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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 253 - You Are Now Optimized

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


My RAF is fun.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Azhara is so much fun.



- still some quests with horrible drop rates - Diaphanous Wings and Withered Flesh for example
- Always thought it was odd that the Horde had to build rep with The Mag'har. Never realised there was an equivalent for Alliance - Need to do the quests out of Orebor Harborage in Zangermarsh in order to build rep with the Kurenai, who also inhabit Telaar in Nagrand
- No real epic build up to any end-zone quest story/line in zangermarsh. Just a slog to find and complete the 52 quests for [Mysteries of the Marsh]. Completed 15% into 6

Terokkar Forest
- The quests outside the Auchindoun instances are now inside, but the question marks are still outside. And they don't count toward terokkar forest quests :/
- Worst drop rate quest in the zone by far - the last quest I did - "Evil Draws Near". Need to collect 20 doom skulls to summon Teribus. Must've killed over 100 mobs to get them, easily.
- Finished 95% into 69

- Feels weird soloing Durn The Hungerer
- Hit level 70 - they really want you to move on! Only get 100exp for a mob kill now, and 14000 for a quest. Even in shadowmoon valley, I tried a quest and got 130exp for a level 68 mob and 15900 for a quest. Went and tried a quest in Borean Tundra - still level 68 mob, but 2200 exp - and 26000 for the quest.
- Hit 67/75 quests and now struggling to find more
- Jumpatron 4000 easy - leaves druid in flight form :)
- Killed  a bunch of air elementals to gte "The Howling Wind"
- Finally worked out that if you align with Scryers in Shattrath, and head to Sanctum of the Stars in SMV, and get the quest Karabor Training Grounds, it will send you back to Altrius in Nagrand. That got me to 74, plus a quest for Shadow Labs
- Last one was ivory tusks - wasn't tracking for some reason. Finished 60% into 71


Flying around on Humbull for coins, herbs and ore. Stupid Elder Bluewolf inside Wintergrasp fortress being held by Alliance


Update and WoW parody song

Hey CAW Crew,
It's been a while since I sent anything in. 

As I'm slowly denting my goal of getting all 10 alliance alts to 85 without any dual boxing (I've got 5 at 85, 4 between 75-84 and one at 50). I'm slowly debating which alts to play horde side on earthen ring. As some of the alts I promised not to play without my wife it keeps my options low, so I rolled a new Goblin which I plan on making a very engineering based transmog outfit as I level up. If you see the lowbie Warrior Turbocharge in the guild, thats me. I've fallen in love with the mod mogit. It makes planning transmog outfits simple.

Anyways, with all the recent talk of SW:ToR vs WoW on the net I decided to convince my wife to sing along to a WoW parody song I made. She is currently suffering from a headcold so its not her best work ever, but I still think its hilarious. Hope you guys do too.

Wren and Morgaine (my wife)

PS: Can this count as her submission so she can join Clan of Darkness?

listener email from Reefberry

January 20, 2012

From Reefberry

Dear CAW,

The polish and shine has yet to where off the Darkmoon Faire for Durdles. Anticipating the fair’s second appearance right after New Years he ran down the Darkmoon path on foot. He stopped near a fence and gazed through a clearing admiring carnival atmosphere and fireworks. Someone brushed by him on a griffin and plummeted over the cliff. Durdles knows flying in the faire grounds is not possible. So he continues on the path toward the fair but when he reaches the bottom he goes right and follows the bottom of the cliff. Glancing up he stops at a point he judges to be below where he was standing moments ago when the griffen mount dived off the cliff. He peers into a small crevice and there he sees two skeletons. So Durdles turns around mounts up and runs back up the path to his previous location.

I noticed through real ID that Durdles was in the fair grounds already and asked him what he was up to.

He replied “I’m killing people heading to the fair.”

