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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 262 - Combat Fishing in the DMF

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Hello darlings!!  Happy April Fools Day!  I hope you haven't been horribly pranked today, and that everyone is doing GREAT in and out of game!  I'm not sure I'm going to have an audio for you tonight, because I have to call me mum right now and I've spent most of the day playing around with Tedra's new bumper (!!) instead of doing my audio...teehee.... I hope that you like it!  And if not, I can always re-do it, of course.  Who knows...I might be able to get off the phone quick and still get something done... but anywho, I hope that Aprillian had a great cruise!!  Tell us all about it!  =D 
Okay, gotta go call... big hugs!!


What We've Been Doing:


On a cruise. Had the best time with BruDawg! He showed me how to set up my Druid and Pally as tanks.  Went back to the ship and realized at the last minute that I needed to give levels as it was the 28th and I wouldn't be back on "land" until the 1st. RAF runs out the 31s.
Interview with BrewDawg!
in the beta



- Came very close to dying. Got a quest to kill mobs at the gates of Gilneas. Thought I'd be smart and run along the aquaduct and jump a wall at the back. But then I aggroed two mobs and was cornered! Only just managed to get back over the wall and run away!
- Ding 20

- Hit Vash'jr
- Did aquatic form (100%) and Sea Legs(60%) always stack? A seal swimming at 160% looks hilarious.
- Mobs have ALOT more health. Heading into Vashjr with Icecrown greens is hard work, even at 83.
- Feels good to be better nearly 4000exp for a kill again
- 4 quests in and dinged 84
- Finally got gear that was better than my heirlooms at 84, even though there suppsosed to be good till 80!
- Disappointed about lack of Alliance difference to Horde. There were a couple of quests, but no obvious reason why there were alliance only
    - Clamming Up : collect 16 clams
    - Art of Attraction - use extractor to collect anemone chemicals.
- "Not Soon Forgotten" - kill Varkul the Unrelenting when as a naga battlemaiden MUCH easier now.Used to have to kill adds so the other naga could focus on him.
- Cracks me up that they use the same greeting voice for a near-death dude you are supposed to be saving "how can I help you", "looking for something?"
- [Sinking into Vashj'ir] 58% into 84

- Ran Northrend instance with Wingy and Manbone - put on over level in 3 instances


[Incoming Video]


Thanks for all the well wishes.  A big thanks to the awesome Valentines for filling in. I'm healing well but play time limited as still tire pretty easily.

Got the beta on Friday. Took all afternoon and thru the night.  Didn't finish installing until 9 AM Saturday. I did play just a tiny bit on Friday when it hit the Yellow spot on install. Made a panda. Zoned in and then spent about five minutes trying to interact with the beginning quest giver.  There were so many pandas you couldn't even see him. You could just see the yellow ? over where he was sitting.

Did several initial quests then got stuck at a choke point.  There was a scroll on a balcony at the top of the temple to burn and there were about 50 pandas standing right on top of it. I got so frustrated I just logged out and came back later. I don't understand why people don't stand back from the quest item so everyone can see it. I was only able to get it by grouping up and all five of us just spamming in the general area. I only did one more quest after that on Friday. Logged out at level 2.

Don't want to get too specific because I don't want to be too spoilery for those who don't want to know.  I do really like the Asian theme.  And also the changes they have made to the character creation screen.

Saturday I showed my son the character creation screen with the male options for panda.  Then we logged in to show him starting area.  There were ten times as many pandas standing on the initial quest giver. So I thought well, we'll skip the quests and just look around. Except you can't because there is a locked door at the temple that doesn't open until you do the first set of quests, lol.

Incredibly laggy on Saturday, which is to be expected.  I did log in on my panda and got to Wu-Song Village and 3/4 of the way to level four.  Then I just got too tired.

Sunday I copied Tedra to the beta server on Lost Isles.  Didn't do much, but spent a little time doing her talents and glyphs and setting up the action bar.  Then I spoke to the Panda outside Garrosh's hold and went to Pandaria.  Just rode around a little bit and looked at the scenery.


Hello Ctrl-Alt-WoW! 

It's so annoying when the monster just won't die and half of my action buttons are unavailable, just because I'm using my jeweled fishing pole instead of a sword, axe or mace. Details...

What's the most surprising way you earned the Stood in the Fire achievement? Once in Thundermar I had tucked my toon carefully away, not only in the inn but in the basement of the inn.  What could be safer while I walked to the kitchen for a beverage? I came back a few minutes later to find my ghost standing in the graveyard and the achievement banner blazing across the screen. Clearly these inns aren't the Azeroth equivalent of a bomb shelter. I think the most annoying was on another toon, taking a flightmaster trip into Thal'Darah Overlook in Stonetalon. As we were coming in for the landing, I noticed something amiss.  Sure enough, the whole area was engulfed in flames.  Flight lands, I'm dead, here's the achievement. Gee, thanks.  This scenario actually happened to me twice.

