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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 245 - Step Right Up

Aprillian, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

Oh noes!!

Hello Darlings!  Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo (he's back! he's back!! Yay!!!) and She Who Must Be Obey'ds El Jeppy!  I hope Jeppy is feeling better!  <=(
SOOOO....I stink...I didn't get my recording done today like I should have and I'm awwwwwyyy...  I hope everyone's been having a great time in and out of game over the past week though and I'm uber-excited that Ashayo is back!  Woot!  We missed you Ashayo!  And I hope Jeppy is back this week too...I hate it when he's out sick. :
This is going to be a short one...I didn't get to play any WoW last week *sad panda face*  I am still sick and slept a LOT over the weekend.  I am going to get back on the WoW Sparkly Pony this week though...have to get back to the Firelands!  I did get to play some Sims Social though...hehehehe....and I must say, Aprillian, your house is looking FINE!  I had to clean your toilet, but it was spotless other than that.  ;-)
I can't wait to hear this weeks podcast...thank you soooooooo much for doing them for us...I really enjoyed Kurly being on there! It's a lot of fun getting to hear all these new it.  
Okay, back to the dungeons with me,
I love you guys AND Aprillian!
Big hugs and kisses *muah!*
For the Horde, for the Alliance, and for the Ashayo!

Juuno of Nevikhoof, Earthen Ring and Korialstrasz

p.s.  Next week I'll make up for this week by having a great audio for you plus that snow video I promised!
p.s.s.  Vrishna... "She flew away.  Gods truth!  She flew away!"  hehehe...

What We've Been Doing:


I've done nothing but try on clothes on various toons. I searched my bags for the Tankard of terrors.
Darkmoon Faire

Aprillian & Vrishna



Killing alot of rares - including a naga that spawned 3 times in 10 minutes! Not so rare...
(Where do you see the ach for that?)

Stumbled on the portal to Orgrimmar from Nordrassil in Mount Hyjal today. D'OH! Been there since 4.2 apparently.

Trivia: What's the largest and or highest level critter in the game? (level 5 ram in Loch Modan?)

Won guild lotto prize - 500g!

- Heroic Shannox - new shoulders 391 - [Flickering Shoulderpads of the Undertow]. But ugly, so transmog back to old ones
- Cleared firelands and doing extra boss for the legendary staff for Ostira

Darkmoon Faire
- Take : Dark Iron Ale Mug (Grim Guzzler?), 5 simple flour
- Quests for all your professions - including +5 to skill (need to be 75?)
- Grindy quest to kill 250 mobs ; elementals in Mount Hyjal are pretty good for it

New PvP season, so new potential upgrades to be bought with JP, VP, HP. Jekle was JP capped and received 500g tradein. 




Hi Aprillian,

i just want to thank you.
because of you i tried dual boxing, and later on triple boxing.
And because of you dual boxing went well, triple boxing ... well, lets just say that i don't have your multi-tasking talent.

Because of your thanksgiving WoW event tips, my cooking skill in WoW is high. (in RL its still zero).

you taught me some new ways to enjoy WoW.

so thank you.

a.k.a Leralond
proud member of the Ctrl Alt Wow guild on winterhoof

My Alts and the Nekked Bull Runn

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna: Loving the show, At first I did not like the laid back format of the show.
But after hearing so many winers, I find your show refershing, as you truly love the game as much as I do.

As for how I plaw WOW. (I Do not Raid or PUG Dungons- To many a-holes)
I have about 18-20 alts. across 4 relms My main relm is Lethon.US
My only 85 so far is "Ravenwings" a Nightelf Hunter.

As for my family & WOW.
My wife was on my back alot about how much time I spent playing the game.
Then she Rolled a toon, and needless to say she is getting nearly as meny Alts as I do.
Talk about killing "Wife Aggro"

February 11th is my birthday (#48 thank you vary much) , and I wanted to invite everyone to a party of sorts.

I am on the PVP realm "Lethon" US.
What I would like to do is have as many people as possible to write a Tauren and level it up as far as you can between now and Feb 11 2012

Then we log on about 7:PM Central (Dallas TX time) for an epic Necked Bull run on stormwind city, ending with us showing the King "The BEEF"

We will also need as many horde support members (Tanks DPS & lots of Healers) as we can get to run interference.

