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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 235 - To Quint or Not to Quint

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 235 - To Quint or Not to Quint

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Astarå is 39% from 85, she's a Holy Pally. Enchanted Aprillian new weapon Insidious Staff with Heartsong then Astarå put a scroll of the enchant on the AH. Hypnotic dust was wicked cheap.
Took Darshi & Nevahoof to Brewfest, XP is great.

Running BRD with Darshi, Nevahoof and Elyte
Do Relic Coffer keys have a time limit
Daily Cog Quest without and with RAF:
Apparently Goblins get drunk quicker

Seems like there are more Wolpetingers
Did the Elek quests, not much xp
Did the barking
Got a couple of 60's, and a 62 to help Darshi and Nevahoof, level 55, get into upper BRD
Keep forgetting about mass summoning. Exp is nice up there.

Got the pair to 57 Fri. Did a group for Hellfire Ramparts using Drame, Tøp, Deap, Darshi & Nevahoof. Nice exp, had to log off after the first boss.
Logged back in to Darshi, Nevahoof & Elyte during lunch on Saturday. I forgot we got there in group. Darshi died when Elyte dragged a bunch but didn't realize one had gotten away from her. So Darshi took the Spirit Healer near Honor Hold & was trying to ride back to the instance, couldn't see it because the map wasn't filled in, so I had Elyte step out, waited to see her dot and then realized she was outside of Upper Black Rock Spire.

Moved on to Hellfire Ramparts
Took the twins to Brewfest on Mon. You get xp just for accepting the Brew for Brewfest daily quest, doesn't matter if you do it for that one, you get the xp up front.

Banner duri

Vrishna and Aprillian

Tol Barad in and out


Brewfest for the first time.

Virinya ; Breaking out of Tol Barad, 250 fish and a couple of new trinkets ! And a fine new axe ! Guild runs for Coren Direbrew, there were 4 of us and we did pretty ok. I was tanking and only died once, just me !

Virishna ; Tol Barad in SEARCH of new trinkets !


Hunter - Giving my hunter some love. Normally run beast master, but decided to try to get some better DPS in Coren by switching to Marksmanship. Found that pet talents are spec specific!!
Changed spec, reforged a little (more crit), went from 6700 dps on Coren to 9000 , and that wasn't even doing the rotation for Careful Aim phase (to 90%) of the fight (iLevel 327 - so not even heroic ready)

- Healed mana tombs ; pretty easy, no mana issues. No pun intended!

DwP - ICC heroics
Sindragosa achievement
Missed Princes ach
Blood Queen

BoT - The bastion of Twilight ach
New mace off Cho'gall - reforged to get back to hit cap

DwP - Firelands
Left foot / right foot dude
Alysrazor - dodging fire ; new cloak
Baleroc - weird ass healing mechanic - new staff - lots of spirit so have to unforge again!
Majordomo - fun healing aoe
Ragnaros - nearly but not quite



Hey there!

It's been a long time, hasn't it? I've got a segment for you, though. No lore, but I thought I'd check in after sooooo long. Have a great day!

Bangobingo Update #5

Hey CAW Crew, 

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their time in and out of game. I have been been able to sneak online more often that usual though I wish I had a more consistent schedule for wowing. I have attached a screen shot  with my newest non combat pet I won from the podcast contest. I know I have been delinquent and I hope this will suite the needs for the screenshot request from Aprillian. In the shot you will see my subtlety rogue and CoD member, Tiptop, contemplating what to do with his new companion. 

Anyway, not on to what I have been up to in game. I was finally able to run Karazhan with the guild on my warrior, Bangobingo. The run was a success but I was constantly battling my 8 month old son who wanted constant attention. I ended up having to play most of the raid one handed but with three 85's along for the run it was not much of an issue. I have begun the chase for the Shield of Impenetrable Darkness for the upcoming Transmogrification feature in patch 4.3. The shield drops from Nightbane, but unfortunately we hand not doe the requisite quest line to summon the dragon in Kara on the guild run. Fortunately, with the help of the guild, Varinya in particular, I was able to complete the quest line and solo my way though to get my first Nightbane kill. The shield didn't drop but I now know I can slip into the raid and attempt to pry it from the dragon's dead hands each and every week. I did take a small break while I completed the briefest achievements and earned my "Brewmaster" title in only two days of playing the event. I think the quests bugged because I was able to do all of the quests (not just the dailies) both days. 

I have also been making some headway with my alts! My mage, Readytogogo, has been steadily leveling up and is currently 52 with a fresh new portal to Stonard. My rogue, Tiptop, has been mining and herbing his way to 43 and I look forward to honing my PvP skills in the battle grounds in the meantime. I also broke down and created a death knight, Jimdangle, who is currently level 60 and sitting in outland. I will try to get him into the guild but he is really only around to be my alchemist for this server. 

