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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 237 - In The RAF Zone

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 237 - In The RAF Zone

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Crazy Crazy. I want to do so much. My RAF runs out on 23. Need to get one pair to 80.
Took Elyte back to AT to ding 79. Helps with the boosting
In Mana Tombs, decided to bring in 2 others, Shaasha and Drame.
Got high enough for Shadow Lab, ran that on my lunch but then realized it was out of Drame's level when I got home
Running Arch Crypts. Managed to avoid the chains on the booster

The Auction house lets you sell from whats in your mail box!
Darshi & Nevahoof dinged 69, Darshi is a tree!
    Forged Documents on Elyte

Baker 16g

Auctioneer 25g 94 s 83 c

Barber 18g 93s 55c

Kept trying to do Mr T, but couldn't get through the portal. Thanks to Dazmin, as Inciderella, I was able to group and get there via the Dungeon finder
don't get to play a lot at lunch. I spent
some time at the A H looking for haste gems. Outland quests yield a lot of socketed gear. I
am thinking of faction changing Auruk
to alliance. I logged in to her and
asked for absolution. Dreams was
calling for people to join her few
P up and I told her that perhaps we
would meet on the field of Battle.
I bought an heirloom cloak and helm
and an Enchanted Broom before I
logged off to commit the deed. I
couldn't help it. Elite, at 29, was
dying in wptgade keep, I have 9 days
to get Aevahoq and Daishi to 80 from
70. In Retrospect, I probably should have
faction changed a A toon= on a different
account so I could level Elgtebutpnl
is on one of the RAF accounts, so that
would leave apnlkin. And I can't
cannot faction change her.
Vishnu and I had lunch together while
he did his thing and I did mine. It was
nice. I cant get much outfit Barad
except stunning. Oh no! I just lost my
high level skinner. I wonder when I
Change her back, if she'll still keep her
guild up.
Elyte went to sell Fel Armaments, most were up for 30 g, 3 were up for 1g each, bought the 3, put them all up for 30  g and sold 2

Used a book of coldweather flying on Shaasha

Aprillian & Vrishna

TB a lot
Shallick decided to try the guild challenge with us, BAD IDEA ! Although he was very generous about our ability.


Tol Barad, Great to get the multiple quests. Some enchants, even though they have resilience. Finally started to use camouflage on Vrishna.

AuctionHouse, made 14k since the last show. LOVE the embersilk market. Gave Aprillian a well deserved percentage. Profit sharing for the win !

Firelands  quests in Hyjal. PAIN in my ... And got to save rabbits and squirrels ! Started with 20 quests and now at 90 and almost in !


Ran shaman through UK and Nexus on Jekle ; got to 90% of level 68!

Reltar sent me stacks and stacks and stacks of knothide and borean leather to level my leatherworking! woot! Big thanks :)
Got up to 425 - ready to learn next level when I hit level 75  ; first time I've been ahead

Hiide - TB ; lost with 20 seconds to go. Only about 8 of us.
Then lost a Battle for Gilneas 2000 to 1970

Awesome AV ; won resources only 30 ahead. And dinged 72 to boot!
Ran through Violet Hold - not much time to skin!

Eade (MyEpicHeals podcast) invited me to 25 man Baradin Hold. Went on Ashayo! Won new gloves



Submission 237


Moderob key clone question

Howdy Ya'll,

Just a couple basic questions for you.  Are there other programs like key clone for dual boxers to use?  and if so is there a resource that explains them?
Is key clone Wow friendly not against any terms

Moderob of CoD

Love the show (especially enjoying the recorded dungeon run bits)

