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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 238 - Duplicate Item Found

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 238 - Duplicate Item Found

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Goblin with heirloom leather headband, so frakking cute

Hope I did okay with the editing last week.
Nevahoof, level 70, has nothing that flies, that's bizarre. Thought about buying it on her but she's the referred account that I'm not keeping.
Took the pair into Nexus, didn't have to talk to the dragon. Glad I kept up Nevahoof's skinning, she can skin in Nexxus. Pair died at mage, Auruk looted.
Message when zoning in, very stressful!

Finished Nexxus, left pair outside of dragon room, behind wall, didn't have to loot. Did An'Kahet but pair died at end.
Elyte did Minor Inscription Research and didn't learn anything, did Forge document Monday & Barber said same thing, stayed at barber:
24g this time.
Nevahoof got Squashling on 2nd bag.
Still had Rocket to give from RAF, decided to give it to Darshi to make Hallow's Eve qucker.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Tol Barad Sun & Mon. Sucks not having a Skinner, need to get Tiiaa up. Coordinating quests we didn't turn it was as bad as I thought it would be. Did inside real fast. Faster with only two toons to get gathering quest on.
Auruk and Vrishna dueled, Vrishna won.

Ran Headless Horseman 6 times with Shalick for the guild achievement. Also, on his advice, tried PAWN. A great ad-on that tells you if items you loot are better than what you have. Also indicates what spec the item is useful for.
Why did Astarå just go off.


Tol Barad

Auction House games.

Pawn, recommended by Shalick, is wonderful ! With the 365 rings from Headless Horseman, it was really helpful.  

Shalick, apology for missing the invite to the Headless Horseman, after her helped us out so much !


Grizzly Hills / Venture Bay dailies.
- Riding the red rocket : rocket seems easier to steer
- Bluesky logging ground - horde mobs marked as quest items; injured alliance don't count - have to go to other side to kill alliance

Started Argent Tournament dailies

Hallows End changed - make sure you get the renowned guild tabard if available, and the daily in UC to get 2h rep/exp buff
Buffs (bat, cat, etc) stay on when mounting Sandstone Drake!

Escorting shaman to Cata areas - can get the candy buckets, but then out of phase to remount
Shaman put on full level to 79, with Northrend to go. Great because it gives a chance for rested XP to build. Got 40% into 79!

Ashayo - a mask for all occasions 
Hard to put out fires now
Tip: Logoff while bombing SW to get close to it for dousing strawman

Asharmin dings 80!


Blizzcon News

one year contract, no paypal, only one D3 for each battlenet account   


Finally! Wahoo! Happy Dance!

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna!

It has been way too long and I'm sorry for that!
There's lots I've done so let's just get right to it:
I have leveled a priest, Mage, deathknight, Druid and a hunter to 85. Also
leveled my paladin to 70 and a warrior to 82.  Maxed leather working,
skinning, mining, jewelcrafting, herbalism, alchemy, engineering,
inscription, tailoring and enchanting,  but still working on collecting the
high-level recipes.

The firelands quest progression was just awesome.  It was great having old
NPC's from the game help you out in Setherias roost. It gave me a warm fuzzy
feeling inside.  Managed to unlock all the vendors on my druid, but haven't
gone back with my other characters.  Thinking about collecting all the
tokens needed for my other toons just makes my skin itch.

Recently I've gotten into doing the troll dungeons and they're not as scary
as I thought they would be.. especially as ranged DPS.  Still not raiding,
don't even want to try.  I started a couple of arena teams, "scaredycats"
and "save the bees", with my brother.  The matches are pretty quick and
there's a lot of "get em dude get em!" "ahh they got me, kill that *!@#!"
and of course "damn that rogue." Hehehe.

Speaking of rogues, my brother and I also have two lowbie rogues that we're
dorking about with in battle grounds.  We totally see the appeal and laugh
stupidly whenever we sap someone.  *bonk*

It's hard to believe we've been playing this game so long and still find so
much to do.