Finally I leave you all with a few questions based on my recent endeavors. Is there any gear you are farming for transmogrification? Are you simply looking at gear that comes your way? Do you care about transmoging at all?

Take care!

v/r (Very Respectfully, because I know you'll ask ;))



Hi all

I was so drunk the other day that  I could see the mysterious    Woplganer  ..and I was very lucky and  caught   six of them in a  net .
I had to return them but I did get to  eat ...sorry meant say   ...  to keep one .

What will I do with it  ?  Can the  "The Disgruntled Warlock"  help and tell me how to cook it. I assume in beer.

Hic .


PS they look like a Rabbit , smell like a rabbit and  So are they a  rabbit ?

Quarterly update from peterrabbit

Hey caw,

Just an update on what I have been doing in wow. Its been a long time since I've submitted. Basically I've been doing my profession dailies on my 85's.  I've ran the brewfest boss probably 60 times so far getting my welfare trinkets. I have been in a rut for quite sometime with wow (heck I have a raf I have not played in like 4 weeks)  and have decided to work on  leveling my druid and warrior.  The warrior is about 45 or so and the druid is 65 now. I did 5 levels today with unrested xp and it still flew by. Blizzard has made leveling almost easy mode now.   I was able to do the brewfest boss with vrishina, dreams, and wildkingdom (I think he was the fourth guildie we were able to knock out 4 or 5 of the guild instance runs which was nice. I'm always up for instance runs if anyone needs a tank,healer or a dps hit me up. All of my 85's are at least heroic geared as well as pvp sets so I'm up for anything. I love to run with the guild, it doesn't happen enough though in my opinion.
I'm also working on the cooking achievement for the guild. I'm making fortune cards and turning them into fortune cookies to sell. I do about 300 a week so COD is getting there.  Is also like to get a bunch if us together and knock the fishing one out, its not that bad if you do the borean tundra blood pool method.        
The following is all jeppy's fault, he told me people would be interested in my experiment. One of the things I do still enjoy is playing the auction house to make gold. I listen to a ton of podcasts and a couple I listen to on a regular basis are the addicted and bind on equip. I joined their guild with a dk. The purpose of this was to do an experiment. I did a couple quests and had around 20 silver on that toon (the only toon on that server). The experiment was to see if a low level player can be self sufficient as far as gold making. I am not farming or crafting anything to sell.  It's been a long time since I've started out fresh without a transfer. I had to use the remote auction house for all of this experiment because the dk is still in the starting area. The unintended part of this was I'm unable to use any addons either. I started out looking at the lower priced auctions with bids and found a bunch. I placed bids on close to 50 auctions and won like 4. But it was a start. I posted those 4 wins and continued to bid. Every time I did my bidding is look at the auctions that were ending soon and got good deals there occasionally. I've spent about 20-25 minutes total each day for about a week and I'm up to 209g. My big win was getting 4 stacks of tiger lily for 3g/ stack and flipping them for 20g/stack. Playing the auction house is something I know well but even this suprised me, especially on a new realm where I don't know the economy. It's easy to make gold when you have a lot of capital to invest but its still possible even if your new. If you see me in game and have any questions feel free to whisper me and ill answer to the best of my ability.
Well, I better get going and not tie up the podcast too much more.  Cya later.  Peterrabbit and his many alts.
Sent from my HTC on the Now Network from Sprint!

How I play.... (please enter me in the contest)

             Been listening to your podcast for a while now. I just love it! The chemistry between you four is what keeps me coming back week after week. I must admit, i ration you guys out, so i am not up to date with the podcasts yet( right now you guys are talking about midsummer fire festival) So it will probably be thanksgiving before I hear you read this!
             So, about me... I am married to a wonderful man( in spite of the fact he has no interest in WoW*gasp*). I know... I've tried to get him to see the error of his ways but he is a stubborn son of a... oops, clean tag. but you get my drift. I have 3 kids, age range 28- 6. and 2 grandkids. I have eager converts there... all willing to kill whatever comes in reach while I am AFK.
             I learned about WoW from a coworker, and did the free trial... I was hooked. I started on a PvP server that was suggested by my coworker and got ganked repeatedly. in spite of this, i still played and limped my way around. My coworker then left me to my own devices and i leveled a couple of toons to mid 30's without knowing about talent points the auction house or gear upgrades( how is that possible you say? *shrugs shoulders* what can i say, I'm a blonde).  The i found CAW, and azeroth opened up. I found out there were realms that didnt have everybody beating my brains in while Im out picking daisies and whatnot. So now I have about 15- 20 toons spread across 6 realms and would love a guild invite to CoD. On earthen ring I have an 84 troll hunter named Tallulah and just rolled a tauren druid named Moonah. I rolled a toon on Winterhoof but didnot realize that that was an alliance guild. I am a die-hard Hordie! I will have to give the alliance a try if i ever get bored( just to see how the other half plays)*giggle*
             Thank you for the time you all put into the podcast, I know my day is brighter when I listen to you four and the audio submissions always delight!  
                                                                                                                     Love, Tallulah
P.S I have a question... I'm having level cap anxiety. how do you turn off the xp? Truth be told, that is why i rolled Moonah, Tallulah is not ready to grow up.

