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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 422 - You Have Added the Mount Celestial Steed to Your Collection

Aprillian, Leeta and Rogueslayer discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

Hello CtrlAltWow Darlings! Aprillian, Rougeslayer and Leeta!  (and Tedrah!) and the NEW chat chic, Marzona! (not sure I spelled that right) Love your accent!! And hello chat room!  I'm sorry, I only have text and pics for you this week.  Had a sick doggie last night that messed up my whole schedule so I only have time to write something up real quick for you.  It was great to hear Vrishna last week though!!! hehehe  Look at him, all triple boxing and still telling bad, but really, that was great!  And Leeta solo'd Deathwing too last week?!  What a funny coincidence!!  I was relieved to hear that it IS a hard fight to solo, because I certainly found it really damn hard.  It's just the mechanics,'s rough solo!  If you'd just done it another 10-12 times, you would have nailed it last week for sure, Leeta...hehehe ;)  My shadow priest is definitely not OP (I wish)...but she does finally have some good gear now, still have quite a way to go.  And I have her using the talent Clarity of Power, which causes some of her abilities to deal 40% additional damage if mobs do NOT have her dots applied! I shadow priest w/o dots.  I don't know if it's the best, but I enjoy it more than having to watch/apply dots all the time. She's probably around medium difficulty to play, but I just love it.

Okay, so real quick Garrison update: we're going out to caulk some gaps in the a couple windows, doors and baseboards on Friday and check the garrison guard situation once more.  We should have done this last week, but didn't make it out there.  Most of the guards should be gone now.../fingers crossed.  But I should make it back in time to join Leeta, Wingy and the rest of the CoD crew for  a Friday night fun run!  I'm exciting!  Getting my rum out now... ;D

My week in WoW: I did my raids, but didn't do any dungeons this week because I sort of ran out of time.  I spent the weekend playing on a lower level DK instead of doing dungeons on my main for some reason, but it was good fun!  I have a troll death knight out in Northrend that I won't let leave until I've found and completed every single quest out there, hehehe.  Something I'd always wanted to do but didn't manage during that expansion.  She's over geared and level 85 now, so she was able to solo all the dungeons, but she couldn't do the raid, so I took Daisy out there and she solo'd Ice Crown, just because I'd never done it & wanted to see the whole thing.  Man, that raid is gorgeous.  I loved it.  And killing the Lich King is always just SO satisfying.  =D

The raiding went well enough...she was in the top five on all of them this week so that was GREAT!  It IS only LFR, and I did make sure to pay 100% attention and try to maximize everything I could, so that's what I attributed this week to.  Some of the raids this week were ROUGH though, with people who didn't know the fights and we wiped a few times during the week. I did get my belt upgrade that I needed though, YAY!!!  I got the Rockfall Girdle from Slagworks...a level 655 belt, off of Gruul... I was so happy!!!  Then we wiped THREE times on Krogmog (/facepalm.) In fact, during one Kromog fight both the tanks died, and I realized it was only me and two other dps left, so I suicided myself right off the ledge in front of Kromog, hahahaha!  I included a screen shot of what it looks like to be dead at his feet... *giggling* but I got the Ring of Shattered Faults and was super excited about it until I realized I already have that one, lol.  And I also got another Ebonflame Hood this week, which I already have, but this one has a prismatic socket, so that's technically an upgrade, right?  I hope I get those sandals this week, dang it!  

Two other quick little things:  I put on a new transmog set... it's the Communal set...I got all the pieces for it from my Salvage Yard, so that I'd put it on...I hate it!  Hahaha!  It's so not Daisy, so I have to find something else to wear this week...hehehe.  Also, got a Red Goren Egg from killing a Goren in my mine!  I opened it and it's an adorable little Ore Eater!  So I put on my Goren Garb and we ran about the garrison together, hehehehe...hey, it's the little things that count sometimes, right??

Okay, I have to run...sorry for the wall of text!  Great big hugs & kisses!  *muah!*
For the Horde, for the Alliance, and for chatroom chics with awesome accents!!!

Juuno of Earthen Ring and Korialstrasz

p.s. attached pics of Daisy in Goren with her little Ore Eater, the Lich King saying how awesome I am (lol), a guy I killed who fell face first into his own fire pit, an epic me (wearing the Communal set) with Lich King selfie (he's trying to kill me!), and my suicide at Kromog's feet pic.  Love ya's!  


