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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 232 - Brew Dawg In The House

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

What We've Been Doing:


Dragging 5 pups takes a lot of time. I keep losing focus and doing herbing and mining

Since Treeså had outleveled them, I went ahead and did some of Mauradan Earth Song Falls. Logged out after Epril and Nevahoof were killed and came back later to find my body at the teleport in site.

Ended up dinging 39 and taking them to ZF. Was disappointed again that Nevahoof couldn't skin, took them outside to level up

Dinged 41

Monday, back to the pups. Made my hunter the lead and set up macros on one druid to heal her.
Skinning seems faster
Doing the Stag quest, other worgens were stealing my stags.
Follow issues
Monday night did the Gilneas battle and the Follow Sylvanas
Tues, rolling restarts on ER. Finally finished the pups
Took the RAF Worgen and made a Dranei to go with her on ER. But the leveling was so slow. I took them to SW and then to the Human starting area.
Worgens have to change to wolf to use barber shopskype
They dehumanize the orcs. The orcs yell "Eat You"

Aprillian & Vrishna

Did Scarlet Monastery graveyard, got guild achievement

Also ran ZF and picked up the trash as long as I could, but the xp was pretty good.
Guild Challenge problem answered:
Greetings Delishas,

I am sorry we kept you waiting and weren't able to catch you while you were online. I received your concern about your guild challenge, and while we weren't able to speak, I hope I can get this sorted out for you!

I did investigate this issue, and after looking through this, it appears that one of the guild members in your party was level 40 at the time of this run, and Razorfen Kraul is level 32-35. If a player is not level appropriate for the dungeon, your guild will not be eligible for the guild challenge in that dungeon.

If you have any other questions about this, you can check our forums ( where you can discuss this with other players.

You can also go to 3rd party sites such as ( and ( for more information!

If you still need any help with this issue though or just have some lingering questions please feel free to hit the 'Need more help' button or visit your Support page on the site here: to create and reply to tickets whenever you are not in-game! :)

Alternatively, if your issue was resolved, you can click 'message read' and confirm that it was. Thank you for contacting us and I hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft! <3

Best wishes,

Game Master Ixzal


Treesa is now even with her sisters and ready to play with them.
Got Journeyman and Expert in First Aid in the same day !
Started in Thousand Needles, mining under water so easy now that you get the under water breathing and jet pack. Also got the River Boat. Couldn't find a quest area, accidentally found Dustwallow Marsh. Between Theramore and Mudsprocket and 5-6k per turn in, leveled pretty quickly. Accidentally found Onyxia's lair. Couldn't stop giggling about the Onyxia Wipe Animation. Returned to Thousand Needles and found the quest I was looking for under water in a cave ! Anyway, up to lvl 46. It was great to see so much content that had either changed or that I had never seen before !




Re: Darreth of Ctrl Alt Elite

(This is a bit long and can be all over the place from part to part so sorry in advance plus it's up to you if you want to read on a future podcast or not, just not full real names at the end of the email which is for your eyes only).  