My Tauren's name is "Bullshyte" Look for him as I am leveling him up as fast as I can.

All the best.

Ray B

P.S. This is just for kicks and the EPIC screenshots

You get a horsey and you get a horsey and you get a horsey

This week’s audio may have to be a live recording only as I am honest and I don’t watch my words sorry but yes I am frankly terrified right now and life is taking a new course for me wheatear this is a good or bad one only time will tell. I like to thank everyone involved in getting me to do live recording over the last 12 months or so Juuno, Matt, Kadac and the rest of the awesome people that send in audio that is far and away better than mine I will still try to download and listen to the shows as best I can but after I make the move it’s going to be harder. I will try and stay in contact with twitter and the like but yes my submission will be taking a major down turn as will my gamming but I been promised if I knuckle down and show a wiliness to learn I can move up the food chain in the new job and they say a change is as good as a holiday. So in closing I just like to say it has been both a honour and a privilege to play with all my fallow guildies on ER and I hope to back some day but for the moment this is The big G signing out goodnight and good luck.  

Random News Buliten

Wingy here doing it live.


Hey guys new toons :)

Hey its the Nekronomicon's, we rolled two new Goblin toons and used our other toons to guild invite them. If you could verify them it would be great. Their names are Scribbly, a Goblin Shaman and Riffrocket, a Goblin Mage. They are brothers who enjoy adventuring together and blowing stuff up.

Many thanks,



Dang that Goblin starting zone is fun but its sure is hella long :)

update from the Nekro's

Hey there Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy (hope you're feeling better Jeppy), great episode last week. 

We loved your spacial guest host Curly ..... he was fabulous fun and we hope his is after show wax was a success. 

All is well with the Nekronomicons. This week we rolled a bunch of new alts including two new DK's, named Prospero and Kallisto, 

and yes the names are indeed Shakespearian and greek in origin. Be carful Vrishna, your S.A.T. score is showing ;)

We also rolled two new Goblin's, Scribbly, a shammy and Riffrocket, a mage. They are two Goblin brothers who enjoy adventuring for fun and profit and blowing stuff up.

We sent the new Goblins to the Fantastic new Darkmoon Fair Island. That place is so much fun. Riffrocket especially liked the whack a Gnole game. 

Scribbly tried his hand at fishing on the docks but did not catch any of the awesome loot that others had been bragging about. 
(bundles of Embersilk, high level herbs and even a seahorse pet)

I guess his fishing skill needs some work or maybe he's just too short to reach the water (insert Goblin laugh here)

We've been having a great time listening to some of your older shows with the crazy guests and even crazier audio submissions. 

If I can figure out the GarageBand on my mac I might even try an audio submission myself.

Cheers and thanks for the awesome podcast.

The Nekronomicons

remember, Undead love is forever 


I've included a picture of me backstage at Caesars Magical Empire way back in 2002. I worked there as a magician for six fun filled years.
Can you guess what tier level my Mage robes are?

Ctrl Alt TOR?

Will there be a CTRL Alt TOR?

Rigarmorty Audio CAW 245

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Eljeppy, Ashayo? Guest host? Oh and the amazing people who've made it to the live chatroom!

Attached is my audio for this week! I'm early with it this time round as your recording more near my lunch hour so I might even be in the chat room! 

Thanks for your kind words last week and hope everyone is keeping warm, apart from those in the southern hemisphere obviously... Wow, hard to believe it was 21 years ago the last time I was in the land of OZ.



Update for Iceflow and Caoboi

Hey guys!

Guess what!  We're playing WoW!  We actually got some good time playing on Darkmoon Faire Island.  I really loved what they did with a place and it feels very festive.  Make sure you go in the back and have a pony ride and you might get a special achievement ;)

I like that people can't troll the gaming areas by running through and the only one I had trouble with was the shooting gallery but that's because I was standing on the counter instead of behind the counter.

I really want the pets they are offering but I know i'm going to have to put in some time to get them!