Real Life WoW moment

Hi all, Tallulah/Moonah here. Just wanted to share a RL WoW moment... I was going through my emails, it happened to be the day after i submitted my first email to your podcast. So, anyway. in the subject line read.... wait for it...  Would you like to join the guild? The first name of the person who sent it was named Irene. My first thought was... Aprilian's name is Irene? She doesn't sound like an Irene. As you would expect, I opened that email as quick as I could, only to have my hopes dashed when I read that the symphony in my area wanted me to join. So, I had a huge blonde moment,and laughed and laughed. Anyway, hope everyone is well and before i go i have a question. How do you join the chat room during the podcast?   For the Horde and for the blonde!
                                                                                                                                                                                          Tallulah of Earthen Ring 
Moonah of Earthen Ring
Shadykady Of Chromaggus
Kilnah of Chromaggus

Introduction and application

Hey everyone, so I've been lured back to WoW and now to ER by the lovely Dreams who I've known for a couple years now and I'd love to join your guild. I'm a married father of two so I don't get as much time to play as I'd like, but probably still play more than I should :)

I'm in the UK and used to play on an EU server but haven't played since Wrath so got my arm twisted to reroll on the US realms and RAF with Dreams. Funnily enough we've not actually gotten around to doing much RAF but I've been passing the time getting my first toon to 85 (troll druid) and seeing some of the new content.

Levelling definitely seemed faster this time around, I guess they've increased the XP and I had the new guild perk thingy too (thanks to the Unbroken peeps on Sisters of Elune for letting me level in their guild!) Still, I'm not sure I could ever quest all the way to 85 with any other class than druid now. I just feel so spoiled having flight form as it makes everything go so much faster, particularly those annoying "click 30 sparkly things that are surrounded by aggro mobs" type quests.

Since I hit 85 on this guy I've been having fun doing Tol Barad and the dailies there and I've just started grinding honor and the argent tournament so I can stock up on heirlooms (I'm a total altaholic!) I also have a pathological hatred of the dungeon finder, so seals > JP despite the crusader grind. The honor seems to be coming pretty fast though so I may just convert it to JP and get the chest piece heirlooms that way. I did Crusader once before and it does seem easier this time around, and of course Chillmaw isn't nearly as tricky to solo at 85.

I got nostalgic and joined a Wintergrasp only to find I was the only Horde there which was a little sad, but to be expected I guess. Too bad you can't send honor to your alts using the marks any more.

I've also been flying all over Azeroth doing archaeology, which feels a bit tedious so far but I guess there are some decent rewards eventually. I still can't get over how cool it is to fly everywhere though and I had to blow the extra 4k for the master flying, just because.

I am looking forward to meeting some new people and exploring more content, both new and old.

- Orrin/Matt

Hendriks, 85 Troll Druid
More characters coming soon...

listener email from Reefberry

October 12, 2011
From Reefberry

Dear CAW,

      Transmografication! Hooray!  My first transmografication will be a PAIR of PANTS for my mage. Finally, after seventy or so levels my mage can where pants again. I will not care what condition, color, or length. I just want some pants!

      Let me say first I love my wife dearly. I enjoy holding her hand through quests. Computer gaming is all new to her. She has accumulated 100,000 gold more than once, spends a big chunk of it, then goes about earning it back to her self imposed 100,000 gold limit. And, she generously gives me all the potions I need.

      One day she asked me to assist her with a five man group Ghostland quest. I agreed and teleported to Silvermoon or the Mall as she calls it.  I rode out to Tranquillien. During this time she complains about this character dying too much. Insisting the last “GM” she spoke to about her dying made the circumstances worse by “doing something” to it. Her reasoning is somewhere beyond “the ball park”, but she wouldn’t complain about the dying often without some truth to it.

I arrive in Tranquillien and wait while she is bouncing around from NPC to NPC doing who knows what. Right away I noticed her fine appearance and attire. A blonde, green eyed, Blood Elf, with a long flowing white robe, a white blouse and most notably the thigh high, black boots with large buckles above the knees.  She jumped on my Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth and we followed the scar toward Deathholm. On our way she mentioned needing some spinal dust and hearts. She implores me to stop and help because she had great difficulties killing these skeletons and ghouls. I know my dear wife’s focus on a goal is short, and knew this fault before I set out to Ghostlands. I gathered and slaughtered mobs with the intent of slowly approaching Deathholm where her group quest was located. Less than five mobs downed and looted and she is in the woods collecting plants and screaming for help with the spiders.

