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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 252 - Don't Spit on My GF Because We Multi-Box

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Hello Darlings!!!  Long time, no "hear", I know!  hehehe...but here I am and here's what I've been up to!  

/great big hugs!!!!

Juuno  =D

What We've Been Doing:


Went to Grizzly Hills on my Pally & Druid, realized I don't really know how to fight on either.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Logging started on 01/16/2012 at 18:49:58.
21:01:01 To [Flower]: dude, what's your problem
21:01:08 [Flower] whispers: Dual boxer.
21:01:10 To [Flower]: why are spitting on my gf
21:01:22 To [Flower]: and?
21:01:33 [Flower] whispers: Dual boxers are almost as pathetic as gold buyers.
21:01:41 To [Flower]: we pay for wow, so your subscription doesn't go up, you should thank us
21:01:47 To [Flower]: why?
21:02:18 To [Flower]: and people who are playing by themselves at level 11 are even more pathetic
21:02:24 [Flower] whispers: Not explaining myself to some kid angry I spit on his internet g/f. Kthxbye.
21:02:57 To [Flower]: dude, I'm almost 50

21:09:42 Flower makes a rude gesture at you.
21:09:45 Flower thinks you are the son of a motherless ogre.
21:09:49 Flower snickers at you.
21:09:58 Flower apologizes to you.  Sorry!
21:10:00 Flower gently pats you.
21:10:02 [Flower]: ...
21:10:04 Flower brushes up against you and farts loudly.
21:10:06 Flower laughs at you.

21:08:06 [Flower]: *sigh* No matter where you go in this game there is always someone trying to act like an internet tough guy.
21:11:40 [Flower]: Anyway to the dude that got mad I spat on his internet girlfriend I was just messin bro. We should be BFFs.
21:13:00 [Sheldona]: No one messes with my pixels and gets away with, those are my pixels
Rares - Gorefang

Working on our Loremaster Achievement. Finished Ghostlands, Silverpine Forest and started Azshara. Got Explorer Achievement as well for the areas we finished.


Swiped our friends Alliance Guild. Sent him an

Did a little on my hunters. Silverlei, Brishna and Trishna ! Silverlei is filler, trying to get the other two up to 85 on par with Vrishna.


Blasted Lands - the last zone for Eastern Kingdom. I was a bit surprised when one of the first quests said to scout the ships along the shore - I could've sworn BL was a landlocked zone! The tainted scar is no longer there either, but at least the storyline explains that. The main story line in the zone involves helping preventing the resurrection of a demon - by beating them to it and trapping his soul.
Finished the 35 quests 3% into 63 - and got Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms
Kept following the chain regarding the tainted scar, which has a quest with a difference. Rather than just have to collect 10 of this of something and 10 of that of something, you have to kill mobs, figure out what they drop, and figure out how to combine them to make what you need. Slightly more interactive than collection quests.

The story line in Silithus hasn't changed AT ALL. As far as they seem concerned, Outlands, Northrend and Cataclysm didn't happen! Thankfully, only 19 quests to do there. It contained the only quest in the 1600 done to date where I had to get a coordinate mod to find the RIGHT entrance to the hive. Finished exactly 50% into 63.

Off to Outlands!
Hellfire for Alliance is 95% the same as for the Horde. Major difference is probably the Mag'har, which are enemies of the Alliance
Helboar, the other white mean - 100% drop rate now? Used to be that tainted meat would only purify with the mixture less than 50% of the time.
Arazzius the Cruel no longer elite, and easily soloable
The Rock Flayer Blacktalon is also a solo quest
Soloed Natural Remedies also
Got the [To Hellfire and Back] achievement 25% into 67

- Jekle cleared Firelands with DwP , loot fest
- BoE boots for shammy healer
- Offhand, but turned out I already had it
- Tier helm
- dps staff
- new trinket with valor points

- Decided I want to heal on my shammy in new Hour of Twilight heroics, but he was i325. Bought him pvp chest and relic and the BoE valor wrists, and some pretty cheap gloves off the AH. Jumped into End Time and tank left before first boss. Replacement tanked jumped in and we wiped twice on the boss. Was expecting a blame-the-healer attitude but they were actually good and we pulled together to clear the instance. First two bosses dropped healing axe and head peice. Also won a BoE healing plate chest for my pally!. So now I'm i355. Sadly, neither of the End Time quests had gear upgrades for me.


Nice ingame chat with Bruus (Melii) Grats on Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake 


Bangobingo Update #?