I actually have prospects for raiding even though my raiding team has broken up.  Cao and I will probably fill in for other people.

Iceflow is close to getting her dragon mount from Tol Barad and Iceprayer is steadily questing through Twilight Highlands.  I'm a bit worried that I won't get everything done that I want to get done before MoP but I might as well put in a good showing.

Can't wait to see you all in game!

Ice and Cao

podcast submission

Good Morning my favorite pod-casters, the radiant Aprillian, the dashing Ashayo, the lovable Vrishna and the masterful El Jeppy. I'm being optimistic there and hoping El Jeppy is feeling better and back in the saddle. I'm eternally hopeful that all four of my hosts are present today.

It's been a long time since I've submitted, so it would be impossible to do a complete update on my toon activities, although for a while I had a small WoW break due to work/personal issues.  I'm back to playing and enjoying it much more.  I've also been doing a little bit of the SWTOR beta though, as well. Lots of room for alts in that game.  Maybe someone should do a Ctrl-Alt-SWTOR podcast, nudge, nudge.

In WoW, I'm finally closing in on 85 for my main toon on the Sisters of Elune server.  Jaxie replaced Tedrah when I moved her over to Earthen Ring to join CoD and it's been a long haul trying to get Jaxie to 85.  She hit 84 this past weekend while doing the Feat of Strength quest to kill 250 mobs for the Darkmoon Faire.  So hopefully she'll hit 85 soon and be able to work toward being able to use the raid finder.

Speaking of the raid finder, poor Tedrah (Petrah now, but I just can't stop calling her Tedrah) doesn't have a high enough iScore to use the raid finder so I've got to get some better gear to get in there.  Tedrah also needs to work hard at doing the Darkmoon Faire dailies.  It will take a while to get the 90 tickets each needed for the new companion pets.  I did get the adorable Sea Pony pet fishing off the dock at the Faire and that puts me 5 away from the 150 pet achievement that I'm aiming for. You get a little celestial dragon pet with that achievement.

I've only done one of the new 5 man dungeons. It was fun but confusing at first.  I wasn't really sure what to do so thankfully I was in there with friends who had already done it once or I would have been completely lost.  Nearra is great at explaining things and it really helps that she is also a hunter.  

Don't want to take up too much time, so hopefully I'll be seeing everyone in game soon. Having fun WoWing!

This is Tedrah,

For the Horde and the Clan of Darkness

P.S. For the SWTOR

P. P. S. For the Sims Social

Submission for 245

Hi all, it's Lokwyn.
With the release of patch 4.3 I've been spending more time in Azeroth.  I was away for a few weeks because I put close to 100 hours into Skyrim.  I'm still not close to being done with it, but the new content in WoW has pulled me back in.
Now, It's story time.  One evening last week I jumped into one of new 5-mans as my main (Lokwyn, the paladin tank) along with 2 guildies.  I've completed a few normal Heroics with him in the past, but by the second boss it was clear that I was in over my head.It is at this point I remembered why I like being in C.O.D. It's the non judgmental, yet overly helpfully people. 

Just for reference, I was wearing a range of gear from non epic PVP gloves to some decent tanking epics.  Shalick was immediately on the case.  He directed me and talked me through gemming, enchanting, reforging the strange assortment of gear I was wearing.  I was stacking stamina, but I should have been stacking mastery.  That was awesome, but then he went above and beyond the call of duty and hands me four of the most expensive enchants I've ever seen!  Since then I've completed several more heroics and I currently have an average item level of 361.  I will be back at attempting the new 5-mans soon enough.  If anyone needs a tank just ask. 

Shout out to my brother: Zoojin

Have fun,

P.S.  The new Darkmoon Faire is awesome.  It has mounts, pets, heirlooms, and transmogrification gear!


Hello, CAW crew! 

