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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 212 - BBD in the House

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Trying to level JC on Epril. Getting ore to prospect. On Wed, 43g stack, on Thu 69g

Sunday, worked on Guild website. Kudos to Inmyowndreams, Caoboi and Iceflow.

Monday, scared of Vrishna being angry about returned mats. Trying hard to use them. Should I make Mooncloth bags? Oooh really need to get that other bag recipe.

Following streets in Dal while flying, LOL

Realized Epril was fastly approaching 85, 63%. Figured she should work on Arch. Solve one before I realized she was only at 32! Glad fragments don't take bag space. Epril's Flying is slow. Got to play attention when digging 28k per dig

Leveled Aprillian's Tailoring to 477, completed the Deathsilk set and enchanted it for her. Best she's going to get I think.

Aprillian & Vrishna
Finally got through Gundrak with Virinya tanking. It was a great way to learn the dungeon.

AT with Epril, Vrinya, Tiia, AstarĂ¥ and Aurak
Clan of Darkness to level 2.25.
Accidentally got to 375 in Archaeology ! Aprillian mentioned something about a digsite so I just went into my backpack to check how many pieces I had. Only one race had enough to assemble an artifact. I clicked on it and, "poof", Master in Archaeology ! It was a nice surprise. Dig sites opened all over Northrend !
Vrishna dinged 79. Running Argent Tourney as an aspirant for Silvermoon and will finish Silvermoon during this podcast!

Narinya healed for a guild run through Hellfire Ramparts. I have guildies ! Thank you Inmyowndreams, Tedrah, Claypidgin and Glig ! We ran it together twice until I had to leave. This was through the random dungeon finder so we got our satchels of helpful goods !

Actually have over 10k in the bank for the first time. So many dailies, so much gold !

I may have played it is all very fuzzy.
Death Knight Tanks


I wanted to write regarding the secondary stat for DK tanks. Mastery is very strong for DK's, as it is for the other tanks. With the change to blood shield (4.0.6?) where the blood shield stacks duration rather than over-writing the previous shield it's debatable the best secondary stat, and possibly worthy of gemming for. The general target for heroics is a mastery of 16. I've gemmed my DK tank towards mastery rather than stamina as 135hp unbuffed feels comfortable with all the self healing, and the extra mastery really evens out the damage similar to the way block does. Not sure if you're using it, but the Lichborne/death coil self heal works wonderfully, kinda like a lay on hands with a 3(?) minute cooldown. Just my two cents, no theory crafting backing me up.

Curme - 85 prot warrior
Anarion - 85 blood DK
Curufin - 85 prot pally
Uldor - 85 holy/shadow priest
Tuwanek - 85 Boomkin

And a few others....

Ctrl Alt WoW

CAW crew
My name is Vern, I doubt anybody remembers me but I wrote in a couple times to this show and Ctrl Alt Trek. I have not written the show in over a year but I always look forward to listening each week. It took me awhile to write this so I hope I don't ramble too much.

I would like to tell everyone a little about me. I am a 36 year old male I live by myself in New Jersey. I have a cat and I collect Transformers. Most of my entertainment comes from podcast, I listen all day at work. I like a lot of the tech shows from and of course a lot of WoW podcasts too. I started playing WoW around the time the sunwell patch came out. It took me a long time to level up, I hit 68 the day that Wrath of the Lich King came out. I had made some friends and joined a small guild on the way. A little while after WotLK came out some of us formed a guild with a goal of doing raids. We did it for fun and we were never doing cutting edge raids but in the end we killed the Lich King before Cataclysm came out. Sometime after we hit 85 people started fading away. Lately I been trying to get more exalted reps and hunting down some rare pets and mounts. I have a pally in Pants on Head that I have been trying to work on also. I been leveling him for over a year and he's only 74. I won't do randoms I run into too much trouble. I am a little shy so I really don't know anyone there.

Inspired by the show I dual boxed a gnome warlock and a dwarf shaman. I was doing refer a friend to get a rocket but I only got them to 43. The whole thing only cost me 20 bucks because I bought a copy of WoW for 5 bucks around the holidays. I didn't use any add-ons just 2 monitors and some macros. I recently ran out of time on that account but I am planning on doing more dual boxing.

I like when you look up Ashayo’s character in the armory and pretend you know what you’re talking about. This really cracks me up, I always imagine you donning a small pair of spectacles kind of like Homer when he tries to be smart.

I use a G11 Logitech keyboard , Ashayo said he had his G15 since they came out and it has 18 G buttons, this is the first version of the G15 it latter came out with less buttons that’s the one Eljeppy probably had.