  Hi CAW crew, thank you so much for the very warm thank you on
podcast 231 as I'm "Darreth". I'm a 43yr old divorced father of two wonderful children, my son is 18 (lives with me when he's not working) and my daughter is 13 (she lives with her mother) we are all from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada).
  I've been a fan of the
podcast for some time now, I think roughly since New Years a few years ago (It sounded funnier in my head! episode 148), other podcast's that I listen to are Bind on Equip, The Addicted, The Instance, Rawrcast, Twisted Nether, but Ctrl Alt Wow is my personal favorite, (my roommate likes The Addicted, but that's due to Hypknotoad's accent which she favors, I just recently got her to start a wow toon of course I RAF'd her in ;-) cause I want a rocket).
  I think it's only been once or twice that people have whispered me asking about
Nevik, I think they just looked at the first part of the guild name or I personally have never received any emails that were meant for CAW, but I would have forward them or re-mailed them on if I did, that's just the type of person I am, I believe that honesty is less work and more enjoyable than the alternative. I was brought up on old values, which I carry into my wow time, so you can rest easy now Vrishna ;-) I just like doing nice things unconditionally. About two years ago I actually sent an in game mail to the wrong person and the person I sent it to was kind enough to send it all back to me with a note, which I thought was awesome since it was about 1200g and some epics and sent them some flasks as payment for the honesty, there are a lot of great people that play the game, but yes there are bad apples too, but I'm always hopeful that the good outnumber the bad.  
  My son and I started playing wow just after Burning Crusade; we started on the Boulder Fist realm until we learned that you can create other
toons on other thought at first you had to play on the first realm that popped up). We soon moved to Frostmane US PVP (I still have an 85 DK there named Hterrad) were we had some friends which is where the Ctrl Ält Elitë guild started(the A has an alt code 142 as well as the e is 137) it was there before us, but the people that ran it all left the game and handed it to my son. When we moved to Winterhoof my son wanted to avoid alt codes in names so it's just Ctrl Alt Elite. We lvl’d a few 80-85's (he has a bunch of 85's now his main is Sabeatris 85 human Mage, he also has a  hunter, paly, DK and druid), When we started on Frostmane, we did not realize how difficult a PVP server would be to level, so that was a tough lesson, but we both survived. As time went on, he and another friend started some new toons on Winterhoof, so I followed over as I was tired of PVP and a normal server was a happy move for me (less stress) so it was off to Winterhoof. I transfered Darreth 85 human Demo/Dest Warlock (525 Alch/525Tailor), Tomee 85 human Frost/Arcane Mage (525Herb/525Skin) (which started as my daughter's toon and she still plays her from time to time), Stinador 85 human Shadow/Disc Preist (525scribe/525Herb), Hterrad 85 human Blood/Unholy DK (525BS/525Mine), Kaistinne 83 human Frost/Arcane Mage (525Enchant/525Herb), Galthiong 78 NE Rogue also transfered (525Leather/515Skin) and the rest of the slots filled by lower lvl's (human warrior10, paladin36, NE druid21 and Worgen hunter14). I like Herbalism for the haste bonus, but might drop it on someone for JC. I've been playing my lock less and less, as to me Warlocks are broken and just don't have the punch they used to have towards the end of Wrath, then last big Warlock nurf came out and they haven't been the same since.  I've been the only one in our guild playing for last few weeks, as he and his friends have been busy with work and other games like SC2 and some have let accounts lapse. My daughter only plays wow when she comes over for weekends.
  My son and I both have many alts scatter across realms, I have a few Horde toons on Earthen Ring, there's Moolighting lvl 12 Tauren Paly, Belleruraina lvl 8 BE mage, Baelgunk lvl 58 Orc DK, Kreieloris lvl 15 BE Paly, (I like the BE starting area) as you can tell I lean towards Alliance more than Horde, but I do keep trying to lvl a few horde toons, I've just never been able to lvl a Horde over lvl 20 other than the DK which doesn’t' Maybe if I spend some more time there you could invite one to the clan, but if your near capacity it's no troubles as I'm not on those toons very often and would not want to take the space of someone who contributes on a regular basis.
    I've never been much for dungeons, I haven't been in a 25 man since SSC and the last new 10 man was ICC. I do solo older dungeons on some of my toons and will run older content once in a while with family and friends, dungeons just became too much drama for me, allthough if you have the right people in a dungeon and everyone is there to have fun and making mistakes is not a crime, I would probably run more, but my laptop mic input is flakey so using voice communication software(ventrilo) is out until I buy a new laptop.
   I mostly enjoy questing, gathering, achievements and I even have fishing to 525 on 3 of my 85's and I multi-box from time to time. I also enjoy helping people out, when time permits. I haven't been playing as much lately as RL has been busy and the internet connection that I use at work is a 3G Wireless hub which I have to pay for and in Canada data prices are outrageous, we have low caps of 10GB, and 20$ per GB when you go over the 10GB cap, I found out the hard way that it does not take much to go over the cap.

Here's my short walk down memory lane trip and newb 
I still remember doing the epic Warlock mount quest and having to round up people to run Dire Maul to get the mount, what a task, but a fun task that was, I still have the J'eevee's Jar, Black Lodstone and Xorothian Glyphs in Darreth's bank, plus I had many newbie moments when I started, the first big one was getting to lvl 20 or 21 on my lock before someone asked me about "where have you been putting your talent points?", my response was "what are talent points?" it was a good laugh.

  Sorry that this has turned into a small novel and that I'm a bit all over the place :-( ,  just heading off of nightshift makes me ramble from time to time. It's an IT job where I monitor the overnight operations (backups and batch processes) for a company in Edmonton.