What We've Been Doing:

Aprillian & Vrishna

Screenshot 2015-05-22 19.16.36.jpg
Screenshot 2015-05-17 13.18.16.jpg
Screenshot 2015-05-16 21.55.52.jpg
Screenshot 2015-05-19 15.17.44.jpg

Vrishna on Jub Jub - V B & D up to lvl 49
  • gathering bags,  gold & items
  • auction and THE ARMORY
  • The Silken Dilemma !  I felt a little bad at first, but it evened out in the end
  • Look, I know I’ve been gone a long time, but ….. WHAT’S WITH THE TROLL WHERE AN ORC SHOULD BE ! It was hard enough to lose Thrall. I’m just sayin’.
  • What’s with the work involved to become exalted with my own race ?
  • Oh, Tabards, i’ll bet that’s one of the reasons for their rise to power !
  • Touching Eastern Plaguelands heading quickly through the Badlands but where to to to now ? Hmmmm … I really just wanna get to Outland !!
With Aprillian on Jub Jub
  • Scholomance
  • Dire Maul (East & West?)  Was that a boss ?
  • Still haven’t learned to read and follow quest details, quests not done or not     turned in,Uber Noobers !
Vrishna on Winterhoof
  • Quad boxing V, B, D AND T !
  • gathering bags,  gold & items (and deleting a toon or two)
  • Mel (in disguise)
  • Testthree Cenarius (screenshot)
  • lvl 17 and CLIMBING !
  • God bless the “Hair” Looms !
  • Where’s elJeppy ? I miss him “ALOTTE” !
  • Jeppy would not be proud, (but he might giggle). XP and discovery. The fly in my ointment. Rested XP differences, deaths not all around and over anxious party mates !
  • Ok, it’s NOT funny anymore !!  (delete) I HATE MEI FRANCIS
  • Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.33.33 AM.png


1/ Blood Thirsty
Managed to go from Lvl12 - Lvl14 this week!
It is a slow grind without doing ANY quests!
Going to start doing the 3 quests per level as per the
Close call came when the phone rang and I took off to answer it only to remember I had my toon standing in the middle of the area I was just killing mobs!

Blood Thirsty Lvl14.jpg
Ding! Lvl14!
2/ Timeless Isle
Still no luck with the Need A Bigger Bag Achievement!
3/ Mount Runs
Dragon Soul Heroic, Throne of the Four Winds, ICC, Ulduar 25m and Firelands - no luck this week!
4/ Leeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!
Did a UBRS Heroic Run - pugged 2 DPS!
Achievements galore!
Got my very own Leeroy Jenkins! :D
Acheesements! \o/
5/ Random Screenshots
Sometimes there are just those moments when you look at the world and the scenery blows me away!
Bloodmyst Isle
Searing Gorge
6/ CoD Fun Run
10pm Server time today!
Be there or be… no there


Lilbitgrisly, gnome monk blood thirsty
  • 9 -
  • Sold a couple of crag boar ribs on AH for a haul of 1g 43 s! Rollin’ in the dough! (brought to 1g 49s…)
  • Mid-11 wandered on over to Loch Modan
  • lvl 15 - 4 hours, 18 minutes
  • Lvl 16 in Ironband’s Excavation, killed mob, rare snuck up, I ran away, not soon enough…
  • WoWScrnShot_051715_211423.jpeg

Gorebreaker, human hunter blood thirsty
  • 1 -
  • Lvl 7 working through Jerod’s Docks. Down to just the lvl 10 Dockmaster - sure, I can do it! Three lvl 9 bodyguards instantly spawned, I instantly ran away. Revived my wolf to work on the remaining pursuers, 1 dropped out, killed one
  • Lvl 10 - /played 1 hr, 30 minutes
  • Tamed Terrapis -> Goremill
  • Explore Elwynn Forest
  • Westfall - worked the shoreline for several levels. Progresses nicely south to north
  • Explore Westfall
  • Lvl 15 - 4 hours, 6 minutes, off to Lakeshire!
  • Decide target-rich isn’t necessary, target-adequate will do
  • Explore Redridge Mountains
  • Lvl 19 - off to Duskwood
  • Lvl 20! /played 8 hours, 32 minutes
  • I can ride!!
  • 23 - finally enough for four netherweave bags, plus silk for heavy silk bandages
  • Explore Duskwood!
  • 24 flight point hopped from Ironforge to Arathi Highlands. Stakes too high, so back to Wetlands
  • Lvl 25 - /played 13 hours, 15 minutes
  • 27, Arathi


Oh no, I listened to early!
Oops I did it again! Listening to the podcast in the morning at work, rather than the afternoon is just not good! Hearing your ideas and stories just makes me want to jump onto WOW now, but I got all day to go still! So I am doing the next best thing and dropping you a quick email during lunch break to try and stop this nervous hand twitch from wanting to game!