This week Voltandra hit 85 - yay! I've also managed to kill off five Ironman Challengers, from levels 5 to 13, but as of now I have one still going at level 15. Fingers crossed.

Have a great week, everyone, and thanks again for your continued great podcast!

@rogueslayer1 on Twitter
Beth, Framingham, MA

Sims Social

Hi all,

If you would like someone else who plays regularly as a neighbor, please feel free to toss me a facebook request.  I have been playing daily lately.  I know what a grind it can be to get the items you need to complete some of the quests.  By the way, tell El Jeppy that the way to go is the Game Feed Bonuses Collector. You don't have to click on all the help request manually.  It will save him from CTS ;-)


Joining Clan of Darkness


I am a friend of Necronomicon and would like my main and alt to join the guild please. My character names are Maggotshot and Bloodchilde. Thanks,


Love Aprillians Voice!!!!

Hey gang! I love your podcast. I can't wait each and every week to hear all of your exploits. And Aprilian, I so thoroughly enjoy your broadcast voice and with that being said....please Wren and Morgaine, with all do respect, please do not reprise "The Grind". April!.......1st let me say to all of you, your game play, the time you take to produce this podcast, and your love for wow is flat out PASSION!!! But April!!! Your version of "The Grind" epitomizes the word. When you bursted into that song, I had the biggest smile on my face while driving home from work. You were just letting it all out girl with such GUMPTION it blew me away!! I love to hear accomplished singers as much as anyone, but what really makes my day is someone who is fearless and passionate about doing something and putting it out there for all to experience! Don't get me wrong, I love what Wren and Morgaine do and they do it so well.  But they couldn't hold a candle to your rendition of "The Grind" in my book!!! Hope you had a wonderful time on your cruise and I wish Tiedra well and Ashao and Jeppy, keep up the good work. I look so forward to hearing you all each week!! For the Alliance! And For singing out loud cause it's a blast!!! Yensidz....destro Warlock.... ZeeZguild....Arygos U.S.

Sent from my iPhone


First submission

It all started on the Black Friday before Cataclysm dropped. I had been stopping by my brother's house for a couple weeks to hang out with him, after dropping my kids off with their Mom. He would play WOW while I sat there next to him watching, and gradually asking more and more questions about what he was doing and why. 

The next thing you know I'm out on Black Friday fighting the crowds and buying a new computer so I could play WOW. I borrowed my brother's WOW installation disks rather than download the game to "save time". I ran home and set up my new computer. I installed vanilla WOW, then the following two expansions. As soon as I fired up the launcher it started what would end up being 18 hours of downloading and installing patches. So much for saving time. I didn't think I was ever going to get to play.

My brother sent me a refer-a-friend request and my main character, a troll druid, Silentböb was born. My brother rolled a troll warrior and drug me all over the place trying to show me how to play the game. I would get soooo lost in Orgrimar trying to locate him with his little dot I could clearly see on my map. He got sick of playing his warrior at level 35 or so and left me there in Stranglethorne Vale to level up to 85 on my own.

Now I have a total of ten alts on Zul'jin. My five year old girl has three alts I play "for her". Her first character is a level 28 blood elf warlock she named Starlickmcaw (Starlick McCaw). After Cataclysm came out she rolled Prinsis, a level 27 goblin priest. I was always getting in trouble for not playing her characters for her until recently when I rolled a second druid so I can learn the feral side of my favorite character. Being a Kevin Smith fan I wanted to have Jay and Silentbob, but couldn't figure out a version of Jay that wasn't taken already. So I switched the sex and now have Jaane and Silentböb. When my daughter came home from a weekend at her mom's house, she saw me playing Jaane and she asked excitedly, "Did you make her for me?" So consequently Jaane is now "hers" and is currently up to level 56 and is saving up a bit of rested xp in Silithus.

Also on Zul'jin, my seven year old boy has a blood elf mage named Bluemohawk that I have leveled to 65 for him. He likes to play his mage but doesn't like questing in the Outlands so he isn't making much progress. He is catching on to how things work and has many other alts on different servers. 

Between the two kids they have a total of 34 alts on servers other than Zul'jin. My daughter mostly likes creating new characters and picking out hairstyles etc. She frequently deletes and creates new characters as her servers fill up rapidly. My son used to do the same thing but now enjoys grouping with other people he randomly meets and questing with them. I let them have free reign on their servers as long as they don't delete anyone on Zul'jin, though I do keep an eye on what they're up to. Can't be too careful, but so far there has never been any problems.

