told me that I didn't just assume. But she does a lot of old friends on a different realm. The only thing stopping her is the money and she -like many others- has that feeling of connection to her starting realm. Now I said to her, that if she moves then I will too. I'm not too fond of my realm but I don't hate it either. Moving wouldn't effect friends since the two people I talk to regularly are on Real ID anyway.
My two problems are: The realm is PvP and I just don't think I should have said something like that 'cause it might give the wrong impression. I don't know what that impression is but whatever.
So do you guys think I should have said that? Because I am kind of in a fix now, if she wants to move I have to move or seem like a real . . . mean person.

Beside from all the WoW stuff I don't really have anything interesting to say. Claire came home today. (Friday) We watched an anime. I played a lot of Fallout 3 and read a lot of Jane Eyre which is a college requirement. Surprisingly it is a good read so far. I'm an ultra nerd and can understand old English. I did get a trial for champions online but apart from the slight graphical problems and HUGE! balance issues, it's a decent MMO. Not leaving WoW any time soon though. Unless I get a hankering for Aion again.

From what you say during the emails sometimes. You will be happy to know I did write a Ghoul Store for you guys. This one is more like the first one in the sense it is a monologue. I think this one will also be a lot more macabre than the others. . . cannibalism and all that.

Lots of love, potatoes and fried gnomes.
This was Mattdiox! For the British!

P.S Yes Big V you shall always be called Big V by me from now on!
P.P.S I must once again beg you all to say Jub-Jub please.
P.P.P.S Panderian Monk. . .

Bloop. Warble Garble.

Ghoul Store

Email #2 from Elle

Hi Ctrl Alt WoW,

My name is Elle (holy pally – Saurfang) and I love listening to your podcast. Your combined experiences and joys in game as very similar to mine, raiding and levelling many, many alts.

Our guild (Vendetta – Saurfang) is going well in 10 man but our consistency is letting us down. When we have our set 10 man team on we rock, getting 11/12 but we’ve only managed to get to the LK once L

We’re just finding people aren’t that interested at the moment in raiding and pugging is always a worry.

I have filled all 10 slots on my mains server and have started a few low level toons on Winterhoof, Jubby Bubbly and Earthen Ring. As you can see, all these servers are from people in fantastic pod casts…actually writing that makes me feel a bit like a stalker :S

BUT…I’ve stopped levelling these low levels as you game me a great idea! I’m going to RAF myself a free 10 day trial and multi box!(One of us, one of us).

So I’ll be looking for a home on Winterhoof. It’ll be from a warlock called Medrana.

Bit scared to ask for a home on Jubby Bubbly, as there is a quiz to answer! What if I get it wrong?!?!?

And AIE only accept new players during the first 7 days of a month so I’ve been waiting. Only a few more days to go.

Thanks for your time,


P.S. If I win the roll this week, can I please have the little panda monk? (insert boys doing sound effects) lol

Email #D Acaldraa

Hello ctrlaltwow,

Acaldraa here and not much has been going on in-game so I figured I would send in a few tips for making some extra gold to prepare and save for Cata. I myself have been stockpiling and waiting for the x-pack. Currently I have around 30k but am looking to get to 50 before the expansion drops.
Here are a few tips that really add up in the long run.
-Sell everything you get, people are willing to pay absurd prices for things that you might over look, maybe even vendor. The same rule applies for looting. Loot everything you see. There is an achievement in the game that will track total gold looted. You would be surprised to see that the amount is quite a lot.

-secondly, if you're no longer looking for gear, liquidate. Convert honor to gems, emblems to orbs, and don't forget about stone keeper shards. Also, if you don't reach the point where you no longer need any items with frost badges, buy Saronites.

-lastly, pay attention to trade. For myself at least it's worth enduring the spam to find good deals. When you see someone trying to sell something in trade, they may be desperate to sell and are willing to go very far below the market price. Buy these cheap items and then post on then AH for resale.

I hope this helped people if they are looking to put a little more gold in their pockets, and remember, have patience! Your items may not sell in the first 10 minutes of going on the AH and that's ok.

Best wishes,

Email #3 from Fathertedd
> Hi team of Ctrl Alt Wow: Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy
> from FatherTedd, Discipline Priest now swinging his sword for the Alliance.
The last time I emailed your lovely podcast I was a hordie altaholic whinging (like us pomms do) that I could not find a friendly levelling guild on an EU server. But hurrah, huzzah and hooray, I have found one. The Mithril guild on the EU server Eonar. It did require giving Blizz some additional money for transferring two of my alts to a different server and a faction change, but it was all worth it. To be in an active mature guild with good banter (chat for our American friends), where the members are not fixated all members raiding is right up my street. Also Aprillian would be interested to know they have a good TABARD very Tabardy and as Tabards go it is quite Tabarlissous. It would also appear that most of the people in the guild have a least 3 toons, so there is an abundance of knowledge and assistance available with alts at all levels.