Hey CAW crew!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time in and out of game and are doing well. Its been a while since my last update so I thought I would attempt to get back on my contributing schedule and hope to send more regular updates. the other major distractor kind of came as a surprise as my wife (who is in no way a gamer or even interested in gaming) casually mentioned we should get an Xbox 360. I quickly jumped on the opportunity to experience a different mode of gaming I bought Skyrim and have been getting used to using a consol controler as opposed to the familiar keyboard. I spend most of my time trting not to look at the cieling or floor but have been enjoying it nonetheless. But that is for another audience, on to the WoW content!

My main Bangobingo has been mostly shelved between holiday events but has been able to pop on here and there for the occasional random heroic to boost my iLevel to get into the raid finder. In the inerim I have been leveling my mage, Readytogogo, and am now sitting at level 75. I was relieved to finally be at the point I can level my enchanting and tailoring to max level (both currently sitting at around 400). Most of my playtime has been spent with my rogue on Nagrand, Derkdiggler, who has been diligently running the raid finder to get high level gear. I was glad to have the opportunity to finally raid a tier of content while it is still relevant and am happy to say that I have killed Deathwing. While the quality of raid finder groups is constantly in flux I do enjoy the occasional gear upgrade and woule like to finally get gear that has a set bonus that is still relevant to the content I am playing.

On that note I did have a project in game that I would like some of your feedback on. The premise of this project is that I should be able to gather tier gear from an earlier tier and run the older content in the gear that was relevant to that tier. Thoughts?

Before I close I wanted to share a quick story relating to episode 251 at approximately 32 minutes. During the discussion with Alachia I could swear Aprillian mentioned some of the players were akin to someone who was playing past their prime in the circus and waiting for the next olympics. I was immediately intrigued by this circus olympics and envisioned a myrid of jugglers, lion tamers, and clowns along side the sprinters and pole vaulters at the opening ceremony. I had backtrack and listen closer to hear my error, that she had actually said circuits relating to the tennise pro analogy and not circus. (This is where the hosts laugh out loud and discuss how ludicrus the thought of a olympic circus team is ;))

Well, thats all I have for now. Thanks for always finding a way to make me laugh and enjoy the podcast!



Hey CaW crew, all is well with the Necronomicons. This week we've be been concentrating on our solo alts and making money on the auction house.

My level 70 mage, named Wraith, is my pet hunter. He ports all over Azeroth farming raptor hatchlings to sell at auction.
Wile picking herbs in the swamp of sorrows (to help Skylla with her inscription) he remembered the fabled Oozing pet and decided to try his luck.
After spending several hours killing big gloopy blob monsters he actually landed the Disgusting Oozing which does indeed sell quite high on the old auction house.
There really aught to be an achievement when you get this pet called "that stain is just not gonna wash out".

Speaking of money making, do you guys have any suggestions on raising cash for heirlooms and such?

The crazy Goblin brothers Riffrocket and Scribbley are doing great. They recently arrived in Stranglethorn Vale where Riffrocket was hoping to get himself a pirate hat.
No sooner had I mentioned this fact to my lovely wife when the hat dropped off the second Oger I killed.
Riffrocket was very pleased even though the had to wait till level 35 to dawn his sexy new Chapeau.

Both my wife and I had one of our toons reach exalted faction status this week, giving us the Sally Fields inspired "somebody likes me" achievement.

It was a good week for dungeons, Prospero the level 82 DK went to his first ever random dungeon with the intrepid Tinnock. They made their way through the Throne of Tides instance and Prospero only died once. The group was good and the dungeon went very fast and he even managed to get a shiny new pair of pants.

Wraith, went with a small group of guild mates to complete Heroic Caverns of Time. He was a little low level for the instance so he died more than a few times but in the end CoD got the achievement. It was his first heroic dungeon.

Thats all the news from the Necros this week. Thanks so much for your wonderful show we truly appreciate all your hard work.

The Necronomicons

Undead love is forever,


In reference to a comment from Ashayo a few shows past, I've included a picture of "Rich Baked Potato" Pringles which are (to my knowledge) only available here in Macau and Hong Kong.
Yes Ashayo, they are very yummy.

The little city in China where we live is called Macau, pronounced mac cow ("mac" as in Mac Donald's and "cow" as in... well... cow)

Thanks gang see you in game :-)

Contest Entry - Altaholic

Ctrl+Alt+WoW Crew,

Love the show, first off, and it has been a part of my week for some time now!

Blizzard's game had me from the days of beta when Paladins were nothing more than warriors that swung mallets and had a Divine Shield. I was so set on Paladin that when the Hunter class was made available I was completely blindsided by it. I rolled an Orc hunter, Granak, and he has been my main ever since. I, of course, rolled other characters but it wasn't until late into Lich King that my altaholic ways started to manifest themselves. I was suddenly trying to gear out three characters while working on leveling two more. It was getting ridiculous! 