I was really excited to hear you were letting people join your guild. I was in the STO guild but we all know what happened there. The last few shows were filled with people telling their stories of joining the guild and having fun meeting people. I made a goblin priest on ER but got turned down when I tried to get an invite. I didn’t want to ask again till I wrote in. My internet was out the last 2 nights then show 211 came out and I couldn’t send you this email until I listened. I still would like to be in the guild if you would let me. I promise I will write in with my experience of rolling a goblin for the first time.

P.S. Don’t put me in the contest if you are still doing that

@Verns_heals on twitter
Verneesha - runetotem ,Alliance
Menasor- Jubei-thos , Horde

Remember me?

Has it really been almost two months since I wrote in? I keep meaning to write, but life seems to keep getting in the way. Work. Planning to move. Mom visiting. Kids. I’ve even gotten behind on my podcasts, but made a good dent in 210 during my 8 mile run (or should I say, “jog”) this week. Maybe I’ll get back on track after my mom goes back home and my schedule returns to normal.
My 85s seem to be languishing. I finally completed the argent aspirant quests on my priest and would like to get heirloom gear for my alts on his new realm, but I’m having trouble motivating myself to grind through it all a THIRD time. Instead, I’ve been busy trying to level toons to catch up with my wife’s refer-a-friend gifted alts and leveling toons with my sons. I’m now having a lot of fun leveling a couple warriors. I used to hate them. (I had one that never got past 10 or 11 in almost two years. He finally got deleted to make room for alts to play with my family.) I’ve hit outlands again with a couple toons and found that it’s been long enough since I played through there that it is actually fun and interesting to read the quests again. I’ve not played horde in a long time (my first toon was horde on a pvp realm), but I’m thinking of joining you all on Earthen Ring. My youngest son even made a belf hunter for me to use. If I play her, this will be my first female toon—Rosee.
Off to grind some rep or some levels.
Liteharted of Alexstraza and his many alts.
For the family! For the Alliance! For the horde?
By the way, don't enter me in the contest.

No. 1
Hi CAW crew,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mystic, and I too am an alt-aholic.

I have been listening to your fine podcast for the last 12 months, and started playing wow around 2 years now. I've never written in until today. Why is that - I hear you say? Well, I suppose I have always been a passive warcraft player, someone who doesn't have enough hours in the day to raid, or do long dungeons, or grind away for mats that take days and days to gather.

As my time is limited, due to family, career and eating (and sleeping) I find that most of the people on my server don't understand, and as such, I end up roaming around the great lands of Azeroth solo-ing quests, or improving my professions. I often thought I was in the minority, that everyone in this world of ours had to contribute 25 hours a day to play, and carry the most high-end of gear.

But it wasn't until I came across your podcast, and others like it, that I realised that this was not the case. There are others out there that don't have the time, nor the experience to have done it all, and so it's probably true to say that I look forward to listening to you all every week, because it's not always about the game, it's also about the community, and the reasons for my admiration of you all can be summed up in some of the comments that were made on episode 210, around community, and around the sad loss of one of Aprilian's best friends. Never have I been so moved by a podcast (in an emotional way) than that one episode, especially as I am the proud owner of a brand new pup myself.

So, with all that in mind, if it is ok by all of the CAW crew, I would like to start submitting emails on a semi-regular basis to let you know what I have been doing in-game, and hopefully one day I can also hope to be part of your fine circle of friends.

Your avid listener

PS. I know it's not so unusual anymore in your team, but I am from down under as well....
PPS. Go the Blues !!!!
What have we here?

Hey all. I hope all has been well! Sorry I have not been in touch for a few weeks. I lost my job about a week and half ago (not the worst thing in the world as I hated it), and have been so busy doing nothing, I havnt been able to find the time to email. Financially I will be okay for a while, and may even be able to take some of the summer off, something I have not been able to do for a very long time. I have, however, been spending a lot of this free time playing WOW. Despite this I have yet still to level any of my professions or, clear one heroic all the way through. I have to level 85's, a priest and a hunter, and try as I might, groups fall apart before the end or, I come in just before or at the last boss.....never mind also that the only two dungeons (heroic or not) I ever seem to get in are The Lost City of Tol'vir or the Halls of Origination.

I have also been doing a lot of PVP. I have to say that it is my favorite part of WOW. Its not something by all rights that I should like as I have never been an "IN YOUR FACE", kind of competitor, but I am not lieing when I tell you that I get seriously jazzed when I fell an opponent, cap a node, or return the flag. My guilds hope of doing rated battle grounds has not yet come to pass as we are a small guild and there is just not enough interest, and have yet to meet anyone in game that we are comfortable enough to play with.