I mostly play my main, Silentbob. Lately I've been on a pet and mount binge. I'm up to 96 mounts and 101 non combat pets. I'm currently doing the Argent tournament dailies, the daily in Storm Peaks for the white polar bear, and running Skethekk Halls on heroic difficulty to get the Raven Lord mount. I hope one day the big blue bird will drop. I've ran that dungeon over 100 times trying to get him. I guess I'm paying for getting the white hawkstrider on my first solo run though Magisters Terrace. The last couple weeks I've been making selling de-weaponized mechanical companions to save up enough gold to buy my traveler's tundra mammoth. I have also been doing the new Dark Moon Faire, and got the dancing bear the last time it was here, but still need the swift forest strider. Silentböb is currently revered with my guild Casual Perfection and when I get to exalted I'll get him the dark phoenix mount. Lastly on my mount binge I've been working on the Long Srange Trip achivement to get the purple proto-drake. 

I have been doing a lot of PVP on Silentböb and recenlty got the achievement for 5000 honorable kills. I'm farming up honor to get agility gear so I can switch my off spec from resto to feral.
The remainder of my alts consist of Thwump a level 85 tauren Paladin, Gutröt an 85 goblin hunter, Prak a 75 orc DK, Drumgould a 69 goblin rogue, and Roflstilskin, a level 20 Shaman.

I've been listening to the podcast for about a year now and finally got around to writing in. I will probably take over one of my kids 10 characters on Earthen Ring sometime if my brother stops playing again and if I can bring myself to start out fresh on a new server with no heirlooms or gold. I only monobox because my system would choke on a second instance of WOW but would love to join the guild and join in the fun.

Thanks for a great show,

My Arm Hurts

Good Morning CAW Crew,

Yes, as the subject of this email states my arm hurts. In fact, it is
killing me because Jeppy twisted and twisted my arm and told me I had
to write in to the podcast. So I am doing so in hopes that his abuse
will subside.

Anyway, up until 5 days ago I had been a bit bored with WOW. I really
had not been playing and when I was, I wasn't having a lot of fun.
Things were feeling a bit stale. So much so that I had been playing a
lot of Star Trek Online (thanks to Jeppy for making it free to play).
I got to commander in that game (level 25) and I have to admit I have
a lot of fun. Especially doing some of the missions that reminded me
of certain episodes of the television series that I had not seen in a
long time. I will most likely continue to play because even though it
is an MMO it feels a lot like a single player game to me and that is
rather appealing.

I am happy to say though in the last 5 days I have played WOW every
single day and again I have Jeppy to thank for making it so much more
appealing. All his talk about gold making gave me the bug. I farmed a
couple of days but most of the time I sit by the auction house and
drool. I may need a new keyboard. I started with 2000 gold and went
down to around 84 silver. 5 days later I am at 15,000 gold on hand and
have about 15,000 gold worth of items up on auction. Thanks again to
Jeppy for buying a few things that I put up for pretty high prices.
Don't worry listeners I am sure he isn't hurting for gold. If I have
15,000 in 5 days he has a cool half a million. He's the powerball of
Control Alt WOW. Everyone should buy a ticket.

Oh and for Aprillian here is my Sims update. I haven't played in a few
months. I *think* that the last thing I did when I logged in was pee
in some bushes of my neighbors (sorry Aprillian).

Well, that has been my week. My arm feels much better now. Have a
great week and I will update you all again....eventually.

PS Ashayo is really good at Draw Something. Other than my wife I am
further along with him than anyone else I play against.

Rigarmorty CAW Update for Episode 262

Hi CAW Crew!

Attached is my short audio this week.

For the Horde,

For the Alliance

& For more alts!



Long lost audio

Not much to report this week as I been busy with work and life and lamenting over the loss of my Xbox to the dreaded red ring hope to be able to catch the tail end of the show tonight if you could run like 30 minutes late it would be awesome.
Big G

Audio for 262

Hello CAW Sweeties,
Here's my audio for this week - sorry I sound tired lol been running around after my family all day & I think I'm coming down with a cold.
Anyway have a great show :D & a great week.
Hugs Leeta

Hey gang

Hey CaW crew glad to see everyone is back on the show. Sorry for no updates lately but not much play time due to poor internet connection and Mrs. Necro being very ill :-(
In the little time I've had to play I managed to level my Mage from 80 to 85 using archeology. (I just wasen't in the mood for doing twilight highlands again)
when working on the last few bubbles of level 85 in Uldum he assembled his first canopic jar and out spilled the coveted recipe for vial of the sands. It took the lovely Mrs. Necro more than twenty canopic jars and several months to get hers so she was a little more than miffed when I got mine so easy. I've now got it to 525 on three toons, I seen to really enjoy it.

