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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 239 - You Cannot Carry Anymore of These Items

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Giving levels like crazy, did some cross realms. Some were wasted, like my level 8 pally on ER
Used Ashayo's trick with the bombing run to get into UC
Bankhee got enough levels from Curleeque to ding 20, but Bankhee's Winged Guardian wasn't in her bag or bank. Opened a ticket and less than 30 mins later they answered and it was in my mail box.
[color=#ffff00]Logging started on 10/23/2011 at 10:20:56.
<GM>[Killarrayis] whispers: Greetings! I’m Game Master killarayis, the one and only! Bound by love of assisting others and those true of heart - I’m now here to help you! Got a moment? ^_^
 To [Killarrayis]: hi
To [Killarrayis]: thank you for your time
 <GM>[Killarrayis] whispers: You are very welcome!
<GM>[Killarrayis] whispers: I wanted to let you know that the mount you were missing has been given on Bankkee
10:33:12 To [Killarrayis]: thank you
10:33:17 <GM>[Killarrayis] whispers: I do hope this helps given your issue ^^ , Would you like anything else today >
10:33:21 <GM>[Killarrayis] whispers: You are very welcome!
10:33:28 To [Killarrayis]: have an excellent journey
10:33:38 <GM>[Killarrayis] whispers: You too friend!
So that was cool.
All of the baskets are not listed and many small places have baskets. Doing baskets on Elyte and Tiiaa while editing podcast.
Thinking I should do all the Hallow's Eve stuff on Auruk and then transfer her back to Horde.

Aprillian & Vrishna



Nothing, yet.

Can I just say, I now firmly believe, the pet that supposedly drops from the Baradin Fox, is a ploy designed and  perpetrated by  Claypidgin. THERE IS NO PET. Just a scheme to get me to kill a cute little yellow animal !

Tastes Like Chicken (Sample 50 different Azeroth foods)

Met an Orc named Durrok in Alliance controlled Tol Barad. I'm killing Crocs and this guy comes up and ASKS if 
i'm skinning. I tell him to help himself.


Ashayo got the HH Mount, Helm and Broom all in one bag!

Asharmin ran BRC as first healing dungeon in Cata. An 85 mage came along doing 18k dps, so there wasn't much healing needed!
Also ran Throne of the Tides, and that was a little more challenging.

Started Ashrune, Loremaster druid cat toon
Don't get cat form till level 8
Died already - take lots of damage as melee. Need to heal after every mob.
Managed to take down rare elite Death Flayer (scorpion) and a raptor, but had to chape change, which loses energy



I guess you thought you'd never get one of these again!

Valentines Update! (audio)
Well surprise!

Here's our submission! Hope you like it! love you guys

J and Renee Valentine a.k.a Caoboi and Iceflow  :) @Valentine Podcast

new listener, my week in wow

Greetings Ctrl Alt Wow crew

i have enjoyed your podcast for some time now (6 months so maybe not some time but a short while) and thought that i might contribute my week and some of the interesting parts of it.
Have been thourghly enjoying the Hallows Eve fest while raking in all of the goodies on my main ( lvl 85 combat rogue Dantonsartu -  Terokkar) we have been running old content for transmogrification
and lvling guild mates. This week we have started the "for the Alliance" runs and it has been a comedy of errors, picture clowns running in every direction chasing down blood elves only to get stomped by the faction leader

Auction House Undercutting Practice (does not need to be in the podcast)

This is in regards to Vrishna's mention of auction house practices in
Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 238 - Duplicate Item Found.  I personally have
hit the 1 million mark between my characters on Sentinels, and my main
income is from buy low and sell "normal" for raw materials (crafted
goods don't sell well).  With the embersilk market in general, I set
my price at a flat 80g/stack, and I buy everything below ~60g/stack
(frostweave cloth sells higher).  In your scenario, I would be the
person buying your stock.  The idea is that you keep the market price
at what you decide should be normal.  Some days you won't sell much,
and you'll do a lot of buying.  Other days, there won't be anything to
buy and you'll sell through your stock.  The main thing, when you're
not selling in one market, you should also have some stuff in another
market.  (I have received complaints from guildies that I own 90% of
the auction house (exaggerated but close))

If you want a good market to get into, check out volatiles (these
generally become scarce around patch time and prices go up).
Everybody needs them, and they don't always have supply to meet the
demand.  Remember, pick a price that (you think) people are willing to
pay, and stick with it.

