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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 317 - What happens in the chat room stays in the chatroom

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Darlings!

We hope everyone is doing great in and out of game this week, especially our dear El Jeppy!

WARNING: This week's audio contains some disturbing Sha of Ornery-type elements!  Or...rather...Sha of Pixie elements, that is... hehehe... she was in a rare UBER-SHA ornery mood!  But don't Mata's, Pontis', or Juuno's were hurt during the recording (thank goodness!)

We love you guys and gals!

/great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno & Pixie (and Matahorn and Pontis too!)

p.s.  Attached are some screenshots that include Leeta, Mata and Pontis on their super sexy black drakes after killing Sartharion again (in The Obsidian Sanctum), shots of us with Sapphiron and also in Kel'Thuzad's chair (in Naxxramus), in Nefarion's Lair (on the throne chair), and with Malygos!

What We've Been Doing:


Saturday Morning:

Clean house or play wow first?
Decided to seriously work on leveling Astara and Auruk. Brought heirloom cape and pants for Astara, had help and pants for Auruk. I know I have other heirloom gear. Wish there was an easy way to keep track.

Did my first Master Looter

Did gardening 10 minutes to 6am. Then tried to harvest. No quest, no nothing. Then flew back later. Duh, server resets at 7a
Made pants for Aprillian 102 Imperial Silk
Thanks Reltar


  • Tough daily at level 50. Had to buy gear upgrades. 200g+ for alot of greens! Heirlooms are cloth - makes a difference for melee classes
  • Got [Time Flies When your'e Having Fun] and [Somebody Likes Me]
  • Learning fistweaving. Have to toggle between mana and energy to survive

  • ToES ; 4 x double gold. But got the exact valor I needed for Dominence Offensive i496 healing trinket. Gear now at i494!
  • LWR - one shot first two bosses. new offhand
  • Gara'jal the Spiritbinder down!
  • One shot Meng
  • Ach [And... it's good]! - fly through ring, knocked back by trash
  • Note: Have to loot sigil's from boss in 10 man!! Wonder how many I missed

  • First two LFR's - 3 upgrades in 6 bosses. Now i466
  • Exalted with Klaxxi. Able to buy sword upgrade.
  • Doing final quest and being shown their secret rewards you with 489 ring - well worth it.
  • Interesting lore too - the Mantid have been around longer than the Titans and talk of siding with the Old Ones (their gods) if they ever return .... next expansion?
  • Got a holy plate drop from a bag in a scenario - 470! More LFR time!





Hi CAW Crew -

Long time listener, first time emailer from Australia.  I absolutely love Big G's submission and look forward to them every week.  I hope someday I can get to know him better, if you know what I mean. guys are just amazing and my WOW week is complete once I listen to the gorgeous sounding Aprillian, the suave Jeppy and the has-to-be gorgeous Ashayo!

Thanks for giving me pleasure each and every week!

your always and loving

Sorry...I sent my last email too soon and meant to tell you I created a toon on Earthern Ring named Pinkmonk so I could "play" with all of you, especially....Big G!

viva la alts!!

I am an Altaholic. J
Every day I feel like I should say a chant before I jump between toons, seeking that level of comfort, knowing that all my babies have been given the right amount of attention. Seriously I love this game and think I must discover something new everyday.
I was thinking…. AA has its own program that encourages  Members to find an experienced fellow alcoholic, called a sponsor, to help them understand and follow the program. Well, I feel like you guys do the same for me. Thank you. I really enjoy your podcast and appreciate how you share so many tidbits with your listeners.
Hugs to all who were affected by the bombings in Boston. Peace, Leahira from Sisters of Elune – Dragon Lords…
For the Alliance!!

There are no alts, only Multimains​!

Hello All,

I've listened to you all for a loooooooong time and have enjoyed the content in the cast. I do not understand, though, what an Alt me all toons are my mains, even if I'm unable to play them to their potential.
I have recently transferred two of my not yet 90 toons to Earthen Ring & was wondering if I might get into CoD with the gang. My guild on Bloodhoof seems to have gone on permavacation & I need to get together with some people that make this game worth playing. Pugging is no longer making me feel warm in that special place anymore...... Stop it Aprillian! I mean my heart,,, Hope to see you soon

Newly Created Undead Hunter

Big G (audio)
Sorry not much to report this week listened to Leeta on the geektopia podcast she was awesome but I think the other two co hosts were trying to cut my grass. Plus I am morbidly shy and very anti social hence the reason I am not a big fan of parties.

Grand Nagus (audio in dropbox)

Hello all,

this is my audio for the week, i hope you enjoy it :)

Grand Nagus

P.S.: As for a couple of links to J.R. Cash songs i like, here are but a few, he has done app. 1500 songs
throughout his career, so .. no, i wouldn't link them all :)

songs 4 and 5 are "5 feet high and rising" and "walk the line" the others i don't know in english i only know them in these german versions 
german version of "I Got Stripes"

Voltandra (audio)

Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  

Spring is here! The trees are green, the flowers are blooming and the Children are looking to tag along for Children's Week. Voltandra has been trying her best to ignore the promotional material being scattered about Orgrimmar, but this week she found herself within earshot of a particularly good pitch (although a bit off-key at times). I'll let her tell you all about it in the attached audio.

In non-game news, I went with a fellow geek yesterday and saw Star Trek: The Next Generation's double episode, "The Best of Both Worlds" on the big screen at a nearby theater. It was AWESOME!!!

Have a great week, everyone!

-Voltandra's player

Shout Outs & Thank You

Welcome back Jeppy.
Jeppy has a few words to say.

Clan of Darkness
Interview with Grand Nagus

Donnie (audio)
Here you go gang! You all are awesome!!

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