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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 267 - For The Children 2012

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Rocket trip is funny. The Murloc does the Hello my baby dance in Borean Tundra, cute.

Trying to get as many toons as possible with pets. May stay up late Sat night.

Spoke with Alex, he keeps track

Decided to do the quests in Twilight Highland. Epril was fighting with her Fishing pole    





Why 3 DK's

Hello CTRL - ALT - WOW,
  Per my email from last week I feel like I should give some more explanation as to why I have three DK's.  Apart from my general atlaholism (I have five druids, four priests, four hunters...etc.) I wanted to create the DK's after I started tanking.  They never seemed to appeal to me much in the first place as melee classes had, for the most, not been much of my bread and butter.  I decided that it was time for me to get over that and give those classes a spin.  My ten slots were full on Norgannon (my home server), but I had acquired a second account at that time, AND had joined the Taint guild on Proudmore.  At this point I was able to roll and play classes and spec's that I had previously avoided and thus was born Udama, Torkalla, and Zyphyllyz my female dwarf (cuz really, how many female dwarf DK's do you see), orc and undead DK's.  Sadly...I must admit that they are all blood for tanking, but each does have a second spec for PVP.  I swear Torkalla (the orc) plays herself.  For reasons I have not been able to figure out tanking with her is a breeze to the point where I can give myself a pedicure while I run with her.............I joke about the Pedicure.  I still have yet to get down to the nitty gritty of playing a DK.  I am not 100% up on how their resources work and only just recently figured out that Blood Strike heals me some, but I never used it as its seems the slowest strike to become available.
Any who....shout out to Nevik!!!  I ran heals for him in an HoT, and it was fun.  Since most of my guild has gone the way of SWTOR its fun to heal for people I deep down....I am a giver.
You all have a wonderful day.

And the hit keep comming.

Not looking like my luck has turned around yet but hopefully soon lets see my luck get better soon.
Big G

Dude, where's my pants?

Greeting to my favorite podcasting crew, Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and to whom ever might the new / old / regular / permanent / fill-in guest / co-host. 

It was a great week in WoW for the Nekros. We did children's week together using my level 85 mage to shuttle our alts around Azeroth so all the little brat monkeys could visit people, eat ice-cream and be a general nuisance. Its a tedious but small price to pay for Kallisto to get her Egbert pet. Mrs. Nekro always feels bad that she has to eat all those yummy treats wile the poor little orphan has to watch and doesn't get to eat anything. Come on Blizz, how hard can it be to make it look like the kids are eating a slice of cake. 

I started my quest for the "Cadaverous Garb" armor set on Monday and by Wednesday I managed to get the gloves, belt and boots. This seemed rather quick and lead me to believe that perhaps they changed the drop rate.Then on Thursday came the chest armor (which took a little longer to drop). "This is awesome" I though, "now I just need the pants". I played the rest of Thursday night, no pants. I played Friday, no pants. I played Saturday, no pants.  My mantra became DUDE WHERE'S MY PANTS??? 
The pants didn't drop till late Sunday night.  It took a whole week of grinding (you were right Wren it took quite a lot time. on average I ran the dungeon about 6 to 8 hours per day).
After running Scholomance about 25 or 30 or was it 100 times, Lastkiss, my new Rogue is now level 52 and exalted with five factions and  finally has her full "Cadaverous Garb" leather armor set. It is very nice and was well worth the grind. 

Any suggestions on what Rogue armor set I should go after next?

Cheers and thanks for your wonderful show.

The Nekros

Remember undead love is forever

Big hugs to Jeppy, hope he's getting well and feeling better, we miss him so very much.
And big hugs to Leeta for being a so sweet to Mrs. Neckro. Our guildies are the best ever in the world.

The "Cadaverous Garb" leather armor set

Takin a break after kickin butt in Blackrock Depths

Submission time, submission time.....zzzz.....

Hello everybody.

Feel free to insert the names of whoever is here today. Hello Gufoni!

As promised on twitter, since I'm not hosting today, I went drinking.

See what you do to me Aprillian?

Haha! Not really.

So Tonights e-mail is Wren ala liquor.

I saw the Avengers movie on sunday and it was AMAZING. Best Super Hero movie ever. Yes, better then batman, the perfect amounts of smashing and bashing and plot. Love every minute of it. Geeked out more then once. Morgaine had to stop me from clapping like a madman.

As for WoW I didnt play much on live this week other then getting some of the Childrens week pets.

On Beta however, I decided to whip up a quick guide to bind on accounts mounts in the beta.

Getty ready for the long haul here.

These are the results of my tests.

How account wide mounts work in Mists of Pandaria.

Characters of the same faction: All non achievement based mounts are currently being awarded to all characters of the same faction. Some such as the 50 and 100 mounts mounts (that's a silly bit of wording there) are currently being awarded. Its my belief that all the achievement mounts will be awarded properly when account wide achievements are fixed.