Well that's it for now, as always thanks for the great show!  Lots of love
and hugs :)


Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 236

Hi Vrishna, Aprillian, Ashayo and El Jeppy

Holystic here. I thought I’d write in and say a few words about the “Random dungeon runs with RL friends” segment from Episode 236.

Firstly, let me say that my character name is currently pronounced \hō-lis-tik\ just spelled funny, i.e. Holystic ... kind of a play on words.
Although, now that I’ve heard Aprillian and El Jeppy pronounce it Holy-stick I may decide to change that. lol

Vrishna and Aprillian, I want to thank you for letting me listen in on your run through of Dire Maul with Belladora and Draigen. It was very nice of you to encourage me stay around, but had I known you were recording, I would have left immediately. I didn’t say much at the time for several different reasons, 1) I didn’t want my chatter to interfere with the groups instructions in the dungeon run, 2) I was actually doing dungeon runs myself on Winter Hoof leveling up Merlyen my Mage, 3) I was also watching a show on TV that I now forget the name of and 4) my wife was playing WoW on another computer, on a different realm and was asking me questions along the way. This is usually how I WoW. lol

I didn’t know you were recording at first until Aprillian said something about “stopping the recording.” I panicked and was just about to bail from vent when Vrishna said, “Draigen! You expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, feign death hunter!” What?!

I came to understand that Vrishna was addressing and critiquing his friend Draigen's hunter style of play and while legal in the game of World of Warcraft, Vrishna strongly objected to it. Vrishna also wanted to convey his derision and ire at said hunter for not taking the boss mob’s special delivery ass whipping and subsequent rezz like everyone else. It was at that point that I made the executive decision to remain in vent and voyeuristically enjoy the Dire Maul dungeon run complete with a “Texas sized” smile. I’ve run this particular dungeon many times on various toons over the years and I could tell where you all were in the dungeon just from the chatter generated by attacking the mobs along the way. I did try to make a couple of suggestions about the Captain Kromcrush fight, but you guys had it well in hand. That fight can be one of the most irritating in that dungeon because of all the fears the mobs cast.

By the way, the part you didn’t air on “Ctrl Alt WoW” because of your clean tag was some of  the funniest stuff I’ve heard in a long while.

Good job all!


Hey Guys and Gals.
Insane here lovin life and doing the time.
Check out what I've been up to lately.
/cue podcast
Sent from MARS

Love the podcast

I have been playing wow since vanilla,  I am back after a 5 or so month break(rifting).  I am irl friends with peterrabbit he seems to like the guild as much as I like the podcast.  Hope to see ya in game.

Sent from my iPhone

COD Considers the Creepy Crate

Hello CAW gang;
Thanks to Vrishna’s generosity my COD guild status was elevated due to  four sentences I input during the last  State of the Union COD soundbite.  (Hint for others to hop into vent next time that happens!)
I felt a bit guilty about that… only a bit
But so that I can feel like I actually earned that promotion I have included a sound file for this week.
I am loving the Hallow’s End activities on my lower toons that did not get to RAF, and really want the pet you can buy from the vendor. I was not aware that the new Missing Heirlooms quest line also has a reward of a companion pet; the Creepy Crate. As you do, I had my new pet out to see its animation when I went a little too close to a cockroach  in the city.
Shock!! Horror!!!
I know that 42 has made reference to the fact that  we are Australian, so I have provided   the aural equivalent  of subtitles for your show notes, in case my accent gets in the way
Cheers from a COD Comrade Melindraya
(Insert Sound clip here!)
Confront the Creepy Crate Conundrum!
Creepy Crate Kills Critters - Can the COD Cohort Cope?
COD Cogitates on Crate’s Critter Killing Capacity
Calling COD Cadre to Contemplate the Choices
A)        Consign Creepy Crate to Kingdom Come
B)        Cherish Creepy Crate in Critter Clear Country
C)        Complete Crittergeddon with Completely Clean Conscience
Cogitate Carefully
But …… Complete Creepy Crate Questline (in case COD does not Condemn)