Anywho, I still haven't uploaded Audacity to my new computer so no audio submissions as of yet.........I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Great Podcast. Goings ons and Ideas for a CAW dungeon.

Dear Ctrl+Alt+Wow Crew:

Great to keep hearing all the podcasts week after week. My wife and I sent you an E-mail in December and we won the Moonkin pet, so thanks for that. We like to take him out in pugs when a DPS dies unnecessarily and dance with it mockingly. We usually run a tank and healer combo. The last time we were leveling our gnomes Mysterios and Frottola but have since created humans, me a paladin and my wife a hunter. We got them up to level 60 in about two months, 60 is our level cap until we expand to The Burning Crusade. We recently started a new team with my wife being a priest and myself being a warrior, talk about hard to hold agro at low level dungeons with everyone running with BOA's.

I was thinking of the perfect dungeon with CAW themed bosses.

Aprillian: Starts off with just one gnome and when that gnome is at 5% life another random character "logs in" and takes the place of the original boss. This continues about twenty times until Aprillian has no more alts left. The good thing about the Aprillian boss is that she drops a flying mount that can hold 5 people!

Virishna: A boss that has pocket healers that are un-killable, since he is so used to being a pocket healer. Also bunnies flow from him as adds and you have to kill hundreds and hundreds of bunnies. Each time you kill a bunny Virishna becomes even more enraged. He drops an invisible pooka (rabbit) pet called Harvey.

El Jeppy: A boss that turns into 10 gnomes and they dance and frolic around you all while shooting fireballs at you. They all do the same spell at the same time and frequently break out into laughter which fears the entire group into lava. He drops a trinket which summons 10 miniature gnomes which do your bidding.

Ashayo: The most deadly and final boss, that will take his target down to 1% health and then target the next person that has the highest health. He then summons drakes to swoop people up and then drops them from a great height. Ashayo drops an enchant that stacks that automatically adds 100 toward gear score.

Keep up the great work. All your advice and stories keep us having fun in WOW even though we only have original wow. Our level 60 humans, Briide and Groome signing out from the Eitrigg Server.

Eric T Cerwick, ACS, ALMI

WoW on sale at Target

I just wanted to pass the word that my local target has vanilla WoW, and BC on sale for $10. WotLK is $20 and Cata is on sale too but I don't remember the price. I think that the vanilla/BC battle chest is also $20.

So if you are looking to start up another RaF, no might be the time to stop by your local Target. I don't think that they are listed in the ad and I looked at and the games are not on sale there. So it must just be a brick and mortar sale.

Have fun and happy WoWing.

Brian(aka. Qwisp, Earthen Ring)

Hallo Ctrl Alt WoW crew,

Bidkar, level 31 mage, Earthen Ring server here.

Ashcroft, human warlock and Jehi, blood elf paladin are both exalted with their respective Tol Barad factions. I was doing four toons in Tol Barad, but couldn't take it anymore. Four times Tol Barad is the pathway to insanity. I do like the quests out there, but four times a day, not so much.

I'm still trying to find a path I like in the new 1 to 60 questing on the Horde side. I like the Alliance side leveling, but I'm not caring for the Horde side. I know it's me since mostly everybody else likes it. I'm finding the Eastern Kingdoms to be much better for me now. I liked and disliked the storyline in Silverpines.

I think Blizzard has seemingly ruined Sylvanas and tarnished her image. Previously, she was a noble character overcoming the circumstances she was forced into by Arthas. I don't think it is in character for her attack Gilneas and displace the Gilneans from their home. She was tortured and killed by Arthas because as a Ranger she fought so bravely to defend Silvermoon from him. I do not think Sylvanas essentially doing the same thing to the Gilneans to be in keeping with her character. I think the quest with the Lady's Necklace shows that despite what she pretends to, she remembers and mourns for her former life. Maybe there will be more to the story?

I have a funny (to me anyway) story concerning my priest Sagrado. He's 82 now, but I had a hankering to get him the talbuk mount, so I ran him out to Nagrand to farm rep for the mounts. While I was out there, I noticed someone was trying to take control of Halaa, so I went over to help him. It turns out he was helping his Alliance friend get battle tokens so she could buy the war talbuk. I guess I helped her by dying several times. She was a 85 hunter and I'm not very good on the priest, that I will freely admit. I annoyed here by bombing her repeatedly. It was so much fun! Another Alliance guy came by and started messing with us. She explained to him what she was trying to do, but apparently he wanted to be uncooperative. The other guy who was there asked for help, but the only answer he got was "Go level" from a toon named Wettowel. I, of course, could not resist telling him not to be a wet towel. He then called me an idiot and I said "True as that might be, at least I'm not a towel", called me an idiot again and I said "You're a towel" referring in my mind back to the South Park episode dealing with Towelie. This cracked me up. Anyway Wettowel came and helped us deal with the guy. Happy ending!