Different factions: All "faction neutral" mounts get transferred over to all other characters on the account. By faction neutral I mean mounts like the netherwing mounts, mounts that drop in most dungeons and the like. This includes the achievement mounts mentioned above. There are a few exceptions to this.

Clarification on achievement mounts:
Mounts that grant you an achievement such as Tan Riding Camel, or the Amani mounts are still granted globally.
Mounts that are a direct result of an achievement are the ones that aren't currently always granting globally, such as heroic raid achievement mounts.

Profession mounts:
Professions mounts are currently granted but unusable without the relevant profession leveled up, much like it works on live.
Example: Flying Carpet Mounts requires tailoring.
Exception: Profession made mounts that DONT require the profession, such as the mechano hog and vial of the sands.

Mounts that aren't truly faction neutral and thus need to be earned once per side:
Armored Brown Bear, Kirin Tor faction (This is actually two entirely separate mounts horde and alliance side, slightly different color schemes)
Mounts that are simply similiar: Mechano Hog Horde side, Mekgineers Chopper Alliance side.
Traveler Tundras Mammoth (Vendor mount)
Black War Bear (PVP mount)

Currently the following mounts are awarded globally but aren't expected to stay that way:
Class Mounts, such as the paladins chargers or warlocks felsteeds.

Mounts that are being awarded that I hope to god continue too be awarded:
Swift Zhevra
X-53 Travelers Rocket
Spectral Gryphon
Spectral Wyvern

Though the spectral Gryphon and Wyvern are faction specific and not automatically turned into the opposing side currently.

Mounts are currently being awarded regardless of level range for most people. They did announce previously that they would be awarded when you hit their "proper level range" which is currently only guessable without further work. But it appears that a mount is earnable at the start of its expansions level range. Unless it is part of a heroic or raid, at which points its at the later end of its expansions raid.

Anways, as for my lovely wifes weeks in WoW....she played her hunter. Haha!

Som here is the link to our song/audio submission. Hope you guys like it.

We tried to honor apprilians original lyrics as best we could.

Heres Wren and Morgaine signing out.

For the "I'm way too old to drink like this" WoW players.

Submission for 267

Hi Sweeties,
Finally had time to do an audio for you - only took me 4 attempts to get it done this time :)
Sorry it's a little long (that's what he said!! hehe jokes)
Attached picture of my new mount - isn't it cute!!!
Also for anyone interested my blog Leeta's Leet Speak is at  Have pictures of my new Transmog set :)
Have a great week!
Big hugs Leeta xoxo

Rigarmorty Update EP 267

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy (insert guest host name here) & Tedra,

Not a great deal to report this week but an audio none the less :)



A Desperate Plea

Dearest CAW crew,

I beseech you, encourage our fine community to take the plunge and spend some time -- any time -- over on Winterspring, er I mean Nevikhoof, errr Winterhoof. There's nothing to be ashamed of by being bi-factional. No, really. I'm serious. Dead serious. It is for the good of the ORIGINAL Ctrl Alt Wow guild. 

I know, I know. Many of you just looooove the CoD over on the ScoJo server, but remember us? We have needs too! (CAW is still only level 13 on Nevikhoof #sadnevik) My DK (conveniently named Nevik) over on Nevikhoof finally has a decent set of tanking gear (ilvl 372 yay!) and is more than willing to tank the HoT heroics for any fellow listeners. 

So let's make this happen over the next week. Come May 15th even I will be a lost cause for face-time on Nevikhoof as I'll be beckoned away to the distant land of Sanctuary zapping demons (and possibly angels?) with my sorcerrrrr ... wizard's lightning spells.


Nevik of Nevikhoof, Nevik'ng your CAW guild on Nevikhoof. Nevik.

PS. Nevikhoof.
PPS. Nevik.
PPPS. Hoof.

Hola CAW Crew

Hey guys,

I am just dropping a quick line to let you know that we haven't forgotten you guys. Life takes over, runs us ragged, and we get what little fun we can out of it.

I have barely had the time/energy to log in to WoW lately, despite my intentions to do so. Soon will be summer, though, and I will have more time for such things. The only thing I have been able to do somewhat regularly is my podcast - when I have someone to record with me. It is relaxing and fun, so a good stress reliever. I just hope to have my regular co-host back soon. (Missing Jeppy!!)

Kithore hasn't had much down time at all. He's been team driving his big truck, which means the truck doesn't really ever stop. He has learned to sleep while the truck is moving with his mentor driving it, though, and we get the chance to at least talk to him every day. Sometimes we even get to use Skype and see him via webcam.

I'd better go for now and nurse my toothache, but I wanted to tell you guys that we still love you.

Kithore and Dreams

Sent from my iPhone

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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