Couples who WOW

Subject –  Couples who WOW
G’Day All
Grouse podcast April . Nothing like listening to a chin wag between a few cobbers over a xxxx. I was chewing the fat with the Missus about WOW and wanted to kill a few  feral rabbits but she thought that wasn't  Ridgy-didge and  
But…..before you  throw a wobbly I’ll stop the yabbering and go back to the queen' s English
Hi guys this is 42 from the Night shift, and I hope you are well. In the last podcast you said you liked your friends from down under so I thought I would teach you the lingo and give you a few Aussie terms to get your head around .  I sure hope Ashayo was there to explain
You asked about how other couples  WOW  together and  obviously Mel and I WOW together :)   We have a few simple rules Rule 1
Mel is always right
Rule 2
If you think that Mel is wrong consult Rule 1
Once this is established the rest is all peachy keen
We tend to like to level together playing similar toons but not the of  same class . ie mage/hunter , priest/warlock and so on. Very rarely do we play the same class or armour type at the same time.
If we have nice loot drop that we both need then we tend to " negatively  Ninja it” .  
I.e. "You take  it "  , "No, you take It” and so on . Sometimes the conversations can get a little  heated especially when one person levels ahead of the other .
Also sometimes my bags can be a little messy and Mel does remind me of my responsibilities but she does help me get organised .  This does lead to certain difficult questions, such as what does she mean by?;
"You’re such a hoarder!"  and
"Why do you  keep food/ water / gear that's 50 levels too low for you ?" .
Mel use to play WOW alone and I was like a number of your listeners whose other half's hated the game. After a long period of a coordinated attack I relented and gave wow a quick try. Well that was back in Burning Crusade and I have never looked back.
In regards to RAF and playing together  - we ended up with 11 toons at 80
Some simple RAF rules that worked for us and our play style
·         Have a clearly established goal that can be realistically kept – we wanted to get a minimum of two toons each levelled all the way to 80 on Earthen Ring, with the bonus 78 levels ( after boosting the RAFfer  to 80.99) being used to help another to 80
·         Have some really unrealistic but fun goals- a toon of every class, a set of toons that only dungeon or quest or heal or herb or mine
·         Use a spread sheet. We only lost about 4 levels and that was because  we did not want to donate to a disposable level 10
·         Vary it as much as you can:
o   Run in pugs though dungeons  - the XP from LFD to dungeon quests is great, but don’t run the same dungeon over and over ,
o   Get as many dungeon quests completed from as many different dungeons as you can – even give up the Random dungeon  reward to finish  a new one ; you level so fast that the gear that drops is a big help in keeping up your gear score if you have no heirlooms
o   Do the quests that require 2 or 3 characters to kill elite mobs at level
o   Do not do collection quests unless you really enjoy that particular quest or it has a guaranteed drop for each toon from each mob
o   If offered (do not ask) take the chance for run-throughs from  the wonderful  members of COD when offered (and in a dungeon when they say wait here, you really should wait EXACTLY at that spot )    
·         The last one and most important " kill all bunnies on sight  as they taste nice "
For the Night Shift
For the Clan of Darkness
 From 42
P.S. you know you have played too much wow when you ask family and friends what they are planning to do for Hallow’s End instead of for Halloween

P.P.S.  From Mel; The bunny eating component is not a direct requirement for RAF-fers  of any sense and discernment, since all know that venison tastes so much better, particularly those cute little fawns that roam through Elwynn Forest.
P.P.P.S From Mel; I seem to remember 42’s entry into Azeroth somewhat differently - will have to remind 42 about Rule 1 later. I’ll let you know the REAL story in another podcast email

Rigarmorty Audio for EP 238

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!