So keep up the great podcast, for the Alliance and the Horde and many alts (one of of us..).

Cheers from Canada to the ever uplifting Aprillian, the always positive Vrishna, the deep tones of Ashayo, and joyful innuendos of Jeppy and all the awesome various audio submitters.

Darreth (Bill)


Hello CAW crew!

I just wanted to drop a quick email to introduce myself.  You know me as Grimsun on I mean, Winterhoof.  Funny,  I never actually thought I'd be joining the ranks of the CAW clan, but I had a few alts on Winterhoof  already and tonight I decided I needed a break from my main toons on Terokkar so I popped on over to Winterhoof to play on my baby hunter.  I rarely play alliance these days, but started out playing WoW as a Nelf Druid when BC came out.  Just before Wrath was released, I decided to try playing Horde, and I never really looked back, even faction changing my Druid to Horde, so my Night Elf became my Tauren, and the Horde toons piled up from there.  Yes, I play a lot of alts (too many to count but I'm sure not nearly as many as Aprillian or El Jeppy). All but a few of them are Horde, but it is also nice to have a change of scenery and see all the changes on the Alliance side of things since Cataclysm.

Since I was already on Winterhoof, I thought "hmm... I should join the CAW channel and ask for an invite!".  I was informed that to be promoted, I needed to contribute to the show, but I'm usually very reserved and kind of shy (well at least until I get to know people); so writing into a podcast is a bit out of character for me.  Nevertheless, I am very much enjoying the guild so far and have been an avid listener (lurker?) for quite some time now.  I guess I started listening just before Glanther left the podcast.  So, anyway, here's my email as promised :-)

I am an officer and sometimes co-GM of a level 25 guild on Terokkar of about 130-150 people depending on the week, and as you probably know, sometimes you just need to be the Guild Member and not the one running things, so Grimsun is my escape from all that.  Don't get me wrong, I love my guild mates there, but it's kind of like any other family - you just need to take separate vacations now and then, you know? LOL.  I have 6 85s on Terokkar- all Horde (Druid, Hunter, Priest, Mage, Paladin, and Warlock).  I really think of all of them as my "main" toons, but right now I'm really not doing a lot on any of them except PvP on my mage in frost spec (She is SOOOO much fun in a BG!).  I almost have all of her Season 10 honor gear now, so she may be doing arenas or RBGs soon. Most of my alts are low-level toons that I just play for a change of pace.  No dual-boxing or anything like that for me (Varishna, please pick Aprillian up off the floor now ;-)  I do have two accounts, but one of them is my son's, so I guess I could dual box if the urge ever struck me (and he wasn't playing at the time).  Maybe I'll have to get you pros to show me how some time.

Well, now that you've twisted my virtual arm and forced me to write in, maybe I could also put one of my ER toons into COD? :-) I think I have a few alts over there as well, and they are all Horde. They may have had a few um... bunny... ah.. accidents - yeah, that's it, accidents - in the past, but they can be good, I swear.  At any rate,it was very nice meeting you and all the folks in the CAW guild tonight and I am sure I will see you all in game again soon.  

Proud member of <Ctrl Alt WoW> on Nevikhoof server, US.

P.S. Yes, folks, they are just as nice in game as they are on the podcast :-)

Altaholic and loving it

Hello CAW crew.

My name is Wren and I am a big fan of your show, I listen to you every week usually on my way to or from work. I'm a lifelong gamer and have been playing WoW since a week after launch. I must always moderate my play time as I have an addictive personality. I have Asperger's Syndrome (a form of high functioning autism) and love MMO's as they let me socialize with people on an even playing field as I tend to have issues recognizing changes in facial expressions or when someone has a "sarcastic tone", so the fact that most communication in guilds is done via typed chat makes me feel good.

I am an altaholic of a weird variety, not only do I love having many alts, but I especially love tanking or healing alts. I'm pretty fail dps, but have always been a good tank. I have many level 85 tanks alliance side on my home server and I recently started some horde side on earthen ring, becuase I'd love to join Clan of Darkness.

Generally speaking I am a fan of Heroics far more then raids these days, though I was an avid raider back in vanilla and burning crusade. I even got my wife addicted to the game as well. Shes almost as much of an altaholic these days as I am. Her "main" though is a Rogue, which I've always loved since it meant I had a DPSer I could trust to actually listen to me, and was actually good at Crowd control and Stopping casters.

