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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 263 - Eggmageddon 2012

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


The Beta kept giving me you are disconnected from the server. At the log in screen, it gave me an option of Wow1 and Wow2. I had chosen 1 for the first free attempts.

Almost made that classic mistake at DMF - Archeology skill level was 222 of 225. Went to train before turning in fossils. Took Bruzilla on my rocket to DMF staging area, only cost one 30silver and we both were teleported.
Took various toons to DMF. Epril still needed some levels in fishing and 

- Got the new mount in under 200 eggs!

Mount Hyjal
- Dinged 85 113 quests into the 115 required for the zone
- 17 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes, 8 seconds. (Although real time spent would be alot less due to all the AFK ness)
- Completed quest chain and made an additional 326g
- Bought chest and neck from Guardian of Hyjal quartermaster (had hit revered)

- Hit 21 and finished Silverpine Forest. Pretty cool story line and twists at the end between Sylvanas and Gilneas.
- Different quests in Hillsbrad. You become and questgiver. You have to use a shovel to whack human "seedlings"

- Hit 24 

- Tried running some dungeons to get mounts 
  - Heroic Sethekk Halls for Mount of the Raven Lord
  - Karazahn for Fiery Warhorse's Reins off Midnight
  - Utgarde Pinnacle for Reins of the Blue Protodrake off Skadi

- Heroics with Molly & Lanc
- Exalted with Ramkahen - 20 factions 

Launched AIE Salus. My hunter is GM and has terrible gear. Ran Throne of the Tides with Molly healing on her pally that got to 80 via SoR



I'm sorry, I haven't played anything.  Well, I did play about five minutes of sims social just to send everyone their requests.


Dear Ctrl Alt Wow Crew,
       "The Journey" chiming in again.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Wolfbrother extending a scroll of resurrection to me.  I have added time to my account to give him his well deserved mount as well as purchased two pets that you can give to well deserving listeners!  A monk in the spirit of the new expansion and a Mookin Hatchling because it is the cutest.  I hope to see you in the World of Warcraft soon.  Just wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact you had in my life by giving back.

Happy questing,
     The Journey

***I added a picture with the codes also just to make sure you get them***
** I was trying to get them to you before you recorded this week's but that is okay***

Feel free to give them out however you feel.  :)

World of Warcraft® Pet: Pandaren Monk

World of Warcraft® Pet: Moonkin Hatchling


Hola, CAW Crew!
I’ve been listening to your podcast regularly for a few months now and really enjoy it, so I decided to finally write in to tell you so.
I was introduced to WoW about 4 years ago by an online friend who is now a real life best buddy and business partner. Ah, the wonders of the web. =) We were going to do an audio submission together, but I chickened out. Perhaps in the future.
I'm not a fan of medieval settings or killing things, so I ignored my friend's WoW invite for several weeks before finally giving in and creating a toon on his server. I made a human holy priest – healing sounded better than killing. When I logged in, he was busy helping another friend, so I waited outside Northshire Abbey until he could come show me the ropes. 
While I was inspecting the area and admiring the lovely forest graphics, a cute little rabbit hopped by, so I clicked on it. To my horror, the poor critter shrieked and flopped over dead at my feet! I spent the next several minutes trying in vain to resurrect the dead bunny, clicking on every spell I had on my bar. None were effective, and eventually the cartoon carcass vanished.
Shaken, I backed away from the scene of the crime and didn’t click on anything or anyone else for fear of starting a fight or killing another player. I hid behind a large tree to await my friend, who finally showed after nearly an hour.
Four years later, I no longer hide behind trees (well, not very often) and have honored the dead bunny’s memory by having my murderous priest complete all the critter-lovin’ achievements. =) I also have a whole gaggle of toons, several of them 85 or close to it, a few in the 60s and 40s, and a bunch of lowbies in their 20s. When I get bored, I make another toon.
After years of trying to deny my alt-a-holicism, I’m now quite proud of the little economy I’ve got going on a few realms. I also no longer feel I’m wasting my time if I avoid finishing a character to 85 in favor of starting another from scratch.
Raiding and equipment used to stress me out – I felt I was supposed to push through end game content, when I really preferred putzing around on lower toons or working on professions. I think listening to the podcast helped reinforce to me that there are plenty of ways to play the game and there are no requirements to follow any certain path.
Your podcast is like alt-a-holic group therapy sometimes – LOL. It’s fun to hear how others play their game and I always learn something new, from auction strategies to basic things I just never thought about. The Loremaster discussions are great – they’ve often inspired me to return to areas and pick up quests I missed because they sounded fun. I don’t have the patience to start a Loremaster toon myself, but am considering taking my priest back through the zones to add it to her achievements.
Wow – this got long. My apologies. Love the podcast and would love to be in the CoD guild – I created another little mage on Earthen Ring for this purpose and transferred / faction changed a dusty level 80 dk to be her money mule. =)
Hope you all get your beta invites if you haven’t already. I just received mine yesterday, but it’s so crowded in pandaland that there’s not much to do or see. Waiting until things cool down a bit.