Before I go on, let me point out this is her third female Blood Elf Paladin, all using the same talent points and all three are Herbalist / Alchemists. In addition, after 2 years, I believe I have convinced her that retribution Paladins use strength and wear plate. I used various sources: online guides, bought her a paper guide for Cataclysm, and taught her how to use inspection. Without interference from me, I have watched her pick out correct gear on the auction house and purchase proper gems and enchantments.

I locate her on the mini map and hurriedly head toward her.  I know she’s not fully aware of “aggro” and keeps a close view which diminishes the important peripheral view. She makes large circling movements to turn herself for battle, thus inviting anything else nearby. We have however, made progress in the Firelands, regarding the value of not using an area-of-effect in crowded situations. I wonder as I race towards her, why she is dying so much. She knows the region and how to use a Paladin, then it hits me. A white blouse and small green shoulders. While she chides me for almost letting her die, I inspect her gear. A paladin wearing leather and cloth --- mystery solved.

I don’t mention the gear, but remind her again of the group quest in Deathholm. I wouldn’t win any argument. The best I could hope for would be a long journey back to the Mall to change clothes. It would be at least a thirty minute interruption with searches through clutter, then back and forth between the bank and mailbox. She couldn’t find an apple if you handed her a bag of apples. If the proper gear doesn’t exist then some nearby NPC would be accused of stealing it. Do not forget all the shiny plants between Deathholm and the Mall. I say nothing about the gear and pass through the Deathholm gates.

I have no need for new quest lines, a new Darkmoon Faire, new dungeons, a new pick-up-group raid finder, or to see Deathwing die. I have the greatest story teller and adventurer right here beside me everyday. And she has a ton of gold!

Reefberry has joined the Clan of Darkness. Cowboy and Iceflow answered my request and processed the verification all in less than 5 minutes. I made a troll Death Knight because I had never played a troll or a Death Knight. Reefberry has finally escaped the influence of the Lich King and is bunking down in Orgrimmar. I’ll most likely stay in Kalmidor and develop my professions before I bust up the evils of Outlands.

Thank You


en Fuego!

Hail JAVA from your heavy breathing Feral Tank BrewDawg.

I haven't written in since my breathy appearance on the show. Aprillian does that to me.  It was great being on the show.

After a couple of weeks as a substitute tank for several raid teams BrewDawg has landed a permanent spot with <Raid Wipers Anonymous>.  We may be friends of Bill W but we have 6/7 Firelands bosses on farm and have gotten Ragnaros down to 22%.  Like the Litch King you only have to get him down to 10% on normal difficulty so we are very close.

The Rags fight requires good coordination between all raid members.  There is a lot of movement and several mechanics that require the raid to adjust their positioning on the fly.  The transition phases have a time pressure element.  Rags plants his hammer in one of three positions on the floor and summons 8 adds spaced evenly across the platform.  You have to kill them before they reach the hammer or they explode wiping the raid, they move very fast.

In the third phase it gets crazy. I'll just say: Giant Burning Meatballs!

After no luck with drops for weeks Brew got four upgrades in one night; trinket, back, tier shoulders, and best of all Fandral's Flamescythe!  BrewDawg is en Fuego!

With the staff equipped you become a fire-cat when in kitty form and in combat.  The staff has an on use ability that turns you into a fire-cat out of combat as well.  It's the same model as the Druids of the Flame in the Molten Front.  Screen shot with Gary attached.

I enjoyed tanking for different teams and meeting new people but it's great to be with a consistent group.  Unknown to me when I accepted the invite there are 3 people on the team that were on my Wrath team.  Including Lay Di who is a face melting shadow priest and 61 years young.  There's also a podcast connection; my new raid leader is one of the host of the Covert to Raid podcast.