I'll stop rambling on now and just say "Thank you" for entertaining me week after week, and hopefully you'll take me into CoD.

Submission 232


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Greetings to the CAW Crew!

Hello CAW Crew!

Your wonderful podcast has been part of my regular listening rotation for over a year now. I have greatly enjoyed your good humor and sense of fun as you recount your adventures in and out of game, and I always look forward to all the audio submissions sent in by Juuno, Rigor Morty, Crashbang, Iceflow and Caoboi, and all your other contributors. It's quite a lovely little community you've got going!

I have been playing WoW for a couple of years now, with breaks here and there. I have a few 85s to my name, including a goblin rogue who mostly PVPs, a troll hunter, and a belf prot warrior. I started the warrior just before Cata hit -- because back then, nobody else seemed to be starting belf warriors, and I just had to be different. Whenever I tanked low level instances, I was always confuddling my fellow puggers. They saw a belf with a shield and automatically assumed I was a pally until I charged and thunderclapped, lol. Yes, I am easily amused. I also have a very cool troll frost mage sitting at 84, and a belf priest at 83. Funny, whenever I get a character up to high level, I seem to get this curious itch to start a new alt…hmmm…I wonder if you guys can relate…

I mostly have played solo, using the game as a way to sit down and relax after a long day. Lately, I've been wanting to get more social and find a nice in-game "home" with like-minded folks to chat and play with, so I started a tauren pally on Earthen Ring, in hopes I might be invited to join the ranks of Clan of Darkness. If all goes well, perhaps one or more of my 85s might make the journey over to Earthen Ring as well.

My pally's name is Anhwa. Sadly, I don't have a cool in-game "handle" like y'all do, so until I come up with one, I guess you can just call me by my RL first name.

Thanks so much!


P.S. Oh yeah -- For the Horde! And the Bunnies! …and the Alliance too, I guess ;)

weekly cooking tip

Sorry for the delay, I wasn't sure how well received my letters were and I had a little disagreement with a hurricane that turned into a tropical storm and then took my power away for 4 days.  But as long as you want more,  here you go.


Greetings CAW crew, and Virshna.

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here

The following recipe was especially prepared for Virshna. There were no bunnies used in this recipe.

1 LB Clefthoof Meat
1 LB Hearty Mammoth Meat
1 flask Rulkster's Secret Sauce
1 can kidney beans (with liquid)
1 can pinto beans (with liquid)
1 medium onion
2 green chili pepper
3 medium tomatoes, chopped
1 pinch Northern spices

 -   Brown the meat in a skillet over medium heat.
 -   Drain off the fat.
 -   In a large pot, combine the meat plus all the remaining ingredients, and bring to a simmer over low heat.
 -   Cook, stirring every 15 minutes,  until done.

There ya go,  a really good and easy to make chili recipe that is " Virshna" friendly.

This recipe is great for parties and I like to serve it in special "Fluffy Bowls".  Here is how I make them.  Cut a rabbit in two and then use the bottom part.  I hollow it out like your scooping out the insides of a pumpkin.  Now you have a self standing "insulated" bowl that is both fancy and functional.  Just imagine the look on your friends faces when they see a tray full of these being served. If your wondering what to do with the heads, I like to make Bunny Salsa.  Pull off the ears for chips and puree the remaining head for salsa.  Last but not least, you should have some crackers on hand for the chili and personally I like to use a cheese grater to add some fresh bunny gratings on top.  If you want a Tiki party flare for your next party, try hollowing out some bunnies to make Polynesian looking mugs.  Fill with your favorite beverage and jam a straw in one eye and a little paper umbrella in the other.  Cheers!

P.S.  I was wondering what Virshna did with the bunny he "accidently" killed the other day?  Quick snack?  Just saying.

Hola, CAW Crew

Hey guys,

I know it's been a long time since we've been able to send in a submission. With the start of school, the start of "English Classes" for Kithore, and other looming responsibilities, we have found little time to do things like record. (Or rather, the main issue is the editing.) However, we are still alive, and we hope you all are doing well in and out of game.