Fanderay of Sentinels

Refer a Friend


Refer a friend, level granting, allows you to grant from level 80 to level 81.

Aegon of Dawnbringer

Sent from my iPhone

Killer Bunnies

Hi guys

I  was so excited as I was reading though all the new stuff in the next expansion.  . There it was .. We can now duel our non combat pets.  

So it's Rabbit Wars! Killer Bunnies!

I can't wait .. Red bunnies ....  just waiting for my creepy crate to attack them

I will be able to make my own Akubra

( If Ashayo is not there the Akubra is the Australian Cowboy hat and it is made of Rabbit fur .  Yes I’m serious it really is Vrishna, in Australia rabbits are officially vermin, and would have red nameplates, not yellow)


Audio submission + subtitles

It’s Aural not Oral

(Audio attached for insertion here)

Hi Guys
Just a quick note to clarify something about my voicemail last week.
Aural means to do with your ears, so my “aural subtitles” meant that if my accent got
in the way of you understanding what I said, then you could see it as a text in the show
notes for Episode 238.
I’m not sure what you were thinking when you interpreted it as Oral, but it may have
something to do with what Jeppy says about minds and sewers?

Did you know that InMyOwnDreams is nominated for an award on the Stopies podcast
awards? So is Ctrl Alt Wow for best live cast. They are an explicit WOW podcast, but the
awards are on a separate page. The awards are only for WOW podcasts, so just reading
through the nominations made me aware of quite a few other feeds for my iTunes list,
although some of the categories are a little scary ( ie Most Profane, Shortest Temper).
They are being run by the Stopcast Wow podcast if anyone would like to check them out,
and vote to support the JAVA gang and InMyOwnDreams.

Hope the **ral subtitles helped,
For the Bunnies!
For the Fun!

Melindraya Earthen Ring – to clarify, I pronounce my toon’s name Melindria, but that
was already taken on ER, so just call me Mel

Short and painfully sweet

Sorry not to much to report this week as I worked for most of it and as of this week I will have lost another worker at work this marks 5 since I started. I am really starting to worry that I may be missing something at work so seeya
The Big G

Bangobingo Update #6?

Hey CAW/COD Crew,

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday events in and out of game as well as the changing seasons. I have been in a whirlwind of activity at work and at home which is why it has been nearly a month since my last update. I have still been able to sneak online to get some of my weekly/holiday goals accomplished but this is usually all I have time for these days.

On that note I am proud to say I was able to acquire “the hallowed” title for my warrior, Bangobingo, in the first three days of the event. My standing goal is to get all of the titles for each event within the first few days and ultimately get the violet drake next summer. This will be my second toon to take through all of the holiday achievements and the first on this server. I am still chasing the sword for my warrior as it is the only ilvl 365 main hand weapon that will transmog with the spellfire longsword to give me the blue lightsaber look. I know it is an agility weapon and not optimal for a prot warrior but I mostly solo with my prot spec and I don’t mind the less than optimal stats J. I also want to give a shout out to all of the guildies who have grouped with me to do my weekly jaunts into Karazhan for the shield that drops from Nightbane (again for transmog purposes). Wight in particular has helped me on several occasions as well as Keelhaul. Thanks friends!

Now for the question.  I know some of the contributors have mentioned their favorite holiday event is hallows eve but what is your favorite holiday event? I can remember doing the first children’s week in BC and having a blast running around with my orphan just for kicks. There was no achievements at that time but it was always fun to pull out the orphans during a kara or dungeon run to do an “orphan pull”.

Well, that is all I have for now and I am trying to work up the nerve for an audio submission one of these days so that maybe coming sometime soon.  Best of luck to Varishna with his new work schedule and the Kethors (sp) with their hectic work requirements.
See ya!



Audio submisson!

This is my first attempt at any kind of audio work so I hope you'll all be gentle!


Rigarmorty Audio For EP 239 (Part B)

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!
Attached is my audio update for this week with some additonal audio bits as it's Halloween on Monday.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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