Mulling this statement over in my head I decide to go see for myself rather than continuing with more questions. If you knew Durdles you would probably come to the same decision. I found him along the top of the path sitting on his flying mount. He tells me to mount up. We chat a bit and watch the fireworks. After about a two or three minutes I finally ask when he going to kill a fair go’er. He tells me to be patient. I notice a few attendees running down the path, but Durdles still takes no action. We chat a little more. I turn around and watch more toons run by and turn back and watch more fireworks. I start listening to the TV behind me and perhaps tilt my head to catch a glimpse. Two riders rush by and jump and third didn’t even hesitate as he called his mount and followed them.

Durdles starts roaring with the /LOL and types “see.”

Before I reply, he messages again “they see us here on flying mounts and jump off.”

So that was his diabolical plan, entice people over the edge. I did see some people survive and others jump down in stages because there was a secondary lip below us. However, I think the whole affair is just funnier in “his” head.

After about twenty minutes I went down to play a few games and earn some tickets. The tonks and turtle toss went without a hitch but I was having trouble with the cannonball. Last month I did the cannonball without any trouble. Press the button right at the edge of the dock. I was up to five tries and still hadn’t won any points. I moved on to whack-a-gnoll thinking I’ll get back to the cannon later. Whack-a-gnoll went smoothly, two tickets and done. I started thinking about the CAW episode where Ashaio spoke about his trouble with the cannon shot. I didn’t remember what was said but thought one piece of advice was looking from top down. Two more tries and still no points. I glanced down at the keyboard and noticed my finger on the space key and not the one key. Uhhhggg!

Moving on to the target gallery, I sit in the road and wait for the giant tauren on his mount to move on before I attempt target practice. After a few minutes, well maybe just half a minute, when your waiting for others time seems to creep by so slowly. I move up to the counter and type “:: cough cough ::” in the say channel, nothing. I try again more pointedly “/say Excuse me sir could you dismount or move away from the counter?” still nothing. I rummage through my bags for the baby spice and sprinkle it on him. Ah ha, a reaction, the AFK sign goes up. I suppose I could report him, but I just log out and into another character waiting his turn at the Faire. Ah, the advantages of many alts.

Finally, the Target Gallery booth looks clear. I pay my ticket and jump right to it, blam, blam, pause, turn, blam, blam, pause, turn, blam, blam, hmmmm again no points. Double check my keys, two side arrows and the one key, yup that checks. Blam, blam, pause, turn, blam, blam, still no points. Jiminny jeepers what the what is going on! Times up. I’m out in the road with the stun emote over my head and right then I sure was really feeling that emote. I run back up and to pay another ticket, the dialog box opens and there is a little blue asterisk there. Well that’s a big, HUH! I paid my ticket but never took the quest.

---- End of Story ----

Reefberry of Clan of Darkness continues to collect herbs and mine. His professions are > 220 but not quite the 300 needed for the Outlands region which is where he should be questing. He grabbed a snowshoe bunny and a few bags from the guild bank. I haven’t been to Outlands for questing since Northrend was released. Now I have three toons preparing to adventure in Outlands.

The Lunar Festival is just around the corner. I hope we can search out those elders and get experience for the underlings this year. And this year my wife has one of the recruit-a-friend rockets so she can fly my little underlings around in stead of just me as a Sandstone Drake carting her toons all about. Not that I mind, but its nice not to do all the driving all the time.

Five Years, High Five!

Greetings CaW crew!!

It was a Very Big week in wow for Kallistø and Prøsperø who went from never doing Dungeons or Raids to doing more than nine in just two days. All this new and exciting adventure is due to the wonderful people in the Clan of Darkness.
It started with an invite from Auntpol (Forteetwo) and Atteeka (Melindra) to accompany them on their quest for the "Elders of the Dungeons" title as mentioned on last week's show. 
This was so much fun that the next day the intrepid adventurers embarked on a dungeon marathon that included Karazhan, where a massive chess match was the bane of their existence and a great dragon fell at the hands of the mighty heroes. Magtheridon's Lair began with an epic party wipe but the second try ended in victory with Magtheridon's severed head delivered triumphantly to Thrallmar.  Heroic Magistrar's Terrace, or the Transmog shopping mall, was a very profitable trip were almost everyone received something shiny and pretty. They proceeded to the Heroic Culling of Stratholme attempting to beat the clock and receive the much coveted Bronze Drake. They missed it by less than 25 seconds which was pretty good for a first try.
Many many thanks to Forteetwo and Melindra for a fantastic evening of fun and mayhem. You guys totally rock!!! 
In the midst of all the chaos Prøs and Kall, even managed to complete the entire holiday achievement to receive their first title, "Elder".