As for me (Dreams), DKWhopper reached 85 two weekends ago, which I am very excited about. I've already opened up the Fireland dailies with her, and she's done a great job soloing them. I actually have a lot easier time of it with her than I do with my Paladin, despite the fact that my Paladin has been 85 a whole lot longer - it might be the higher DPS. Or the pet minion that changes names with every resurrection. Probably the minion.

I ran some awesome Battlegrounds with several of the guildies on Monday, which was a total blast. We're going to have to do that more often!

I also tried a few arenas on Tuesday. We died a ton, but it was a blast running through them with Claypidgin, Mohalen, and Alex. I'm hoping to actually get to the point where we might win a few, and maybe get a few more participants. I find it a little limiting, though, that you can only have one of each kind of team at a time. To start a new team, or to group with someone else, you have to drop the team you're on. Not fair. :-( Especially since everyone has such random playtimes - it'd be hard to get the whole group together at any one time. But we can try! I am very close to getting my entire set of Season 10 healing gear on Sarajean, and intend to go for the tanking gear next so I can last longer in those arenas and battlegrounds, and actually be of use to those I'm grouped with. Perhaps we will even attempt Rated Battlegrounds at some point! (Scary prospect.) I intend to gear both of my 85s for the PvP, so I'll have at least a couple options on what to play and who I can group with.

As for Kithore, Kithorina did her first heroic and it was lots of fun! He also started a new toon named Kithleen, who is a Shaman. She is already at level 14 after only playing for two days, so it'll be another quick rise to 85.

His English classes are going "good", and his estudiantes are quickly learning how to fully use the Kithore Method for Speaking English. Bad... er... good accents abound! His job is keeping him very, very busy, and so he is not able to be home, much less online. He says that things should calm down by June.

ANYWAY! This is getting kinda long... oh wait, this is an email, not our audio submissions. Sorry, I forgot for a moment.

We hope to see you guys around!

The Kithores

Hello CAW Crew

Hope this finds you all well, especially Jeppy - sending big hugs all round :)
Well I thought I'd quickly drop you a email as you're recording in a bit so I'd better hurry lol.
Was great to listen to you all live the other week - hopefully can make tonite's show.
I've been pretty busy ingame - been visiting both ER and Nevikhoof - made toons on both to (hopefully) come join both guilds but unfortunately haven't had anyone on when I've popped over :( will try again this week.
Been busy grinding Everlook rep on Leeta as it's the last Steamwheedle rep I need to get exalted as well as running The Battle of Mount Hyjal, Molten Core & Black Temple for rep and gear to use for mogging. I'm getting both the Felheart And Malefic Raiment gear ( at this stage) to hopefully have some fun with.
Few weeks ago I ran a guild fishing competition which was alot of fun and so many laughs in vent. A question I'd like to put to you all is - Do any of you have some fun guild event ideas as I'm looking for a few more things to spark and challenge my guildies?
Will be running another fishing comp in few weeks and was thinkin of doin a Lvl1 Naked Gnome Dash however any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)
Raiding isn't going too well - struggling with the Attendance Boss at the moment. I've noticed even server side that there seems to be alot less activity - Are you all finding less people playing at the moment?
Anyway I'd better go so I can get this sent.
Have an awesome week everyone.
Hugs Leeta

Rigarmorty CAW 232

Greetings Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!
Attached is my audio update for this week. I just wanted to take a second to say how great each of you really are! I was in a bit of a downer over a couple of things at the weekend and all I had to do was queue up CAW on my player and catch up with an episode and I was right as rain!
And now... on with my audio....
P.S., checking back at how many emails I sent through. My email only shows back to 200 but I'm sure it was a number of weeks before then. I know I started listening from episode 174 so it was probably around 190 when I started sending audios in so this is audio 42 lol