I was a little naughty too. I need to be honest and tell you that I cannot resist attacking a flagged hunter. It would not matter if I was level one and the hunter was level 85. I would hop on that like a bunny would hop another bunny. I think I get it from leveling a mage on a pvp server. The only toon I couldn't kill is a hunter. Just cannot do it. So I think my frustration manifests in the attacking of any hunter anytime. Anyway, I was flying my warlock out in Hellfire Pennisula to mine up some ore. I was flying along when I came upon this hunter flying way up high flagged from pvp. I was 85 and she was 62 or something like that, so it was completely inappropriate for me to gank her. So I did gank her. It was a HUNTER! I had to do it. I think she thought by being up so high she was safe. So I dotted her up while falling. I barely survived, but I guess she wasn't quite high enough. I watched her health drop rapidly then watched her fall rapidly. I know it was wrong,but it felt so right.

That's all for right now. Have a great week and thanks for everything. You folks are terrific!

FOR THE HORDE and for the alliance!

Bidkar and his many alts

Rigarmorty Message for Episode 212

Hi Aprillian, Virshna, Eljeppy and Ashayo,

Attached is my little audio for Episode 212! As your recording on my lunch hour I should be able to pop-in for the show live stream for atleast an hour :)



Hope you all have a great week in game and out!

inmyowndreams and kithore

Ep212 submission

Newborns definitely make it hard to get these things done. Sure, I might be able to record a nice 10 minute segment, but edit it? Yah, that's where the difficulty presents itself.

Anyhoo, Lil' Deathy allowed me to finish my submission up and I was even able to include some bloopers at the end ^^; Hope you enjoy ...

Shout Outs & Thank You
Momomoments - Clan of people looking to have fun playing and interacting

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.
I am sorry to miss emailing for the last 2 shows. I have a plan to make sure I get my emails in as soon as I see the twitter updates of the new episodes (hope its a good moplan).
First I would like to thank you all and the guildies on Earthen Ring server for inviting some of my characters in your Clan of Darkness guild. Some of you were on when I joined so thank you again. I have about 6 characters on each account on that server and so far have 2 lowbies in there.
I have also moved over my 82 druid with a previous name of Moid to the server and in the guild now. I had to change his name as who new that ER has a giant population! For a long time of thinking and asking for suggestions I went with Morfin. I know its not that exciting of a name but really could not think of anything else. He is a tauren Resto and mochicken spec and yes I am available for your healing needs (when available of course :).
I also moved over a pally from feathermoon server was names Atoosa but had to change her name too (who new there are other persians playing this game of ours, Atoosa is an ancient persian name). I was able to name her fairly quickly to Molypolly. She is a Bloodelf holy prot spec at level 63.
I feel good as I was able to help a couple of guildies, Inmyowndreams, and Glig by running them through Ramparts. I am looking forward to running more dungeons with guildies and also level.
With my druid destroying things I was able to run my pally through ramparts and bloodfurnace for a couple of rounds. My first goal is to level Molypolly's professions as she is from one of my raf's.
She has skinning up to 375 and I am working on her mining which is low. I would like to also level her cookings too but it seems for some reason cooking always takes me forever. I also want to level mining/cooking along with archeology at the same time but that also is looking to be a challenge. Have any of you leveled multiple professions at the same time?
I also have another question, with the Outlands or when you have a character at level 60 going through the Outlands, where do you set your hearth?
My pally is currently making Thrallmal her home but I dont know if it makes sense to make Org. her home. I wish Shattrath still had ports, that would make things so much easier I think.
In my travels across Azeroth I am also finding some new things they have changed in Cataclysm like I did not know there was a portal in Grom Gol to Gnomergon instance!
I also attempted to tank on my pally Molypolly 2 random 60 instances with deathpidgon and we finished, to my surprise as it was my first time tanking on a pally for a long while. I dont like to tank just like many for the same reasons, the random people that join the group and just make the experience not so much fun. The 2 dungeons i tanked were not that bad but I know I was going slow, much slower than the other people's pace. To add to that my pally is in some cloth gear as I have lost my plate heirloom gear and no, I do not have a reply from blizz yet to my ticket. I am hoping after the patch hits perhaps, but im not holding my breath.
Well that is enough for me,
Thank you again for the invites and looking forward to some guild instance runs soon hopefully

For the Clan of Darkness!


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