    Just wanted to send an overdue email to catch up and give some thanks.  In episode 244 you mentioned the EoE run that Dreams put together a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to add my thanks to Dreams for pulling together the run.  It was a ton of fun! You gave me too much credit for helping with the fight strat, as it was my first time in EoE since shortly after ICC came out in Wrath.  I did my best to help out and I appreciate the kudos but really I did very little.  Everyone who was there did an awesome job, the last phase mechanics are tough for any group going through the raid for the first time and actually we wiped way less than I expected to, as I probably wiped dozens of times at level on that phase. I enjoy helping when I can, this guild is full of some of the best people I have had the privilege of gaming with in WoW and the helpfulness and kindness of the guild mates is infectious (in a good way, lol).  I also wanted to again thank Ashayo for the embersilk bag that I won on a previous podcast. Can you say you won something when you are the only contestant? LOL, but really thanks again; my baby priest, Solblanco, appreciates the extra bag space.  It was great hearing Ashayo on episode 244 and I hope he gets to co-host more again soon.  Also, I hope Jeppy is feeling better soon and is back with you by the time you read this. Sending him good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    As for myself in game, I have finally leveled Solrojo to 85! Woohoo!  Yes, it's pronounced sole-ro-ho as Vrishna said. I have a running theme with my C.O.D. toons of naming them sun something in Spanish.  I have Solrojo which is red sun, Solverde - green sun, Solmuertos - dead sun, etc.  Since Grimsun was taken on the ER server, I just used the sun part and added a bit of a twist by using Spanish. So now you know there is method to my naming madness lol. Solrojo is already geared for heroics and is nearly geared for raiding.  It is amazing how fast you can gear up now, I think Blizzard has scaled the rate of getting better gear very well as the new raids roll out.  Even non-raiding folks can get some pretty awesome gear.

    My newest project is Solylluna (sun and moon).  He is a tauren druid and I plan to make him a boomkin (hence the sun and moon thing).  Here is the twist:  I will be leveling him ONLY using herbalism and mining and the exp I get from discovery.  No quests, no kills.  I am using a few heirlooms (hey, I'm not THAT crazy!), lol.  I had a very brief discussion with Dreams in game once about this, and she had mentioned trying it as well, so I hope I'm not stealing an idea (for all I know she has already done this).  Anyway... it should be interesting.  It will probably take me a long time since this is a side project and I am easily distracted, so wish me luck! :-)

    On another note, I have to say the new Darkmoon Fair is sooooooo much better than the old one!  I have my Jubling egg and can't wait for it to hatch. I hope to get all the pets and mounts eventually, but that will take quite some time.  

   That's really about it for my WoW week (month for that matter).  
    Now, I have a sort of random question for the hosts: To grats, or not to grats?  I've heard brief discussions on the podcast about gratsing (is that a word?) and it got me to thinking about the "good ole days" before achievements came into the game (insert "get off my lawn" joke here).  Before wrath, the only time I ever saw "Grats!" in gchat was when someone dinged or announced in gchat they have done something great like completing a raid or reaching max level.  Then.... Achievements came to the game.  Every opened mailbox, every haircut, every silly little things seems to warrant a congratulatory remark from everyone else.  This is fine, and I'm all for encouraging others, and I am not complaining because I do it myself.  BUT... should we feel guilty if we don't say grats for things like "Shave and a Haircut" or "Can I keep him?" achievements?   Also, does using an autograts addon like "Overachiever" mean the same as typing grats out yourself?  Do you feel neglected if someone doesn't grats you for minor things?  As for myself, I don't really mind people not saying grats to me - for anything really.  I also don't like autograts addons much because to me letting an addon do the work means you aren't really paying attention.  I do like to say it though - for about anything, lol.  I enjoy encouraging people. Sometimes I miss something, and usually for the more minor things I'll say something other than grats, like "Way to open that mailbox! Epic!" or "Gold well spent!"  Just wanted to get your opinions, I thought it might make for interesting conversation. :-)  

Now, CONGRATS! WAY TO READ THIS EMAIL! YOU DID AN UBER AWESOME JOB (insert host name here)! hehe j/k.  

See you in game! For the Horde, CAW, COD, and the GRATS!

Grimsun of Nevikhoof
aka Solrojo of Earthen Ring and <Clan of Darkness>

Shout Outs & Thank You

The Nekronomicons - Donation

Clan of Darkness

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