The next day "Elder" Prøsperø and Kallistø dinged 85 (big grats all round) Shortly after that Nephindil, announced in guild chat that he'd like to do a random dungeon. They jumped into the queue and in less than 3 minutes found themselves in Grim Batol. The dungeon was fast and the group was good. They queued again this time landing in Vortex Pinnacle. Again the group was good though there was a slight pause when our tank, Neph, had to go AFK to entertain an unexpected visitor (but he can tell you all about that himself). With the tank returned to the party, they made short work of the last bosses and all was well. By that time it was getting late, but the group decided to do "just one more". Halls of Origination was next and it too was quick and painless. All in all, three good groups in a row is pretty good for our first batch of "at level" random dungeons. 
Thanks Neph, you are truly a titanic tank :)

Most recently the Necro's decided to make "THE BIG MOVE". Yes thats right, they brought their high level toons over from Velen (their old sever) to their new home, Earthen Ring. To facilitate this they had to have a massive auction sale on Velen (that lasted three days) then do some toon deleting, some /gquiting, some character realm transfers, a guild leader change and even a guild realm transfer.
Special thanks to Jeppy for signing our old / newly transferred Level 85 Nekronomicon, Nekromantik, Alhåzzred and Yaniya (and several other toons) into the guild. 
Now the Necro family are all together under one roof. (Yay!)

Thanks to one and all for your great podcast and for making the game we love so much, even better.


The Necronomicon's

Undead love is forever


 Hiya CAW crew

Greetings from the beautiful mountain side of Snowdonia. I've been a long time listener of ctrl alt wow and the show keeps me entertained when grinding up levels for my alts.
A little bit about my journey through Azeroth, I joined the game very late on and annoyingly have the title Wrath Baby..

After getting my first toon to level 80, the next day all I wanted to do was create a new character instead of doing those scary raids. I first realised that I should stay away from end game content when I got into a raid and died …. a lot!!. Me and my guild both decided I shouldn’t go near raid portals if I could avoid it. But to be fair fire isn't green or bubbling.
At the moment I only have two 85s (Cadwgan:Human DK and Derwydd:Worgen Druid) an 83 (Duckncover:Worgen Hunter) and about 20 different alts all at different levels and factions.
Unfortunately I can only afford one subscription and I’m stuck in the EU, but over summer I am hoping to start a new account and hopefully join the Clan of darkness if you guys will have me?
Keep up with the awesome show

For the Alliance and the Forsaken 
Cadwgan. Aggramar EU

P.s. How the heck do you guys dual-box? I think controlling one character is stressful enough in dungeons.


Hey CAW crew! I was so happy to hear all four of you on the show last week.  The fill in guests did an awesome job, but my heart belongs to you guys...and Aprillian.

I'm afraid this is going to be really short because I have been playing very little WoW lately. I've been moonlighting in the Game Which Shall Not Be Named. I do love having my very own spaceship. But I must say I was inspired by all the lore master work going on. Tedrah became a lore master before Cata, but I think I'm going to create an Alliance toon and see life from the other side start to finish. All the new quest chains Ashayo has been talking about sound fun.

It was thrilling to hear Alachia on the show a couple weeks ago. I'm such a fan girl of hers and she and ElJeppy together are the cat's meow.

I haven't done any Lunar Festival at all. But you mentioned a pet so I may have to jump on it and see if I can manage to get one before it's over.

Guess that's it, I just wanted to say hi and I haven't disappeared, just laying low for a bit. Hope you all have a great week in WoW.