Attached is my audio for this week! I should be up and in the chat room with any luck or shortly after the show starts. 



Hopefully in time: Submission 238



For the family!

Here's an audio updated sent from my iPhone 4s. I'll have to add you to my contacts so that I can just send it through Siri next time.  :)

And, yes, though I forgot to mention it in my audio, I am looking forward to Kung fu Pandarens and I'm sure my kids will love the Pokemonesc pets. Also, it will be nice to get a beta invite for a change once my account is upgraded.

For the alliance and many alts!


Sent from my iPhone

Hola CAW Crew!

Another quick update from the Kithores.

We apologize that we are, again, unable to send an audio submission. Kithore has been working very hard, and I have been just a bit ill. He says that it should be only about two more weeks without an audio from us, and after that, we should be able to send one in.

I, admittedly, have done little this week other than popping in and chatting with a few people. I have been checking in periodically, but not playing for any real length of time.

Kithore also has not been able to play. He's been comforting a cranky wife, and working very hard with his... oh, wait.

Kithore, apparently, is willing to come clean on his real occupation. He is a dog catch... wait, no. He is a high school band director. The fall season is marching season, so he has practice several nights a week, attends every football game so his kiddos can march during halftime, and has to spend a lot of time preparing, fixing, adjusting... well, it's a big job. He also travels at least once a week to help out other (not-so) nearby programs to give advice, help clinic the kids, and be a general mentor to the band directors. Needless to say, it is not new for our friends to call me a "Band Widow" during this season. 

This would be the main reason we have been unable to send in audio submissions, and why he has been unavailable for play for quite some time.

His students received a 1 at Region competition, which is the highest rating you can get, and that has advanced them to the next round, which will be Area competition. 20 bands throughout the area received 1s, so only 4 bands will be advancing to the last round, which is the State competition. His students are determined, he is determined, and I just know they are going to do wonderfully - but it does mean I will be a "Band Widow" for a bit longer.

We hope you are doing well in game and out.

Emoted hugs and kisses,

The Kithores

Channeling rigamorte

Here is my update for this week sorry I droned on for so long just itching to get back to the live stream
The Big G

A little bit of an update

Happy Blizcon day to all of the wonderful hosts of Ctrl Lat Wow,
Ill make this as short as I can.
I have been having loads of fun, First of all just today while playing Kuahi on  Winterhoof Ctrl Alt WOW dinged lvl 9 just as I turned to lvl 83 woot woot.
I also have been running The HEadless horse man on 6 of my toons and have received the sword on both Konajace and Robusta, but only Robusta can take the best use of it, He is dual weilding the Sword and the Shanker from Coren Direbrew.
So I know many out there do not like to look at there \played but I went ahead and checked mine so this is the rundown that I have and wow can it be eye opening.
This list is in order of when I made them all
Konajace Nelf warrior lvl 85
65 days played
Konajoe Nelf Druid lvl85
100 days played
Kuahi Human warlock lvl 83
33days played
Robusta Nelf Hunter lvl 85
49 days
Konajobe Nelf DK lvl 85
12 days
Konajim Nelf DK lvl 81
15 days
Konajohn Nelf Druid lvl85
10 days
Koandark Nelf Priest lvl 85
15 days
Konajack Worgen Hunter lvl 85
12 days
Well there it is some of that time is running a dual box for a time and I'm sure there is a lot of time at the AH but all in all I I have had fun the whole way through]
When I have some time away from Real life Il give a run down on what their realative Ilvls are and where they do the most playing.
Back to some trick or treating, which I say the slight revamping of Hollows end is a bit refreshing. 
For the love of the game and those that play it
Kona and his many alts


Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

History of Clan Darkness
Razuris (@Razuris)
10/22/11 6:21 AM
@CtrlAltWoW Clan of Darkness hits level 24! Nobody's on to celebrate with me. :(

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