The only down side is Brew has yet again switched AIE guilds and has to grind guild rep again.

Moving on to my Clan of Darkness toons:

My Pally Boileau (Bwallow) has successfully tanked both Troll 5-mans a couple of times.  I had a bit of a hassle on a ZG run with healers dropping after they saw I was wearing the PVP helm and shoulders.  Finally one of them mentioned it before dropping. I linked the 371 PVP helm and shoulders and the 353 troll ones in my bag and asked if he rather I put those on and give up almost 1k armor, 250 stam, and 200 mastery.  He said nope and we proceeded to one shot all the bosses.

Recently however Boileau has fallen victim to Project Mage.  Ozoe, a goblin, is level 75 and climbing. Been questing and running Wrath 5-mans with her.  I like the pace of the DPS Q's.  While waiting I can do some quest or work on her professions. It's been a long time since I've run an instance as a non-tank.  I'd forgotten the fun of trying to squeak out every bit of DPS and top the meter at the end of a boss fight.

This is my first female toon at high level and it feels odd to me.  I may sex/race change her when she hits 85.  I'm thinking either undead or troll.

Now that my raid schedule has settled down I should be able to dedicate at least one night a week for CoD activities.  We probably have enough folks with 349-359 ilevels to step into some of the t11 raids or do some Firelands trash. Watch your calendars for invites.

I hope everyone is feeling well and having fun,


A last minute update: BrewDawg is now 7/7 in Firlands!  We took down Rags tonight after only two attempts.

3 week update

Hey all sorry for the long time no send in this is my 3 week update not much to report as sleep work and illness has kept me from soundly doing much at all. The sickness has been both mine and my nephew who I ahd to take to hospital the other day costing me a day of WoWing

Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Wolfbrother has contributed again !


Clan of Darkness Guild Invite

Hi my name is Guadaloupe and I'm Holystic's RL wife. He's told me about all you mental patients ... uuhhmmm cool kids, yeah cool kids and I'd like to be a part of the adventures you guys have in Azeroth. So, if you could find the time, I'd really like a guild invite please.

Thank you,
Guadaloupe - level 15 Troll Hunter - Earthen Ring

good news bad news its all perspective

Greetings CAW crew, and Virshna.

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here

Sorry for the delay-- lets just say Brewfest is my favorite holiday, man those Dark Iron Dwarves know how to party.  I woke up with a really unlovely creature and I had to give her several large goblets of ale before I could make my escape. 

I did not catch who sent the email the other day, and I am not going to admit to seeing them, but
Wolpetingers make a perfect Corn Dog and they even come with there own stick so Virshna wouldn't even have to jam wooden object into uncomfortable places before cooking.

On to the good news/bad news (depending on how you look at it).  I never intended to send in more than one letter, but thanks to your great response and one EPIC reading by Ashayo, I had a blast and kept going.  But just like putting a "free Miley Cyrus tickets" sign on your van is great fun to start with........its only going to end badly! So I am sad to say that this will be my last letter.  I will continue to be a loyal listener and I promise to keep my war cry of  "For Virshna" whenever I charge into a bunny field, but sadly I will never get to hear my sweet words torturing Virshna again.

So long and thanks for all the fish..............C.C.

P.S.  You keep saying you want me in your guild just to kick me out, but what if I am already there............BWAHAHAHA ... Just kidding ....or am I?

My first email.

Greetings Ctrl Alt WoW crew!

Saulius here! I'm a long time UK listener and thought it was about time I emailed in! I recently got back into playing WoW on a US starter edition account. It didn't take me long to decide to upgrade to the full game. I play an orc shaman on the Earthen Ring server, who is currently level 25. I hope this email will serve as an application to your hardcore raiding guild "Clan of Darkness" ;) I will be trolling the caw chat channel hoping for an invite!

Keep up the great work!


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