Oh where are my manners though, let me introduce myself. I'm Sherrie from Argent Dawn EU, who has been stumbling around Azeroth for nearly two years now. Night Elf Monk who just loves to spin ( though don't stand close when I am spinning, as I have been known to take people's eyes out by accident ). At level 100, and spending most of my time these days collecting the mounts and pets of the land. At the moment this means visiting the Argent Tournament each day and grinding away - which seems to be getting me a mount a week for not much effort at the moment ( Zen travelling to keep my real body there all the time whilst I am about on my adventures elsewhere allows for quick visits ) so is cool. Darkmoon Faire is my second grinding spot, am always watching the calendar anxiously waiting for it to come around again! Finally levelling those alts up to 40 to get those racial mounts is also taking up time. Just working on my first Horde alt, a blood elf, which is cool - seeing al the quests and zones from another perspective, almost like starting out from scratch again.
Speaking of alts, my first main was a human Hunter ( yes I was drawn to it for the big cat companion I would get, Mr Purrrfect ) which is also a 100 and second alt ( the boosted one ) a Draenei Warrior, who has yet to step out of her level one Garrison! The ranks are being swelled now with all these level 40's I am getting now, the menu screen is getting a little cramped!

Not much else to say, I do a little LFG here, a little battleground there. Exploring 10 years of content at my own pace.

Keep up the good work on the podcast, I will be listening .. just hopefully not in the mornings!
Sherrie WoW

back from the dead.....?
Hey folks....yes...its Kurly.....Sorry I haven't sent a submission in for a long time.  I wont get to much into it, but as of March I have been on a the hunt for a job, yet again, and its not always easy to keep a stiff upper lip.

That being said I am trying to get back into the swing of things!  Although I have to be honest, all told I think I like this expansion least of them all, which is not to say that I think its bad, but my interest in leveling the many toons I would be leveling just isn't there as the thought of re-doing all of the questing is just not something I want to put myself through.

Spending 20 minutes trying to figure out where the entrance to something is not at all what I want to spend my time doing.

I have joined a raid team and this week we start two nights a week!!!  YAY!!!  I have been raiding on my Healy-Monk and have been having a lot of fun with that......never thought I would be into raiding but I actually have been having a great time!

I still PVP a lot, but It seems like it takes forever to get enough honor for gear...and getting used to wipe the floor gets tiresome.

Anywho....I hope you all are doing and hugs to you all!!


Cough Cough its a cold burn
So surprisingly I didn't break down with a coughing fit for my audio I also been playing a game with my sister called guess that character in which she plays on her phone and sends me texts to find out who the faceless person or character is. She is quite impressed with her big brother pop culture knowledge. Plus I was informed by my boss yesterday that they are pimping me out when I am not working for them which is great to know. Plus the ink I wanted to get is really scary price down here so headed else where to see if I can get it cheaper. here's my audio sorry its long I ramble a lot.  
Big G

Grellic submission
​Hi Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah,

Hi Ladies hope you are all doing well :D.I have been playing with audacity a bit more and hopefully you will be able to here the background track a little more as realised could hardly hear it upon listening to it on the show, find attached this weeks audio and the screenshot to accompany the recording :)

Grellic of Earthen Ring

ps am I worthy of being an Oracle or am I not wise enough ;)

Setnuh's week
Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great week. My week in wow has been great. I found that leveling through the 70's went slow but as soon as I hit 80 it really picked up. when I got to 80 a went to mount hyjal and didn't even get through half of those missions before hitting 85 and moving on to pandaria. Within a couple hours of starting that I made it to 87. im 88 almost 89 now and am looking forward to going to draenor. I decided im going to use the camp fire portal rougueslayer told us about to get to draenor.

I also started a bloodthirsty druid this week. I have played 53 minutes and im level 8. At this level its pretty easy although a keep forgetting to be careful and take on 2-4 mobs at a time and if I don't stop that it wont take long I don't think for that to catch up to me. I decided to stay away from classes I play a lot specifically shaman. I don't know how much I will be focusing on the character but it is a good way to to do something when I don't have much time because you cant do quests or dungeons

Alright well that's it for me. Setnuh out

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Clan of Darkness Guild Updates

5/15 - 5/21
  • Chatroom giveaway from Hhark:
    • Mechanical Scorpid (sent to Leettah for delivery)
    • Mechanical Axebeak
    • Firewing - Setmuh
    • Ghastly Kid - Big G (sent to Mooknightau)







Last week’s 100’s: Tiber

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

  • Haruspexia

“huge party in the Chatroom”!

  • Asyluun
  • Bloodcoverdface
  • Jeppy
  • GrandNagus
  • Big G
  • Grellic
  • GuyDudeBro71
  • Kithore
  • Lokwyn
  • Matahorn
  • Nevik
  • Pinkporcupine
  • Poiekelsatin
  • Saberise
  • Setnuh
  • Eranth
  • Constraxxone
  • TheotherJeppy (Jeppy’s Son)

Chatroom Giveaway Winner: Setnuh - Firewing Pet

Shout Outs & Thank You

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