Ashayo>>> The toon name is Slahtz <Experience Eliminator> and he's in the Hall of the Brave (Valley of Honour) upstairs in the same room as Karg Skullgore the Battlemaster, and partially stealthed

Liteharted Audio Submission 28 Sep

Hey CAW crew!
(That is what you are, isn't it or are you back to CoD now?)  Hmmmm. One's for the birds and the other seems a little fishy to me....
Anyway, here is my audio submission. I think I stuck with the Ctrl Alt Wow general philosophy on editing.
For the Alliance (in my deepest gnome voice)!

Yay a cold

Sorry no audio this week as it seems I have a head cold well it dose explain all the sleeping my body been doing for the last few day I managed to get MooKnight into a few BG’s and almost have a 1000 hks for him now and yesterday I rolled a new toon named post-mortem au (My lil nod to rigamorte and all the awesome work he dose)  he is a undead warrior a first I must say in both regards soon after he rose into his new life I had him in the guild thx to kithore for the invite but I do wonder how he can canablise with now lower jaw oh well off to bed with me hope you all have a great show and happy WoWing.

For the horde

For the Allaince

And for somebody get me a shoulder to cry on we didn’t make the Grand final L

Rigarmoty Audio for CAW 235

HI Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!

Here's this weeks audio update! 



Submission for 235

Helloooo CAW sweeties,
Hope this finds you all well - both in-game and real life.
Firstly I just wanted to say I have been thoroughly enjoying  listening to the live show on Ustream however I have an apology to make. Last week I decided to sneak out and make myself a cuppa during the live show, only to find while listening to the podcast 2 days later that Aprillian had asked me a question as to whether I multi-boxed! I was completely mortified that I missed it :( I'm so sorry Aprillian. And my answer to you is even though I have 2 accounts I am completely hopeless at it (which I have tried) and prefer to mono-box however you just never know, I'm sure I will try it again.
Well i have been very busy Brewfesting away on my 85's. Was starting to think that "There is no loot" was the new kewl kids phase for this years Brewfest when finally last nite - the Kodo dropped for my Warrior and the Ram dropped for my Death Knight. Also got Brewmaster on my Warrior so am happy Panda :)
Spending some time over on Nevikhoof with my lil Human Warlock - is a nice change to do something abit different. Am enjoying seeing the quests from the Aliiance point of view as it's been about 6 years since I've played Aliiance.
Well I had better get this sent in so I don't miss this weeks podcast.
Thank you all again for the wonderful show you provide and allowing us to come on this wonderful ride in WoW with you.
Take care
Hugs Leeta 

Quick update

Hello all,  Ashayo, Virishna, Jeppy and of course Apprillian :)
Kona here with an update, and a few thoughts.
First of all I have really been spending loads of time in game, I so love the Holiday season.
My daily ritual has been to log in and run the holiday boss Coren Direbrew, this goes pretty quick even for my dps classes.
KonaJace, my NE warrior got the Kodo on his first run, and also 4 days later, boo on that. Any trinkets that he could use or get have been looted and besides many days of no loot at all, fun has been had. Side note it looks like after the Tuesday reset the Keg will have minimum of some brewfest coins.
Konajack has received the DPS coaster trinket and 2 of the Direbrew shankers, I love the broken bottle look and they are also an upgrade to his Tol Barad Staff.
KonaJobe Trinkets for Dps and tanking
Koanjoe Has gotten the Pickled Egg and the Mithril stop watch
Robusta has gotten the coster also and Im hopping to the the Shanker for him also.
As for Kónadark my NE Priest, I went on a leveling tear to get him from 82 to 84. He has since healed to Brewfest boss, which as a low lvl 84 was quite "interesting" but even some may have died "oops" no wipes happened. He now has some Ilvl 365 trinkets waiting for him at 85 plus a shinny new Brewfest ram.
I have also taken KonaJohn, My 2nd NE druid from 81-84 and have been running Coren Direbrew every day, he also has some shinny new dps and healing trinkets waiting for him to get to 85. 
During my running Kónadark and John to 84 I have healed many an instance, in most of them I have received many great compliments about the healing that I do. I find that since John is my 2nd Druid his healing is a pice of cake. Dark on the other hand has been quite the learning experience but I am getting better. having to Drink all the time is kinda lame, and when your tank continues to pull while low on mana can be stressful. I have also had Dps Crying out for heals, to much standing in the stupid there, I politly tell them that if the tank dies we all die, and besides there was only on death on the last boss.
When It is off to the Dungens again, more details to come later. sorry if this feels rushed.
For the Love of the Game and the many awesome people playing it
Kona and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

73% at start of podcast, now 74% !


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