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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 266 - Kids and Gufoni

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Interview with David Bryher! Thanks Gufoni!

Juuno's Corner

Hello Darlings!  

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you guys and gals aren't recording until early Monday morning because I am SO behind today!  I got to spend the day with one of my brothers, his wife and my ADORABLE little nephew today...we had SO much fun and I forgot to record my CAW till late late!  <=.S

Anywho, I hope you're all doing well!  

/great big hugs!

Juuno  :-P

p.p.s.  Here's where I'll be next weekend!  =D

What We've Been Doing:






Beta,BGs and Alts

Hey all!!!  So wonderful to hear you all every week!!  My daily commute to and from work now allows me enough time to listen to all my favorite podcasts, which of course, CTL, ALT, WOW is always at the top my my list!!!
I was not among the first people to sign up for the yearly pass so I was late getting into the beta....boy what a capital "M" Mess!! The client loaded fairly quickly for me, so I guess I was lucky there, but where I was not lucky at all, was tearing through the layers and layers of Pandarian trying to interact with  or pick up quest items.....YUCK!!  If the level of humanity displayed during those moments is any indicator of how people are in general I fear for the world.   All of that being said, however, I still jump in from time to time do a few quests and call it a night.  I have rolled a Night Elf monk to see if that is any easier and indeed, it is.  I haven't seen on other person at all in that area so that definitely is going a lot smoother.  I also tried to create a level 85 character but it kept failing as I assume all 2 million beta-ites were doing the same thing.
The majority of my time is spent in BG's.  Most of my 85's are full on in the 397 (not sure of that number) pvp....and slowly working their way into 403.  My favorites as of this email are Finnoulah my female dwarf frost mage, and Kyradanka my female dwarf enchantment shaman.  For reasons I am not totally sure Kyradanka started do major damage and as long as I have some heals she does pretty darn well.  I have yet to get the nuances of the class down as I have fought shamans who seem to take no damage what so ever and I want to figure out how that is done.
As we all know being an altaholic can make leveling a specific toon (or toons) kind of difficult.  I have three (yes...three) DK's all stuck between levels 66 and 71, and I swear if I run Pukegard Keep one more time I am likely to leap of my back porch and plummet to my death.  Only one of the three DK's have heirlooms and the leveling is SO SLOW.  I am also trying to level my first warrior, Tessitura.  She is 77 and has been a tank for all of her life, but I want her to run as Arms in bg's, but trying to pick up a skill tree at that level aint always fun!
Anywho...that's it for me.  As always, if anyone is looking to join an alliance guild feel free to look up Rabid Kittens in Norgannon...any toon that is on is most likely me.
Peace, yo!

Ironman challenge

Hi Guys

Listen to the podcast every week and really enjoy it.

I too have been doing the ironman challenge last 3 times have been paladin's,  lost them @ 36, 40 & 43  decided to go 
with a hunter sooo much easier currently lvl 56 , Ashayo, heres a tip you can use health/mana food as long as it doesn't
give you a buff, bugger just standing around and waiting on mana regen ...

Also there is a site to track challengers you can add you characters to it , it also tracks the fallen ironmen.

I normally play on th Aman'thul server (Oceanic) however have been doing my iroman toons on Wyrmest accord server , 
and we /join iron channel so we can swap danger spots / give encouragement etc.



I want my pants back

Hey gang I wanted to chime in on the topic of the length of your podcast. For me...the longer the better! I listen to 4 wow podcasts and I commute 2 hours total per day. So if Jeppy plugs that into a spread sheet, :-) that's 10 hours of banter I need to fill my addiction.  Also, although I miss Jeppy and Tiedra dearly, Wren is doing a fine job filling in. WTG Wren.
Hey Ashao I apologize in advance if you just failed to mention this little tidbit but I wanted to mention it in case you missed it. It involves the quest with the guy wanting his pants back. (I also apologize 'cause I don't know details of things as well as you all and I will be paraphrasing for the most part). But anyway, I believe after you give him his pants back, the quest ends and he goes running off. I followed him and he goes back to the female leader and she asks him "where have you been" and he's all telling her all this great stuff he's been doing how he's been fighting this and that and just lying through his teeth. And, so he doesn't get called on it, he ends it quickly and says " ok I've got fighting to do" and scampers off. And as he's leaving the female goes "ok..... oh hey.....why are your pants on backwards?" I was rolling!!! Great job as always gang!! Take care. Yensidz!

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Hello CAW, I been away for a while and took a break from podcast and just got back on to listen. There are so many podcast that I don’t have time to listen to all of CAW’s old podcast. What has happen to Vrishna & Jeppy?

Why me

Sorry for the poor recording this week seems all the good Kama I built up by doing good deeds has turned around and kicked my teeth in.

Big G

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First full set

Hey there CaW crew. Hope everyone is  doing great both in and out of game. Special get well wishes to Jeppy and Tedrah hope they are feeling better.

   I spent most of my game week working on my new Rogue "Lastkiss" I took her through all the low level dungeons which not only kept her looking very fashionable bur also kept her gear slightly ahead of the content she was running making all her back stabbing and ambushing very effective.
When she got to the wailing caverns I realized for the first time that there was an entire leather armor set that could be collected inside the creepy old maze. It took quite a few runs but eventually she got the entire "Embrace of the Viper" armor set. I was very exciting to have my first full set of dungeon gear. The set looked great and lasted quite a few levels (though its now in the closet awaiting its turn for transmog).
The next set she'll be hunting down is the "Cadaverous Garb" which is found in Scholomance.

   The lovely Mrs. Necro felt well enough to play a little WoW  this week and did some of the Children's week quest line. Her very favorite pet in all of Azeoth is "Egbert" so I'm sure she will be trying to get one of the crazy lil guys for all her new level 85 toons.
I'm so happy to have her in my life, both real and virtual ;)

   In other news I did a huge (and long overdue) mailbox and bank clean up. The auction house is now full to bursting with all the junk I found.

   Shout out to Auntpol, who needed a "delicious chocolate cake". He told me that the cake was selling on the auction house for well over a hundred gold. So I made a dozen of em. One for Auntpol and the others for the auction house (where I've made over 800 gold selling cake) Cheers and thanks for the tip Auntpol.

   I'm always a bit nervous sending sweets and food by post. Most people don't know it but the Horde mail system is actually run by the Goblins and not all of them can be trusted. When a Goblin mail worker goes "postal" he  stuffs his bags and pockets with letters and packages and runs off screaming "mine, mine, mine all mine!!!!!" The Goblin mail police are ever watchful and vigilant for the signs of "package handler fatigue syndrome".

Thats all for now my friends, thanks as always for your wonderful show .

The Nekro's

remember undead love is forever

I understand that some people turn off their experience when hunting for dungeon sets. Do any you know how to turn off XP? I assume you turn it off so that by the time you farm up the set you haven't out leveled it which I suppose is a problem now with the increased XP in the lower level game areas. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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