This is Tedrah
For the Horde
For the Clan of Darkness
& for the Rigarmorty

Sent from my iPad

Dusting off the Hunter

Hail JAVA,

Hope all are well.  Raiding has progressed for Brewdawg we are now 7/8
and have gotten to the third platform in the final boss encounter "The
Madness Of Deathwing." We are extending our lockout to work on him

If you have done this fight in Raid Finder the biggest difference is
that the Elemental Shard must be killed before it reaches the platform
or it will wipe the raid.  Everything also has more health and hits
harder.  There are 4 platforms with an Aspect providing the raid a
buff behind each.  As you defeat Deathwings claws you lose the buff
from that aspect.  It makes for a very dynamic fight on ten man.  You
choose the order you lose the buffs.  There is no best order because
every raid team has different strengths and weaknesses.

For example my raid has a balance of ranged and melee but our range
are mostly dot classes.  So bursting down the Elemental Shard is a
challenge at the moment.  One of the buffs slows down the shard so we
leave that buff for last.

In Raid Finder you always leave the buff up that kills the little
tentacle adds because it is hard to coordinate DPS to single target
them down.  In a regular group it is relatively easy to focus DPS.

I have also started raiding with my Paladin on a more casual team
sacrificing the amount of time I've been spending in a Galaxy far far
away.  That group is 5/8.  Unlike Brewdawg my Pally is under-geared
for Dragon Soul.  It's a fun challenge there is very little room for
error.  On a fight like Ultraxion I have to divide up my defensive
cool-downs and time them so as many are up as possible for every "Hour
of Twilight."

I had fun tanking that fight in Raid Finder last week.  The other tank
apparently had no clue what he needed to do and did not ask before the
pull.  So he got one shot by "Fading Light" and I had to single tank
the rest of the encounter.  Basically you get a dot on you that will
kill you if you do not exit the Twilight realm before it expires.
When you do that you drop all threat.

With two tanks the off tank picks up the boss so the main tank can get
out.  Then the main tank taunts the boss back when the off-tank get
"Fading Light" so he can get out.  Everyone but the main tank gets out
when Twilight hits..  As the only tank I had to pop out twice between
each Twilight and hope the healers got me to full health before it
hit.  Every time I popped out one of the DPS would get agro.  Towards
the end the boss hits harder so they were getting one-shot.  It became
a race. Could we get him down before we lost to many the DPS and hit
the enrage timer?  We got him down and I got several grats whispers.

Treaul (Troll) my long forgotten hunter has been brough out of
retirement.  I got him geared up and started running Raid Finder.
It's cool to see the fights from the "back" of the room instead of
from the bosses crotch.  The main reason I started playing him more is
I wanted to get the valor point helm named after Zaherah .  She is the
creator of an amazing hunter DPS analyzer.  Only BRK
has done more for the hunter community than Ms. Zaherah.  The helm is
very cool looking and Treaul is now sporting it.

Hope y'all have a great week.

Episode 253 submission

Hola CAW Crew!

I hope that everyone has had a good week, in and out of the game. We are sorry that we haven't been able to submit  an audio the last few weeks, it just seems that real life hits us with one thing or another!

I have been a bit ill the last week, and my voice has taken a bit of a hit. Not to worry, though, as I have been to the doctor, and am on the road to recovery.

As for Kithore, he's up to his old tricks, trying to get new rims for his cruise-mobile. He has been in game a few times, mostly running heroics on Kithorina and Kithore. He did swipe the old Alliance guild away from Claypidgeon a few days ago, but will give it back when they are both online.

Well, as Kithore would say, this is getting kind of long! Hope everyone has a great week!

Dreams and Kithore of CoD, Earthen Ring, and Dragonblight

Rigarmorty Audio for CAW 253

HI Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!

Attached is my short audio update for this week!



Audio submission!!

Hello CaW crew!

As promised a audio submission for you. Hope everyone had a great of WoW. I felt that I could go on forever with the audio but cut it short to save time for your other segments. So, if you happen to spot a poorly stealthed Rogue in Orgrimmar, it's probably Pennypocket, and is mostly harmless.....mostly. Enjoy!

Oh and by the way, (shameless plugging continued) there is a contest to name the podcast I mentioned in the audio submission. A 30 day game card is the prize, to find out how to win!

Very respectfully-


Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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