Cataclysm came and, hallelujah, the revamp of 1-60. The slog of alts has been made so much better than it used to be and though I've had access to them from the beginning I choose not to use heirlooms. I've even held off on entering an alt of mine into a guild just so I don't get the XP perk, but eventually I always give in and join just because I miss the Green Wall.

This rampant rolling and re-rolling of characters has persisted since LK though I find I haven't payed attention to my toons as much lately due to that OTHER game that involves lightsabers. I do enjoy it, but honestly, I find myself wondering about it long term. WoW is still my game, I know it, though right now I'm a bit distracted. The Loremaster run I've been trying to do has really helped to keep me interested in my other characters besides my main. I'm a huge lore fanatic and experiencing every single bit of story that Blizzard has lovingly woven into the tapestry of this game keeps me coming back every time. 

Enjoy the show so much! 

US - Firetree
85 Human Hunter

Happy Chinese New Year CAW and COD

Hi Guys

First happy Chinese New Year to you all and this brings around the Lunar Festival in game. Now as 42 I have 5 toons that have done the “Long Strange Trip" and I am about 1/2 way though on my 6th a mage called Aunt Pol who you will know from COD.  So following the usual plan she went and did Elune's grace and fought Omen up in Moonglade. and then I did a little bit of visiting the elders.

The next day after work I come home and find the most beautiful and wonderful  Mel has done all the hard work and had visited every elder with Aunt Pol  in both kingdoms, including the capital cities of the alliance (even though  she hates PVP). I was so happy and impressed! -  then she even suggests that we do the Northrend Dungeons  together  .  Could my day get any better?

When we are about to start we notice Prospero and Kallisto are online and ask them if the would like to come along and visit all the elders in the dungeons. They say "sure but we are only 83 and we have never done that content ".

No worries! So off we go with 2 death knights, a druid and a mage.  We not only did almost all the dungeon elders but also completed the dungeons as well. So we have achievements popping all over the place.  We get everything done with the dungeons except halls of stone  and agreed to do that tomorrow .

So we log on the next day discover Prospero and Kallisto have done everything except HOS and off we go and do it. Achievements pop and everyone is happy.

Well, with that out of the way, what do we do next?  In our infinite wisdom we chose Kara and off we go.

We discuss what happens with loot rules. The decision is if it looks pretty on your toon roll need, otherwise roll greed .

Strategy is ... one of the DKs will run up and punch them in the nose and we see what happens next.

With this in mind and no idea of anything in Kara off we go . Every room we enter one DK collects the trash from one wall the other DK the other wall they meet in the middle and everyone nukes the lot - the Druid healing as necessary. This works really really well until we get to the room with a dragon in it. The dragon has intersecting beams of light and heals itself!  Well we make it but only just and elation on vent is deafening.

Next is the Chess game. We have no idea what to do here so we wing it and die a few times. Mel needs to go and do real life things and our son steps in.

Well we die the first time with him and then we go for one last try.  I jump on a pawn and promptly die and then my son said
"jump on the king and keep your hots up and Spam”

I have no idea what he just said so he translates it into Dad speak  . . .
“Click on that”  (points at screen )
“Watch those 2 boxes on your screen and they go grey click on  the number 3 or 4 on the keyboard.”

So as instructed I watch the numbers and I have no idea if I helped or not but we won the fight. Time for the last boss. The fight starts and my health goes down to 1 and 2 of the party are dead but I can keep shooting. With everyone's help he soon dies and we have completed Kara.

We had a wonderful time and would love to thank Prospero and Kallisto for the fun

42 (and Mel)

Rigarmorty Audio CAW 252

HI Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!

Attached is my audio for this week!



Ding! Gratz!

Hello CAW crew!

Just an email this week I'm afraid. Saulius is finally 85! Feels like it was a long time coming! I wanted to thank the guildies who offered to help me out with gear and enchants after I dinged. You know who you are! (that's a polite way of saying I cant quite remember who it was). I spent most of the gold I had, buying the craftable pvp gear, and then did a whole load of battlegrounds. Ive managed to earn enough honor points for 5 purple PVP items, including the two season 10 fist weapons. I was also able to do the new dragon soul instances, they were surprisingly easy, unfortunately I didn't get any good drops. My plan now is to work on leveling all my professions. I'm not looking forward to leveling fishing!

That's all for now, just a short one this week but I'm always listening! ;)

Keep up the good work!

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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