Thanks again for the awesome podcast love you all :-)

The Necros.

Undead love is forever

I'll be sure to give you an update when Mrs. Necro is well again

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momoments - back in the wow-saddle again!

Hello everyone,
hope you are all doing well in and out of game.

I missed the last episode and have a lot to talk (write) about so be prepared and please do not fall asleep :)

I wish I could come on the podcast or send a recording but I know I will ramble on and go off on tangents so really would not make a difference over writing in.
But I would like to make an appearance on the show so when ever I am able to please let me know as that would be so awesome.  I will do my best to keep it clean.

My first wow character Motauren hit level 85 finally and felt good as it should! I hit 85 Friday the 23rd as I was just too sick to go to work so I did not go into work.  I went to see the Hunger Games (you should too if you have not) and played about 9 hours of wow! WOW! it was awesome, so much fun.  I ran dungeons with motauren just dps'ing, no tanking though as random dungeons are still, well simply fail if you tank and heal in my opinion. More the case of other people are fail but you know what I mean, I hope.  Many others playing wow have not changed and are not nice to you when you cannot tank well or heal well. I have been trying to finish the Cata zones on him but I leveled so fast I dont know what to do with him now.  To add to my wow-plate I have 2 scroll of resurrection characters now and I love the mount you get with it!!!
Before I go on with that, on Motauren I made my way to the warrior trainer to learn the heroic leap skill and than checked my mailbox to find no mail waiting for me...I was
a sad tauren-panda as I thought he would get a nice level 85 present from Blizzard.  I was going to go to talk to Gorrash but I changed my mind as I did not want little-big
Motauren to get hurt by that mad man.  I guess they only give you a level 80 present and no level 85...whatsup with that Blizzard!?
Ok I will do my best to tell you about this mo-wow-mess, and I will say it over and over again...I have no idea how Aprillian and Jeppy do it with their quinta-boxing, 
when sometimes dual-boxing for me gets confusing.  However for the first time I did quintabox and I was so excited. It was loads of fun.
I was able to run 5 wow clients on my desktop, I did lower the graphical settings to high and was at about 15 fps.  Most importantly I did not lag much just on some bosses.  Until I get some help from the Masters of multiboxing my short term goal is to get Moshaman (a shaman just incase you didnt know) to the same level as the other characters.  Moshaman (goblin converted from an orc at the cata expansion) is a level 79 now but last week he was 76 and I am sad to say I did not get the guild instance run because of the character levels.  What level range do you have to be in to be able to get the guild instance bonus xp?  I thought it was within 5 levels but I am not sure and I dont want to look it up at this time. I was able to run a few Wrath dungeons and only 2 of them counted as guild runs or whatever they are called.
My other characters in this mo-team are: level 80 blood elf paladin girl (Erolesong) with tank and heal spec; 80 troll warlock (Flerzarn); mohalen level 82 hunter; or motauren, or I sometimes bring in other characters we can skip for now.  The resurrected characters, the level 80 ones, I am also trying to level up their professions as I hate the fact that they are not at level in their professions.  Erolesong has mining and engineering, which I have to tell you I saw someone riding around in a new mount that I think is made by a engineer.  It looks so cooool!!!  I assume its an engineering mount, it looked like the head of one of the mechanical bosses from Ulduar, the boss xt or mimiron or something like that.  Oh (mo-tangent) I also would like to do dungeon runs, or I should say old school dungeons so please let me know as I do have characters all over the places at different levels.
Ok back to point, leveling professions at level 80 is annoying but it has to be done, I cant start questing with them until they are at level.

Im back to the future, its like 2008 again as I want to always play wow.  When I am at work I just want to finish the day an go play wow!
is that wrong of me :)
I am trying my best to have wow in moderation along with everything else.

Happy Birthday again to the young Aprillian and hope you had a great trip.  Thank you again to all the hosts for what you do and the fans for your wonderful emails and hope to see you in the meta-world.

For the multibox in YOU!

Momomoments - PS

Have you all noticed when you log into the game and you are in a major city a nasty mean voice dude says bad things to your character?!
or am I hallucinating? 
I promise I have not taken or smoked any drugs.

And I ran my first race today, yes it was only a 5k (3.3 miles) but it was fun and I had my best time of 29 minutes and 39 sec. I know for a pro-runner that is slow but Im not a pro :)

Thank you

Clan of Darkness


Episode #3 with Juuno!!!!!!


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