Cheers – keep up the great work!
Kezzie or Restlys on Earthen Ring
Malyssa IRL (pron: Melissa)

Just when you thought you got out, it sucks you back inĊ .

Hi all!

It's been a while since I've e-mailed, mainly because I had taken a small break from the game.  I was finding myself feeling bored, so I dove into SWOTR for a while.  It's a nice change when I feel like I need to see some different sites for a while.  I got into the be beta, and was having a good time being a panda.  I ran into the same frustrations you had mentioned in the starting zone- guys standing on top of the beginning quest giver and that silly scroll you need to burn.  Once you get past those, it's pretty clear sailing.  I tried rolling monks on a couple of other toons.  I don't think they've worked out the bugs on that yet- found that starting a troll monk, the starting quest giver didn't offer the troll starting quest chain.  Too bad, I thought a troll monk would be a riot.  Overall, the beta so far is pretty fun.  I'm looking forward to the release!

I heard of the Ironman challenge, and decided to give it a try.  I rolled a tauren paladin, thinking healing would be a good idea with no potions allowed.  I was cruising along, until I got to level 18.  I decided to do the quests at Ratchet.  I was rolling through those too, until I decided to go for Admiral Proudmoore.  He had a couple of helpers with him.  I was doing okay with them, when a couple more guys jumped into the fray.  I couldn't heal fast enough and ended up dead.  Sigh.  Delete.  Reroll.  I've got my next pally up to level 16 already.  I just have to be more careful not to pull too many at once.  All in all, I'm loving the Ironman experience.  Knowing death is final really makes it exciting.  We'll see how far Ironskillet, the tauren paladin gets this time!

I also was wondering about the new scroll of resurrection.  I realized I had a lapsed trial account from buying the Warcraft Warchest that I hadn't done anything with.  I wasn't sure if it would work, because I had never added play time beyond the initial 30 day trial I got for free.  I figured I'd give it a shot, and see if Blizzard would allow it.  Sure enough, I now have Dhern, a level 80 tauren paladin on Earthen Ring!  This ought to be interesting, because I haven't got a clue how to play a high level pally!  The highest I'd ever levelled one was level 47!  I love the fact that you start with a really decent set of greens for armour, weapons, jewelry, etc.  I also love that you start with a 280 travel speed, and both riding and flying mounts to match!  I love that you start with all the flying skills trained and paid for!  Healing is at level 450, and you get a full set of frost weave bags.  I'm currently training up cooking, mining and blacksmithing.  That part makes it similar to starting a death knight.  I added my credit card info to the account, so I should be getting a spectral flying mount!  (Sigh, account number 3, and I don't even multi-box, I just roll a lot of alts!)

Anyway, love the show, and I'll see you in game, on one of the three accounts I'm now juggling!  ROFL!


Azhreghal, Madhenry, and too many more alts to name!

Submission: 6am? Really? Really? WHY?!?!

Hey guys, went with audios this week.



Wren and Morgaine (Pronounced: More-gain)

Drinking it's screws up your WoW time

Just a short intro this week again been full of work and lil WoW I like to also blame the new xbox wren in hero academy and also marvel avaengers academy for soaking up the rest of my spare time.
Big G

Rigarmorty Audio for 263




Submission for Episode 263

Hi CAW Sweeties,
Hope this finds you all well and having a great week. Sorry no audio for you this week - have been very sick and my voice isn't holding up well ... I sound like a foghorn at the moment, however am on the road to recovery.
I managed to get some play time in though so here is what I've been up to.
Noblegarden just started and this year they added a new mount - Swift Springstrider. Also they made the Spring Rabbit's Foot Pet no longer BOP. Yay alt's everyone rejoice!
I did my egg grind on Leeta and managed to get the mount from an egg on the 186th egg - woohoo however for Atil I had to grind the 500 chocolates as the mount didn't drop. Also grinded some eggs on my mage to get her the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit which I brought from the vendor for only 100 chocolates.
I'm still doing Argent Tournament dailies on Leeta and managed to obtain another mount so only 2 left to get. And a message for Aprillian - they miss you oh so muchly and wonder when you will be back!! :D
Didn't play my Iron Man toon this week - felt that being sick might make me do something silly like fall to my death so figured I'd better stay safe and wait until I'm better - hehe!
I spent alot of time fishing at DMF - was inspired by Nekro fishing up the mount so I took Atil out there to see if I could get for her. Well I fished up alot of cloth, ore and volatiles however no mount. Oh well try again next month :) 
CoD news - I levelled my lil lock to 31 and also created a DK which is 58 who is busy levelling Herbing and Inscription as I don't want to go to Outlands until I can pick the "pretty flowers".
Well that's all I got for this week.
Take care and big hugs

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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