Thank you and some updating

Greetings to all the wonderful hosts of Ctrl Alt wow!
Aprillian, Virishna, Ashayo, and To a long lost Jeppy, I do hope you are well and hosting today.
    First of all I would like to thank you for the Moonkin hatchling, I forgot that I had won one from so long ago, I will send a screen shot in the near future.
No as to what I have been doing, Blizzard had sent to all 3 of my accounts a free 7 days of play time, sadly I did not get as much use as I wanted to.
On my one of my accounts there is just one lonely Gnome mage named Kittie, green pigtails and all. I ended up playing her from 12 to 20, dinged 20 bought her riding skill then time was up. Most of her time was instancing and some daily quests along with a bunch of battle grounds, she is all decked out in heirloom gear so those levels came pretty fast. Because of the heirloom gear she has on and what is in her bank I will get her to a realm and account that has toons that can use all of it. I died alot in the BGs but all so fun playing frost.
     As for my other 2 accts, they are mainly my kids accounts, most of my toons are on my daughters and Konajoe is on my sons. First thing i did was to log into every toon to make sure they were still in there guilds, nothing worse than being booted while you are away, all was good there. I then was happy to see that KonaJoe had 5000 honor points to spend, this makes up somewhat for the mess that Blizz caused right before the new arena season started. So new PvP shoulders, gloves, and neck piece were to be had. i spent a lot of time in Alerac Valley and finally got exalted with Stomepike, woot.
As for my other toons idid alittle of this a little of that but not really much of anything, logged in to Winterhoof a few times but alas not much going on, nobody at My warlock Kuahi
(Koo-I) level to run anything. mainly the kids had a bit of time to reconnect with some of there friends in WoW. I will be reactivating them before Brewfest, both Ian and Sydney are looking forward to the Wow holiday season. I have also had many a fierce battle with Ashayo in Ahnging with Friends, Fatbird.
Also I would like to add a little story to the question that was asked last week about best PvP memory. Mine comes from a time when Auberdine would always be getting attacked by somebody from the hoarde, and i would always rush there to its defense. On this particular instance My best friend and I Being at level 70 at the time came there to its defense he on his Warrior Blasted and My warrior Iczelion (ICK cell on) now known as KonaJace. we were surrounded and I was flagged they all jumped me and after a fierce battle I was dead, but with some help from lowbees questing there Blasted survived and they were either dead of Running scared, it was a blast. I miss some of the simpler times were there were no raids to do and not even knowing what a tank or dps was. 
Well till next time
Kona and his many Alts

Sorry no audio

Sorry for the lack of audio this week as I been flat out at work and lil time for WoW and I didn't mean rabbits I ment wabbits a very nasty sub speices. Deadly at close range. Seeya

Sent from my iPhone
Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Clan of Darkness Guild invite

Good evening Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and El jeppy. I've been listening to CtrlAltWow since Vrishna joined the cast.  I have enjoyed listening to all your adventures in Azeroth.    I started playing Wow about two and a half years ago simply by accident.  You see I've been a gamer all my life, all the way back to Pong.  I'm the father of three boys and it gets a little difficult to play games when the boys don't want to share the system with the old man.  My middle son played wow back in vanilla for a couple of months but lost interest so I  decided to give it a try.  Been playing ever since.  Of course the boys had to play what dad was, so they each got an account.  Didn't know about RAF back then, wished I would of. 

Son 1 tried for awhile but has thus quit for other interests, now that he's 18.  They other two still play but not as much as me, I'm usually on every day. Evenings Pacific time zone. They  come back and play when I accomplish something they would like to do. It's a competition, at least between me and son 2.  He plays Horde and I play Alliance, and it gets better, I mainly play Gnomes.  Love the little buggers.  Battlegrounds are a blast when you know the enemy personally.  We compete on everything,  I was the first 60, 70, 80, and 85 in the house. I had the first drake, the cooler pets, the "Standing in the Fire" achievement.  I earned mine by flying directly at Deathwing, son 2 by being summoned by a guildmate after he left the area destroyed.  He got his by standing in a burning bush..  I now call him my little tree hugger.

 I can't seem to get son 3 past his level 20 though.  That's how I got so many alt's.  He would create a new character and needed someone to play with him, he'd get up to between 15 and 20, then loose interest and give up and do it all over again.  At one time I had 28 characters over 5 realms.  I have purge some of them, sorry Aprillian.  There was to many and not enough time in my day.  I have 2 85's, several in the 50-60 range, some 30's, some 20's.  Mainly DPS, and a couple of healers, but I thought I would try tanking for a change.

You guys seem to have fun together so I thought I would roll a character on Earthen ring and join your family, eer I mean Guild.  It's time I see if my son is right and Horde is better.  So if you see Modents in game, please send me an invite.  He's a Tauren Paladin.  Sorry Vrishna, Blood Elfs just don't do it for me, and since I'll be making a Finger Print of him I think Tauren's look better.   

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