Sad to say though I still can't seem to get away from those pesky unsupervised kids running round instances. For my sins I have been levelling a gnome tank (named: Sillymidoff) who at level 51 looks like a small tin can with a pointy stick (I have attached a picture that shows him in all his glory). I think it must be something about his size that pugs just like pushing him around as he seems to attract much more abuse than my Druid tank. I Don't like these gnomist people they should be band or sent to some small island. Anyway, the other day whilst in pug doing Sunken Temple "The Mage" commented "Oy tank are you sure you no how to tank, you should use your taunts to hold agro you know!".

I would like to point out at this point his sentence structure was not this long, but as you don't have a explicit tag I thought it best to put the meaning rather than the words he used.

I ignored this taunt from the mage but his next comment pulled a certain amount of agro. Unfortunately I cannot paraphrase this comment but needless to say it demanded a response. So I took a final quaff of my tanking Pinot Grigio and started typing to the fine gentleman in my best daddy way. "listen sonny!" I started "if tanking is watching you run into another room, pull a mob by frost bolting them and coming back for the tank to sort out, then, YES I am new to tanking" then hit return, by then I was on a roll and continued with "Plus if the big blue shaman could move to one side I could see what is happening". Unfortunately I think I had got their attention at listen sonny as they voted to kick me before I could hit return for this last retort. How hard those word were to take "you are not in a group".
Awww I here you say, but nay, I had the last laugh. Two hours later I was regrouped with the two oiks again ( oik noun chiefly Brit., informal noun uncouth or obnoxious person) and were they glad to see me, it was like going back to the old school reunion all over again. But what I did next I am not proud of :(. I ran off into the first few mobs, a number far too many to tank, ran back to the dps and dropped group. I do not condone this action but action needed to be taken, but I like to take this opportunity to apologise to the innocent bystanders, the Priest and the other DPS for their increased repair bills, and I will try not to do it again. As for the mage and shammy being from the same server I had to put them on ignore due to the /w I received commending me on my adult actions. Oh well how we laughed, just another story for my book "How to anoy pugs and influence them".

However, on a different note before I go, I have now got to grips with multiboxing on the Mac using two free pieces of software to enable multiple games and key cloning, plus a few useful Marcos to make it easier fighting, assisting and following. I will write again soon if you want to share my experiences of lvling twin gnome female warlocks, maybe I can give some tanks feedback as dps. For the horde, DOHL!!!!! I mean "grab your sword and fight the horde" as a well know podcast used to say.

Well it is goodbye from me and all the best from

Fathertedd, Bebehindu and the pocket rocket Sillymidoff of Mithril on Eonar EU
(have a cup of tea go on go on go on go on)

From Ctrl Alt WoW - The Podcast...

Email #C from Kurly

So, sorry about the mishap with the email last week. I actually have no idea what the "hand" was in there for. I can tell you that I sent that email from work and was getting ready to leave and edited out a some stuff and then just hit send......Please note that I am not British or Australian...although I am from Boston and SOUND like I am from Boston, I assure you that it was a mis-edit and nothing else.

So, it was yet again another crazy week of jumping from toon to toon to toon to toon to toon.....etc.

I was able to get my Tauren Druid into AIE and had the pleasure of healing a couple of runs with Aprillian which was great great fun...and a great honor for me! From what I have read in the forums it looks like some folks are looking to do the reated battle grounds.....WOO-OOO-OOT.

Other than that its been pretty my much BAU.

I hope you all had a great week, and a great weekend!

I hand you all!!

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
Hope everyone has had a wonderful week.
Mine was a bit long as I had to work at our office which is near the Blizz headquarters and how I always just want to stop by there and say HI but I do not!

Let me start out by saying thank you as always to our fine podcast hosts for their continuous efforts on this podcast and a big thank you to Mr Nevik for setting up the CAW store, its just nice to say CAW!

Because of the busy week I did not get as much wow time as I had planned but it does give me a chance to ask you about something I have been sitting on...well not literally that would be gross!
When all of you are leveling, with RAF or without for those looking for a challenge, do you level your professions?
I have always tried to level professions (gathering or any of the main professions) but especially with RAF it just never works out. With RAF especially you are able to level so fast that it is so easy to forget about leveling your professions. I know I have heard many do not and just wait to get to 80 but I have noticed for me that does not help. When I get to 80 its like my character gets to be as lazy as I am and just sits in the dalaran bar and drinks and eats! (ok I dont do that but it sounds funny).
So I wonder what you all do as I constantly run into that issue of having level 60s or 80s with either no professions or professions not leveled passed skill 100.

I was able to get my JC dailies done this week and level skinning and leather working on my druid (part of the druid-mage combo still stuck on 72).
Another project I have been working on is to be able to purchase the Big Momma Mammoth and the Mochano Hog! It may take me into the expansion but something for me to work on .

Hope everyone has another great week and that is all for me, MO!



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