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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 233 - Who Shot That

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 233 - Who Shot That

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

What We've Been Doing:


Got caught up getting the Worgen RAF on ER up dungeon level. After doing the Human SA quest, did a lot of quests around Goldshire. As the two levels got closer, the xp went higher. Started out level one, now 11 on Thu night. Worgen got to 16 doing low level quest
Wanted to de some stuff, set everyone but two to pass on loot
Saw a priest roll play at the Cathedral in Stormwind
Got to Deadmine with the new Worgen pair. So much fun ding ding dinging.
Am I the only one who has a hard time getting into Deadmines? I finally drew a map:

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran some instances with The Coalition
Almost have The Coalition to level 2
Ran ZF & with Elyte as the Booster. Tried to run Scholomance with Aprillian dual boxing and Vrishna's Triples. But we died a lot. So we brought in Elyte. Then we did a random with Elyte.



- Did some PVP and quickly got 2000 honor. Replaced i289 wrist with a i371 !
- Got Superior achievement ; then swapped trinket positions and got Cataclysmically Superior (333)
- Battle for Gilneas - first time and won it
- Enough pvp to buy i371 legs
- H BRC - in pvp gear. lol
-SFK - hit 700 valor ; used all on relic (replaces pvp piece) 
- Hit 2226 justice - bought i359 chest, two set bonus

- Made i346 offhand with inscription

- Getting close to 535 enchanting by enchanting the new gear

- ZA with Molly. Crappy dps, but good group
- ZG with Molly. Got [Looking for more] (10 random) 
- Opened Ancients vendor in Firelands - new ring. 
- PvP to buy s10 bracers

Shammy dps is getting embarrassing. What am I doing wrong!
Pug Ramparts - 3 times zerg through. 2 levels!



Jeppy worthy...

Just a quickie from me! 
First...I want to thank Juno for all of the very nice tweets!!  Second: Flight Paths open up as you get quests available from the Call to Arms/War boards in their respective cities.  Ashayo, in order to open up all of the Hyjal daily vendors you have to obtain just about 900 world tree chips....YEECH!! 
Lastly WOW Professions is the best freekin website EVER!!!
Love you all...still unemployed...but the world is still beautiful place!!

Kadak submission 233


a little side note on submission:

until you hear her say hello , Liz Tailor had just been in the background. you would hear Liz from Mel's mic.

 I just want to say thank you to Melchezadec ( that is probably not how you spell it, but you know who I am talking about ) and Liz Tailor for allowing me to record and submit these. I had a blast in these dungeons and hope to get the chance to run with them again :)

listener email from Reefberry

Letter 8   ----------  September 13, 2011
From Reefberry

Dear CAW,

      Favorite PvP moments have been the subjects in several recent CAW episodes, so I searched my memoirs. Before my wife and brothers started playing Warcraft, I played on the PvP server, Eredar. We were mucking are way through, 40 man Molten Core. Typically, we gathered in Kargath where we dueled to spend the time while the officers started sending out raid invites. When we had more than twenty we would mount up and ride together kicking up dust. I still picture this strange parade of various mounts and races. We would stop and camp just outside the Searing Gorge entrance into Blackrock Mountain. Here we would wait for the last minute players and find guildy fill-ins for those who couldn’t make the raid that night. Killing small groups of Alliance as they tried rushing by became a time filler and competition amongst ourselves as we waited for our raid stragglers.

During these days I played an undead frost mage named Thunderbone. He is still there on Eredar but long since neglected. Transfers didn’t exist. Frost mages were the only mages wanted for Molten Core. Now, frost mages are not desirable for raids… numbers, numbers, numbers.

Hoping to get an edge, I would climb the sides of the passage after the section made of railroad ties. Here I would rain blizzard down on approaching riders while my team mates would kill half of them before the Alliance where even off the mounts. I would think they might hesitate when seeing a Horde player or at least when the bones started piling up. Nope they never did. Some would ride right into the blizzard. Then right into the host of guild mates further up the path. Night after night, three times a week this scenario played out.

One night we delayed the raid because we were having too much fun preventing the Alliance from passing through. Why didn’t the Alliance just use the Burning Steps entrance? A lot of red text started appearing. We didn’t understand the language of course. A second horde guild started gathering. This later guild probably started there raids at 8:00 PM. Our raids always started at 7:30 PM.  They joined in the fun, being all too glad to get revenge. It seems this second Horde guild flew into Thorium Point to form for their raid and lots of angry Alliance characters were also gathering there. So now we had close to eighty Horde players. The red text chatter continued. We were all informed by a fellow Horde lying dead at Thorium Point that the Alliance were not running to Blackrock Mountain but were now milling about like bees in a disturbed nest. Then our dead spy tells us they were mounting and heading out as a pack. Can you still use dead spies?

Well anyway, the Alliance stopped just out of reach. More unreadable red text appeared. Ok, they are making sure all are together for the final run through. No problem for me, the tighter they pack the more units I slow down. Minutes pass, my finger is getting twitchy, some of the other Horde released a few AoEs on the path. People are getting edgy and tense, waiting, waiting. Our rogues are moving around constantly in their stealth mode. Was the Alliance trying to wait us out? Hoping we get bored? Raid text from our two stragglers reported five new Alliance riders approaching from the Badlands. The Horde stragglers take the shortcut up the hillside and jump down into the Horde crowd.

The waiting continues. Guild and raid chat discuss moving on and doing our raid or we attack them. Some Horde ranged units move forward to take a few shots. One got stunned, I jump down and cast a blizzard around him. No luck, the rogue got away. I turn to scramble back up the hillside off the main path. Chat lights up, “here they come”! No time to climb, I swivel and target the throng of which a few went by and most are now covering me. Humans, rams, mechano-chickens, dwarves, elves, it is a big mish-mash and I can’t make out individual characters any longer.

“In back”, I hear on vent. “In back”, I see in chat. What are they crying about? So we missed a few on the initial charge, quit typing and kill something.

“In back, in back.”

Too late, I’m running back now. So are 10 to 20 other ghosts.

“In back, in back.”

 I stop to type, “What’s in back?” I’m a ghost. I can’t communicate. The parade of ghosts is now a constant stream of all races: humans, gnomes, trolls they’re all there.

Oops, someone fell down the open crane hole. “Follow the main stream”, I say out loud to myself.

      The crowds slowly thin out. One toon chases another. Some run for an instance portal. Some just run wildly to nowhere. Spell flashes simmer down. The speakers subside with the occasional gun blast from somewhere. We are told to head for the instance. Later, inside Molten Core, I ask what the “in back, in back” squawks had meant. It seems another 40 man Alliance raid group came up the back tunnel through Blackrock. That must be why the front group hesitated, they were coordinating the attack.

      Bones were everywhere. Bones piled ankle deep in the gate yard. Bones covered the railroad ties. Bones covered Blackrock’s hall floors. Bones were strewn up and down the chain. Bones led the way to Molten Core and Blackrock Depths and up to the Spires. Bones were in the lava, on the walls, hanging in mid air.  Bones extended beyond surface tops which appear to be clinging with one foot.

      Whenever I see bones littering the ground I remember “The Bone Story.”

Thank You


hi guys

Hi ctrl alt wow team, i was just wondering how i would go about joining your guild on winterhoof, ive been listening to your show for quite a long time now, and until now ive never thought about going to winterhoof, but the idea hit me when my friend from another game i play, runescape, decided to join me on world of warcraft, and he wanted to be horde so i thought about how the ctrl alt wow podcast has a great guild on winterhoof. so if you could give me the information to join the guild that would be fantastic, thank you.

Audio submission from Strumpet!

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The Kithores for sept 14

Hola CAW Crew,

We hope you guys have had a good week, in the game and out. Here is our submission, hope you all enjoy it! We do apologize for Kithore - he's been pulling some really long days the last 4 weeks - his students are just not getting the fake American accent right!

Dreams and Kithore,
Earthen Ring, Clan of Darkness, Dragonblight, and this thing called sleep that people keep talking about

Rigarmorty Audio Update for EP 233

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo, Ejeppy and the chat room!
Attached is my audio update for this week. There isn't a gread deal of Wow content as it's been a pretty crazy week.
For the Horde, for the Alliance and for Cat Form!
P.S. having done a quick edit, the background howling and drips carry on for about 10 seconds past the Rigarmorty bit so you can just click stop once the Rigarmorty echo finishes.

Better late than never

Big G
Sorry for the late submission I been really busy that and the damm chilli is so good

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Reached level 8


CoD Invite

Hi guys. Starting a toon on Earthen Ring.
Could I please get an invite for my Female Tauren Paladin called Teetillate.
ps. Winterhoof is a very lonely place for an Australian player

From the Night Shift of COD

Hi  Guys

Hello again from the night shift .

Just a quick update

First I would like to thank Annastasza and Xcrnose for the wonderful  dungeon runs . The terrific thing for us has been that not once have we asked, nor expected a run through a dungeon, it’s just that people in this guild are so generous with their time.  Between them we have gone up 40 levels. Mel was embarrassed to find that at level 63 she had not trained since level 40. The levelling is that fast on RAF, combined with being in COD.

Huik (Wingy)  has joined us on these shopping trips as we look for greens and blues.  One of life's little mysteries is that  gear that drops is always for a class that is not there .

We miss Wright ( Jeppy) but hope he returns soon

Anyway back to shopping ( and Raf-fing)

42 and Mel

You know you play too much when...

Your microwave dings and you go, "Grats!".

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